Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gummi Bear's Choco Choco Choco

Yes I DID find one more! LOL, I like the first better, personally.

Not My Usual Stalk...

Sorry I have been a bit distracted since Thanksgiving. Yes I fell head over heels in love with Twilight on cd, and have finished it and LOVED it. Yes it is better than the movie, in WAYS, only because the movie couldn't contain EVERY aspect of t, REhe book. Actually seeing the movie first made it better for me, anyways. I had faces to put to the characters and I think it made it richer for me. I AM anxious to get to the next book (on cd) but also wanna get THROUGH it, because I KNOW now that Edward isn't in it very much, from reading a blurb. Dang Stephenie Meyers for that!! So I am trying to give myself at least the time before I go to sleep and wake up before I start. Basically I "read" Twilight in the wee hours of the last two nights. Yeah I can SO read much faster, but I am not into reading books right now, for reasons that are my own. So I am very happy I was still able to enjoy it, REALLY happy I let myself, because it was excellent. I loved the romance of it all, and yes I SO want MY Edward...someday.

Anyways, that is not the real reason I have not been my usual stalking self. After the Thanksgiving post, I went to breakfast with my Dad, as I explained I was up (and miserable) since 6 am. Then we got back and I was laying on the couch, blissfully listening to Twilight when the phone rang. It was my Mom, and I was surprised, because I was going to call her myself in the next 15 minutes. She had decided, even though she is still so sick, to go into work, because she was worried at what would greet her if she waited until Monday. So I said (my Dad too) she could go in for like 4 hours then she was to wrap it up and come home. When she called, she asked if anyone else was up (she knew I was major sleep deprived) and I said...umm Dad...and Max. She was sad that the girls weren't up. I was like, I was going to call you, Dad wants you to leave now too. And she informed me that wasn't going to happen, she was NOT ready. I asked her what was wrong, and in the smallest, saddest voice that contained tears, she said " I need help". I was instantly awake and asked her what was wrong, my Dad listening in. She said there was so much work she was overwhelmed. I asked her if she wanted me to go and help her, and after a little hemming and hawing, she said YES. I asked if she wanted me to wake the girls and she paused but said no. She said to ask Dad if he would drop me off, that way only one car would be there and he agreed once I told him how upset she had sounded, just for that instant. So I hung up and got up to get ready. The phone rang, Mom said, Could you bring me a cheeseburger, fries and a drink, and sounded much more at ease, I asked Dad, he laughed and I told my Mom we would have it there soon.

SO I went, we did updating of who now owed her nothing (mandatory inservices and the 4 required IV inservices CT requires each year) and what not. I filed a few piles of records, when pain started hitting my stomach. I hadn't really eaten anything for hours by then, so it was weird. The pains kept coming, but I assumed they would go away or I would be sick, as was a tendency since the surgery. Eventually it got so bad that I went to the bathroom, hoping I would BE sick. But nothing happened, except the pain traveled up my back and up my front into my chest, making it hurt to breathe. I stayed there awhile trying not to cry as the pain was horrible. Finally I made my way back and she asked what was wrong and I explained. She told me to rest that she would be done soon and we'd go home. So I sat at her desk and tried to breathe through the pain, she kept giving me glances. The pain were constant though and would get worse, so my breathing was labored. She suggested I try to "go" (sorry if too graphic for you delicate blossoms) again so I went but the pains were unrelenting and nothing happened so I just stayed there in agony, until my Mom knocked on the door. I got out and told her the pain wasn't stopping, so she said we were going home. It took forever, the pain unbearable. Since "dumping" is a hazard after the surgery she was asking the embarassing questions, but I found it really impossible that it could be having to "go", I was in the most pain I have been in since the surgery and recovery. We got home and I doubled over in pain, lying on the kitchen floor. They were eventually able to get me to a couch where my Mom did pressing of the abdomen,etc while Sandy looked up symptoms of various things for my Mom. This continued for awhile, with me crying out in pain. My Mom eventually decided to give me one of her Amitiza's which would guarentee trips to the bathroom. The pain started to subside after an hour but then one thing was traded for another unpleasant thing. And I was sick all night. I still don't know for sure if I am ALL better, as my gallbladder and pancreas are affected after surgery and some of the symptoms could be attributed, but for now I feel better. I can say that now because it has been about 24 hours since everything finally got better.

But instead of sleepinglik the dead which I thought was inevitale after the last few days, my sleep was fitful and unpleasant. I woke today and we put up the Christmas decorations, as I HAD been the planner in. I told my Mom, I NEED to try and make this Holiday season as good as possible, since I am doing so not well emotionally, I need all the cheer I can get, so I explained this to her, well going into far more depth and feelings, and she understood and helped too even though she was sick. And except for being OCD that I can't find THREE things that we put up, I am quite happy with the house. It looks cheerful and full of spirit, and I liked hearing the music of the season as we put things in their places. Once we FIND those three items I will be much MORE happy. It just BUGS me so.

Okay as it is ridiculously late and I finished Twilight and am trying to be good and WAIT until at least tommorrow night to start "New Moon", I am off to watch this weeks Bones and Fridays soaps...or fall asleep, I am running on like 1 1/2 days sleep after 3 days! And I am COLD so I need to check the stove and see if it needs more pellets. It is 28 tonight, and I think I MAY be getting sick. My nose is a wee runny sometimes and I have a tickle inmy throat, but knowing I wouldn't CARE if I got sick, my body will probably say "ahhh screw that I will be healthy even thoug Wendy has wanted to be sick" body spites me.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

NOOOO It is Back!

They ARE bringing it back. The Church Nativity Walk. Why is it called walk, when all you do is have People's Nativity's all over the gym on tables...I dunno...uh you walk over to them maybe...but it is SO boring and this has REPLACED our Ward Christmas party!! All you do is for the three nights it is open is you go and LOOK at Nativity's. No food, no fun anything. Just bring non-Mormon friends and LOOK. and then leave.

So I got roped in last year to do a Mural. I did NOT volunteer, I was emailed and ASKED...and did I say NO, like I wanted to? No. I made sketches up and let Beth pick the one she felt most went along with her ideas, as the Ward...uhhh....crap...Activity Director!! Knew I'd remember! So she picked the one and told me, it would be QUITE large, I'd get paint and it was on sheet rock that someone was building to be standing. And I told her my requirements, I wanted them on plastic, so I wouldn't ruin church property, and I wanted them at the church by THIS date so I had time to paint this HUGE thing. She assured me she had paint,etc.

So I get to the church with a couple of family members, and first, I find it on the stage, the carpeted stage. I said ON the gym floor, as it is wood and easier for me to work on. And was it ON plastic? Nope, had to do that ourselves. Was it free standing? Nope, they NEVER did that, it was all leaning against the walls. And my paint...was housepaint, which wouldn't have been so bad, if not for the fact that it was ancient paint, most were rusted closed, and couldn't be used, they would have HARMED me and any family member I had helping me on a particular day. So we had to go through 75 cans of paint to find out WHAT colors they were, and if we could USE them, and how much was in each bucket. Sam helped me with this it took hours. AND was it nice smooth flat sheet rock, as PROMISED? Of course NOT! Why be correct about even ONE thing. No I was very upset and dismayed to see it was particle board. VERY textured, so very hard to paint on, and get in ALL the grooves and crannies. And as I knew I was going to be using my hands for blending...was going to be very scary painting-wise. SO we left for the night.

I returned a few days later with Sam and Mom, and sketched it out onto the particle board with charcoal, I needed to know where the lines were. And that took forever, Boy was I really sorry I had gotten hoodwinked into this. I was ready to lose it. And so I got OCD, and knew I wanted it done ASAP. Mom and Sandy helped me one night, the basic layers and basic colors for the sand and rocks and trees. One day I went over and Katie showed up a few hours later and helped me do the buildings which was just in black except for the windopws but took hours and hours. Then I went over again, and my Dad was like don't, go another day, RELAX. But I was miserable!! I HATED this, I was SO unhappy, the painting, even the basic stuff was taking multiple coats because of all the nooks and crannies needing to be filled. And this was going to LOOK GOOD. I was not going to have people say Wendy did that at church and it look crappy, so every NOOK had to be FILLED!

So I went over by myself, time to work on the sky and make sure it all looked right. I had used my hand only a little for blending so far, so I had not really experienced how my hands would be treated. I started to mix the paints, I needed about 6 shades of blue from light blue to a very dark blue to achieve what my goal was. Over the city the lights of the sky would be a light blue, from all the city lights but as you went further out, into the dessert I wanted the sky to look normal, so DARK. So I was finishing up making all these colors/hues with this crappy house paints I had been given, when I hear a knock on the glass doors down the hallway. I left the stage and went out into the hall and Dad! Not an artistic bone in his body but he was there ready to be the next paint slave!! So I drew lines of where he should paint a blue and then when he was done I drew another line, and while he was on to the next shade of blue, I started using my hands to blend the colors so it would look like a gradual transition from light to dark.

OW!!! I was worried and I was right to worry, As I swirled and squished the paint, the particle board stabbed me over and over again. As I blended it BIT me. And I LOVE using my hands. My Dad could put up the initial paint, but I had all the buckets and pans available so I could get the paint to really blend. That means bare hands into buckets, coating them in paint so I could really work the colors in...and really working them in was ripping my hands! Owwww!! Even when it didn't puncture it still scratched and felt like little stabs.

So after that I had some touch ups and I was done...and happy...with IT, not the experience. Then we had to clean up, which took forever. My Dad went down the street and brought us back McD's. And we gathered all my supplies together and finally LEFT, DONE. I contacted Beth and reminded her, that as she had said this was to be used year AFTER year, she had to have it sprayed with a product to lock the paint in. And I told her to do it OUTSIDE as it is powerful stuff. She SAID she would have the missionairies do it...did she? EVER? No, so I have NO idea what shape my mural is in now. Which will be a shame (I am downplaying my anger) because everyone said they loved it, which made me feel nice. But here is one thing...if they asked me AGAIN? NEVER. NEVER EVER EVER again, will I make them a Christmas mural. That might make me a bad girl but I don't care! They LIED to me about everything. And this was SO stressful, even with the help of my family as paint slaves, they so did NOT enjoy putting the base colors on...especially when they dripped (old BAD paint people!) and they KNEW I would make them fix it. So here is my "labour of love"....never again.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Turkey Day My Friends!! Have a good day! Me, well Mom and now Sam are not going, so Thanksgiving seems like a black cloud over ALL the holidays, so I am pretty on the edge of tears right now, but ignore that, it is time for families and friends to be together, and eat a lot...if you don't have a stomach that prevents horrid ways!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Flashback Video Let's Talk About Sex

I loved this song. And a lot of what they say is true, not talking about it won't make it go away. And sleeping with guys does not guarantee you love. I always thought it was a smart song, overall. Salt N Pepa rocked!

X-Mas Cards and LONG Mornin's...

Okay so I want anyone who would like a Christmas card from me, to email me their addresses so I can add you to my Christmas Card list. I do ALL the cards for the family, so getting extra for my awesome bloggy friends will be easy! If I have your addy and you want a card, just comment it or email me!
Anyway onto my great morning...I am being a lil sarcastic yes. LOL. So most of you know I am very much a night owl, so I was still awake this morning when my Mom got up for work. From downstairs I heard her cough...I KNOW that cough! Yes she has been sick for a few days, but it was like a cold. This however, sounded like her when she gets bronchitis. And working 5 days a week now...not good. She got downstairs and sat down to say hi to Max and started wheezing, and was like "crap". She knew, she IS the nurse. But did she agree to call in sick? No. Did she agree to go to the doctor? No, they are ALL out all week. Would she let me take her to the ER? No. A Clinic? She was not sure what she was doing yet. So I waited, she said "just give me 5 minutes to wake up and I will be fine", so I waited with her...and waited. Talked to her more and more, I could HEAR the wheezing, and she didn't like that. Finally, she said, gimme the phone and I dialed for her and she called in sick. I know she is nervous, this is her first sick day since she started at Cedar Lane in August. Plus she IS in charge of Staff Development, so that is a big hole and she is worried. They better not give her grief!! Mom agreed to let me take her to the clinic, Dad has work, Sam was asleep and Kat has school, so that leaves me, which I would have probably wanted to go with her anyway. Luckily I had NOT taken my Ambien yet! LOL!

I also looked into the CVS Minute Clinic and they didn't open unitl 8 am, so we sat flipping through channels for awhile...there was a really odd movie on with Aidan Quinn and he was a jerk of a dad...and the lil Jewish boy was gonna die, I looked it up, glad we didn't watch the whole thing. So we got to CVS and yay no one else was in line yet so we got to go first. It took quite awhile, the nurse practioner wanted to know everything... I swear all she did was click on stuff in a computer program and I swear it shoots out the answer, I COULD DO THAT! Man! Anyway Mom has Bronchitis AND Sinusitis. She got an antibiotic, a cough medicine with codeine (mmm, LOL) and nebulizer treatments. We stayed while they got the RX's ready. Shopped for new toothbrushes for Mom (purple of course, her fave color), big box of tissues, swedish fish, etc. And before she came down my Mom had slept for 13 hours and hadn't had any food for almost 18 hours!! I wanted to slap her upside the head like Gibbs does on NCIS. So we stopped at Stop and Shop's Red Box (I had movies pre-rented) and got McD's. We went back home, it was like 11 am by this time and ate. She commanded me to take my pills, even though I was SO awake and felt like hey why not just stay up all day today...I think I could have too. But she was having NONE of that. And even though she had slept for 13 hours, she went to take a bath and go to bed. Poor mama. I fell asleep on the couch, Sam woke me around 1 and pushed me up the stairs, as I drunkenly stumbled about. So I slept for about 7 hours total, and it was already dark when I got up, but I am OCD, so I HAD to go do my Tuesday errands, so I went to Walmart,etc. Got my Mom NEW Swedish fish, the CVS ones were hard as a rude!

Got home at 9 just as Sam pulled into the driveway (she HAS to have aced her test, I qizzed her for 2 and 1/2 hours on blood and the heart and junk like that) and we went in together. Mom lasted a half hour and went BACK to bed. Mmmm codeine and GOOD apparently! LOL!

So yeah crazy morning, I feel so bad for my Mom, she feels like crap, and sounds like it too. She is mad too, because she will most probably NOT be going up to Auntie's for Thanksgiving, not unless a miracle of energy and stuff shoots through her on Thursday...which I see as not happening. She was looking forward to the meal, and now barely eats anything. My poor Mutti, she is weak as a kitten. If her bosses are jerks, I will so run them over...and leave reindeer prints behind. 'Tis the season!! Mwahahahaha!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stuart at The Therapist

I Am SUCH a Nerd!

Seriously I am, because who else gets SO excited when they see a new gadget to try at the grocery store. You guys may not have Stop and Shops, heck you may have had this technology for eons now, but I was so excited and every time I used it, it made me giddy...yeah I AM sad!

The gadget is this:
You can only get one if you scan your S+S card, and then the one you get lights up. It is by Motorola. It lets you scan and bag your items as you go! And has a total in the upper left, your savings on the upper right. SO you scan an item and it adds it in, if it is on sale it shows up, and you put it in a bag. Don't want it after all, press remove, rescan and it subtracts it. And special "specials pop up as you enter different aisles, so I was like "ohhh a Pepsi sale, Mom needs more wake me UP juice in the a.m.! Cool!". You might ask, what about stuff that doesn't have barcodes? Well they solved that too. In the produce section they now have special weighers, you place your fruit on, enter the number (4133,etc) hit the print button and it prints out a sticker you stick on the bag and you scan THAT!! In the bakery, like I needed rolls, so I put six in a bag. There was a barcode over the rolls, and you scan it the number of rolls you have. I had 6 rolls so I scanned 6 times. They have it for bagels and the special cookies,etc too. Can't you cheat Wendy, you ask? Yeah dishonest people can, you don't think they do it with self checkout now?! Plus when you scan your card to get your scanner, you have to click I accept, which says yes you are at least 18 (booze guys) and you agree to be "checked" if anyone sees anything suspicious. So if someone sees you put items in your bags that you didn't scan they can go through your order.

When you are done you go to ANY of the checkout lanes, even self checkout. You scan the barcode there that means "I am Done" and then scan your card into the regular scanner, and everything you added starts scrolling on the screen until it has listed everything. Oh want to get the 5 cents for each reusable bag, you can still do that, oh want that candy bar, scan it or place it on the conveyor just like before. Then you pay as usual and the people take your scanner. They are hawk-eyed, it IS new and they have maybe 60 total so they will be in high demand soon I think. Well I will want one ALWAYS! I didn't have to use my bloody calculator!!

This is so SAD I know. I am such a nerd, but I LOVED this, I thought it made it so much easier! When you pick up your scanner they have a pile of paper and plastic bagsif you don't "do" reusable bags, it is just FUN! LOL! It was like a new toy!!
I am actually looking forward to going back and using it again...they better have one available!! :(
I would be a very sad Wendy Marie!!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Twilight Test

Twilight Test from Dumb Spot!

Dumb Quizzes | MySpace Quizzes & Quotes | Make a Quiz

P.S. On Another Note...

While I am giddy because of BELOW, I am also pissed. ABC took away two of my shows, one I really liked, it was a lil missing this year, and that is Dirty Sexy Money, and it will be missed, especially since I own season 1 on dvd, all 10 episodes....grrr writers strike!

But the one that has me totally 100% PISSED? They took away PUSHING DAISIES!! Yes it is TRUE, I saw a video with Kristen Chenoweth, and she had found out an hour prior to them taping her so she got teary-eyed, and confirmed the creator/director had called her and told her, and she was very upset. I own the first season of this show too, all 10 episodes but this show was PURE magic, everything about it, even the voice that narrated it (he reads the Harry Potter books on cd!)!! And even Kristen blamed the writer's strike. It was off the air too long, but she is still surprised that ABC took them off, because us fans will not be getting closure. Yes they will air the last epsiodes at some point, but it stops at a HUGE cliffhanger apparently!! And ABC keeps such lame shows and has NOTHING to fill the time slot so WHY not let them wrap the series up, by letting them have the rest of the season??!! Huh you jerks at ABC!! WHY?! We do NOT need another Bachelor or CRAP like Mr. Nanny, we NEED Pushing Daisies you idiots!!

I am SO mad!!!

Oh My Twilight!!! *spoilers maybe*

Oh my stars!! I just got back a half hour ago from seeing Twilight....I LOVED IT!! I am ready to see it again RIGHT now and plan on owning it the DAY it is released on dvd!! And I haven't even read the series yet, that is how GOOD the movie is!! And I am so going to find myself a "Team Edward" t-shirt and I will wear it PROUDLY!! When I see a really good movie that I loved every single inch of, I get a little giddy, and so when we got home I did Stuart's "Look What I Can Do" dance like 6 times!! Max was looking at me like "Oh Owner you are indeed mad as a hatter!", because I am dead serious, I am giddy to the point where my heart is still racing. I want to see it again right NOW!! I now know what it means to be an "Esme" like the test said I was, and PROUD of it!! I wanna BE a Cullen, they were so fun!! And protective. "Edward picked Bella, now she is family!"....*sighs*....I love romance like this, it rocks!! I want me an Edward of my very own! And sorry haters, but I LOVE Robert Pattinson!! He was SO good and the chemistry he and Kristen Stewart have is sssssssssssssssss HOT!

I for one am dying for the news if they plan on making the other three, because they MUST!! I need to see it, not just hear/read it! My sister Sam has read the first three, she is giving herself time before she reads the last one, she will miss new ones so, and SHE loved it, and said it stayed very true to the book, and she wants to own it too...we were like fine you can own it least I was! I LOVED the casting. I was like that HOT black guy is the "mormon dude on House"!! No figgin way, but yes way, our faux-mormon is ripped!! Too bad his role was a short one! And Sam and I were both like, it's Luke from Joan of a jock, LOL, but he was believable. And I know that Jacob plays a huge role in the other books, but I was like....ehhh I would so pick Edward in a heartbeat, don't care that you turn out to be a werewolf, whatever, you are so not making my heart race. Sandy says in the books after his "transformation" he got ripped and stuff, but I was like "so what are they gonna recast him, after he changes, cuz dude ain't heart-pounding hot, so why root for him as opposed to sweet, HOT, adorably delicious Edward...yeah exactly!

I so wanted to be part of that baseball game, watcher only cuz if that ball hit me, I'd be dead, but it was so FUN and they were all so happy. Stupid bad guys HAD to show up and ruin all the fun! Sure it got the serious stuff started, but I really LIKED the Cullen family and they were not in it as much as I would have liked. They are so intriguing too, I just wanna go over to their house, not be dinner, and stare in awe at them. I LOVE Alice I am hoping we do get to see her and Bella become great friends! I was so ready for Edward to let Bella turn, but I know, I know, there ARE 3 more books (hopefully movies) to go. But a girl can dream can't she?

And the cameo by Stephenie Meyers? So cute, that means she did like the movie version, they never do that for ones they HATE! I am still STILL waiting for the library to call me and tell me they got Twilight on cd in, cuz I have the other 3 on my IPOD, and am now VERY tempted to start listening to Book 2, but I want to hear book one first I DO, but I am now obsessed!! I KNOW what happens, in a very abridged version, in the end, I forced my Mom to tell me, and I want to get to that point, so I can be....satisfied....there that doesn't reveal anything.

And I have read that Stephenie was sad to say goodbye to the characters but hello, what about the other characters? They can have books TOO!! I have just been introduced to them, but I would love an Alice series, or Mr. Cullen can "adopt" another kid and they can find some grand romance!!

I LOVED this, LOL, I guess you can definitely tell, I could go on and on forever. And I now don't think you people are crazy for having Forks t-shirts,etc, cuz i would proudly wear one across these grand chest's too! That...wherever they filmed the movie, was GORGEOUS, i wanna go see those woods and forests, it was heaven on earth!! It was just so lovely.

All you Robert haters out there be warned, he has a new fan and I will jump to his defense always and forever now! He had me at first brood!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Flashback Video To Be With You

I had such a crush on Mr.Big (thats the name of the group weirdos!LOL) when I first saw this video on MTV...when MTV was good! LOL! I MISS Pauly Shore man!! I had a crush on him too!

Why Wendy?

So I have told you all I would tell you why my Mom and Dad picked the name Wendy. My Mom loved Peter Pan and wanted to name me Wendy after Peter Pan. Which is another reason I LOVE Tinkerbell and the characters,etc. It is PART of me.

But was that the reason they BOTH liked the name Wendy? Nope. My Dad loved the idea for a completely different reason. It was a song by his all time favorite band. The Beach Boys. I have grown up hearing him sing parts of this song, my entire life, and I LOVE that I am named partly for his favorite group, who through years of influence, I also love.

It feels special to be named for not one specific reason or love, but for two!! They both loved the name for for different reasons, so VOILA. How yours truly became a Wendy. The Marie is not so went nicely WITH Wendy so that is the reason they liked it...LOL. It is that way for my sisters too. But my sisters and I, all middle named because it "sounded" good!

I also like this updated version of "Wendy" by The Descendants, it is my ringtone that plays when I call Sam.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Funny Videos

This is the Vancome Lady, she got funnier as time went on, so let's post her first appearance so we can get on to her funnier clips at another time!

And some Will and Grace Blooper Love!

Me and Migraines...why?

Okay, no I am still not doing good. I know it, I finally have an appointment with my psychiatrist so that I can tell him I want to try the mood stabilizer. I can tell I am in a dark place for me. Usually I have to get out of the house like every other day or I am crawling up the walls in cabin fever. But right now, I can be in the house for days at a time and am fine with it. Right now, I think it is my sanctuary. Sure, I have to wait until December 10th to see him, but if it gets any worse my Mom said we will call him and ask him over the phone to start me on the med. When commercials for depression make you cry...when a lil squabble breaks you are definitely in the Pit and need some help getting out. So I am trying to do something to help myself, even if I have to try different meds out for months or longer until I find one that helps even just a fraction, I will take it.

Anyways, I have migraines and as anyone else who gets them will attest, they SUCK. Over the last few years they have gotten worse and worse, and whereas I used to only get them a few times a year, I get a few a month now. And the level of pain and discomfort has gotten worse too. The lights hurt, I feel like throwing up, I want to cry, but that puts more tension on everything, which just makes the pain worse. Although some times I just can't help it. My primary care doctor has tried me on a few of the well known ones, like Imitrex, but they have had either no affect on the migraine, or they have actually made them worse.

Now I know they are migraines, not just because HELLO, I am not a moron, and can read and everything. But about 6 years ago, I had to see a nuerologist because I was having a dizzy spell...that didn't go away for the entire summer! And while we still have no idea what caused that, it was at that point that I was diagnosed with migraines. And I proceeded to do what about them? Nothing. They used to happen so rarely, that I didn't follow up with Thor (what I call my nuerologist, cuz it's Thorsen). Until recently when not even my primary doctor could help with medications.

So years later now, I returned to Thor. And apparently, no drug like Imitrex is going to help a migraine sufferer like me. See, I have regular headaches every day. I take tylenol when I get up with all my other pills. It's either there already, or will be there. And that puts me in particular group of sufferers. So I need a med that tries to eliminate ALL headaches. That way they can't develop into migraines. So I was psyched. And the drug he wanted me to go on, had a HORRIBLE side effect for many people...weight loss!! I was like SIGN ME UP!! So I began taking it, you have to slowly up the dose, so I was told not to expect any changes for awhile. But then months went by and he upped me to 100 mg. And still, daily headaches and still the horrible migraines. So finally he decided that Topamax had no affect on me (including NO weight loss!) so he began to wean me off Topamax and put me on another drug. I forget the name, but it is actually made for depression, but they have found it helps some migraine sufferers like me. So I had been on that for awhile. Only I noticed I was really not okay lately. Everything felt bleaker, and crying was even easier than ever...and things just felt wrong. So my Mom, the nurse and my personal therapy person, told me I had to get off this stuff and we began weaning me off and I had been off it almost a week, but pills like this stay in your system for awhile. And this overall feeling of hopelessness, yeah okay I always have it, that's why I am on the anti-depressants and anxiety meds I AM on, but this, this was to the nth degree. And I was waiting for some of me, to be back. I had felt it when I talk to some of you. Moments where I feel normal. And that's what I had before, moments or pieces of time, where I felt, not fabulous, but...just okay. And even if that sounds pathetic to people who have no understanding of how depression and etc. work, to me, it's a big deal. This is where we think the SLIDE back into the Pit of Despair started.

Anyway, so right now I am on nothing for my migraines...and I have one developing right now. I can tell. The jaw hurts, the neck, the temples, the eyes. And I know I should get OFF the laptop, dim the lights, and rest and PRAY it goes away. But I am not doing so hot and so I am venting the only way I can at 2:15 in the morning. Cold makes my migraines worse, and this thing, we call it the bean burrito, we got it at Bed, Bath and Beyond, its like a long sack of beads or seeds and you can nuke it in the microwave. Sometimes that helps, but I don't know where one is right now, and everyone is asleep, so I can't go looking everywhere. And it doesn't do much anyway, not when it's real bad.

I so need something to work on me. I have to get another appointment with Thor and NEED him to find a med that will work for me. Make all headaches less, or a pill to stop or lessen the migraine, I don't care anymore. Just stop this pain. Everything hurts. And since my surgery, tylenol is ALL I can no more Excedrin Migraine which helped a little sometimes...only Tylenol, and they haven't been nice enough to make Tylenol Migraine. No they're too busy on making Tylenol Meltaways and crap like that. I want to chop my head off. Even coughing hurts right now. Seriously, if I pay you, will one of you fly out here and take me to the woods in the back, shoot me, in the HEAD, and dump my body in Florian pond??!!?? I will PAY you to kill me right now. If you prefer, an axe to chop off my head, that sounds okay too. Either one, just make it quick, because I am pissy when I am in pain. Well I feel pissy, but all I want are hugs and someone to make sure I don't cry...because it worsens the pain...*sighs*. Anyone willing to swap brains? That has gotta be where the pain is made.

I am off to find something to make all of us laugh or even smile.

Friday, November 21, 2008


So Yes it IS time to announce the winner! I want to thank everyone who entered, you are all AWESOME!!
his is what picked:

And that Means the WINNER of My FIRST Giveaway IS:

DEB of Dirty Socks & Pizza!!!

Email me your address okay Deb and I will try and get it out SOON. Was just there sending out my Pay It Forwards so it may take a few days! I am so happy you won!! Yay Deb!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Miss Swan at Starbucks

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Flashback Video and Thoughts On....

HOW DID this ever get so popular?!! It was though, it was always being played, and everyone just adored all I think is...WHY? LOL.

Talking about Mormon-isms, which most are NOT me, so no clue if I am a "proper" Mormon, I don't mind being a rebel Mormon though. Anyway, it made me think about my Seminary days...and how much I HATED THEM. The year I started, Sister Hoeger was replaced by the current Bishop's wife. Now I had really wanted Sister Hoeger (all the kids said how FUN seminary was, so I was really bummed) but I thought it might still be fun. Even though it was at 6 am...My first year it was at the church. On the hard metal chairs around was SO boring. My brother was graduating that year and was allowed to sleep on the floor in the back of the room...I think it was because he was dating the seminary teacher's daughter!! Grrr. Anyway, it was really boring, and I do NOT learn well that way.

Second year, same teacher, now at her house and no more big brother, so my Dad and Jeff's Dad took turns picking us up and dropping us off, since we now lived like 2 minutes from the other. It was in her finished basement and we sat on couches or bean bags, but the lessons were as dry and boring as ever. And again her daughter and son flaunted in when they felt like it, in their P.J.'s. Everyone else was dressed, because when I was dropped off at home, I had like 5 minutes before I had to leave to walk to school. Again I do not learn well this way.

Third Year, new teacher and at her house...all the way in Berlin, so an even longer drive. I was picked up at 5:30 so I had to be up by 5 am. So we could be there for the 6am class and leave by 6:45 at the latest. And get home just in time to grab my books and lunch...and walk to school. She had us seated on her hard dining room chairs around her dining room table...I do not learn well this way, it was just as boring.

Final Year, they move it to the High School, so luckily it was a 8 minute walk for me and Katie, who was starting that year. So we were the freaky students in a homeroom that when kids started showing up and notices us IN a class, they would stare in at us. Yeah that was just great. And the new teacher...the most boring yet, but partial to her son and his buddies. Yeah. So again, I don't learn well like this. Basically I remember nada from Seminary, which is why I want them to make a Dummy's Guide to the Book of Mormon. Reading it also doesn't register with me.

I am a hands on learner. I KNOW I would have retained lots of knowledge from Sister Hoeger. She used bribery (candy!!) if you got answers right....please that is always an incentive with teenagers, and she did things like this: After all my sisters finished with Seminary she was called again. I know, that sucks. One thing she did was bring the class to the Meriden Mall's parking lot and they measured out Noah's cubits and everything!! They were even in the paper. Now that is engaging your students, making learning fun. I NEVER had that. So while I did indeed graduate from Seminary, I hated it. It was worse than any Sunday meeting I have ever been to. And also, Institute, same way as Seminary so no I stopped going, felt NO compulsion to attend, it does not teach me anything! They need to get people to learn in a way where even people who are very visual LIKE me, will understand and get it. At Girl's Camp, I understood what was being taught and loved it! When we did Super Saturdays, LOVED them. Then they stopped and Wendy no learn anymore. How can you learn when you just want to sleep because it is so boring AND you are SO tired. And everything is being done STRAIGHT from the book or manual?!!

You guys who had it as a CREDIT in school are so lucky. A.M. Seminary is SO hard, on top of a regular school days with 8 more periods to go.

You KNOW You are Mormon IF...

This is the REAL version, Kristina P. was all about Utah Mormons. This is for all us regular Mormon folks...and if you are not Mormon but this screams you, maybe it's time to convert! ;P

You Know You're Mormon If...

-its not "the early bird catches the worm" its, "the seminary student gets into college"

-you say "provo", "salt lake", or "palmyra" without the state and automatically assume that the whole world knows where those places are

-there is a son on a mission and mom is pregnant with another.

-you know what a "fireside" is

-You go to a church potluck and there is every type of jello imaginable

-8 kids in a family is "average"

-your 14th and 16th birthdays are the best birthdays of your life

-you think "heck" is the place for people who do not believe in "gosh"

-you know how to pronounce and spell Mahonri Moriancumer

-you know what ZL, DL, AP, PPI, BYC, SYC, YSA, GA, EQP, EFY, YC, CTR, and BYU all stand for

-Modest is Hottest

-Youth Conference, EFY, and Girls Camp are the best 3 weeks of the year!

-mormon movies are amazing and Kirby Heyborne is your hero ( he is my Mormon Crush!)

-you drive into the church parking lot and at least half the lot is filled with 12 passenger vans

-you "Bless this food to nourish and strengthen" your body before eating doughnuts

-going 24 hours without eating is no longer a challenging thing

-a "Caffeine High" is eating a king size chocolate bar

-"How many wives does your dad have?" is often the first question asked when someone finds out that you're mormon

-parents are disappointed if their kid "only" got into Harvard

-buying a prom dress is the most difficult thing of your life

-writing in your journal is a daily event (well this one was NOT me)

-"I can't...I'm Mormon" has been an excuse on more than one occasion

-your mom is pregnant at the same time you are

-you have 3 or more BYU sweatshirts/shirts

-John Bytheway is your favorite comedian

-a keg party consists of rootbeer

-BYU has been you're dream school since you were 5

-you either live in, have many friends from, or are from Utah

-being a "rebel" is drinking Mountain Dew more than twice in one week

-you consider a great date watching The Princess Bride!

- The laying on of hands has nothing to do with physical violence.

- Your hobby is work for the dead.

-you've ever pushed 120mph in a 55mph zone on the way to a church dance

- You've ever had your alarm set for 4:45 am

- Your first date was when you were 16 to a Church Dance and your parent was a chaperone.

-all your dishes have your name written on them with masking tape

-you think Jell-O is one of the basic food groups

-at least one of your salad bowls is at a neighbor's house

-you have never arrived at a meeting on time

-you have more wheat stored in your basement than most third world countries

-you've already got your order in for volume 50 of "The Work and The Glory"

-you have to guess more than five times the name of the child you're disciplining

-you automatically assume that BYOB means, Bring Your Own Burgers

-you arrive to an activity an hour late and are the first person there

-"Oh my Heck!" is your idea of swearing

-before "The Discussion" in fifth grade you think people get pregnant by praying for babies

-You say "the scriptures" instead of "the bible" and people are confused

-You knew how to iron your own white shirts/dresses before you were ten

-The best present on your eighth birthday is a set of scriptures with your name EMBOSSED on the front cover

-You are the only person in your high school's theatre department who knows how to tie a necktie . . . and have to do so for every guy wearing one on stage . . . and you're a girl

-An evening's hi-jinks involve "heart attacks" or "forking"

-You go to college and only know how to cook dishes in amounts of seven portions or more

-You think that spending more than three hours at church on Sunday is normal

-You know exactly what Beehives, Mia Maids, and Laurels are, and have to explain what those are to your friends

-you think the only sensible way to buy groceries is in bulk

-You know how to make brownies/cookies/frosting/muffins/p

ancakes/waffles from scratch

-You know what "from scratch" means

-You have more than one religious picture/statue in your home including in your bathroom and the rooms of you and your siblings

-You think that sharing your dorm room with only ONE roommate is a luxurious arrangement

-You think it's rude to call or come to someone's home unannounced on Monday night

-You know that the "golden dude" on top of the temple is NOT doing a karate kick, but is holding a trumpet

-You think foreign language class in high school is good practice for your mission

-You plan on spending your retirement years on missions

-Your favorite lunch hang-out is the Seminary building

-Your life is not complete without 1) passing off all six years of Girl's Camp 2)Earning your Young Womanhood Recognition award 3) Graduating Seminary 4)Graduating Institute and 5) Getting married in your favorite temple (ummm did NOT do all these...awww so sad.LOL)

-you get these jokes

I LOVE this Song!!

I first heard it on General Hospital when "Lila" died. Brook Lynn (Adrianne Leon) sang it and it was SO beautiful. So I have a clip from GH and the full lyrics I will post, because they are just SO gorgeous! This is just a song I have to share so others know of it, it touches my heart.


I would be true, for there are those who trust me;
I would be pure, for there are those who care;
I would be strong, for there is much to suffer;
I would be brave, for there is much to dare;
I would be brave, for there is much to dare.

I would be friend of all—the foe, the friendless;
I would be giving, and forget the gift;
I would be humble, for I know my weakness;
I would look up, and laugh, and love and lift.
I would look up, and laugh, and love and lift.

I would be faithful through each passing moment;
I would be constantly in touch with God;
I would be strong to follow where He leads me;
I would have faith to keep the path Christ trod;
I would have faith to keep the path Christ trod.

Who is so low that I am not his brother?
Who is so high that I’ve no path to him?
Who is so poor, that I may not feel his hunger?
Who is so rich I may not pity him?
Who is so rich I may not pity him?

Who is so hurt I may not know his heartache?
Who sings for joy my heart may never share?
Who in God’s heaven has passed beyond my vision?
Who to Hell’s depths where I may never fare?
Who to Hell’s depths where I may never fare?

May none, then, call on me for understanding,
May none, then, turn to me for help in pain,
And drain alone his bitter cup of sorrow,
Or find he knocks upon my heart in vain.
Or find he knocks upon my heart in vain.

3 Year WL Surgery Anniversary

So three years ago today, I was probably high as a kite as they poked me with those bloody needles into my stomach...yeah like I needed MORE stomach pain, hello! The surgeon sliced and diced me like I was a food processor and then stapled and glued me up!! Bloody hospitals!! If you didn't read my 3 posts on my surgery, here Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

So it feels weird, and NOT real and the day is now over. And it still doesn't FEEL, true or right or something.

Anyway, it was a nice day though! My sisters both had school so they were MIA all day basically, but My Mom and Dad took me to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, only my second time, so I was SO happy. I got the same dish as last time, because it is SO good! The Crispy Chicken Costoletta is so good, and real mashed potatoes. I shared it with my Mom and we ate 2/3 and we brought the rest home and Sam had it for her dinner. So this meal feeds 1 regular person and 2 people who had WLS! The chicken is so thin and tender and the breading is so light, it just made my tummy smile!
And I got a card from them and it was SUCH a sweet (gotta get teary) card, and it had a Walmart certificate AND a P.S. saying we were picking up Tropic Thunder for me too!! Tropic Thunder would have made me feel loved but I feel SO loved now. My Dad told me again, how proud he was of me. That it took so much courage on my part to go through with the surgery after SEEING Sandy go through it and all the pain and crying. I never really thought about that, I still don't know if I had courage or not. But it feels really good to be told that by your Dad.

We ordered some cheesecake slices to go, I was wanting to be rolled out, I SO overate, that's a thing I have, my eyes are still bigger than my stomach. I ate too much, it was just too good. Then we drove in the 29 degree weather and went to Walmart, and I have my Tropic Thunder, I haven't laughed SO hard at a movie in a long time, I don't care what others say, it ROCKED!! Got home, made my Dad put on the water heater so I could have a HOT shower. Talked to my Mom a bit (hey I am not doing good and we are trying to fix that) and then went downstairs to pack up my "Pay It Forwards" which I finished and my neck is killing me!! Then went online to pester Whit so she'd send her address cuz I am hoping Katie will go to the post office for me tommorrow. And now I am writing this, with my Strawberry Cheesecake next to me (well half, gotta be careful so I don't get sick) and it is DELISH! Sorry I didn't take a pic before skarfing!LOL! And this is me on the day of my 3 Year Anniversary!

P.S. I got my prize for the Halloween Story Contest and Crash and Sewl were right, these should be framed!! Look!!
Thank you Audrey Eclectic they are SO beautiful!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mad TV - Ms. Swan at the ATM

Monday, November 17, 2008

Newest Tag I have ever Seen!!

I was tagged by Stacey at Taylor Tidbits so here I go. This is one I have NOT seen before, so should be fun!! Don't ask me what happened to number 4...I am going with the "flow". LOL!!

1) Show both hands in writing something.

I am right handed...take a WILD guess which one is my right hand. My left...well I am SO not ambidextrous....obviously.

2) list 5 of your 50/50's..

  1. Outback and Olive Garden. I LOVE the Chicken with Gnocchi and adored the Chicken Milanese while they had it. But I LOVE the Filet Mignon and Baked potato soup, so I love both equally!

2. Sandra Bullock and Reese Witherspoon. These ladies are BOTH excellent actresses and I love them both. Sandra can be funny and serious (Practical Magic, 28 Days, Murder by Numbers,etc.) and so can Reese (Legally Blonde, Sweet Home Alabama, Walk the Line,etc.) so I can't possibly pick which I like better!!

3. The Golden Compass movie and Stardust. LOVE both, both are full of magic and COOL effects and things. I want to see magic and fallen stars...and Deniro as a gay pirate, but I want a Daemon as half my soul too! Mine is a Lion named Remis...I took the test OKAY!! They are just both ROCKIN' movies and SOOOO good!!

4. Cadbury Fruit & Nut Bars and Milky Way bars. Le's face it, each has the best of both Worlds!! Cadbury has raisins and almonds in it's luscious chocolate. And Milky Way has nougatty goodness and caramel in a milk chocolate shell!! Who could choose between these two?? I want both!!

5. Ireland or New Zealand. Which to visit someday first. I am 1/4 of each, both are gorgeous. How to choose...seriously look at these pics!!

3) 5 pet peeves

  1. Judgemental, RUDE people. (You don't KNOW me!)
  2. Also, like Stacey, stepping into something WET when you have socks on!! Agghhh!!
  3. People who are only your friend, when it SUITS them.
  4. People talking when their mouth's are full. Yuck!!
  5. When it takes people an hour to tell a 2 minute story....get to the POINT!!!

5) 5 things that don't mix well.

1. Fruit and Sandwiches. I HATE fruit inside sandwiches, sure LOADS of people love it, but I do not want cranberry IN my turkey sandwich, or apple slices on a meat sandwich, it is just WRONG. And people DO love this, I waitressed at Weezie's restaurant, and 2 of the most popular sandwich were the Talking Turkey (turkey,cranberry sauce,stuffing,mayo,lettuce,etc) and Pop-Pop's Pork Sandwich (pork,apple slices,apricot chutney,lettuce,mayo,etc)...NOOOO!! Fruit and sammies BAD!!

2. Camera's and Ambien....see one of my last posts. Enough said.

3. Wendy and No-Doze. I took this driving one of the cars from Florida back home to Connecticut. That is when the new, Wendy can only drive short distances started. I FALL asleep at the wheel even if I had just slept 14 hours!! So I took this...MISTAKE. I was SO wired I was shaking, it was so SCARY, I felt out of my mind, I was like vibrating off the seat! No more for Wendy!

4. Mashed Potatoes and Ketchup. Seriously, my sister Kat has done this and it GROSSES me out to no end. It is WRONG! Mashed Potatoes and Gravy people. Maybe even butter sometimes. But never ketchup!!

5. French Fries with Jelly. My sister's friend from Washington State does this, or with mayo. And I love all three things....seperately though. *gags*

I will go and Tag people directly on their websites. Hah, so they don't see it coming!! Mwahahah!

PLEASE click on the on TUESDAY, November 18th to vote for this week's best entry in Shelle's "Don't You Hate It When" contest...!!!Vote for my movie drama!! Sure there are some funnier ones, but you KNOW me!! LOL!!

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My Turn to Pay it Forward!!

Deb of Dirty Socks & Pizza paid it forward to me, so thanks to her, it is my turn to Pay It Forward!!

"Here are the rules: The exchange focuses on doing an act of kindness without expecting anything in return other than that the recipient will, in their turn, pass the kindness along and pay it forward in their own way. This is how it works... I am going to agree to send something fun, inspiring or uplifting to the first 3 bloggers who post a comment on this entry (please leave your email address if I don't all ready have it.).

In turn you will then post about this on your blog, link to me, then send something to the first three people who sign up to play along through your blog. There are no cost restraints, but don't go crazy! The little something you send can be something you made, bought, were given or found. No biggie, just a gift that will make the person smile. Maybe something unique from where you live? And remember that kindness doesn't have to involve money; there are untold ways to help others every single day, everywhere you go - just look around."

So get to it... Leave me a comment telling me you are ready and willing to give and receive. And if you aren't so lucky as to be one of the first three, feel free to go ahead extend a kind word or deed today, without expecting a darn thing in return. "What's in it for me?" is a no-no. Got it?


Deb ROCKS!!!

Okay so I was one of the three LUCKY people chosen to do the "Pay It Forward" thing created by Deb at Dirty Socks and Pizza! And I got my "something fun, inspiring or uplifting" in the mail today. As soon as I saw a package for ME, I was all psyched and when I saw Deb, I was like "ohhhhh I wonder what it is!!" because she has been telling me she has been "working" on something for me for awhile!! And guess what it is? Seriously, don't make me mad, GUESS!!!

A SCARF!!! Now THAT is paying attention, she knows I LOVE scarves!! And Deb, you are SO right, it DOES go with my hair!! LOOK!
And it was SO NOT a LAME attempt, it is beautiful!!! Now tommorrow I will have to look back at your original post and do MY "Pay it Forward" I will have to think of ideas!! DOH!! LOL! Thanks SO MUCH Deb!! I LOVE IT!!! My Mom thinks it goes with my hair too!! :)

Drugs and NOT mix!

Okay so I have noticed hardly ANYONE is signing up for my Giveaway, and it is very distressing. When anyone else does a Giveaway they had 100's of people and I have like,minus their multiple entries, like 9 people. That is SO sad!! And the really popular bloggy bff's (*cough* Kristina P.) aren't using their blogs to MAKE you all come out of your blog closets and join in the fun!! I LOVE blog stalkers and will likely stalk you too, if we connect!!

So this is what happens when the numbers are so low. While I was ON Ambien, I recorded a few short videos to tell people to get with the program. While the Ambien was working MORE and MORE. So I start getting a wee bit....ummm....loopy. And these were to be my FIRST video of me...and I look like a bum, no makeup or hair even combed, and I sound after the first one or two...kinda drunk. Such BAD first impressions. Plus I HATE my voice, it is SO nasally. My voice is going to scare people away. Yet here I am about to post a few of them. A) to get you to JOIN the Giveaway and B) it could be just me but they are kinda me anyway, and I think by the last one, I appear totally doped up. This truly IS Ambien Induced by Wendy!! And after viewing these again just now...yeah...I AM certifiable....and a little scared.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Worse than Eeehhhh.

Yeah today is a down in the Pit of Despair day. No reason for it. Just is what it is. So here is a song by Britt Nicole, that just...expresses some of the feelings I experience. This song kind of like cuts it all open and exposes these...feelings. But ends up hopeful too. She is a christian singer. I feel like the "she" being sung about. Sorry if it's not a happy, fun video or anything. This just expresses where my head and heart are right now. But hoping, well trying to hope, for the same thing that "she" is hoping for.

Don't Forget to Vote for MY MESS at Four Girls and a Burly Man, it is Entry #1!! And say who sent you on the post!! PLEASE!!

25 Facts of My X-Mas

  1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Um I LOVE gift bags...they end up useful later, but I love to wrip paper off a present!!
  2. Real or Artificial tree? Well we have had a fake for like 15 years now, cuz we have carpet, I SO want a real the spray smell is NOT the same!!
  3. When do you put up the tree? Before the 18th of December for sure.
  4. When do you take the tree down? when we get around to it AFTER the New Years
  5. Do you like Eggnog? I don't know. Haven't had it in years!
  6. Favorite gift received as a child? Hmmm probably my Cabbage Patch Kid.
  7. Hardest person to buy for? My Mom and Dad...we need Christmas Lists Too dang it!! I am tired of finding my gifts to you in THE drawer...the rejected present drawer I call it! My Dad finally took the electronic tie holder that spins out of his closet...7 years later...and says "Hey a good tag sale item", that HURT Dad!!!
  8. Easiest person to buy for? uhmmm Sam I guess, get her movies and she will like it!
  9. Do you have a nativity scene? Yup, we got a new one.
  10. Mail or email Christmas cards? Mail! I do the cards from US, and we stick the ones we get ALL on the front door, it's our door decorations!!
  11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? Well I got a paper making kit.
  12. Favorite Christmas Movie? The Santa Clause and The Ref
  13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? As soon as I can THINK what to get
  14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Ummm I don't think so.
  15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?PB Hershey Kiss cookies....yummmmmmm
  16. Lights on the tree? LOADS of colorful lights!!
  17. Favorite Christmas song? Chestnuts by Nat King Cole, and like 50 others...XMAS song freak!!
  18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Stay HOME...but go to the movies too. My Dad so wants to do Disney at Christmas, but NOOOO! I need OUR decorations and not palm trees, SNOW...even NEAR Christmas!!
  19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer's? Yes I can!! :)
  20. Angel on the tree top or a star? Star
  21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning?We do Secret Santa and Gifts from the Heart (that will be it's own post in December) on the EVE, the rest on Christmas Morning!
  22. Most annoying thing about this time of the year? RUDE MEAN shoppers!!
  23. Favorite ornament theme or color? We use the same ornaments every year. Ones we are given, made as kids, inherited when my grandparents died,etc. They all mean something. SO it's very eclectic!! LOL!
  24. Favorite for Christmas dinner? Chicken dinner with REAL mashed potatoes and gravy and stuffing and green bean casserole with french cut green beans
  25. What do you want for Christmas this year? a bunch of movies and shows on dvd!! And if someone up "there" wanted to take all my problems away, i'd be down with that. :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

This is JUST sad!!

I thought the Kevin Bacon one was GOOD. This is just SAD! Poor Steve!!

See more Steve Guttenberg videos at Funny or Die

Thursday, November 13, 2008

TOP is Back!!!

Okay first off, anyone who responded to the Comedy Post PLEASE go read my COMMENT, as I made a decision AND want to make sure I made myself clear!! Please...I'll wait right here.

Okay, so how was that? Okay?

Alright on to my post. I watched the first episode of one of my favorite Bravo shows tonight, TOP CHEF is baaaaaack!! I so can't cook like these people but they fascinate me to no extent!! I have watched every season, I love finding my faves AND my "hate you!!!" people!! Please, Steven and Marcel...hello...hated them!! I LOVE watching the weird challenges and recipes these people come up with, most of which I would NEVER put in my bland pallette of a mouth!! But I LOVE to see the judges reactions!! And when they have to spit something makes my day to no end. See, I would TRY my food like some chefs do BEFORE I gave it to Tom Colicchio!! Or Padma!! SHe can be viscious too!! Ahhh LOVE them!!

So I am watching it with my Mom and Kat, and they are going through the introductions of people, we make notes of people that seem hate-able or really cool, etc. This cute lil bald guy comes on, and my Mom is like, yup he's gay for sure...and I was like WHAT? I knew she didn't mean it in any BAD way (rest assured friends she is NOT prejudiced), she was making an observation. Like when the black lady with the wild hair showed up we ALL went "whoa!! Her eyes are FREAKY" because they like pop out of her eyesockets....SCARY!! We said she MUST be related to the news lady on one of our news channels, she has GOOGLE-y eyes too, but she blinks SO much, we have tried to count a few times, but she is WAY too fast. Anyway, on to my reasons for going "WhAT?"!! I was like, WHY do you think that? It wasn't like he was overly flamboyant (like Jack on W&G) or talked any special way that stereotypes. I was like NO, he is not, he is just a cute lil bald cutie...yeah that is what I was thinking too, he was tiny. I decided I loved him right away. I just wanted to squeeze him like a teddy bear! LOL! So when he was almost voted off, I was SO happy it was his friend from school! LOL, I like who I like! And then a group of people proclaimed themselves the gays and lesbians, I am serious, tell them other CHEF fanatics! One person even said they were team rude, I like rainbows too, I can't be in the club?!! Anyway, guess who was there? My lil bald cutie Patrick. I turned to my Mom and was like" HOW did you know that?!!" She just shrugged. Are we really supposed to as "Grace" says, be able to tell? Trying NOT to use the phrase from Will and Grace! I have NO ability then. I only knew the BIG guy was gay because he said "the inner queen in me.." and I knew then. Straight guys don't refer to themselves as queens, so check, he is gay, I get it. My Patrick? CLUELESS.

Anyway, I decided he was my favorite (like I care if someone is gay or not. NOT!!) so when he picked up an item in Chinatown that he had never worked with...I was like NOOOOOOO!! That never ends well!!! Why do you people get so full of yourselves so quickly?! And I was right. He was one of the "losers", and apparently it was SO bad, he and one other cook were the only people asked to go in for the losers of the challenge. Now I TELL you, it should have been the "Mom"!! She said she could have cooked a good Middle Eastern meal if she had a cookbook! So could I!!! She has 20 years experience and SHE said that!! My Patrick? Still in the Culinary Institute!! And they made him "pack his knives and leave"!!! I was furious!! They took my favorite away!! So far I like no one else!! I am loathing the 2 Europeans, thinking they are all better than the American chefs! SO I have found people to boo, but Patrick was so adorable!! *stomps foot* And when he said goodbye to big burly club member? He jumped up and hugged him like a baby koala and his mama!! It was SO cute!! Hmmm maybe I will like the Burly huge guy, cuz it was so sweet!! I am STILL pouting!!*stomps foot*

I LOVE this show!!!

Goodbye my lil cutie Patrick!! *sob*
Isn't he CUTE?!! MAN!!!!

Crazy Comedy!!

I love to laugh, it really is the BEST medicine I can be on, that anyone can be on. And for some reason my favorite comedians...usually LOVE to swear. I don't think they are funny BECAUSE they swear...a lot...they just happen to be like the majority of the people and throw around the "f bomb" and such.

So I am at an impasse. Do I post some of my favorite funny clips from youtube...or will people be offended and think less of ME and stop reading/following and what not. Should I post them with this catchphrase in the title, "Don't Watch if Easily Offended" or some such nonsense...or should anything with swears be omitted from my blog? Seriously I am asking for opinions here.

This comedian I am posting, Carlos Mencia is hilarious. Half of what he says I am like "No Carlos don't go there", it is awful, but funny and sometimes SO point on it is amazing! But this is one of like 3 videos that has been "beeped" for the words you can't say on tv thus far. All the others are chalk full of swears as are Denis Leary's who cracks me up so much, I often need to run to the "loo".

So give your opinions readers...should I or shouldn't I? Am I a bad Mormon if I post them? Help a "Sister" out here!

Why Mandy Patinkin Rocks

Okay first of all, have you all seen a little film called "The Princess Bride"? If not, you may as well just leave now because I'm a little disgusted...j/k!!...well a little bit. Mostly I'll just clutch my heart and feel sorry for you...and then I'll watch it FOR you. It's that good. Mandy plays Inigo Montoya, as in "My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!". Yup that's my Mandy, and while I thought this guys rocks, it wasn't until later that I became a Mandy Patinkin fanatic.

I saw this commercial for a tv show on dvd soon, a few years ago. It was about a girl who dies and becomes a grim reaper. It was a showtime series, which we don't get, so I emailed my local library and put in a request that they buy the Season when it was released, because it looked SO good and FUNNY. A little series, called Dead Like Me. The day finally arrived, and I began watching it with my baby sis Sandy. We couldn't stop watching, it was that good. That first night we saw like 5 episodes, until it was like 3 am and Sandy was barely alive. We watched the entire season in about 3 days.

And while walking by, my mother mentioned "Hey Mandy Patinkin", and I was like who? She's looking at me (I am the movie knowledge Queen!) and says you know, Alien Nation (never saw it before, of course I have NOW...MANDY!) and Princess Bride. I was like what?, Princess Bride, who'd he play, and she was like, HELLO...Inigo, and my jaw dropped. I was like NO WAY! Because I am looking at Rube (Mandy's character on Dead Like Me) on the tv screen and thinking about Inigo, and I'm like nooooo, even though part of me is starting to see it in the face. So I press play for a minute and I can totally SEE it!! I was like HOLY COW! I loved Inigo and I loved Rube, and they were the same guy! Sweet!

Okay, I admit it, this show is FULL of swears, but I LOVE it. Every single one of the main characters is friggin' hilarious, they are all grim reapers stuck on Earth. Rube gives them post-its with their daily marks, with an E.T.D., estimated time of death. Now they don't DO the killing, they just pop the souls out before it happens, so the person feels as little pain as possible. Gravelings, evil little creatures, do the evil deeds, though they follow a specific list too. We never get to see the list, only Rube does, and he has never seen the "one" who leaves him the list. And of course the main character, the young girl George, being so newly dead and only 18, isn't too thrilled with her new (death by space shuttle's toilet seat) status, that she can't visit her family, and that reapers are not payed so they need JOBS,etc! Oh she tries to visit her family, but someone wise made it no one recognizes you, only fellow reapers see what you actually look like. To the outside world, you look different now. And so with a teenage reaper who's being rebellious, one reaper being a slacker stoner, one being a flighty reaper who likes to photograph her reaps before they die, and one being an angry meter maid, Rube has his hands full. Many highjinks and catastrophe's ensue. Priceless!

And of course, we couldn't get Showtime for one show, so we had to wait a year, for Season 2 to be released on dvd. Meanwhile, my Mom decided to try it because I now owned the first season, and Sandy and I were getting ready to watch the whole season again, so she and Katie sat down, deciding to give it a one episode shot. And they fell for the show too. My Mom especially! She loves Alien Nation SOOOO much, that I ended up buying it for her, and she had me watch it, and I was like MANDY!! And I like it now too. And then Season 2 was given to me for my birthday, pre-ordered so the day it was released, I'd own it!! And it was as good as the first, but with a new Reaper, Daisy, who was once a starlet and had...well...slept with most of Hollywood, and died making Gone with the Wind.

And then they CANCELLED it!! I was heartbroken. No more Rube/Mandy!! No more Dead like Me!! I was pissed too. Nothing will ever console me, this show was so good.
But not that long after the heartbreak, I read that my Mandy would be returning to TV in a new show called Criminal Minds. Yeah I think most of you have heard of this lil gem. He was the reason I tuned in for that first episode. Sure, the premise was interesting, but it was the show being LED by MANDY PATINKIN! And I fell in love with Criminal Minds. Shemar Moore and Matthew Gray Gubler didn't hurt either! I grew to love every character, even Hotch, who was on that stupid Dharma and Greg show. He was so good, I actually was able to forget that. And so C. Minds became a tv fave. And then after Season 2, Mandy decided to leave, because of creative differences...oh the pain!! I was losing my Inigo/Rube/Gideon again!! My Mandy who can sing opera, seriously, he is wicked talented! My Mandy who just puts so much heart and humor in every character. I was so upset (kind of like reading Billy Peterson is leaving CSI upset!!).

I admit, I have not given up my Criminal Minds. You fall in love with ALL the characters, I couldn't abandon them. But Joe Mantegna is NO Mandy Patinkin, and him shooting a bird when we first see him (Mandy's Gideon loved birds) just pissed me off. And I had loved Joe when he was on Joan of Arcadia, but on C.M.? No, he still doesn't fit for me. When they said maybe someone had died in last seasons finale, i was a-okay if it had been his character...he's still here though...dang.

But these are the many reasons I LOVE Mandy Patinkin. He is an amazing actor, a scary crazy amazing singer (he sings HIGHHHH), and he CAN cook. He did it in Dead Like Me, he did it in Criminal Minds, that is something Mandy can do!! And he believes in his craft so much, that he leaves a wildly successful show after only it's second year because while he knew the show would contain violence, he felt "the actual level of violence portrayed was unacceptable". The man is amazing. When Cheers was casting, HE put in Kelsey Grammar's name for Frasier because they were friends from Julliard!! He loves to collect and play with model trains to THIS day. He says Inigo Montoya was his favorite role EVER! And he supports many groups including Doctors without Borders! He does concerts for them.

These are the reasons I proudly wear a t-shirt with his Princess Bride's Inigo on it, and the saying ""I don't mean to pry, but you don't by any chance happen to have six fingers on your right hand?" " on the front. On the back "You seem a decent fellow, I hate to kill you". And these are my reasons why Mandy Patinkin ROCKS.

And guess what? They are doing a direct to DVD movie out in Feb. but Mandy is not in it!! I am SO sad there will be no Rube...although I am ecstatic to revisit George, Roxy and Mason...they are bloody hilarious and Callum Blue (Mason) is HOT...and British!! Accents, gotta love 'em. Now just do ANOTHER movie and get Mandy and my life can be a little bit shinier!! Puh-LEASE!!

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