Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Lessons

I know I already posted these videos (I think) months ago, but I recently sent the links to a friend of mine and I rewatched them last night and they are still just so wonderful, and I think are perfect for a Sunday post.

The guys, The Skit Guys, aren't Mormon, but these 2 videos are just great. The second one is very meaningful to me, as I am in the Mourning Booth and the messages in it, just speak to me. ENJOY!

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Diner Disaster and Randomness

I used to love the Weaver chicken croquettes they sold in the freezer section. They were one of my favorite foods until they stopped making them. This happen a lot, they always stop making products I fall in love with. (Chicken Tonight, Weaver chicken roll, Colonial mild hot dogs, etc, etc.) Anyway, so when we decided to try out Anna's Diner, which was previously Milldale Diner, but is now under new ownership and management, and I saw it on the menu I was like, oooohhh. I asked the very bubbly waitress and she said she hadn't tried those yet but that they looked really good. So I ordered them. Wow. I will not make that mistake again. The weaver ones were some chickeny-stuffing mixture, very finely ground up. This was like some nasty stuffing that just had a weird texture and taste. I had my Mom take a bite to see if it was just me, but the face she made after a tiny bite...yeah not good. So I was really disappointed. As I had eaten barely any of it, I expected the waitress to offer to take it off the bill, but all she did was ask if I wanted to take it home, even after I told her I really didn't like it. None of us could be bothered to pick a fight though, so my Dad was like sure, he does give anything a shot. And I mean anything. Yuck.

So I ordered a grilled cheese and luckily it came with a pickle. At home I never eat grilled cheese with a pickle on the side, but for some insane reason, if I am out, it must come with a pickle. And not sweet pickles, I find those gross. So the sammy was good at least, and with a pickle. I got a slice of carrot cake to go and Mom got a slice of blueberry pie. Even if we give this place another shot, we will not be taking any bakery items to go. Mom said the pie was some of the worst blueberry pie she has ever had. And I ate 2 bites of the carrot cake before giving the rest to my sisters. They thought it was fine, but I worked at my friend Weezie's restaurant for almost 6 months. They made homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and I never liked carrot cake before, but it was SO good, I fell in love with it. So I KNOW, that carrot cake should taste like for the most part, and what the texture should be like. This cake was just...wrong.

My Dad stuck with a burger and liked it and his split pea soup, but one thing, he is the only one who will eat split pea, so no one ca say if he is delusional or not. And also it was a burger! It is not impossible, but it is hard to mess up a simple cheese burger. And fries. And Mom and Sam had breakfast, their only complaint was the potato home fries were full of onions, like unavoidably full. So that is why it will most likely be given another chance. *shudders* But I will not be making any brave choices from now on. I will stick with staples of diners. Grilled cheese or chicken fingers or breakfast...though I might claim to be allergic to onions so they HAVE to take them out, because onions gross me out unless they are in a ring and fried. And even then, I only like certain people's onion rings. Which are only one or two places actually. So see, really not an onion fan.

My Mom's birthday is Saturday and I got her presents. The major one, which I will just say is a movie, has not arrived yet. And I am pissed. I did expedited shipping, but Amazon can't track it for me because I bought it from a warehouse seller on the NEW page. But still I had to shell out 6 bucks for the expedited, so I figured, it being a DVD, it would be here no later than Wednesday. Now it is officially Friday and I have no idea if I will get it in time, which really makes me mad! It was $2.98 if I didn't care when it arrived! So far the only thing she knows she wants is she wants a jello poke cake for her birthday cake. With strawberry or raspberry jello. We didn't even get a birthday list until 5 days ago. She was really bad this year, and IS the hardest to shop for. Especially since Christmas was 2 months ago and she basically doesn't "need" anything. Ughh! Sam says she got a list and it is taken care of, but I want to know so I can make sure she is being properly spoiled! I know Sam knows what she wants to get her, but I have no clue if Katie has even thought of it. And she is driving up to Rhode Island for a dance gig tonight, and then going out on a date. He is 46 by the way. I find this a little skeevy, because Kate is only 29. To me that is a huge difference. He better behave. Ugh, it is hard being the big sister!

Well, I have a lot of horror movies to watch tonight. The freebies I get when I rent new releases from Blockbuster. Flight of the Living Dead, Boogeyman 3, Dead Silence and Urban Legends: Bloody Mary. I shall go now to watch at least 2 tonight. Hopefully at least one will be decent! LOL!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Topics...I am sucking at Titles I KNOW

Okay a few un-movie related Did I tell you I have to bring my brand new glasses back? My Dad said not to drive home wearing them, not the best way to get used to them. And honestly I didn't notice in the store because it is hard to remember what glasses feel like when you get a stronger prescription. So I get home and I put them on to show my Mom and get used to them, and I noticed how blurry it seemed. Mom and Sam were concerned, but also know maybe it was the way until you get used to them. But as I sat in front of the blurry TV, I started trying to remember. And I began to think, when you get new glasses things feel overly clear, so much that your eyes are like teary because your eyes aren't used to the stronger feeling. I swear I think that it how it is supposed to be, NOT blurry. And then I looked down at the vcr, I noticed I saw the time blurry...and twice. One time above the other. I had freaking double vision too!! So I have to go back on Friday to have them check the prescription and see if the lenses are not aligned properly. If they are fine, I then have to make a NEW appointment and have my eyes test AGAIN. OY VEY!

I can't even remember WHAT I have mentioned so if this is a repeat, sorry! Sunday is baby Zoey's baby blessing, so we are going to Weezie and Zak's ward. My Dad was asked to be part of the blessing circle which made me like AWWWW! I love it! Hopefully I will get to hold the Zoester and baby Gretchy, Zoey's cousin, too!! Gretchy is such a happy, jolly baby. She lifts my mood, it is incredible! She just smiles and giggles so much and that just lifts my heart so much! Love that little girl!

Went bad OCD last night. I took a project on that I thought would be fun and make my love of organizing happy. But by the time I was done with #'s and the letter A, it was not fun anymore, and I just wanted it to be finished so I worked on it from around 11pm to after 7am. Yeah I was miserable. I don't understand why my OCD is being so bad right now, or what is causing it. No idea if is related to my current BAD depression or my Bipolar. It is just yuck. Simple word for how it is feeling. Yucky.

Okay now, I know what you will be thinking. Wendy is going to talk about movies AGAIN?! But seriously folks, if you live in the Northeast you know we have been on Winter Storm Warning all week, until Friday. So we are getting snow, then rain, then ice, etc. So there isn't all that much to talk about. Or do. And you know I am movie obsessed and so, you shouldn't be all that surprised.

I watched 2 movies last night that I had never seen before. The Box and Everybody's Fine. I watched The Box first. Stars Cameron Diaz and James Marsden. Wow. was definitely...interesting. But that is all I can say that is positive about it. It leaves you totally confused. It raised so many questions and then never answered them, which is really a stupid thing to do. Why make people need to know what is going on, but never tell them. It isn't a cool concept, it leaves you kind of pissed that you wasted 2 hours, thinking you would get answers and you just don't. And the ending is miserable! And seriously, if the husband didn't press it, why is he the one who is really punished. Because Cameron isn't gonna be punished...well you know what I mean if you saw it. It is James that will pay until he is dead. They could have done so much with it too, you have all these interesting concepts, but they don't follow through. There IS no follow through! So this is not a movie I would recommend even seeing one time.

Everybody is Fine stars Robert Dinero, Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsdale and Sam Rockwell. Dinero is their Dad and he is expecting all 4 of his kids home for a visit. They each leave messages cancelling, one sister cancels for another brother. So Dinero decides to go visit them all, even though he is sick, some condition and his doctor tells him not to. But he goes anyway, and you see him pack 4 letters, one for each of his kids. So he goes to see David first, the one he is hardest on, but he never shows up so he leaves David's letter under his door and moves on to one of his daughters. You hear conversations between 3 of the siblings regarding their other sibling David. How they can't tell Dad anything until they know more, etc. So they are keeping secrets from their Dad. Apparently it was always their Mom they told stuff to and she only told the Dad what he wanted to hear, so now that she is gone, they tell him "everyone is fine". But man, okay they are searching for David and what trouble he has gotten into, but they all treat the Dad like crap and lie to him and tell them they have to go out of town so he can't stay. I know it is because they are trying to find David, because as you go further in, they think David is in jail in Mexico and then maybe it is because he got caught with drugs, but to make the Dad feel so unwelcome, and the Dad overhears some of these lies so he knows his kids are lying to him. Finally after visiting and getting the same treatment from all his other kids, the Dad flies home and on the plane has a heart attack. While he is either in his heart attack or while he is sleeping he has a dream and he confronts his children as their child selves and reveals secrets they were keeping them that I didn't even realize. And then he learns what they have to tell him about David. I found this movie pretty much depressing, but also kind of well done at the same time. The VERY end, like the last 4 minutes I liked, so it was an okay movie to see maybe one time, but it WAS sad. Not something I would say go and BUY, because I can't see watching it over and over like a great action or comedy or romance. But a rental isn't out of the question.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shutter Island

Today I saw Shutter Island and I have to say, it is not what I expected AT ALL! I was a bit worried, I would be bored. One magazine said it dragged in the middle and as I am not a Leo fan or a Martin Scorcese fan, I went in thinking it could go either way. As in I hate it or I love it. I was thinking I would probably be the oddball out on this one and not really like it. Everyone loved District 9, and I hated it, it was just too depressing and the comparisons between it and real life were also just too true and too depressing. So most people think I am an oddball for loathing that movie.

I have to say though, that Shutter Island was nothing like I thought it would be. It was engrossing, I have to tell you I was not bored for a second. People went into this movie thinking it would be about different things. I was surprised by that. I was sure the people were evil and wanted to take a sane man and keep him there. That is what I got from the trailers. My friend Sister H and my Mom thought there were going to be ghosts and stuff involved, that was what they felt was hinted in the commercials. And while all of us had pieces of it sort of right, we were all wrong too. And that is kid of what makes it such an interesting movie.

You never seem to know what is real and what is not. This movie keeps you guessing, and just when you think you have it all figured out, something else even slightly changes and you change your mind all over again and think you know what is going on again. Only you don't. Unless you read the novel I suppose, but I am glad I didn't because I was totally not expecting the ending, which is always a nice thing, to be totally surprised. And while I may not love the ending, I also got it, as in understood why it had to happen like that...after having to be assured of something first. I wasn't quite sure of something at the end, I was confused...I thought this, but I then thought this other thing and after discussing it with my Mom and Sister H I was like okay then it was that. Hehe, confusing you, aren't I?!! LOL. But after looking it up, they deliberately mislead you, in both the movie and the book. You are supposed to go, oh this is what is happening...or wait, is it? Hmm, I think it was deliberate. And I do. Those of you who have seen it, I totally think Laedis was faking.

So I knew leaving the theater that is was a very interesting movie, but was unsure how I felt about it. But I think I will keep it as I was fascinated by it. I want to see it again, this time with the knowledge I now have. Kind of like after seeing Sixth Sense, you had to watch it again to go, OHHHH I see why I thought Bruce was alive, etc. Now that you are part of the secret, you want to go back over it again and see how you were "fooled" or whatever you want to call it. It was definitely a good movie. I need to see it again to see how I missed things, to see if there were hints I just didn't realize they were giving the audience, etc.

I would definitely recommend this movie. I was never bored, I just became more engrossed and curious as to where I was being led. This movie keeps you guessing and I like to think I can see things coming, but even when I thought, maybe...., I was still nowhere near to having it figured out exactly as it is. I applaud you Martin S, I like a film of yours. And Leo and Mark were fantastic. And Dennis Lehane whose novel it seems must be closely based on it, awesome job dude! When I start reading again, I just might have to check out other works you may have done! Bravo!

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MOVIES!!! So Good!!

Okay I admit I said I would be all back to normal by tonight, but I was wrong. But for different reasons. I can't read blogs tonight because I pinky-sweared (what? gotta problem with pink swears?!) I would be off in 30 minutes. I am going to an early showing of Shutter Island tomorrow with Sister H, and my Mom is going to leave work early to join us!! I love it, two of my favorite people all to myself, AND a movie! LOL! So I only have enough time to write a post...about MOVIES! :p

I saw two awesome movies in the last few days!

I saw Valentines Day, which was awesome! I don't listen to critics, who I was SHOCKED to learn gave it an F in Entertainment Weekly, because I LOVED this movie! I left is SUCH a good mood, I was almost giddy! I got in the car, turned up Party in the USA and sang along! It is so funny and romantic and just SWEET! Not too sugary sweet, the perfect sweetness. I was worried that such a large diverse cast, you would get lost in who is who and what their story is, etc. But I didn't feel that way at all, this ensemble really worked. I was invested in all the character's and who they ended up with. I admit the "Taylor's" were a tad annoying, but that was their characters, kinda annoying. Like sugary sweetness you wanna bash in the face. LOL. But the movie just had a great rhythm to it, and you never lost interest in what was going to happen next. Because even if one character's life seemed settled, it might not be I warn you, then there were the friends of that character, who were still screwed up. Jessica Biel's meltdowns were highly entertaining and I could "feel" her you know? Hilarious. You end up caring so much about so many of these characters in such a short amount of time, and you DO feel you know their characters regardless of the fact that we are talking about over 20 characters!! For me, this movie just made me happy. I felt good leaving the theater and I think that is a most excellent way to feel upon finishing a flick.

The other movie I saw was Percy Jackson & the Olympian: The Lightning Thief, which I adored!! Okay it is true, I am a Greek/Roman mythology lover, so the fact that this all centers around the Gods and satyrs and minotaurs, etc., makes me very happy even before the story begins. Yes I did watch the Hercules show and the Xena show. I adore the mythology. My mom was amused when I corrected something in the movie they either didn't correct or didn't correct immediately. When Persephone was complaining about being stuck in Hell with her husband Hades, I was like "uhm NO. She is only there 1/3 of the year, then she gets to go to Earth and be with her mom Demeter!!", my Mom started laughing. What can I say? Get it right! LOL. Persephone's Pearls my butt!!

Anyway, I loved the movie itself. I was engaged the entire time. I thought Logan Lerman owned his role of Percy Jackson. And his best friend/protector Grover, Brandon T. Jackson, is HILARIOUS!! He has all the best lines! Just wait for his line to the Ferryman when he, Percy and Annabeth are trying to get a ride to see Hades. Best line in the movie! LOL! This movie BETTER make the sequels because there are at least 4 or 5 more books, so I am hoping, because I loved it. It had action, comedy, adventure, romance, etc. And a stellar cast, from Sean Bean as Zeus to Joe Pantiliano as yucky Gabe Ugliano, to Steve Koogan as Hades with a Metallica twist! You are just surrounded in fantasy and mythology. With bigger than life things like Medusa and Hydra's drawing you into their world. And you want to take the journey and see what will be around the next corner. And of course solve the mystery of who actually STOLE Zeus's lightning bolt. Because Percy is the accused thief, and we know it isn't him, he has no idea the Gods are even real until he is confronted, let alone that he himself is a demi-god! So he is given 10 days I believe, to bring the bolt back to Zeus or all the Gods will go to war and of course, Earth will be in trouble with the Gods at war with each other. Because let's face it, if you ever read any of the mythology, the Gods LOVE to fight with each other. So I have no idea what the critics said about this movie, but I adored it!

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Flashback Movies 6

More trailers for you to chew on as you ponder, am I really this old? KIDDING! These are to flash you back to some of the unique movies you may have also enjoyed years ago. Or to make you WANT to go rent these movies!

Overboard (Goldie and Kurt together, really fun and cruel at the same time)

License to Drive (the Corey's team up again!)

Mannequin (Yes I loved this, we rented it so many times on tape they should have given it to us!)

Masters of the Universe (Shoosh okay. We liked this. Has the Dulph as He-Man and also stars a young Courtney Cox-Arquette)

Silver Bullet (VERY young Corey Haim movie, based on Stephen King's novel. Really fun)

Sneakers (great movie, I HIGHLY recommend it!! Robert Redford, Sidney Poitier, River Phoenix, Dan Akroyd and David Strathairn rock this movie!!)

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

I am BACK!

The hard drive finally arrived on Wednesday and my wonderful Dad has been working on it for me, adding the programs to make it work. He finished uploading my latest back up to my external hard drive last night. So then, though, it was MY turn. I had like 16 programs I needed to find online and add. From Itunes to Limewire to Picasa to all sorts of stuff. And then you have to go INTO those programs to see if things have been screwed up. Like Itunes was. Luckily I thought it might be so I didn't plug my Ipod in, until later. It was missing some music and had the Glee music totally screwed up, plus it had multiples of songs all over the place.

So I didn't mean to, but I would up going major Obsessive Compulsive and worked on restoring my laptop from around midnight until 8:15am the next morning. I hadn't eaten, or even peed in all this time, I was in a zone. Foolish, foolish Wendy. Sure I like that things are basically done but it was not good for me. I spent hours trying to fix my mistake in using Flickr. I saved all these great desktop wallpapers to Flickr and did NOT know it would save them as small images!! Where would people suggest I go to save pictures in their original sizes, for FREE??! Please help if you know. I spent hours looking for these wallpapers and found a lot of them, but ones that just had numbers for names like, 800124067834-7485-o3....yeah I never found ones like that. But did I try...for a long time? YES. Ugh, stupid!

So I didn't post Thursday because it was a BAD day, so bad I couldn't get rid of the hard feeling in my chest and had to distract myself in some way so I went out in the middle of the night to Walgreens which is open 24/7 and just shopped around. And now you know why I didn't post last night. And tonight's post is basically a post to explain what has been going on and why I haven't posted or read anything in a few days.

I just need to make sure everything is back to normal in all the programs and stuff. Back things up again so I don't lose anything, which if you guys have external hard drives, you know it can take a long time and can make it take a longer time to get the internet to work properly. So that is what I am going to be up to after I post this. So bear with me guys, things are finally looking up and hopefully by Monday, I will be up and running as if my hard drive had never failed! So talk to you soon!

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tuesdays Scares

post signatureYou all know how much I adore snow. Everything about it. When it started snowing early Tuesday, I was ecstatic! Around sunrise I opened the sliding door and just breathed in the scent and the chill curled around me, giving me goosebumps. I tried to catch a snowflake or two by leaning out the door, but I only had socks on so I could only lean so far. I even took some pictures of it snowing...I have no laptop myself still (The HARD drive is NOT HERE YET!!) so I can't upload them. I fell asleep on the couch and when I woke, it was still snowing and hard, I was smiling as I headed to my room.

When I awoke later it was STILL snowing. This was a shocker. During our "huge" storm we only got 5 inches maybe. Out of the supposed 12 to 16!! This was to be 1 to 3 inches and it was at least 5 inches already. I have however found the one thing I can put on the negative side of snow. Driving in the snow. We were going as a family to see Percy Jackson at 7:10 and I was worried. I also had planned on going to Blockbuster before we left to rent movies. Boring TV and all. So I called my Dad and he said we would still go see the movie. He said if I went out, as he was on the highway for over an hour now due to traffic and did not know how the side roads were, he would rather I take one of the Corolla's as they were best in the snow. And that is my Mom got home with one first, ask her how the roads were. So she got home shortly after, and said they roads were 'not too bad". So I was stoked, my OCD liked that things could go according to plan.

It wasn't even that cold out even though it was snowing, a sweater and my Tink jacket with a hat and scarf were perfect. So I set out to Blockbuster, which is normally 5 minutes away. As soon as I backed out of the driveway I could tell our neighborhood's roads were bad. I was sliding a little everywhere, but I figured West Street and those roads would be well plowed and salted, etc. I even got don the hill to West Street fine. The street wasn't so good though so I began to feel nervous and slowed down even more. I made sure to give even more extra space between cars and stop WAY before red lights. It was nerve-racking but I was like, get the movies, go home and Dad drives us to see the movie.

As I turned onto West Main Street, that was when I knew I was in trouble. I took my normal way I go to Blovkbuster, not bothering to THINK that it is a hill. So as I try and go up the small incline I am weaving to make it up, and the incline is very small here. It is the going down part that is the real HILL. At the top I suddenly lost control, and the car slid sideways, I was braking and hit a snow bank and was praying the car would stop as I got closer to a big oak tree. I was terrified of another head on collision. The snow stopped me and I could tell I didn't do any damage so I was scared, a LOT, but I kept going. I slowed even more so, worried the cars behind me, a truck, were pissed. But I was scared. I was almost down the hill, going maybe 10 mph, when the car slid sideways again toward a curb and cement bridge. I slid into it. I didn't move. The truck behind me went around me, didn't even stop. I was so shook up, the fear from the accident was like BACK full force. I pulled away, and heard some crunching but I was so close to Blockbuster, I needed to get there and out of this car. So I finally made it, feeling like I was going to throw up. I was shaking as I checked the car out, which seemed fine, so the crunching must have been snow and ice. I went inside to get the videos I went out in the snow for, I was so regretting having gone out. I could have waited, the snow was so hard still, it was over 7 inches by this point.

I went in and knew what I was going to do. I was like, I am going to be as slow as possible because I am terrified to drive home. No, it felt like it would be unfair to ask someone, who was at home snowblowing or shoveling, to come and GET me. So I took about an hour in the store, but still felt terrified. And then it was like 20 minutes until the movie so I called home. I got my Mom and told her they should go without me because I would not make it even to meet them and then I told her why I was taking so long. She told me Dad had already vetoes trying to go across town to see the movie and that I should have called if I was scared. She said to get in the checkout line and she'd call me back when someone was ready to get me. Katie called 3 minutes later and asked where I was and said she'd see me soon. I went out to the car and sat. I knew, if they were being safe, it would take awhile, but I was getting more and more anxious as time went by. My heart was bothering me BIG time, I just felt ill. The snow kept falling heavy. The other corolla finally got there and it was Katie and Mom and Dad. My Dad got in with me and drove with me to Bertucci's, so we could all (Sam stayed home) have dinner. The 4 of us had all had bad days, my Dad said, so we needed some good food, and Bertucci's is on one of the way home. So we sat and ate. I cried a little on my Mom's shoulder. Dad reminded me of his snow rules and added the one I wish I had thought of, when it snows take the wussiest way to get where you are going.

So I am still shook up and determined NOT to drive in the snow again! It was really difficult to realize I had a Sear's Optical appt. the next day, I was going to cancel it if my Dad said the driving was iffy. Luckily the roads were beautiful today for the most part or I would have gone hermit and stayed in. I am still so afraid to drive and Tuesday just reinforced those scared feelings. Yuck.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fiber One 90 Calorie Chewy Bar Giveaway!!

Thanks to BLOGSPARK, I got to try Fiber One's 90 Calorie Chocolate flavored Chewy Bars! There are two flavors, chocolate and chocolate peanut butter. I was sent the chocolate.

"Each Deliciously chewy snack bar contains 5 grams of Fiber. That's 20% of the Daily Value of fiber in one bar".

"Rich chocolate taste doesn't have to come with a price. Reward yourself with our new Fiber One Chocolate Bar. It's 90 Calories, rich in fiber and delicious. Treat yourself today...and tomorrow."
I really like the cocoa flavor associated with this bar, but I have to say if you are going to LOVE this bar, you had better be a fan of rice cakes, because that is a really strong flavor in the bar. It isn't a bad one by any means, but I know my sister would enjoy these bars way more than I do because she eats rice cakes all the time. I like the cocoa flavoring though and the chocolate drizzle on top kicks it another chocolate kick.

I get to giveaway this cool Fiber One 90 Calorie Chewy Bar Prize Pak!

You get a Pedometer, a Food Journal, a slap bracelet, a pack of Fiber One Chewy Bars and a Sports Bottle!!

*Open to USA Only sorry!*

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Giveaway ends Sunday, February 21st, 2010!
*Disclaimer: I recieved the product, information, prize pack and giveaway from Fiber One through My Blogspark.
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Movie Viewing

Ahhh the movie re-watching continues. I watched Timeline last night, ah that gorgeous Gerard Butler AND Paul Walker. All those lovely accents had me talking (well trying) with a brogue. Tonight we watched Surrogates for the first time. I was really worried it would be twisted like Gamer was, and just have a bunch of nasty gross scenes, but luckily it really didn't. I liked it, and I LOVED how it ended. That left me with that satisfied feeling, a good movie should leave you with.

I SO prefered Bruce Willis as himself. That blond wig was just...wrong. I like Brucey basicall bald now. It suits him. There was one thing that, as insane as it sounds, that irked me. These people would SO have had atrophied muscles if they had really spent years laying in these chairs letting a fake version of themselves live life for them. But they were all fine, oh look at me I am walking just fine! At least they had Bruce all anxiety-filled as he was near other people for the first time in he has no idea how long. That just irked me. I was in the hospital 4 days and they had those freaking feet air pumps waking me up every other second, so how did these people who rarely went offline not have their muscles shrivel up?! LOL. Yeah I notice the SMALL details, what can I say?!

Luckily today I have my ABC soaps, but I might save the 2 CW shows for a different night this week. I borrowed some movies from Sandy that I haven't seen in awhile or EVER. I have yet to see The Notebook, I know, I know! People find that hard to believe. I also haven't seen Cassanova with the late but great Heath Ledger. The other ones I borrowed are Abandon (Katie Holmes), Mod Squad (Claire Danes), Someone Like You (Ashley Judd) and Cursed (Christina Ricci). So I have 6 to choose from tonight. I think I will watch Abandon, I remember that one having a neat twist and I do love a twist. That is why I adore M.Night Shyamalan. Thought The Happening was a HUGE disappointment! I love Sixth Sense and Signs and yes, Unbreakable and The Village. I also love Lady in the Water, I don't care what anyone else says, that movie ws magic. I wish my father had created that kind of a bed time story for me. Lucky little Syamalans!!

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Monday, February 15, 2010


Okay, so the Winter Olympics are now here. Oh joy. NOT. More like, bollocks, as the English say! Not only is that all that will be ON NBC for the next who knows how many weeks, but all the other stations are actually afraid to compete with the Olympics, so they are airing re-runs until like April!! Okay I admit, during the SUMMER Olympics, I watch gymnastics, that is one amazing sport, but nothing else even during the Summer Olympics. And that one has basketball and sports the normal person really watches. This is the WINTER Olympics...I find nothing of interest. I live on the East coast and I don't even ski or skate or...luge. So why in the heck would I want to watch it? The Summer Oympics are also on IN the summer, when most channels are on hiatus, so the only new shows on are reality TV. But this is the middle of February!! We expect to be able to watch our regular programming, not have it totally pre-empted for luging or re-runs.

I mean seriously. Who would rather watch people skiing than a new episode of The Mentalist?! No one, unless maybe a guy. But half the population is female, so COME ON!! We just got most shows BACK, after a lonnnnng boring Christmas hiatus. So them taking them all away again is just plain MEAN. Okay I admit it, I do have a FEW that I can cling onto. And I will share the few with you in case you are desparate for some real TV. Survivor just returned and is already fantastic!! Previous players engage in a Heroes vs. Villains showdown. I LOVE half the people on the Heroes team, Rupert and Stephenie and JT. And Russell on the Villains, well he IS despicable, but he SO deserved to win the million and lost! To THAT chick, who road his coattails, the Jury screwed that one up royally. Seriously though, people, in the first episode, Rupert got his toe broken in 2 places, and Stephenie had her shoulder dislocated. I was really surprised Jeff didn't warn them after Stephenie was hurt, because they wrenched her arm on purpose, and the Medics had to pop it back in. Steph is such a trooper. And I was REALLY surprised, and am still waiting for Jeff to say that it is NOT allowed, when Sandra unsnapped Sugar's bra and wouldn't let it go, so to win Sugar had to shake it off and run naked to the winner's mat. You should NOT be allowed to unhook a woman's bra/bikini top, period. I don't think you are allowed to pull the guys shorts down so I am shocked Jeff didn't have a talk about exposing people on national TV.

There is also still new episodes of One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected (which has really turned out to be a cute show, though I am ticked that we only get a 13 episode season, they charge just as much for a half season on DVD as for a whole season!), Make It or Break It on ABC Family, The Forgotten, Smallville and last but NOT LEAST, LOST! It is so good so far!! I am already like what is wrong with Sayid? How on earth did he FAIL being tortured?! And I am SO excited for Claire's return! She disappeared like forever ago! And she was with Jacob, so why wasn't she with him when fake-Locke had Ben kill him? That is still a doozy, Locke is reall dead. I can only hold out hope, that before the Series Finale, the Island will bring back John Locke to life. He has always been the biggest believer in the Island, so the dude seriously deserves to be alive. Ben should die, he killed his "leader" and then killed Jacob, THE leader...I wonder who/what Jacob really was exactly? Is there supposed to be some comparison to christianity? Like Jacob, the man in white, is like Jesus and the man in black, now inhabiting John's body, is Lucifer? And why did he knock out Richard and then kinda steal him? I am so excited for answers but so sad too. It is weird to think next year, there will be no more Kate and Sawyer and Jack fighting. No Hurley going "Dude!" should go search for that on Youtube, there is a video that counts how many times Hurley has said Dude on the first 4 seasons. So funny!

I am really hoping there is going to be some Claire and Jack bonding. They are siblings and never knew it, so they never got close really on their time on the island together. I want to see them bond, I just do. Seeing Charlie made me miss his character so much all over again. He died so bravely. I can picture in my mind him slapping his hand against the window with "Not Penny's boat" written on his hand, AS he drowned. And that whole Desmond/Penny plotline has had me confused for awhile. Why didn't he HAVE to go back to the island like the Oceanic 6? He got off the same way they did. And why on Earth would Sun leave their baby behind if she thought she could be reunited with Jin?!! Now maybe neither will ever see the child, and her horrid father could get custody and ruin their baby's life!! Ugh! It is also difficult to hear that the writers will only be answering what they think the characters need to have answered! So they make US insanely curious about something and if it doesn't directly affect a character, we will NEVER get to know the answer?!! THAT BLOWS!

So I will probably be watching a lot of my movies until regular TV returns, which for most shows, seems to be around April 1st. A few are returning in March, but is is only just turning mid-February! Tonight we watched Flight of the Phoenix with Dennis Quaid and Giovanni Ribisi. I think it is a fantastic movie. You should rent it if you never saw it. A cargo plain crashing in the middle of the dessert somewhere between Mongolia and China with no help in sight. So they decide to build a plane from their plane, with the directions of a very eccentric man. And the dessert is no place to be building anything, when you are running out of water...and men. This is a really good flick, Ribisi is the eccentric man, and I tell you, Sam agrees with me too, Ribisi's character reminds you of a Nazi. If you have seen it, you know what I mean. And if you haven't and do rent it, think about it as he acts, like a tiny Nazi soldier. He picks such odd roles to play! He likes to be the psycho or the weird guy. Seen Basic? Another awesome movie, this one with Travolta and Sam Jackson. He is a freak in that too, and in GI Joe! And in Avatar, he is THE guy to hate...well one of them. But it is definitely movie time, so pull out your collections and settle n, because besides those few shows, TV is crap right now. Just since Friday, I have seen this movie, The Breed, Journey to the Center of the Earth, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Yes Man and many Supernatural Season 4 episodes on dvd.

The Winter Olympics irk me. They irk me but good.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day All!

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All That HYPE

All that HYPE for Wolfman had me so excited to see it. But I gotta tell you, I was not impressed. It was very bloody, okay, I am used to that, hello horror lover. And Benicio actually SOUNDED normal. He was sporting an American accent, but he sounded normal, he usually has this breathy, wispy, thing going on, so brava to your voice Benicio. And there ARE good parts in the movie. Man, the scene where he turns inside the sanitarium...I wanted more people DEAD. They deserved it, sitting there in judgement of him, all smirky and haughty, thinking they were so much better than him. I AM blood thirsty I tell you, I wanted the majority of them DEAD.

*Major spoilers ahead*

And I was a little confused. The gypsy said love could save him. I swear she DID! Was that a lie? Or was Emily Blunt being the one to kill him supposed to be love savng him? My Mom, Katie and I thought it would have been SO much better, if the ending had been different. We thought if Emily shot him, loving him even as the beast, then that could separate the man from the beast and the man could live and the beast would die. SO much better than what really happens. And okay Tony Hopkins was EVIL. My Mom was like that was obvious from the trailers, but not to me. And not to the extent he is. Murdering his first son on purpose and for the reasons he does so. Turning his other son and then letting him loose on the first full moon, so the murders will ALL be blamed on his son and not HIM. And then stickinh him back in an asylum where torture was their way of helping people!! And Emily Blunt, I thought her part was supposed to be so much MORE than what it was. She kept leaving and then returning. And for someone who just had her fiance mauled to death, she wasn't that sad looking. I'm just saying.

*Spoilers Ending*

I would also have been happy if the whole theory that if you kill the one who "made" you, then the curse would leave you, had been true. It wasn't though. So I was like, okay there were moments parts of the movie that were good. But I was left dissatisfied. And I looked up the original movie, not really alike at ALL, so why not give it a better ending??

Don't you all agree this movie was REALLY built up, making it seem like it was going to be AMAZING?! And I was was like, what a fizzle. Blah. May not even rent it from Redbox...that is $1.06 people!!

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh Denzel, I DO Love You

I got to see The Book of Eli this past weekend. It was really good. Although it is how it ends, what is revealed that you had no clue about, that sealed the deal for me that I liked this movie...a whole lot. I knew as long as Denzel was a good guy, I would most likely love it. But if he is the bad guy, I hate those. Avoid them. Never seen Training Day thank you. But I was pretty confident he was the good guy. What he does to keep this sacred book that can save mankind, safe, after an apocalypse, is AMAZING. How he came about the book is amazing. His skills at protecting the book? You guessed it, amazing! Gary Oldman was brilliant as the bad guy (though there are is after an apocalypse after all, people get desperate and really evil), as he is almost always brilliant in whatever role he takes. Man, that guy is versatile. And how things finish in the movie with him, oh the writers made me quite smirky with glee. Mila Kunis was quite likable as someone that Denzel eventually lets walk his journey with him. She ends up being a help to him also and I applaud her acting in this movie. I liked her character Solara.

I do indeed love Denzel. He is just, an amazing actor, and I love like every movie he is long as he is not the bad guy. So to show my love of Denzel, I am going to share with you some of my favorite movies. I think I will track down the trailers if I can. If there is a movie/trailer you have never seen, and you also like Denzel, watch the trailer and then rent the movie, or buy it, even better! Give a girl who is working HARD on this a chance, and actually watch the unfamiliar ones, will you? I don't know about you guys, but when someone puts in a lot of effort and even writes their own version of a synopsis and no one bothers to read it? You just stabbed me in the heart! *sob* I give you 5 of my favorites...though obviously there ARE more! And guess what?! They are doing a sequel to Inside Man!!! With Denzel naturally! I love that movie too!

1) Fallen - my Denzel (LOL) is a homicide copnamed Hobbes, who witnesses the execution of serial killer Edgar Reese. But then strangers on the street start singing the same tune that Reese sang in the gas chamber before he died. Those same people taunt him, and seem to know him. After finding the name Azazel in a dead cops home, he contacts someone in the supernatural field and is told that maybe the cursed fallen angel Azazel is behind the new rash of murders that seem like Reese's work. Azazel is cursed to roam the Earth without a form, and he can switch bodies by any contact, making him hard to track. He can be in Hobbes son one second then a woman walking past him who brushes against the son. When Hobbes is forced to kill a man possessed by Azazel, he must clear his name while protecting his family and others from Azazel. Denzel thinks he has found a way to stop Azazel and lures him to a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

2) The Bone Collector - my Denzel is an ex-forensics expert Lincoln Rhymes, who in now a paraplegic. He is done with cases until a serial killer chooses him to figure out his identity. Rhyme's teams up to solve the string of murders all connected to the serial killer by his signature: a single shard of bone is removed from each of the victims. Rhyme is bed-ridden, but communicates with Amelia, played by Angelina Jolie, who was the cop who saved the evidence from a crime scene about to be contaminated. So she is drawn in by Rhyme's who wants her working the case, as he trusts her instincts. Via phone she examines the various crime scenes and collects evidence and reports back to Rhymes. She is Rhyme's eyes and ears while she collects the evidence and with him talking her through it, they get closer to the identity of the killer. They become close as they work together sifting through the evidence together.

3) John Q - my Denzel, is John Quincy Archibald. His son Michael collapses while playing baseball as a result of heart failure. John rushes Michael to a hospital emergency room where he is informed that Michael's only hope is a transplant. Unfortunately, John's insurance won't cover his son's transplant. He tries to raise the money but the amount is too much. When the doctors plan on releasing Michael this is when things turn for the worse. Out of options, John takes the emergency room staff and patients hostage until the hospital doctors agree to do the transplant. He is really a good guy here people, you will see. He is being screwed by the hospital administrators and the insurance companies who changed his policy without informing HIM. Michael will die unless someone helps him. John will do anything for his son, even if it means giving up his own life.

4) Out of Time - My Denzel is Matt Whitlock, the police chief of Banyan Key a small town near Florida. He is separated from his wife, Alex, a police detective based in Florida. Matt's been having an affair with Ann, a woman who's separated from her husband Chris and who says that she has cancer. Ann plans on rewarding Matt's loyalty to her with a handsome payout from her life insurance, but needs money now to pay for the treatment. So Matt gives her the nearly half a million dollars that he seized from some drug dealers. When she turns up dead and without the money, evidence points to Matt. He tries to figure out what's going on but it appears he's been set up. So he has to try and find the money especially now that the Feds are asking for it before the evidence exposes him.

5) Deja Vu - Okay I am using the IMDB synopsis on this one, it is a little hard to explain. A ferry filled with crewmen from the USS Nimitz and their families is blown up in New Orleans on Mardi Gras. BATF Doug Carlin, my Denzel, is brought in to assist in the massive investigation, and gets attached to an experimental FBI surveillance unit, one that uses spacefolding technology to directly look back a little over four days into the past. While tracking down the bomber, Carlin gets an idea in his head: could they use the device to actually travel back in time and not only prevent the bombing but also the murder of a local woman whose truck was used in the bombing?A woman Carlin is falling for as he watched her from the future?

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thanks Sam and Snow

Yay, Sam let me use her laptop. I have less than an hour, but that is better than nothing! AND better than that fossil in the dining room, which is COLD.

We got cheated in our winter storm. Most people are all happy and relieved, but I was SO looking forward to the "guaranteed" 12-16 inches!! I love snow, sure not shoveling it, but we have a snowblower! Sure, I don't snow-blow, but I am afraid it will kill me. Seriously the blades terrify me. But when I was growing up we had only metal shovels and we all had to go out and shovel our very long driveway, so trust me, I DO kn0w the pain of shoveling. But even then, I didn't care. Snow has always just been so magical to me. When there would be a snow day, sure we had to layer all the snowsuits, etc on and shovel first, with noses getting runny, etc. Then we would either go in to warm up for a bit or go immediately to PLAYING in the snow. We made forts, had snowball fights, just everything you can imagine. We ate snow and would play until it didn't feel cold anymore, but would have to go in when Mom yelled to get in. We would be so sad that the fun was over.

Then we would slowly and painfully, as feeling was returning to our bodies, take all the snow suits and mittens and hats off. We would find that half our normal clothing, was soaked like a foot in every direction. Our sweater arms were soaked, our socks and halfway up our jeans, soaked. You just didn't notice how much until now. Now that you could FEEL the freezing wetness. By this time we were shivering and frozen. We would either get into dry clothes or have to get into the bath. Which was painful to get into. Skin that is red from being frozen stepping into hot water was like painful at first. Sure, then it would overwarm you, for some odd reason. But it always ended in hot cocoa with the mini marshmallows, and sometimes Campbell's chicken noodle soup. All this made your nose run of course. But it didn't matter. The feeling after you were warm again, or were warming up in just dry clothes, was great. Exhaustion from working in the snow and then playing in it, made your muscles all jiggly and wobbly. You were content to just sit around together laughing about the good time you had. I love those memories. And even if I don't play in the often, yes I admit it, I still go play once in a while with Katie and Sandy, snow is fun always. So even when we don't play in it, I just find it completely magical. The sight of the flurries, the smell. If you have never smelled the air when it is going to snow, it is something you MUST smell sometime in your life. And New England would be the best place to go to smell it. It is a scent that is indescibable. It is snow, and growing up with snow all the time, you learn to recognize it in th air. Magic.

What is winter like for my blog friends? I have friends in Vegas, Florida, etc where you don't really get snow right? So what does winter mean to you? And what is winter for my Utah and England friends? Any special memories?

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Answer is Yes

What was the question you ask? Can things get any worse, that was the question and they did last night, just as I was posting my blog. I got this window popping up called "Your PC Protector", and it was telling me that I had a total of 6 trojan horses and worms on my PC. Except when you click "Fix These Problems" all it does is bring you to a site to BUY their programs, so I was like SPAM crap, kept on trying to close the stupid thing. It did NOT want to be closed.

Plus, I have Norton, Ad Aware and Malware on my computer, so I felt that if i DID have some problems I would use them. So I was online and tried to open Norton. Tried, again and again. The net, I use Mozilla Firefox, shut down. When I tried to reopen it, signs would pop up from this same Your PC Protector telling me there was malicious content so I couldn't open it. Norton refused to open, and I started to worry by this point. I tried to open Malware but it refused to open either, and I was like, if I have viruses THIS is the crap that is supposed to protect ME!! So as balloons pop up every other second and windows pop up on Internet Explorer, which I managed to open, I felt like I was in serious trouble. So I went to my email to attach photos. What is was the first thing I thought of, I have never used a website you can upload crap to. By all means tell me one that is good I can use for future knowledge, PLEASE! Because there was NO way was I going to plug my external harddrive into my laptop if it was riddled with viruses, but I had the Zoey pics and wallpapers that took me forever to find after nuking the laptop like 3 weeks ago, so I got most of the pics of Zoey in email attachments, and knowing the wallpapers wouldn't fit in an email, I eventually uploaded them to Flickr, figuring I can dowload them from there...I can right? Right????!!

Anyway, at one point, Sam got Ad Aware running but suddenly my entire laptop turned off. So I returned it on to finish the picture thing. It took me several tries to get Explorer to open again, which balloons warning me from this thing wanting to CHARGE me, that my data was being corrupted, etc. I finished online in the nick of time...though I might have lost major music in itunes, non of that would open up. No Firefox, Norton, Malware, Itunes, etc. So there was no backing up that stuff. I tried to go to Add/Remove Programs, in case this was this program screwing my laptop up, but that wouldn't open either. Ad Aware finished this time and removed 24 objects, I have no idea if any were trojans or worms, and asked me to restart my computer, so I turned it off. When I turned it on, it went to a blue screen, saying it would NOT allow Windows to be opened. But if this was the first time I saw this message to restart, so I did. Got a black screen first, clicked on Open Windows Normally, only that leads every time to the blue screen!!

So my computer wouldn't even turn ON. My Dad spent the day with it, nuked it more than once, tried to put programs back on, only to have to nuke it again. It is my hard drive he has decided, it has gone bad!! So we had to order a new one and who knows how long before it comes in and my Dad can replace it and then re-add everything to my laptop so things run properly!! I am so stressed out. I am using the family computer, a huge desktop in the cold just to write this. I am SO stressed out. A lot of you know, I use my blog to get my stress out, or at least partly out, and I don't have that for who knows how long!

So I don't know when I will get a chance to blog, I have one pre-written for tomorrow at least, or when I will be able to comment on your blogs. We are in the middle of a snow storm so it is freezing and is not warm in this room, and this keyboard feels huge so I have to keep on going back and correcting my grammar or spelling so I HATE THIS.

PLEASE, keep commenting on what I CAN get out and do not stop following me because I can't really comment on your blogs! Trust me, I am NOT okay. This was so not what I needed. It feels like the straw that broke this camels' back. Maybe my sister will lend me her laptop in the next day or two so i can check on your blogs if not comment on them. :(

Trust me, I am pissed and really upset. So many things going bad right now for me, couldn't the powers that be, just let me have my computer?! Apparently no. I am so stressed, it is becoming like a migraine. So PLEASE do not go anywhere, I am trying as hard as i can, and my Dad already ordered the hard drive, so please bear with me!! Email me any huge important updates, certain people will know if i would want to know something. Like MamaFace, let me know any Lil Dub Updates, or Lee let me know how youand your mom are doing, etc.

Agghhh!! I feel like I am heading towards a huge meltdown but there is nothing I can do to stop it!! ENOUGH already!

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Conflict n Glasses

Okay, first matter of business. I HAVE seen a therapist, did it for a long time and it did not help me, it is NOT actually for everyone. I have a psychiatrist who I go to for meds and obviously he has to know how I am doing. Just because I hate conflict, and my family does fight, does NOT mean people should jump to that opinion. I agree with Amander, when you have a family, AND you are close, you will have conflict and you will fight. I am not bashing on the people who are my blog friends and are giving their opinions, but I do NOT want to have to live far away from my family. Yes, I said they can hurt you the worst, but family is family. They are also the ones that can make you feel you can get through life when you are at your bleakest moment. My family family. I will always want them close. They are some of my closest friends. That may not be your family, but that is my family. Yeah we can fight and it can be ugly, but we resolve things and move on and we love each other. We don't want to be the kind of family that only gets along when they stay away from eachother. For us, that is not good enough. Period.

Second, I finally had my eye exam. I liked the guy who did it this time. He was patient and funny. I was so not thrilled however with their selection of glasses. I love the ones I have now, minus the scratches and fact that I can't see clearly with them anymore. So I looked and tried on many, many glasses. Most did not suit my face. I brought Sandy to help me pick out a pair. She knows I like the bottoms to be rimless if at all possible. But most so did not suit me. Rectangles are really in, as are an aviator like look. We finally settled on the best pair there, but I am not at all certain of the choice. And I kind of wish I knew what Sears return policy was on glasses. When I got these last glasses I was in love, by the time we left, I swear, I didn't know if THEY looked good on me anymore. Agghh!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Hate Conflict

You think that fighting with a family member is bad. I mean family members know your sore spots, the things that will hurt you the most, the buttons that will make you explode. But things COULD be worse. Yup, you could be in a fight that involves your ENTIRE family. That happened tonight. A tiff between 2 that affected 3, then a 4th got involved until the 5th walked in to see what was going on.

And that is when all Hell breaks loose, and things are said in the spur of the moment that sear one person, and to protect the feelings of another person, one person says something that comes out all wrong and lays the blame for things on one person's shoulders. It just unravels from there, and really, it is everyone's fault. Well, not the dog's, Max was trying to either snore away or give kisses. And Mom was trying to smooth feelings that were hurt. But sometimes having people apologize is not enough, because family can hurt you the most. If you haven't realized it by know, think about it. They know all your deepest fears and worries, so when they feel the need to strike back, they use that knowledge against you.

I know that for me, it was really Hell. I hate conflict. Hate fighting and crying, and everything that goes along with it. I felt so many emotions: utter hurt, fear, anger, guilt, sorrow and every other negative emotion. Even now, when the fight is over. People apologized, made promises to try to do this or do that, I can't let it go. I want to, of course. But being me, having my brain, I can't seem to let it go away. I feel bad for the things that I said that may have hurt someone. I feel bad for my part in the fight. I fear that I cause conflict, just having to deal with me and my problems. I worry that everyone is saying that things are okay, but that secretly, they are all still angry with me or upset or whatever emotion they could be. I can't seem to accept that it is done. A thing of the past. Another reason I hate conflict to begin with. It doesn't just run off my back, not even when it is done with. It stays in my brain and I fret all night and sometimes for days after, that people are not being sincere in their actions now, that they are still mad or upset or crying themselves. So even when it is not ALL my fault, I feel guilt for it all. And worry we are not okay, even when people shake me and go, Wendy, we are all GOOD. I hate conflict.

I can only be thankful that fights between the entire family do not occur that often. Conflicts between 2 or 3 people is bad enough, and while my sisters can let something slide off their backs, I DO tend to take things to heart. All things. I am way too sensitive but can't seem to help it. I have been told I wear my heart on my sleeve, and well, sometimes you can't change who you are. I think this part of me is very deeply ingrained. So is the absolute hatred of conflict. My family are the people who see ME get into the conflict. I hate it so much that I avoid it with friends, which also leads to being taken advantage of, as I would rather not argue so they will get their way. Anything to avoid conflict. I know I should stand up for myself, but I hate conflict. Even with my family, as mad as I am, I sill have a hard time putting those feelings into words, so I am not about to go through that with people who don't get that. Which is most people and friends.

How do you handle conflict? Are you someone who takes it head-on, or do you hide from it like me? And do you agree that conflict with family can be the worst, because they know your weaknesses?

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Favorite Artist...Salvador Dali

What? It is Sunday and basically no one seems to be! So I took this short older post and voila! It is new to you. My third fave artist...though maybe now sliding into 4th place...have you seen Burton's real artwork? Very cool!

One of my other favorite artists is Salvador Dali. He is amazing. He worked a lot with surrealism, so his work has this cool, other-worldly feel to it. Also, kind of like...WHAT does that mean exactly? LOL. But he was never boring, which I like. He delved into all types of work. Dali, himself, was quite a character, loving to wear a signature long cape, waxed mustache and liked to draw attention to himself. He was also continuously growing and evolving as an artist. Dali worked in all sorts of mediums, from oils and watercolors, to drawings and graphics, to sculptures, films (he worked with Alfred Hitchcock at one point), photography, and many more things, he loved to explore his talent, which I find fascinating.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Day

My family went out to Olive Garden today. My stomach was quite pleased to have the chicken and gnochhi it has been craving since we were supposed to go the weekend after New Years. But my Mom got the bronchitis she still has not kicked, so you know. The bloody cough won't leave her, which worries me. She has had relapses with bronchitis plenty of times, and her work is being a she cannot get a relapse. The work would just be even more insurmountable than it is now. She has had to stay late almost every day for 2 weeks.

Anyway, it was supposed to be an ideal day, but Dad brought up something my Mom had apparently JUST asked him not to bring up, and so my Mom was upset and teary, so lunch did not start out great. I know slipping and saying something you are not supposed to say can happen to anyone, but I wanted to slap my father upside the head. This was NOT the time to let something slip. They were already arguing earlier today about the subject so that he talked about it really got her upset. So it took about 30 minutes and my Dad apologizing and getting it had meant a great deal to her for him NOT to say anything, and allowing my Mom to just be teary for awhile, before things finally felt normal. I had the girls move seats so they sandwiched my Mom, for support and hugs. The subject matter was not to be mentioned so it wouldn't worry us girls also, but I am afraid while my sisters seemed okay, it was stuck in my brain, and I was worrying about it all through the meal. And when I rode back with my parents to our house (the girls were in a separate car), my Mom wanted me to talk to her, because apparently she can read my face, and when she told my Dad, since he was mad we were whispering, he made light of it all, which really upset me, and then he ended up apologizing to me. He can be a funny guy, but he doesn't always get that it is not always best to try and be funny. Because I was worrying, and I am trying not to now, but I admit I am still worried. Yeah sorry, not telling you exactly what it is.

When we got home we watched Zombieland. Katie cancelled her gig, good because the car she uses is broken, and she had never seen the movie. She hates scary movies so she was all, you swear it isn't really scary?! And we were like, Katie, it is hilarious!! And she likes Shaun of the Dead. She did like it, but won't say she loved it, because it had things popping out at you and she HATES that. She does it in ANY movie. It can be a kids movie, but if something pops out, she JUMPS. It is funny to see actually. LOL. Katie and I sandwiched Mom and we sat together for the whole movie. Brought home 2 Olive Garden desserts too. Mmm. That is for the Black Tie Mousse Cake. I find their cheesecake, yucky! (I am still waiting for my Cheesecake Factory strawberry cheesecake. The girls promised to get it for me when mine was left destroyed in the car the night of the accident...yeah I am still waiting for it, so much for promises. That i mu anniversary cheesecake too.)

I took a shower and am wearing a clean pair of my NEW PJ's, they feel so nice, I love 'em. Just a tad crazy pattern, I like sometimes to have crazy or wild ones. Break up any feelings of monotony. I have PJ's from stripes, to duckies, to Tinkerbell, to Hibiscus, to stars and moons, etc. See, never gets old. So even solid PJ's can be appreciated, after wearing a few of the above.

As I was saying goodnights to my Mom, we got in a fight. Or difference of is hard to explain actually. But I was very frustrated and felt alone, and the one person who usually gets me and stuff IS my Mom. So things were not okay for a little while. Yeah, she was having a great day, don't think I didn't mention that I had NOT wanted to be someone who upset her today. Because she also had conflict with the girls, so it was like, agggh! NO. We talked it out and stuff, Maxie helped out as only he can by licking my face until my Mom pulled him off me. He can sense when someone is crying or trying not to, strange how animals can do that. So he tries to help by licking your face off. Mom had to pull him off me like 3 times. She decided she wanted to stay up later and watch a show. We had taped The Mentalist, so I got Sam, our other Mentalist junkie and we watched the show all together. Sandy stole the glass of milk my Mom had...hello she is still hacking and the one Andes she ate from the restaurant has her hacking every 2 minutes. So caffeine-free Pepsi and cookies. Yum. LOL. We really enjoyed watching the show and had a good time together and then my Mom went to sleep. I have a feeling she started snoring as soon as her head hit the pillow. Good.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday Framents

I just got to finish reading about how my friend Connie, knew she ws in love with her ow-husband, and how she, a stubborn willfull (*wink*) young lady, knew that Brad was meant to be. It was beautiful and made me want to hear more. So whoever wrote my friend, who I used to get to coach on the YW -Ball team♥, and old her she was impersonal and couldn't write, you are stupid!! Connie, you brought the story to life! I told you before, your adventures in London felt so tangible. You are an amazing writer!!


Katie has made it 3 weeks into her 16 week externships. I am proud of her. She really hates this section of OATA, so I hope the next 5 weeks whiz by, so she can at least see if she likes working at the Psych facility any better. I would REALLY

love it if the next 13 weeks went by fast so that she would graduate and we would be in Florida, finally getting some relaxation and de-stressing.


I pulled out the 3 pairs of PJ pants which are still like new, but I have been avoiding wearing because they have such a thick waistband. Of course I did not KNOW I would hate thick waistbands. Otherwise I would not have bought three freaking pairs. So I asked my Mom to see if she could at least maybe remove the elastic, and I would just use the drawstrings. She tried on one pair, but we couldn't remove the band and then I tried them on...they had at some point SHRUNK. I was wearing high water PJ pants. So I gave other 2 pairs away, one to each of my sisters. Today I went to Kohl's, my go to place for soft, thin PJ pants and bought 3 new pairs. Well, my Mom bought them since I gave mine away, the third pair she ripped up for rags for my Dad. I found 3 pairs, all by different makers, and made sure they were roomy (as I hate constricting clothing) and extra long, just in case they shrunk a little even in cold water. I LOVE them. No, it is not like I NEED more PJ pants. I just happen to be hooked on PJ pants. I have like over 20 pairs. Some I can only wear when it is warmer, they are really thin, but I love them all. I was sad when I finally came to the conclusion I couldn't stand to wear the fleece ones. They made me sweat in yucky places and were so thick. I had gotten them for various holidays so they were really cute and one pair I bought had clouds, but I gave them to my sisters and told everyone NOT to buy me PJ's that were fleece OR thick waist banded. So this winter I have given awa about 7 or 8 pairs. But, yes, I still have at least 20...I will have to count to make sure. I hope I get ones on Valentine's Day...what? I collect them basically! Plus I am Diabetic so I don't get much candy. Sad!


I really love Michael Buble' music now, and this one is currently my fave song. It is just STUCK in my brain! So I share it. "Just Haven't Met You Yet". Buble is hot too! LOL!

I finished the Professor Layton game. Well, finished it as I made it to the end, but I didn't find all the puzzles, so you get to go back and try to find the missing ones. Which is cool, I love these puzzles. I am so ready for them to have the next game out. What like 5 months isn't enough time to make a game like this?! Dang it all! I need suggestions!

All I want is someplace closer by, closer than a 30 m inute drive to Wallingford, to sell my fave cheese snacks. Land O' Lakes Mild cheese snacks, and Co-Jack cheese snacks. But today I went to Plainville's Big Y, Bristol's Walmart, Price Chopper and more. Why is it so hard to find these? Land O' Lakes is a HUGE brand. I checked multiple places in my hometown, so no go there. It is just so frustrating, I don't want to go that far again already, but I am loving the cheese so I am almost out AGAIN! Agghh!
I hate that Supernatural decided to make Anna bad!! I was like, CRAP!! It wasn't bad enough you killed Jo and Ellen, angel Anna had to go bad too?! Harsh Eric Kripke! They so have to give it more seasons, this show is so good and so FUN!
I am doing sucky. I thought things couldn't feel worse, but they do. Oh boy. I texted my friend that really gets me and likes the things I like. I have been waiting a month and a half for her to email me back. I asked her to please email me, that I really need my friend right now. But I don't know if she really will. She keeps telling me she is, and then I don't get anything. It is frustrating because talking to her really can lift my spirits.
I finally have an eye appointment. These glasses have been so scratched and are so not clear enough anymore. Yay. We haven't been able to get ahold of the endocronologist yet. Which sucks, because if everything is related, how nice would it be to know it, and be able to solve it.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Health Care Reform...what is your opinion?

See, things like this are so hard. What side to be on? And then maybe you pick a side and then you read an article like this, which took place about 30 minutes from your own home, and makes you think. What really IS the best side to be on, in this fight over medical reform? I have no idea because there seems to be good points on both sides. But then you read an article and it just makes it that much more difficult to know what to fight for:

"HARTFORD — - The insurance capital of America played host Wednesday to the uninsured, more than 1,000 of whom filled the cavernous Connecticut Convention Center for the chance to see a doctor.

They got their vitals taken, their eyes examined, their health inspected by professionals inside convention booths draped with blue curtains for privacy.

Some got diagnoses. Some got referrals for follow-up care. Some got taken out on stretchers, their heartbeat or other indicators deemed too troublesome to wait.

"It's heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time," said Nicole Lamoureux, executive director of the National Association of Free Clinics, which ran the one-day clinic.

Heartwarming, she said, because 1,200 volunteers came to help. Heartbreaking because so many people needed a free clinic in a convention center to get a checkup.

The association has hosted similar events around the country. The idea is to give people without health insurance medical attention and connect them to a regular source of care.

Some of the patients had jobs but no health insurance. Some were out of work, like Judy Mercer of Ellington. Before she lost the health coverage from her former job at The Home Depot, Mercer asked her doctor to give her enough prescriptions to last through Christmas. Her medication is due to run out this month.

At the front of the area where she waited, a volunteer called out the next group of patients to be seen. Volunteers escorted patients through each step. There were H1N1 vaccines and HIV tests. Women got gynecological exams inside a mobile clinic (a converted bus). Doctors screened patients for glaucoma in an open area, while social workers and psychiatrists offered counseling behind curtains.

Patients praised the organization of the clinic and the volunteers, some of whom came from across the country.

Lamour Howell, a 62-year-old retired nurse from Windsor, came with pain in her foot so bad she had to stop dancing or wearing high heels. She'd had it for two years, and two doctors had been unable to find the cause. On Wednesday, a volunteer nurse offered a diagnosis (Morton's neuroma) and a solution (an anti-inflammatory).

"It was awesome," Howell said.

Dr. Ralph Freidin, a primary care doctor from Lexington, Mass., said the patients had the same conditions a similar slice of the population might, with one difference: Their cases were more severe.

Freidin said he was struck by the patients' lack of access to basic services like blood pressure screenings and eye exams, despite living in a region flush with medical centers boasting the latest medical technology.

"They really have been deprived of the tremendous advances we've seen in medicine over the past several decades," he said.

Dr. Bruce Gould, the clinic's medical director and also medical director of the Burgdorf Health Center in Hartford and the Hartford Health Department, said he wished that the people who opposed health reform would talk to the patients he saw Wednesday.

As he spoke, Gould, the associate dean for primary care at the UConn Health Center, was mulling a case. The woman's symptoms suggested coronary artery disease. She needed follow-up tests, he knew, tests that cost thousands of dollars.

Paramedics had a stretcher ready in case she needed to go to the emergency room.

The woman's case perplexed him. Gould could diagnose her and patients like her, tell them how to best treat their conditions. But what could he do for them long term if they lacked the money or insurance for the tests and treatment they needed?

"It reflects the fact that we have a broken health care system in this country," he said.

Across the room, by the clinic's exit, patients passed through a cluster of tables advertising local health centers, social service programs, and groups that might offer lasting help. Patients received a list of health care providers who could see them for free or on a sliding scale.

Bradford Howard Jr., outreach director at Hartford's Charter Oak Health Center, had staff members on call back at the health center. He would hand over his cellphone to anyone who didn't have a phone but wanted an appointment.

He instructed one man on where to go for help finding work. He was ready to dispense advice on other services too.

"What good is helping people out if it's a Band-Aid?" he asked. "What are they going to do after?"

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

*I am watching the season 5 finale of Lost, so that I can watch tonight's premiere and not feel totally lost...haha!! Get it? LOST! LOL. Anyway, Sawyer is beating the crap out of Jack right now and Juliet is defending Jack...ohhh Juliet...if only you hadn't changed your mind. Sad. Anyway, I am so stupid, I got the season for Christmas but never got a chance to watch it, and watching the season finale only makes me go, CRAP, what happened to Daniel again?! I don't remember! Stupid, stupid! Now I will need to watch the season start to finish...after Season 6 is over, after Lost, *sob*, is over. I can't wait to see Charlie and some of the other dead people again! So exciting yet sad.

* I am so giddy, I bought Zombieland today!! It is so funny! Woody Harrelson rocks in this movie, and Bill Murray's role, is hilarious.

* I am so obsessed with the DS game I got for Christmas. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. I love all the puzzles though some drive me crazy and even with ALL the hints, I can't solve them...thank goodness for cheat pages. I just started playing it like 3 nights ago and have played over 7 hours at least and have solved like 56 puzzles, though I have found like 79. There is like 130-150 puzzles, I can't remember the exact number. I am so ready to buy some more, though I have the only 2 out so far. LOL. It is so addictive.

* They took away the Coke flavored Icee at my Target!! They replaced it with Dr. Pepper, but it is NOT the same, and when I could drink soda, I so loved Dr. pepper. But it doesn't taste like Dr. pepper, it tastes like a WEAK version of my Coke Icee, so I want them to put it BACK!! Why mess with a good thing?! It is the only place that I know of that had Coke Icees. There are no 7/11's around here really, so WHERE do I go to find my Coke Icee people? I have only known this info for 6 hours, but I am now already in withdrawal!

* Okay I changed my mind, Friendly's is not awful, just not great. I loved my Pick Any 3 Munchie Mania! 2 sliders, mozzerella sticks and chicken quesadillas? Mmm. Sure I can only eat half but that left a slider to bring home for Maxie!

* I am having issues with needing to get out of the house. I have now seen 2 movies all by myself late at night. No I still don't like going alone, but when I feel like I am seriously crawling out of my skin, I need out. Saw When In Rome, loved it by the way. Love Kristen and Josh, great actors. So cute and fun! I say go see it! But it is very hard dealing with this feeling of needing to get out, when most of the time, I can't figure out, where to get out TO. It is just a messed up feeling period. I want to be home so I can actually spend time with my Mom, who is working so much lately. But I also feel this compulsion to get out of the house. To have my brain be taken somewhere where I don't have to think. I don't know, I find it confusing myself.

* It is hard to see my sister Katie struggle so much with these externships. She is hating this first one, really REALLY hating it. It is Traumatic Brain Injury, and she is finding it difficult to keep her compassion. Don't get me wrong she has LOADS. But this is a step-down place. Which means they JUST got out of the hospital so they are not wanting help, they are not accepting their injuries and limitations etc. And they are still at that too soon point, where they are taking out their anger on people like Katie. Yes some of them have no impulse control, it is brain injuries, but when you are dealing with these attitudes ALL day long, your dies. And just when Kate feels she is making strides with someone, they give her someone tougher, because she did SO "well" with the last one. So she is feeling defeated and like maybe those horrid teachers will win and she will quit. She hates it. And another thing about a step-down facility? You are only there for 3 to 6 weeks. As soon as a patient starts to DO better, they leave. So Katie is not seeing the part of the job where she can SEE that her work pays off. This upsets me greatly. And at this particular place, patients are not ALLOWED to say No to treatments. Which my Mom, a RN at a SNF, was surprised at. Usually you try to get them to go to treatment but if they refuse that is their CHOICE. Not at this place. So Katie has had people taking swings at her and she is tiny, so some of these people are like 5 times her size! We tried to help and tell her she knows 2 hings from this externship. She does not want to work with TBI, not this early in their recovery. And she should not work at a step-down facility. They don't seem to care as much at places like that, as they only get patients for 3 to 6 weeks! I think Katie should work at a SNF (basically a geriatric facility) or work at an outpatient place, dealing with teens with tissues, etc. She still has 5 and a half weeks here, then she goes to the other HARD externship (boy those teachers are "bee-yotches"...see not a swear/cuss. Says Bee.), working at a Psychiatric facility. If it is repetitive Kate will be bored, but bored is better than defeated!!

* We booked our plane tickets, we go to Florida mid-May and I can't wait. Seriously I can't, how am I supposed to get through 3 and 1/2 months?!! Agghhh! The Harry Potter World is supposed to be open at Universal Studios by then, my Dad is such a kid, he is jumping up and down like a kid talking about Honeydukes and buying a real broom! LOL! He wants to drink pumpkin juice (eww) and butter beer and everything. He needs this vacation too, as does my Mom. Though not as much as me. I only say this because those two went down together for a week in September. Yeah so while it will be 14 months since my last vacation when we go, it will have only been 8 for them. But yes, we ALL need it. We planned it so we leave the day Katie finishes this school. I am not psyched for May, it will be hot and sticky down there. I prefer March, you get days where pants will do...but I would hate Katie not being there, so we will see how it goes.

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Groundhog Birthday

Well it is officially February 2nd. I am writing this as my Monday post, but it is officially Groundhog's Day. Which was also my Grandpa's birthday. I believe he would have been 93 today. I can't say for sure, because after my computer was nuked, my Dad has yet to put PAF back on it. Personal Ancestral File for you non-Mormons. It's a program where you can do geneaology, and I have dates and stuff of births, deaths, etc on there. But I believe he was born in 1917. He died when he was only 79, which I find grossly unfair. Barbara Walters is 80 and look at her still going. So I feel he was ripped off. Most of my grandparents were though.

It is strange though. I do so much better today, than I do on the anniversary of his passing. I like to think I would be at a party for him, he would want fried scallops, his fave. Probably a homemade birthday cake. He'd probably want new socks and pocket t-shirts. Shirts in that color yellow above. He had an attachment to that color pocket t-shirts. I own one like it, I use as a night shirt. My Mom bought it for me a few years ago as it was Grandpa's yellow. It has no pocket but that's okay. It still makes me smile when I wear it. He would really love it if we were eating at Lenny + Joe's Fishtale, a really famous CT seafood place. He loved their scallops and onion rings. Thinking things like that is nice.

Andrew was an amazing man. He was the best of grandfathers. There was never a shortage of hugs and kisses. I always knew he loved me, which I think is one of the most important gifts a grandparent can give you. Thank you for loving me Grandpa. Sure, I wish he was still here. But, then he would not be back with my Grandma. Which he needed so badly. He lost part of himself when she died. But he stuck it out for us for almost 9 years...he was great man. I love him and I hope you can all join me in wishing him, even now, a Happy Birthday. I love you so much and miss you always. Happy Birthday Grandpa. The world is a little less bright without your spirit here.

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