Monday, August 31, 2009

H Family Visit

Tonight we had some company, unexpected but very welcome. The Bishop and his wife, otherwise known as Jorge and Ja-hoodie (by me), came over for visiting teaching and dinner. As I have mentioned, our families are BFF's, so they are like family, no they ARE family. Ja-hoodie (juh-who-dee) has been a second mom to me on occasions, holding me while I cry, etc. So I love them a lot and they hadn't been over in forever, so it was so good to see them. And Ja-hoodie/Sister H. is hysterical, so I had some much needed laughter. I tell you it is a family trait, they are all just so funny, constantly cracking you up and are just fun, wonderful people. We got to talk about new family members, Sister H is a Grandma again, Gretchen was born about 2 weeks ago to her third child. That would be Matt, who is like a big brother, since I have known hime, since I was about 2. I have known Jorge and Ja-hoodie and their 6 children all Katie's life, so that would be almost 29 years. So Milla, Seth and Matt were like older sibling, Naomi was my BFF, and Weezie and Alex were like my little sister and brother. Now Naomi and Weezie are two of my BFF's, I'd love to be more of a friend with Milla and Sister H/Jahoodie is a close friend too. The kind you can always count on to make you feel welcome and loved and such.

We had a delicious homemade chicken dinner, thanks to my Mom. As we sat around the table, many fun stories were told, and I really got to laugh a lot. It felt so good. I know I am not laughing enough. You know it, when you realize you have not been doing enough of it in a long time. And when Ja-hoodie asked me how I'd been doing, part of me wanted to grab her and my Mom, drag them off to a different room, so I could tell her all about this whole relative situation and how it has been making me so upset and depressed, which has triggered other things I have been worrying about, so I sometimes make myself sick. Just so she really knew how I was doing. It felt like me going "eehhh" was a lie, because I am not even "eeehh", I am bad and I know it and am just trying to take it day by day. So I wish that was what I could have done. But Dad and Jorge and Kate and Sam were all in the room, so I didn't feel comfortable with that. And I got shy a little, because we haven't seen much of them lately. Yes, we just saw them for Lash's shower and Lash and Al's wedding, but it was a wedding that they were the family of, you don't get to sit and talk, and definitely not talk serious stuff. Wow sorry, let's get off that subject line.

We then decided to eat the free frozen cake/ice cream cake, I got from Schwann's, through Lee mentioning on her blog, that she got free ice cream. I should have just gone with sherbert like she did, because though Bishop and Sister H, loved it, none of my family did. And my Mom was so excited because she hates plain ice cream cakes and wished for one that was half cake, so that was why I picked that, and it was pretty gross I have to say. Nothing redeeming about it at all. I so wish I had stuck with sherbert or a pizza or something, because it was a big disappointment! I got my computer out and we looked at pics of the new families, including the sonogram of Weezie's, where it is a 3-D image but the baby is only 14 ounces and it looks kind of like melted wax. A little freaky I have to say, but that technology is amazing!! And Sister H recieved a few sample pictures from Al and Lash's wedding photographer, so we got to see those. Lovely! We were laughing a lot, but once it was 9:30pm Jahoodie told Jorge (okayhis name IS George but I call him Jorge) they better go, it was past his down time, and hers.

We so have slacked off, both our families, on getting together. And I so want to remedy that. I want us to have dinner together once a month for sure, and that doesn't include like if we went to the movies or had lunch or the parents went to dinner with them and their other best friends, the F's. Us and them, at one of our houses, at least once a month. We all say how much we miss talking, so that is what we should do! I am already feeling quite shaken because it sounds like Weezie is going to move away, and I always thought she'd stick close to home. And losing her is very upsetting. Now I am freaking that the parents will move away too, yes I am a perpetual professional worrier and I can make a mountain out of the teeniest molehill. Yup.

Anyway, I am watching Gossip Girl. Already on Season 2, disc 3. It is about to get really good, as Chuck's dad bites the bullet soon, so his slimeball Uncle takes over Bass. LOL! I love this show, such DRAMA!!

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

District Friendly's

I got to spend some Dad + Daughter time today. Since we were the only two interested in seeing District 9, we decided to go see it and then go have dinner. After reading reviews and blog posts that said how good this movie was, I was psyched. Could not wait to see what made this such a cool movie.

Well I have to say, what were the reviewers on? I can't even decide IF I even liked the movie. I mean it WAS good (Boy in the Striped Pajamas was good too, but do I ever want to see it again? NO!), but I also think I have decided, I found it depressing. The way the humans treated these aliens was disgusting. Sticking them in slums that were more like concentration camps. And I hated the documentary feel to the majority of the movie, and I LOVED Cloverfield (not the end that much, but it is good!), so that was weird. Hated Blair Witch Project though. But let's get past the filming. The effects were absolutely amazing for such a low budget movie, AMAZING. The "prawns" were so real looking and COULD express emotion and such. The humans are the bad guys in this movie, the aliens are the ones who are wronged. White guys are the bad men who run the company, but the black Nigerians are even worse than the corrupt white business men, because they go in District 9 and force the "prawns" to pay big time for cat food, which they love for some reason.

What they want to do in the movie is take the "prawns" and move them 200 miles farther away, because they blame them for all the looting and riots and such. They have built a new district, but it is made of even smaller "dwellings", a worse concentration camp than the one they already were forced into. These poor aliens have been stuck on Earth for 20 years, and some are trying to find a way to go home. But with Wikus heading up informing the "prawns" that they have 24 hours until they will be evicted to District 10, things take a different course. Wikus ends up making some big...changes.

When I was talking to my Mom and Sam about how I hated the treatment of the aliens, Mom said that was the point. That it was a comparison to past events and how certain people have treated other people because of their religion or ethnicity. I veer from the movie for the rest of this paragraph, sorry. I get the comparison, I just have a hard time with such a concept of hating a whole religion or ethnicity or "species". I mean I hate a few people, some of the people who made school hell for me. But they did something directly to me. Again and again. But hating a group of people when you don't know them personally or such? I don't get it. Maybe I am too naive or whatever, but I am not going to hate an entire anybody because someone who shares a commonality with them did something bad. Some people hate Muslims because of 9/11, but I don't. A group of Muslims decided to do that, NOT all Muslims!! So why would you hate people who did nothing to you? They are innocent too. Would I want someone to hate me because I am Mormon? Australian? Irish? Czech? German? New Zealand? No. On some things like tv or radio, you see that people of other religions/countries hate Americans, but why? Why do you hate me, when we haven't even met? Maybe you'd like me if you actually got to know me. You can't generalize Americans either. Sure, there are bad Americans, just like there are bad German, bad Mexicans, etc. But then you flip that coin, and you see that there are more good Americans than bad. That goes for everybody. There will always BE bad people, but that doesn't mean people who share something in common with them, are bad people too. And yes, I may be naive, but I am not going to hate anybody unless I have a real reason. I can understand in some instances, why some people hate a whole nationality/religion, etc. Take 9/11. I get that the people who lost their loved ones may hate all Muslims, but that is personal and their grief makes them hate. Something was taken from them and they can't distinguish that it was just a group of Muslims. Some people hate Germans because they are Jews and were put into the concentration camps, and saw their Mom or Dad killed in horrifying ways. They hate all Germans. I find it sad, but I also can understand it. And I am 1/4 German. It is not just hate, these people fear. Fear and hate can be so deeply intertwined. Anyway, you can think I am naive, but unless you wrong me terribly, Hi. My name is Wendy. What's yours?

Now back to the movie. All these thoughts connected in my head to the way humans treated the aliens, and I just decided, while this WAS in it's own way, a good movie, it is also a depressing one. And one frankly, I never need to see again. The end leaves you wondering. Will Christopher return and...what? Did you think I would tell you who Christopher is or what his plans are? And what about poor Wikus? Will he ever be the same again? This movie does make you think...obviopusly look above, so it might be a good movie to make sure you see once, but this is not one I will rush out to buy or rent. I saw it, I get the comparisons now, thanks to my family. I am so bad with history, they helped a lot! So if you love movies that make you think, this is definitely for you.

Anyway my Dad and I went to Friendly's for dinner. It was just a weird night all around. The service sucked big time, it took 25 minutes for them to get us our drinks. I tried one of the new smoothies, the strawberry one. It is strawberries and fat free frozen yogurt, so yay for healthy smoothies. I also had the new Cheeseburger Step Up or whatever. Basically a burger with bacon, cheese, lettuce and mayo on toasted white bread. It was yummy. But it was so hot in there, and hot in the theater, that we couldn't get comfortable, so I hope we can get another chance for Daddy-Daughter time. We talked but it was hot so you get quiet to keep from making more heat. So we decided between the weird movie and meal, it was just a weird day in general.

I got to measure my bed and we decided I better order the King size quilt because otherwise it might look starnge on my bed, so I did. 7 to 10 business days supposedly. It better be with 15 dollar S+H!! Man!

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Random Chit Chat

Yup that is the quilt I am going to order. The detailing is so beautiful, and the tiny purple flowers will be such a nice contrast with my blue-green walls. And the price is amazing! Even if I need to get the King size, we are talking 70 bucks!! Awesome deal! I have always wanted a real quilt and I will be the proud owner soon. I just have to wait to order it, until I measure my bed and see what size I'd rather have on it. The choice got down to 2 quilts, this one and a very modern one called Limealicious, which had a bunch of different shades of blues and green (my favorite colors), and was totally me. But this Arianna one is like the other half of me. They were like the two sides of the coin that is Wendy. This one won out because I have been eyeing quilts like this for a long time, and it seems just too gorgeous to pass up. So I forgoed the modern artist Wendy, for the Wendy that likes elegant, antiquey things and embroidery. And I DO love embroidery, and I have never been able to say why that is so, I just find it gorgeous and so elegant. When I order it and I get it, I will take some close-ups so you can see the gorgeous detailing of this quilt! It is amazing! I am so pleased. Penny's had hardly any deals, most things I liked were $120 and up, up, UP! And no, I cannot stand the comforters and quilts that look like Laura Ashley threw up on them. Hideous! So I was searching Amazon and found this cool website through them and Yay!!
I also went to the movies tonight. I needed to get out of the house, so with only like 5 minutes to get to the theater, I grabbed Sam and we went to see The Ugly Truth. We were already 10 minutes late when we parked far away in the pouring rain...and me in flip-flops, OY! And then everyone must have been there tonight before the kids return to school this week because we had to wait in big lines for tickets and some pretzel bites (I was going hypoglysemic)! And it was after 10:45 PM! So now I was positive we missed the beginning of the movie, but when we entered the teeny theater, the title was just put on the screen. So phew. Now there was quite a bit of language/content I am not comfortable with in this movie, but I saw the majority of the content that would bother me most on a website with sneak peeks, and the language was just unaviodable. And I can sit through a movie filled with F this and F that, and am totally densensitized...wait unless the word in being used in a gross way, which it sometimes was in this movie. So my readers, who don't like strong language or inappropriate stuff, this is not for you. I was able to see past the language I loathe, to the movie, and as for the actual movie (minus language crap), it was cute. Butler and Heigl are great at comedy! They are polar opposites who end up realizing they were meant to be, even though he is a chauvanistic pig and she is an uptight prig. So that is great chemistry.

I LOVE Gerard Butler!! And I am SO ready for Gamer and Law Abiding Citizen to get out!! They look fantastic! Even though in the second one, Gerard is supposed to be "bad", I don't agree with that totally. His wife and daughter were murdered and the D.A. makes a deal with one guy so the sentences are like nothing. So Gerard goes back to his "unique" training and is killing people FROM a prison cell. He has had time to plan his revenge, and I am not sure I can blame him. He is taking out bad guys too, so I think I will like him just fine in that movie too. I feel like watching Timeline and Tomb Raider 2 now, just to see more Gerard!! He is hot!

Tommorrow is supposed to pour ALL day, so I hope I get to go see District 9. It sounds intrigueing and I have heard a lot of people say they loved it. So hopefully I will see a movie and order a quilt on the morrow.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Apologies and Vlog

Hey guys! I am sorry I actually MISSED posting, but I swear it wasn't my fault! I was in the middle of emailing some of you, when the internet just stopped working. I couldn't finish sending out my emails, I couldn't comment on blogs, I ouldn't create a post. Then it got really angry with me and wouldn't even display the tabs I'd already opened. So I couldn't read your posts until about a half hour ago!!

Yesterday was a bad day, I got into a big fight with my mother, and we weren't talking to eachother. And she is the one I go to talk to when I am upset, so I spent the night fighting tears and trying to pretend I was fine with leaving things unresolved which I wasn't. She showed up in the middle of the night, and had to deal with the fact that when I am IN that frame of mind, I can't seem to make myself talk until I have finally broken down and then I can't stop crying. I told her all the reasons I had gotten so angry, everything that was bothering me, and apologized for the mean things I said to her. And she understood why when she said one certain thing I heard it from a different perspective and she apologized and we just hugged for awhile. Since she missed out of a couple hours of sleep, I called into her work and told them she had a doctor's appointment. She would have needed the extra sleep anyway. Her pulse was 40 yesterday, her thyroid medication and blood pressure meds mixed badly and a LOW pulse (what would I know about low, I battle tacchycardia, which is HIGH pulse rate) made her dizzy and sleepy. Which I didn't know about so that made me cry some more. I hate fighting with my Mom, she is one of my best friends and I hate seeing her cry. She keeps reassuring me that we are fine now, but I am OCD, so I keep asking, and we hug again.

Today I went hunting for a new comforter/quilt. I know you are all going, Wendy it's August. But I think if you buy them before it gets cold, you will find the better deals. All I have is my quilt from my old twin bed, and a Christmas-ey quilt with snowmen and gingerbread men. Not so cute from like Novemeber 1st through March. Plus last year I slept with the snowman one AND my twin one on top, it was that cold. So I saw one or two at Target I liked, but they were 90 bucks, so my Mom suggested looking at Penny's online. SO I am doing that after I am done here. I hope I can find a really pretty, but not frilly or cutesy, Queen comforter or quilt that goes with my room and me and is on sale!! That would make me very happy.

This is for Fort Thompson's Vlog Emotions. There was a theme this week, kids. As you know, the only "baby" I have is Max, my dog. So I give you a Maxie video. This shows you how much he loves his ball and will NOT let anyone take it from him. Even resorting to knocking your hands away! LOL! It is so cute, I think!! He tries to use his paws like hands!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dental Trauma Day + Camille

Today was an interesting one. I had the dentists' office call me, waking me, to ask if I would come in earlier. Who DOES that? When you MAKE the appointment for a certain time, NO, you do not want to be woken up and asked to come in earlier. And did I tell them that? Of course not, I don't know how to say No to people! So I got up an hour and a half earlier than I was supposed to have. I had to, I had planned on doing certain errands before the appointment and others after. I had Lie to Me Season One and One Tree Hill Season 6 to buy. I needed to stop by Stop and Shop and pick up my pre-rented DVD's. I needed to stop by Blockbuster and pick up what Redbox didn't have, like Duplicity, a really good Julia Roberts/Clive Owen movie. And that was all before my appointment.

I get there exactly at my new time and this is when it got me really ticked. I waited in the exam room for 20 minutes before the dentist even arrived. Then he was there for maybe 3 minutes while he hurt me by using that freaking huge needle to inject my gums with the numbing stuff. Then he left AGAIN and was gone for 20 minutes. My Dad called which was weird, I was like I am AT the dentist remember?! His assistant arrived too and they started washing their hands to fill my cavity, when an office worker arrives and says another patient is on the phone and wants to talk to him. Does he say it will have to wait because he is with a patient who has been waiting 40 minutes now? Nope, he leaves, so does she, and I sit there for another 15 minutes because apparently patients who CALL have precedent over those IN the actual office!!

They finally return and again have to scrub their hands, etc. Finally we begin with MY torture. It ends up they drill two cavities that are side by side. My jaw was killing me. Then when they are done with that, can you guess what happens next? That's right, they both take off again, leaving me alone. Then they finally return to fill them. And he admits, after the first pain hits, that a few are going to feel like he is pushing toothpicks into my teeth! I say it feels much worse than that! And I swear I hear my mother's voice and it ends up being her. She sits in, but as they are literally IN my face, I can't see her until they are finally done with me. While the doc leaves for a minute, his assistant felt the need to tell me the cavities were HUGE and they took like 90% of my teeth, that I could end up needing a root canal and that I have to be careful for the rest of my life chewing on that side. The dentist returns and he tells me he was surprised at how big they were because the x-ray machine did not show them as being very big, but he doesn't mention root canals or anything. Then he tells me I need to make another appointment to get the one (or two, my Mom and I both couldn't hear right) on the right side done. My Mom walked with me to the secretary who actually asked me if I wanted to come in THURSDAY!! NO! Are you kidding me, I am in pain now, you think I want to return in 2 days for more?! NO. I made an appointment for September 15. My cleaning is October 30, so I think an appointment a month is good for me, as the dentist office terrifies me!

Agghh! I swear I have no idea WHY I am always seeming to be the one to get cavities, I brush my bloody teeth, I have been flossing a lot more (I have an irrational fear of flossing) than I used to, since my hygenist scolds the crap out of me for how red they are. But I brush them hard...which apparently is wrong to do too...aghhh! So why am I cavity afflicted?! Now the whole family is out to get me, Sam wants to see me flossing more, Dad wants me to get the kids mouth rinse that clings to where you need to brush MORE and they want me to trade my pulsing brush in for one that spins too! WHAT else do I have to do to stop the cavities. It has been me since we were kids, I always got the bad report cards on teeth! I was also the one who had to have my jaw corrected, I had the bionator through 5th grade which made me need a drool cloth in class, and then I had to have 2 sets of braces, which didn't work for long on my front teeth, which is why I needed the dental work I had done all through last summer, which resulted in me actually smiling for real for the camera! I used to hide my smile by pushing my bottom lip over my front teeth, Sandy still has to get me to relax and remember I have a smile I am proud of now! So I am dentally cursed it seems.

When we got outside I learned why my Mom had come to my 1 hour and 45 minute appointment, why my Dad had called. She had some really exciting news to share with me, which I cannot talk about on my blog, sorry. But she was so happy, we went out to celebrate. So I had to put my post-dentist plan on hold until tommorrow. It was very mush worth it between the news and eating at Outback...mmm. Although I was numb for half the meal, worrying food would pour out of the half of my mouth that was still totally numb, but yay, it didn't.

When we got home, my sisters and I watched Sunshine Cleaning, which ended up being really good. I wanted some things clarified, like does Nora return to the business and what about Winston, is he in the picture or what? But it was a really good story, and I loved Emily Blunt and Amy Adams as sisters, they were so amazing!

Then with Katie I watched a movie I picked out on a whim. I had never even heard of its' existence before and I know a lot about movies. It is called Camille. It stars Sienna Miller, James Franco and David (or is it Keith, the one who recently died) Carradine. It is the story of Camille (Miller) and Silas' (Franco) honeymoon. Silas does not love Camille and finds her totally annoying but feels forced into marrying her. After their wedding they are making their way to Niagra Falls with Camille's incessant happiness killing Silas so he tells her he can't stand her! He tells her to get on the bike and shut up, but as they drive she loses her wedding ring and they end up in an automobile accident and Camille dies...but wakes up again. As they make their way to Camille's beloved Niagra Falls honeymoon, Camille starts to...well...decompose. And Silas starts to fall in love with the woman he took for granted, as they run from the cops who think Silas has murdered his bride. There was an accident with a LOT of blood after all, and he had thought she was first. Now, he wants to make her happy by getting her to the Falls, but how can he be happy if the woman he loves is disappearing right in front of him? I loved the quirkiness of this movie, it was funny, and the ending made me go "awwww"!!! I loved it and if you like a romantic comedy that is full of quirkiness, go rent this, I know Blockbuster should have it somewhere in your area!! This movie made me smile, which is exactly what I needed from it. Now I am off to work on an email project I want to make, so that I can share good news with some of my friends. Have a quirky dentist-free night all!!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ruby Rush

So it was that time, time to change my hair. Yes part of the reason I wanted to go dark red is I feel in a dark place, but luckily, it is like September in ONE week and I always go fall red for fall, and I consider September 1st to be the beginning of the fall season so it works out in the end. So I decided on Feria's R68 Ruby Rush. It is a true auburn red. SO, since I have nothing else to talk about, since today is grocery shopping and sandwich night, I decided to take pictures and walk you through my reveal of my new Fall Red.

Yeah I am that blank on writing for my blog today! LOL! So, here I am with the color sitting in my hair. My Mom threw the towel out because it she said it looked like it was covered in blood this time.

Then I went to take a shower, so no we skip that part. I was bloody in there for like 45 minutes. The water would just NOT run clear this time. And when you do these reds you get rinsing shampoo and canditioner, but it was so stubborn, my back was actually killing me by the time I got out. I wrapped it in a towel to get most of the moisture out and this is what it looked like fresh from the towel, uncombed.

This was me just letting it air dry. I thought it was funny that the pillow looks like it almost matches my hair.

This is my new hair, dry, but uncombed.

Then I combed it and this is my hair, air dryed, which is what I normally do. My hair loves to do a flip thing on one side, and it is never the same side, so that is aggravating. I'd love it, if it did it on both sides! But I'd have to like, actually take out a curling iron to make both sides do that...I don't WORK on my hair, I am LOW maintenance, except for color!

And a close-up of the final color, which I love!! Ruuubbbbyyy Ruuussshhh!

SO that is it kiddies, Wendy has gone Ruby for now. Maybe it will be a tad darker when I do it next month, since I went from really faded for two months to this, so next time it could be darker which suits me just fine. Bring on the darkness.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Songs for My Soul

Today was a hard day emotionally. We had a family home evening on Stress. And we went around and had everyone say what was stressing them and suggested things maybe we could do or help with to lessen our stress. I melted down when it was my turn and it just all poured out of me, feeling like such a failure in life. Feeling like I am nothing, I have accomplished nothing, have not done anything that even leaves a mark that says I was here. Told them I was so tired of trying, that I don't want to be here anymore. I just want to be done. I am so tired. We talked about this ongoing "situation" we have been dealing with and how we have no power in fixing it, but I just can't put it in a box in my brain and put it away, I am, sadly, not equipped with those skills. The first song I am posting kind of sums up a lot of my current feelings, I just can pick out sentences from it that are so me right now and it has been a favorite of mine for a long time, so I hope you at least will give it a chance. It is long but sung so beautifully. It gives me chills. I also looked for some songs I like that are feelings I WANT to feel, Songs full of hope, that I want to feel, but just can't at this point. Give a listen, won't you? Some might give you some hope if you also feel lost.

My Feelings now are sung by Lauryn Hill in "Selah".

Now songs I WANT to FEEL.

We Are Okay - Joshua Radin

Freckles - Natasha Bedingfield

Beautiful Inside - Kirby Heybourne

Call Me Beautiful - Ginny Owens

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Harry oh Harry

Went and saw Harry Potter again with some of my family, before it leaves theaters forever, and you can only see it on your TV screen. Should have known from the onset that I should have just turned around and gone home. Which is weird for me, I always love to go to movies, to be watching movies, etc. When we got to the theater, one of the smallest in this cineplex, no one was going in, there was such volume blaring from inside the doors. You know how with big action movies, you walk by and can hear the action going on? That is quiet compared to what was going on in our theater. Something was wrong with the sound, it was so loud and buzzing, it felt like we were inside the theater with an action movie. But we were all standing in the hall, making boring, idle chitchat. And then the sound finally stopped, so we all headed in.

This is the smallest of their theaters, and Harry Potter has been out a month, so it makes sense I suppose. There are only 10 rows that are stadium seating and then 2 regular rows. Even at the 9th row, MAN, the screen was so close. And then the theater started to fill, and fill, and fill. It was like everyone decided they wanted to see Harry Potter today. We were in the center of an aisle so we had people on each side of us, behind us and in front of us. And I am not good in crowds but we were all concentrating on the screen and audio, because now the screen was smooshed and the volume was muted, for about 10 more minutes, we sat there, wondering...if we left now, could we make it to the Southington Showcase for the 7:10 showing there? (I don't think so) But they finally changed projectors and it started up right. About 10 minutes into the movie, I had an overwhelming feeling that I wanted to leave. Which doesn't make sense to me still. I liked the movie a lot the first time and had been looking forward to this. So why was part of me thinking...maybe I can get the keys and go lie down in the car?? For some reason I couldn't get comfortable either. My butt hurt from the seats and with people behind you and in front of you, you can't lean forward and block their view, not if you are nice. I just couldn't find a single spot where I felt like I could relax.

It wasn't until later, when we walked out, that I began to wonder if it was because I hate crowds and get claustrophobic. Because when I was finally asked how I liked it the second time, I told them I hated it. But not the movie. Actually Dumbledore's fate bothered me more this time, and I realized Harry and Draco in a non-blood way are almost sorta related because of Sirius. I told the parents and Sam and got scolded. Why didn't I tell them, we could have left, and what not. But why? Because I couldn't get comfortable. And my Mom said it probably was the crowd, that she felt squeezed in and had freezing hands but had been sweating the entire apparently I should have said something. Who knew?

We got Taco Bell on the way home, it was around 10pm. Watched some NCIS of course. We are almost at the end of season 5. Which is great timing. My Dad gets Season 6 in on Tuesday, and once he finishes with the first disc, then we can have it. Plus I get House season...last season in on Tuesday. Then for the next few weeks, I will have lots of tv seasons to buy. I think 2 weeks in a row I have 4 series to get each week. But yes, I WILL get them. I must, I saved all summer for them!!

Now I am about to watch Surveillance with Bill Pullman and Julia Ormond. "Somewhere deep inside the Santa Fe desert there have been a number of blood curdling murders...a real killing spree. The local police station is in disarray. Captain Billings, Officers Degrasso and Wright have apprehended three witnesses: Officer Jack Bennet, one of their own, tough, but affected by recent events; Bobby, young, high as a kite on cocaine; and Stephanie, eight years old, who has just witnessed her family being brutally murdered by two figures dressed in jumpsuits, gloves, boots, and horrifyingly disfiguring blue latex masks. Even though everyone is ready to go, they are still waiting... waiting for the Feds to arrive. As the witnesses tell their stories one by one to the FBI agents who have now taken over, the murderous events unravel before our eyes. It becomes clear, little Stephanie knows something, something about the agents, Hallaway and Anderson. And then two more bodies have been found...". I will let you know if it is any good.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sought After? Retail!

Today I decided I NEEDED to get out and do some retail therapy. I am depressed, sad, lonely and a plethora of other emotions, so doing something that alleviated stress seemed to be a great idea. I almost was aked not to go out tonight, because there were thunderstorm and tornado warnings, but tornadoes touching down in CT? I don't think so. Although on my way there, I did kind of start to wonder if maybe I was wrong. The clouds out there today were SCARY. I took some pics, one or two while driving, which when I told my Mom and Sandy, I got yelled at very much and promised never to do it again. I was careful, but I won't do it, I didn't realize they'd be so upset. But check these clouds out yet.

I went to one of my favorite stores, Blue Moon. It is sad because they closed for renovations, claiming they were expanding into the next store. Then they finally reopen and not only did they not expand to the next store, but they made their store smaller. They used to have a plethora of candles, cool boxes, faery and dragon stuff, all sorts of cool things. Now most of the cool stuff is gone and all they have left is their jewelery, which I love, but is very expensive. Oh and they also have Vera Bradley stuff all over...I HATE Vera Bradley bags, I am sorry you lovers of them, they annoy the crap out of me! They are like Mormon table cloth dresses only on a bag and pricey! Pay big bucks for those ugly prints?! No bloody way, heinous things! Anyway, after being very disappointed this one ring I fell in love with (and its' price) was 2 sizes too small, I settled on this delicate amber necklace. After using the gift card I got from Katie on my birthday, all I had to do was pay $7 more. Here is a pic!

I walked both floors of the mall, and while I lurked in a few stores, like Sephora's, I didn't find anything I wanted. It was so disappointing! I love this perfume Katie and her bellydance friend Gina wear, it is called Pink Sugar by Aquolina, and smells divine, but apparently it smells divine on THEM. I sprayed some on, smelled and wanted to gag, it did not smell like Pink Sugar on me! SO I left the mall with my necklace and ran over to Old Navy. The one near West Farms actually had stuff, so I tried a lot on, but even though the stuff was sheer and flowey, it looked horrid on me. I ended up getting this scooped henley:

In three colors. I don't care what Stacey and Clinton say, when you find something you like, stock up! I will wear it only under t-shirts in the fall and winter. If I got my tummy tuck I dream of, to rid myself of this excess skin that forms two stomachs, I would wear them as just henleys, but until that happens, these are layering shirts.

I also went to Target, as I had only managed to spend a total of $34, but I ran dry there too. There wasn't even ONE movie I wanted! ME!! That IS sad. So I went home, hung out for a bit with the family and then went and showered for the night and am now watching GG, with Max plastered to my left side.

Oh and this was a headband at Claire's I should have actually bought. It would be cute for Halloween, but most likely won't be there by the time I got back over there. Too bad, mistake on my signature

Friday, August 21, 2009

Taking a Step Old Faves

Hey guys, I feel like with my VLOG I posted less than 24 hours ago, you know where I am at emotionally, so I am just going to go with everything else. I went to dinner tonight at El Sombrero. It is our towns' best Mexican restaurant. I have eaten at the others in town, so it IS the best, but who knows about Mexican restaurants in big cities, they could be even better, but I loved it. They have the best homemade salsa. I am not a salsa eater, and even here, I just dip into the liquid, but I love to do so, it tastes so yummy and fresh! They sell it to go, we really need to buy some. I got the Chicken Chimichangas with double refried beans, as I hate Mexican rice. It was so good! And even the description sounds so yummy now. I know this because they have a website. So "crisp and golden outside and bursting with stuffing inside, topped with sour cream." I am so hungry again! LOL! My dad had a medley of chimichangas, and Kate and my Mom shared Quatro with double beans. That is a chicken chimichanga, a chicken taco and a cheese enchilada. Mmmmm. They also hand make their tortilla chips from scratch, so they sell those too...I am hungry!

Then I stopped by the grocery store again for a few items. And went and watched some NCIS's with my Mom and sisters. After showers and such, I talked with my Mom for a bit. Told her my feelings were still in the same place but then I wanted to hear about her first day back at work, which was funny, because they "lost" a patient. 3/4 of the staff were looking for this guy, all swearing they checked inside, so they were taking cars down the street, etc to look for him. And where was he? He was asleep in someone else's bed and room, with the covers pulled over his head. Poor man, he has mid-stage Alzheimer's, so it isn't his fault. Lots of the patients do that apparently. Stop in whatever room they want and think it is their room and go to sleep in someone's bed. LOL.

Katie and I completed our mini flashback marathon. Yesterday we watched Red Dawn and The Rescue. Red Dawn, which my Dad and Mom said they took us to, when we were kids, was so boring and depressing beyond belief. These kids go hide in the mountains when there town is overrun by terrorists, and form their own army, The Wolverines, which is the mascot of their high school. There are like 8 of them. Young Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen and Jennifer Grey...but only two people make it to tell their story, which appareantly was part of WW III, and it was just SAD.

So to make our moods brighter we watched The Rescue, another old movie. This one has a really young Kevin Dillon and the geeky friend from Family Ties, etc. 4 Navy Seals are found in international waters but North Korea takes them and is planning on executing them. Their children find out the Navy has decided to not go through with the rescue mission, so they get their hands on the plan, and go rescue their Dads themselves. This is a really fun film, it was a fave as a kid, and I still love it. I highly recommend this one.

So tonight, we watched Russkies, which is a fantastic movie too. Very young Joaquin Phoenix (though he was in his Leaf stage), Peter Billingsley and others. A Russian soldier washed up on a Key West beach where 3 young boys find him. Initially they are going to turn him in, because the US and the Russians do not get along, at this point, apparently...I was 9 when this movie got out and seriously if you guys knew as kids who we were warring with, well good for you, I was in my daydreams! LOL. Anyway the kids end up liking Mishka, who is a gentle soul, and so they want to try and help him escape to Cuba. But now the parents are looking for their kids, and finally believing their initial telling, because the kids dad's that are US military contact the base, and Mishka's 2 jerky superiors show up, not dead after all, so Mishka and the three boys are running to and from everybody. It's kind of like a movie about tolerance. Your enemy is not necessarily your enemy, they could end up being your best friend. The friendship formed between these four is beautiful! If you have never experienced Russkies, which was HUGE also in my house, you should see if you can find it.

Now I kind of feel like seeing if I still like Iron Eagle, I own it, it was part of a 2 disc-movie set. I also feel like watching War Games and Space Camp and Project X...lots of my beloved favorites from my youth. Not TANK though, I always hated that movie but everyone else in the house liked it...yuck. Oooh and Real Genius, Flight of the Navigator, Explorers and D.A.R.Y.L.!! Good flicks!! I need to rent Last Starfighter too because we don't on it...any questions on any of these movies, just ask! They are GREAT! Labyrinth, Goonies, so many oldies but goodies!

I recorded the 3 hours of Project Runway that premiered tonight and have almost finished the All Stars challenge. I can't decide who I want to win, I need to see their stuff on the runway. Sanino has gotten MORE obnoxious and Uli has gotten mean! I want to grab Jeffrey and shave that ugly mustache off his face! LOL. And after I may watch some soaps or Gossip Girl's. I now have both seasons and am starting from Season 1. I am on the third episode, Poison Ivy. Love the GG, it is addicting!Shoooosh!!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vlog Emotions...yay...

I am sorry for the crappy quality, the video was not accepted by youtube or anywhere, it said errors, so I recorded my recording and tried again. Thus, the horrid quality. Sorry, but I did get it accomplished and posted, so I still say yay, and I give my self a pat on the back, I was all worried I'd cry on camera but I got eerily calm I think, and was a rock...I think.

MckLinky Blog Hop

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Giveaway Fix and...

Okay first off, I was about to send off my latest giveaway winners info to the Yoplait people, when a sentence from the email caught me eye. ONE Complimentary gift bag to TWO of your readers. To two must have confused me, or the two words together made my brain just process it was to, but I made a goof and I have a second winner to announce. So, to the SECOND Summer Cool Down pack's winner, lucky number 4, which is YAYA!! Congratulations Alicia and send me your mailing info so I can submit BOTH my winner's info!!

I am totally boring today so I will be leaving a tiny post and a music video. I took Mucinex today and all I have in my head is those gross green people partying in my body. Ew. Those commercials are gross. Today I have slept a lot, watched tv with the family, and showered. Yup, that is so exciting. And my feelings? They haven't changed any. I am not doing okay, and those of you who have gone through any sort of depression, know, that it just doesn't stick around for a few days and magically go away and you are all better again. I am in a dark place, but hope that I can show myself honestly, but still with humor and myself shining through anything I post. :)

This is a song by Max Morgan, I heard it on an ABC Family show and loved it. And it is definitely more upbeat than the last.

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Hannah? Meet Joe.

I want to thank all of you who read my poem, it means a lot to me. Today was good in the sense that I was kept distracted. I did errands, bought Hannah Montana the movie (don't you judge me!), rented Surveillance. HAD to venture into the scary abyss that is currently MY Walmart...35 days until our "new" Walmart is here. It was scary all over again, things were moved AGAIN!! I couldn't find the candy section for like 15 minutes! And near where the dog food is currently placed, is a section blocked off because there is a 50 foot long hole in the floors with dirt everywhere. And about 1/4 of the store is now hidden behind temporary sheetrock, so I am hating that, I want to know, what is behind there, what is going there?!! I am a Need to Know person. Whatever it is, I NEED to know! And I KNOW it is just an anomaly, because this never happens to me. I saw my old Mr. Salty handi snacks. They stopped making them the old way and changed the cheese to fiesta nacho, so I haven't had one since that started, more than a year ago. But as I wheeled through the cracker section, I saw 5 boxes of my dear old friends! I ate these every day, they were the one reliable food I ate that never made me there they were. So I KNOW it is just an anomaly, a mistake, but I bought these 5 boxes, I had to have them...okay I am going to stop hugging the box now...okay now.

After my errands I met up with my parents and Sandy at Burger King. I was happy to see my Mom. Guess what though? She was finally feeling better from the kidney stones and bronchitis, when she got the bronchitis BACK. She had to cancel work again and isn't going tommorrow either, she is too sick. The doctor gave her some special shots to help her breath because she really is having a hard time breathing. But she was going stir crazy, so we went to see G.I. Joe.

Okay I loved it. You must be a fan of action to love it, because it is chock FULL of fighting, bullets, explosions and all that good action stuff! It was nowhere near as good as Transformers, the other Hasbro toy turned into a movie, but it is a great movie nonetheless. Channing Tatum is great, he CAN do other things besides being eye candy or dancing! And I had no idea that Marlon Wayans was in the movie, but he is cute and hilarious as Ripchord! Okay I was never a G.I. Joe toy/cartoon fan, so I must have picked it up through osmosis from my male sibling, because I knew that there was a Scarlett and a Baroness!! What the crap?! How do I know that? I surprised myself. Osmosis I tell you...unless we took the girl dolls from the sibling, which is a possibility. The women kicked some serious...butt, so I was like yeah!! Girl power! Even though you are enemies...or are you? Mwahaha.

Anyway, Duke and Ripchord end up joining Project GI Joe, after saving some scary new military weapons, from the bad guys, which includes the Baronness, who is Duke's ex-fiance. Duke uses the fact that he knows her as Anna to get him and Rip into the project, at least for now. Project Joe has the best of the best from all countries on it's team. So you have Snake Eyes and Heavy Duty, etc, all on this elite team lead by Hawk (Dennis Quaid). But the baddies aka Cobra's, which includes Baronness, The Doctor and Storm Shadow among others, want it back at all costs so they invade Joes secret lair, and get their hands on these evil weapons. Which disintegrate everything it touches until you abort it. So say you want to take out Russia? This makes it doable. And once it starts, if you don't have the abort pack, it will not stop until it destroys everything. And the man who developed this weapon and sold it to the US government? Do not trust him, his idea of what is just is as crazy as The Doctor. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, truly a freak of nature as The Doctor.

So you are going back and forth, the Joes steal it from the Cobra's, they steal it back, until the Cobra's use one, and then set off the other 3. They kidnap Duke and take him to their secret lair, so it is up to the other G.I. Joes to save Duke, and save the world. As the movie progressed I KNEW how the movie was going to end, what I mean is, I knew what they were going to do to leave it open for a sequel. I KNEW that guy's whistling had to mean something...why keep hearing him do it, if it isn't important to the story, and man do they leave it open for sure. And I will go see it. Of course it is going to end in a way where the Joes have won, but have they really? The Cobra's (I believe this is thier name...anyone?) are very smart, they have genius technology (nano) on their side and something else. To know what major coo they hold in their pockets, you have to go see the movie, which I give 2 thumbs up to. I was entertained the whole time, which is the whole point of a movie! If you hate movies full of gunfights and sword fights and explosions, well I feel sorry for you, but then this movie is not for you. But if you basically love a good movie and a good time, get out to the theatres and see this on the big screen!

Now if only I can find something to occupy me for...a really long amount of time. I know I am down in the dumps bad again. I am going to dye my hair the dark red any day now, because I am not feeling like being bright and cheerful looking. But don't worry, it is still RED. I will not abandon my chosen self. RED is me. So I am in a sucky place, many of you understand either the place or at least what the place means to me or others. It is really hard needing to not think about things, because it makes you more depressed, but you can't escape your own brain. And you can't compartmentalize depresion, etc. If it were that easy, trust me, I'd have it in a neat box, tied about 30 trillion times with iron chains and such to lock it away. I like that thought, but having to reside in my head, I know it doesn't work this way. You have to wade through the bad times, sometimes you drown...hopefully I can be pulled back up and continue to wade until I reach at least a shallow end. If that made no sense, it is okay, I don't always understand what I say either. Doh!

And yes, it is a saddish BUT pretty song that is currently stuck in my brain, so share it with you. I swear I didn't mean to have it get stuck in my head right now, but I just found the song and fell in love with it and then all this new crap happened, so what can I say?

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Yoplait Whips Winner!!

Using a number generator, I picked out number 17, and that means the winner of the Summer Cool Down gift pack is Tina!!


Please e-mail me your full mailing info (name, address, etc) to:

*Winners please respond within 24 hours
or another winner will be chosen*

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why and How

Okay I admit it, I am not doing well still. I had a blessing, but I just feel wrong. (And I'd also like to give Lee an FYI. Mormons ARE Christians. I will so get you free pamphlets if you want) I think this whole thing kind of opened the floodgates to some other things I didn't realize were even on my mind. I am just trying to get through today, to keep myself otherwise occupied. But apparently my brain had some talking to do first, and I had to get it written down. So being a faster typer than writer, even with my two fingered typing (although I have noticed a third finger joining in...oh wait nope the thumbs hitting the space bar don't really count), I started to type the poem I felt forming in my head. I haven't felt a poem in a long while, you may have noticed the lack of it. And it may not even BE a poem, I don't really know what constitutes a poem, but I call it one regardless. A song stuck in my head is the melody I initially let the words flow to, then I played other songs and a snippet or a word from the song inspired the next paragraph, until I had a really long poem. I am sorry it is so long, but when I reread it out loud, as nonsensical as it might actualy be, I liked it. It felt right, it felt like the things that I was and am feeling.

Why And How

You don't know me well

But how can I expect you to?

When I don't know myself

How can I ask you to?

I thought you'd pick up my slack

But what gives me that right?

You never agreed to do both your work and mine

Why should that be asked of you?

I reached out my hand for yours

Why did I think ours would entwine there?

You have a life of your own to live

Why should my lack of one be your concern?

I sung out the beginning of a tune

Why did I think you'd know the rest?

My brain works in odd twists and turns

Why did I think you could understand me?

I fell on the ground and lost my way

Why did I think you could guide me home?

As Winter bursts around me and buries me in ice

Why did I assume you could offer me shelter?

As the darkness surrounds me and sings it has won

Why did I think you could make the fear run and hide?

As I doubt my worth and reasons for being here

Why did I think you could offer me answers?

As another day ends and I have done nothing worthy

How can I expect you to show me I have made you proud?

When everything is going so wrong and is a nightmare

How can I think you can turn things around to be better?

As days go by and my need for help never seems to abate

Why do I wish you would offer more than I give in return?

As happy couples dance by me and I sit alone once more

Why do I feel you should offer your shoulder to cry on?

As I lose myself more inside my mind and its’ angry sadness

How can I expect you to have the power to change me?

As I fool myself again and again into thinking I will be me again

Why do I feel such anger that you haven’t answered my prayers?

I am the only one stuck inside the havoc that is my brain

How can I think you can help me escape its’ grasp?

I can’t believe this is the life you set out for me to live

Why did I think you’d lend me a hand and set me free?

The writing has been there on the wall for the world to see

Why do I keep expecting you to wipe it clean and let me start again?

If I had known this was when the best of my life should have been…

How can I turn the clock back and recapture what has slipped through my fingers?

The tears fall down my face and I feel it is too late

Why does it feel like you have given up on me, like I am lost to you?

My soul has been torn apart like cheap pieces of paper

So why do I keep looking for you in the foggy forest of my thoughts?

I keep searching for the path that had that railing you made for me

But why can I no longer see it, no matter which way I look to?

If I am not alone and you are here with me, by my side

Why is the pain so bad and the darkness so near?

If I had known the course my life would take and objected

Would you have changed things to make me less scared to live it?

If I am not crazy, if I haven’t totally lost my mind

Why do people look at me so strangely, like I am a freak?

If other people share these same trials and tribulations as I

Why do they hide themselves from me, when I need to know I am not alone?

It seems like life shows me no mercy, though I know others have it worse

But why do I feel like my pain is the worst there has ever been?

You don’t know me well, but then neither do I, isn’t that sad

When will that change, will I ever know the real me?

I expect you to know me and what is inside my whole heart

Why do I expect you to be by my side and tell me I’m not lost?

Tell me I am not lost to you.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dejected and Rejected

Well, Girls Camp starts in the morning and my Aunt said today she was all set with help and really wasn't supposed to get help from people in another Stake anyway. I will never understand that crap, we are all Mormons, so if I want to help at a function of the church's, what is the problem? I don't know why, since it is so much hard work, but I was really looking forward to it, and it was like the only thing I have had to look forward to. So knowing I am not going for certain, made me have a crying meltdown. I feel like, heck I can't even volunteer my services at a church camp I love, they are being rejected. So I feel rejected, and very, scarily depressed. All of a sudden, I am questioning everything about myself.

I feel like I have no purpose, that I am nothing. And that is scaring me to death. Everyone is something, but not me, I do nothing really. I feel lost. And out of hope. There is nothing for me to look forward to, only an endless road of more of the same. Me being lost and empty and alone. This is all I am going to write tonight, if I dwell on how lost and scared I am feeling, I think I will start heaving again, I was crying so hard you could hear it throughout the house, and I don't want that, especially as it is late, so I'd be alone and crying. Even worse. Goodnight all.

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CD's, Chili's and Slammin' movies

Well things did not go exactly as planned today. I slept for 12 hours straight and still awoke feeling tired. This bug is yucky!! And you should hear me when I first wake up and I am trying to get my chest and throat clear, it is NOT a pretty sound. LOL! So by the time I was wondering where everyone was and what was going on, I found out both my Dad and Mom were taking naps, Sam was taking off to see her friend's BF do that fake wrestling stuff and Katie was off to bellydance at Cafe Lebanon. So it was just me and Max. Max who looks gorgeous by the way. He got his hair cut today so he is so soft and smooth and you can see the "eyeliner" near his eyes, which is why we say he has Egyptian eyes. Here click on these two pics and you can see his "eyeliner"!!

And here is a picture of his poor bandaged paw. He is so tired from the painhe was in and from the antibiotic, he is about as pitiful as me. I call him and my Dad the "Boo-boo Boys".

So it was just me and Max. And as sick as I feel, I have been cooped up for almost 4 days in this house, so I ran down the street to Target. I figured maybe while I was gone, Mom and Dad would wake up and we would GO to the movies like we were supposed to. So I picked up the Jessie James cd that I have been waiting to get, and HOLY crap, Target had it for $7!! Score! I love the 2 songs that have been out for awhile, Wanted and Blue Jeans. They rock! Plus I found a great blue soft cotton scarf on clearance, so I was a happy shopper.

I drive back home and the 'rents? STILL asleep. So still just me and the dog. Bored out of our gourds. Okay it was just me bored, Max was more than happy to have someone to snuggle against. Katie calls up, now Cafe Leb is all the way in West Springfield, Mass. We live in Southington, CT. So it is over an hour drive just to get there. And she arrives and there is already a bellydancer there. The owner double-booked, and did he even compensate her gas money? No. I think this guy is an idiot. I swear, Katie does not make much money with him, he is cheap and he pulls this kind of crap ALL the time. AND he pays poorly? I would stop working for him as often as she does. Half her pay goes to the gas money, and he is all, I pay you 100 bucks but my Mass. girls only get 85. Oooh, that is because his "Mass." girls live nearby, really close, and they know he is cheap which is why Kate is always up there, they only take his gig if they have nothing better offered! So she is on her way home.

Drugged up Dad shows himself around 7:45pm, he is totally surprised that he not only slept, but he slept for a long time. He was sorry we didn't go to the movies and when I asked about a late showing he was like "uhhhm no. Too tired". So I asked about dinner, I needed to get out of this house and he wanted Fajitas from Chili's. So we woke my Mom up at 8 and Kate got home and the four of us went for a late dinner. Ya know what? I really don't like Chili's any more. I used to LOVE the chicken crispers, but now they seem like so fatty fried, it is a little gross. Because I don't have anything there I like, I tried the 3 appetizers, with the crispers, 2 mini chicken sandwiches and the Southwestern eggrolls. But we got an appetizer of the Chili con Queso and just having a little of that, I could barely eat a mini chicken sandwich and one crisper, which IS as nasty as I remembered. What happened? It was my favorite meal for years until a few years ago!?!

Then Katie asked if I wanted to see a movie with her, she seemed to need out of the house, I figure she must be frustrated with all this crap. So we were trying to decide what to see. At the top of my list is The Perfect Getaway, but Kate is all Nooo I hate scary movies....but she loves Haunted mansions and mazes, etc. What the heck?! So she said if we went with both of our second choices, which was Bandslam, she would see Perfect Getaway with me next! Score! So we left for a 10:25 pm showing and as we got out of the neighborhood, we ran into Sam, and asked her to go. And she was "You're going to see Bandslam. You are GOING to see Bandslam? You're going to see Bandslam...okay". LOL. She said it was a teeny-bopper movie but it doesn't matter, they are her weakness too and she knows it!

And you know what? It isn't a teeny-bopper movie. It was really good! It is about learning who you really are and embracing that part of you that makes you different from other people. You need to accept the fact that you may be different from everyone else, but that is what could make a huge difference is someone else's life. The story is told from Will Sutton's point of view. He is the nerdy music-obsessed guy who moves to a new town, and expects this place to be just like home, where he had no friends and no one who understood him...and his penchant with writing letters to David Bowie...all the time. But before he knows it he has befriended Sa5m (the 5 is silent) and he starts hanging around Charlotte, who sees he is special and convinces him to be the manager for her new band. With his gift, he knows what they need to be good and starts going after the people they need, as shy and scared as he is. And he starts to fall in love. But him falling in love is being put to the test because of how dedicated he is to his band. As they head towards their goal, winning Bandslam and a record deal, Will's past returns to haunt him, and he experiences some major heartache and break. Is this new life with friends and maybe even a girlfriend meant for him? Or will he go back to old Will, alone and picked on every day? It is a movie worth seeing and has great music. Sure you know Vanessa Hudgens is in the movie, but so is Aly Michalka of Aly & AJ, a popular sister duet. The music is just stellar and I will definitely be buying this movie when it gets out. Lisa Kudrow is great as Will's way overprotective mom who is not used to her son HAVING friends so when he gets some, she is kind of jealous and a wreck! Go see it now!

So while I may still be that stuff stuck under your shoe, I had a good time today, even if all the good stuff happened late at night. That is my time of the day anyway! Have a great night all!

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