Monday, February 8, 2010

Favorite Artist...Salvador Dali

What? It is Sunday and basically no one seems to be! So I took this short older post and voila! It is new to you. My third fave artist...though maybe now sliding into 4th place...have you seen Burton's real artwork? Very cool!

One of my other favorite artists is Salvador Dali. He is amazing. He worked a lot with surrealism, so his work has this cool, other-worldly feel to it. Also, kind of like...WHAT does that mean exactly? LOL. But he was never boring, which I like. He delved into all types of work. Dali, himself, was quite a character, loving to wear a signature long cape, waxed mustache and liked to draw attention to himself. He was also continuously growing and evolving as an artist. Dali worked in all sorts of mediums, from oils and watercolors, to drawings and graphics, to sculptures, films (he worked with Alfred Hitchcock at one point), photography, and many more things, he loved to explore his talent, which I find fascinating.

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CaJoh said...

I think that everybody was celebrating the Superbowl victory.

Seen a lot of Dali in various places and never knew that's who it was.

Thanks for sharing,

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