Saturday, January 31, 2009

Matz + Babu...RIP Meat

Okay I really have done NOTHING worth noting. Listened through fave songs for pieces/phrases/etc of songs I might quote sometimes on the bottom of my posts. I picked bits and pieces that spoke to me of how I feel and WANT to feel. The purpose of the song may have NOTHING to do with how I interpret the "quote", but it is MY brain so whatever. I got all OCD about it but again, not worthy of writing about.

Instead I stumbled onto the clip of Adam Sandler interviewing his dog Matzoball when Adam filled in for Letterman. I, for no reason at all, LOVE Adam Sandler's pets, they are SO cute. Alas poor Meatball has left Adam, but he has Matzoball, and if my eyes do not decieve me, a new doggie called Babu...whether it stands for Babuball, I know not. Matzy is Matzoball, so Babu could be Babuball...but what the rap is THAT?! The other 2 names make sense at least. Anyway they have a bunch of videos of ALL three dogs at Adam Sandlers site, click here to go to his Dog's section. Yes they have their OWN section!!

Here is the part of the show I found, Don Cheadle gets in on the action. LOL!

And also, cuz it is so cute and loud, a pool of baby bulldogs!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Achmed...I Kill You!!

I found my sisters and mother watching this show on Comedy Central last week, a comedian with puppets. At first I looked at them like, hello, ventriloquism?! You are watching THAT? But I sat and watched, and dang if I didn't start laughing my butt off! He and his gang of characters were friggin' hysterical. So I am now a fan of Jeff Dunham, and his "band of merry men". So if you are seriously EASILY offended, don't watch, but you will be missing a funny time!

*trying to concentrate on something funny, and forget my anxiety and fears, including the stomach thing returning.

An Ode

Oh gimme a break okay, I love what I love so bear with me. This is my Ode to the show Kyle XY. Now you might be thinking , it's Wendy, she loves shows, she's been an immediate fan since the show started. But you would be wrong. I never saw the first season when it was on. It was only as they advertised so heavily for Season 2 that I decided, on a bored summer evening, to look online for the series premiere.

And that was when I was drawn in and welcomed into the world of Kyle and the Trager family. From that first episode I was entranced. So many things that we take for granted, because of the years from when we are born, we learn all along the way these parts of life. What being hungry is and how to satiate it. What is right from wrong, and how to tell the difference. What things are okay to say out loud, and what you should keep to yourself.

Kyle is "born" at the age of 16. And yes, I am sure even non-watchers know he has no belly button. Either you are a watcher and KNOW why, or you will just have to rent the first 2 seasons and see for yourself. Anyway, as he wanders around naked, not knowing what clothing is, or that walking in your natural state is not acceptable, Kyle is brought to a boy's facility by policemen. Kyle is an innocent, he knows nothing. How to speak, anything. He starts to watch people when he is given a tray of odd objects and watched another boy place the objects into his mouth and chew. So Kyle does the same and the look of pleasure and wonderment on his face is priceless. And he begins stuffing his face, but this other boy did not like being stared at. Which leads to a confrontation outside. Kyle sees the boy and is happy to see him, even though he is feeling an odd pressure he can't understand. He is punched and experiences pain as he falls to the ground, just as he learns that the pressure he felt, was...liquid that needs to be released. Yup, he does not know what peeing IS. Or that it is a neccessary thing. Can you see how the things we learn from when we are babies to now, are a blessing?

This is when Dr. Nicole Trager is contacted by a colleague and enters Kyle's life. She sees in him, something special. He has talents, which make him remarkable. Someone she thinks she can work with. Now everyone assumes that Kyle, who the colleague names after his own brother, has amnesia, but are they in for a surprise, but that's far down the road YOU will have to travel. Now Nicole's family, Steven (husband) and her two teenage children, Lori and Josh, are less than thrilled that their mom is bringing a "crazy psycho" into their home. He is an inconvenience to them, watching them, listening in on conversations, not understanding that Kyle is learning from them, watching for cues. At a meal, Kyle is thirsty, but as yet, has not spoken. He remembers the things one of the boys at the home/hospital had said that resulted in his glass being filled and repeats it, much to the shock of the family. Lori is like "he learned english in one day?!", which gets Kyle to repeat part of HER conversation with her BFF, which is VERY embarassing and NOT something she wanted her parents to hear. Ever. So this alienates Lori. And when Kyle finds Josh in a...compromising position, which causes Josh to scream, Nicole finds Josh's Playboy magazine and confiscates it, earning Josh's contempt.

While the Trager's sleep, which Kyle does not understand, he discovers more food. Oh the love. He bites into everything. Does NOT care much for bananas (yes he eats peel and all, you LEARN the banana peel is not edible people) or eggs (too fragile and slimy). And then he discovers Sour Patch Kids. At first he is like the rest of us, whoa sour, but when it turns sweet, the look of LOVE makes YOU smile. This love does NOT go away. Kyle like them on everything, in his cereal, everything. This actually caused me to want to try them again and see what they were like now. And guess what? I now like them! LOL! I find the sweet after the moment of sour quite addictive. Sure not to the extent of Kyle, but you get why he found such delight. Imagine what you as a child might have experienced the first time you had chocolate. the wonderment of the flavor bursting in your mouth. The way it melted into gooey goodness. This is what Kyle is experiencing for the first time, but with everything!

Nicole starts testing Kyle and the level of intelligence he displays is mind-blowing. Unknown to the Tragers' is he finds computer code more understandable than the human language and finds it sill they do not communicate in that. Kyle slowly begins worming his way into the Tragers' hearts. He used his computer skills with Stephen to fix something. He found the hidden Playboy for Josh, when Josh said he MISSED a girl from it. He didn't go look what I did for you, he placed it under Josh's pillow and when Josh found it, you could see a softening in his expression. Lori, being the eldest is a tougher case. Kyle follows Lori one night (without her knowing) when he is again not asleep, to a party. Where Lori is hurt when Declan, the boy she likes is with another girl. Kyle ets drunk for the first time, NOT a pretty sight. And then cops show up, and one tries to arrest a drunken Lori. Kyle walks through a glass wall, startled, glass in his face but goes to get Lori, protective of her. The cop tries to hurt Kyle, but a new talent kicks in and Kyle bests the cop with his non-human-like quick reflexes,etc. Kyle picks up Lori and carried her home. It isn't until the next day, when talking to the BFF, is she alerted that him doing that, for her, had not been a dream. SO that night, when Nicole broached the subject of keeping Kyle longer, until she found a suitable home for Kyle. Each Trager shows a special sign that they are okay with that, and you see the wonderment on Kyle's face as he feels like a part of something.

Oh the adventures continue. What do you do with a teen boy who doesn't understand what sleep is, or even what tired is. Why he finds the bathtub the most assuring place to be. And yes, Kyle continues to be a pain to the teen Tragers. But Kyle has to learn social norms and cues, and he IS a quick study, but with morals we could only hope to all have. He begins to display extraordinary talents and abilities, things even he knows he must keep to himself. And feel things he can't explain when he meets Amanda...yeah he IS a teen boy. He feels tears for the first time when he hears Amanda play the piano...why does he leak from his eyes? Watching Kyle LEARN what we take for granted is just an amazing experience. And watching him learn what makes him special, makes him different, is quite a mystery that really gains speed as the season goes on. As he makes a friend, learns about lies, and so many other things, you see Kyle grow, gain strength. And he begins to want to figure out why he can do things other people cannot and where he came from. This is an adventure that keeps on going. How long can he keep his secrets from his "family" and his best friend Declan? Who is the man that is following him? This is why I love Kyle XY. And so much more happens in Season 2, and now as season 3 has finally started up.

The cast of this show is amazing, with Matt Dallas as Kyle, being the breakout star. Jean-Luc Bilodeau , April Matson, Chris Olivero + Kirsten Prout are also excellent as Josh, Lori, Declan and Amanda. Of course, the parents rock too, Bruce Thomas as Stephen. And Marguerite MacIntyre as Nicole. Perfect casting.

I was not a believer until I watched, and watched, seeing all 10 episodes of Season 1 in about 2 days. It was that good. So I highly recommend it, as you can tell from the post. And you don't even meet Jessi until Season 2. Heh-heh.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Adventures with Brendan

I managed to get out of the house for a few hours. My sisters and I went to the 10pm showing of Inkheart. It was a very sudden thing, at 9:47 Katie knowcks on my door and goes, "Wanna go see a movie at 10?", and I was in my pj's, hair unbrushed, no bra, and was like "uhh no way possible." But my mom thought it was a good idea, she knows I want to see the movie, but she was like, you are scared that the pain will be back. You are scared you will spend the night crying. You are scared you won't be able to sleep, so go get your mind off your worries, so I went.

We made it just as the last preview ended, and found ourselves in a big theater all by ourselves, which was cool. Katie was being loud just to show she could be if she wanted to. She is the person who laughs so hard and loud at something, that some people turn around to look at her in surprise. I am used to it, so only when we get starers do I feel like "Oy I don't know her"(J/K Kat). The movie began, and I went into my purse for my wallet and couldn't find it and starting having a panic attack. My wallet has my life in it. License, all credit cards, my surgery card, my diabetic alert card, MONEY,etc. Katie even held her phone for light but no wallet. And it is not much bigger THAN the credit cards so I was VERY scared. Katie went to check the car as I continued freaking out and began to search my purse again. I went back through the pockets. Got to the zipper pocket I had already felt through 5 times, feeling my way through the silky lined interior, when all of a sudden my fingers slipped between one silky thing and another. MY WALLET! It is silky too and had managed to wiggle itself to the back of the pocket and feel exactly like the wall of the pocket, and was the same size of the pocket so it fit LIKE the lining. I jumped up, leaving Sam who was shoeless, watching the movie and sprinted out of the theater, down the hallway, through the lobby and out into the cold, yelling her name. It was pretty empty the lot so I didn't care. I finally saw her head poke up from somewhere and waved my wallet and she hurried over and we ran back into our theater, me freezing, as I didn't bother with my coat, too relieved and anxious for Kat not to miss the movie. Kat had used a $25 gif card to pay for the three of us, but it is 10 each so she used her 5 bucks. What I originally was doing with my wallet was I had wanted to pay her the 5 bucks, so I finally did, apologizing like 30 times for the wallet incident even though they were both like "chill".

Anyway, on to the movie. I LOVED it! First, I already love Brendan Frasier. I have been a fan since Encino Man. I love the Mummy movies, Blast from the Past, Journey to the Center of the Earth, etc. So that he was starring was already a plus.
The acting was stellar, and the cast was a fine mix of new actors and veterans. Paul Bettany as Dustfinger was magic, he was an excellent scoundrel. Helen Mirren was a complete hoot, as great-aunt Elinor. And Eliza Bennett did wonderful as Frasier's daughter Meggie, who becomes VERY involved in the adventure. In the book, she is the protagonist. And Andy Serkis as evil Capricorn (he played Gollum in the L.O.T.R. movies) was deliciously good.

This movie is a magical adventure. What would YOU do if anything you read aloud came to life before your eyes? There are special people in the world, Silvertongues, who can bring books to life, and some do not even know that they are special, like Mo (Frasier). What if everything you read out loud was NOT a good thing? What if there were consequences? Mo has spent the last 9 years never reading a thing out loud. His daughter Meggie who is 12 has no idea WHY. All she knows is that her Dad has been on a mission ever since she was little, to find A book. She has no idea WHAT book, but is smart enough, after years of old bookstores that he is searching for ONE in particular. But her father says she is ridiculous, he just likes to look and he IS, after all, a restorer of books. And Meggie has never pushed too hard, because her Dad is all she has, her mother Resa left them long ago.
Mo finds his book, Inkheart. As he emerges from the bookstore Meggie witnesses an encounter between him and an odd man, this would be Dustfinger. After Mo brushes him off, this is when the adventure begins. Because Dustfinger is desperate and will do whatever he has achieve his goal. Mo, Meggie and Eleanor are captured by evil men who work for Capricorn, who want Mo to use his talents for nefarious purposes. What is Mo to do? And when Mo reveals a huge secret, how will Meggie react to this news, and to her father's gift/curse? Can Mo do what he has spent 9 years searching for a copy of Inkheart, to do? Will Capricorn achieve his sinister plans? Will Dustfinger get his heart's desire? And will "charcters" along the way be a help, or make their plight even more difficult?

For all these answers, you will have to go watch the "pages unfold"in this fun movie filled with adventure, mystery, and humor!! Dang the critics!! I thought this was FABULOUS!! And quite a good way to get my mind engaged in something NOT depressing or melancholy. Sure, my brain can and will go back to not so light places, but hopefully, such a fantastic adventure will keep it at bay for awhile. The fear that this stomach thing will return in full force can't leave me. It was so scary, I have not been this scared of a sickness returning, maybe ever. My mother agreed, she can tell, it seems, that I am treading very lightly about, afraid any stomach pang, growl, etc is a pre-cursor to the return of stomach hell. I have prayed, yes real prayers, that it will not return. I could not deal with a repeat performance. With the extent of my feelings, being as they are, it is just a little too much to deal with right now. So I PRAY this is going to be gone totally and forever, never to return, and I can get rid of this fear of it returning. So I can get back to focusing on my lack of sleep and depression. Hey, one thing at a time.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Miss Swan Dancing Queen

Still feeling so tired, I don't know why, but since the worst of the bug I am having daily trouble sleeping, and feeling even more weepy. My mother, experienced in depression, says it is common, after being sick, but it really doesn't SUCKS. So here is a Miss Swan video I had on draft to leave you all with a smile and let you know I am thinking of you. Hope NONE of you get this stomach flu/poisoning. It sucks. And remember, throw away any Keebler or Austin P.B. crackers. The salmonella outbreak. Yuck.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Dear Blogging Buddies,

I am sorry that I am not commenting really in the last few days. This, either bug or food poisoning, has really picked me up, slammed me to the ground, and mopped the floor with me. It has even messed with my already fragile emotional state. I feel like I am slipping backwards, and I can only hope my mother is correct, and it is because of the pain, my fear that it will return and the lack of sleep due to all of those things. I sure hope so, because right this minute, the feelings inside me, they are just too much, I am tired of crying, just some quiet time in my soul would be very welcome. Not happiness, just quiet time.

Anyway, I hope you can excuse my lack of comments in the last few days and in case, the next day or two. I will leave you will this. I watched Repo! The Genetic Opera, yes it is bloody, and a little gorey. It reminds me of The Nightmare Before Christmas, but rated R and on acid. But I really enjoyed it at the same time. There were only a few songs I disliked (Paul Sorvino's movie kids were really gross), otherwise the music was very cool. Anthony Stewart Head was amazing, as was Alexa Vega (Spy Kids fame) and Sarah Brightman. Also, the Grave Robber, who kind of narrates, who actually is co-creator, was amazzzziinnnggg! This really is an opera and I can only hope, the industry makes more musicals, because Anthony and Alexa are just fantastic! I knew Anthony Stewart had a rockin voice from Buffy, but who knew Alexa Vega would be so good. And in true opera form, basically it is a tragedy. They wanted to create an opera for the 21st century, I think they did, with quite a...twist. Here are some of the best songs.

And I found an actual clip from it:

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Letter to the Dept.

Dear Germ/Bacteria Department,

Okay we need to get something straight. When I have mentioned in the past that I would not mind being sick, you know exactly what I meant. I meant the whole sniffle nosed, sore throat, tired kind of sick. The kind of sick, where you suck on Ricola to soothe your throat, have soft tissues by your side, and you just rest because your appendages are like wet noodles, you can't even stand up. I thought we had an understanding.

I did NOT mean, at any time, the kind of sick where I am sick in the bathroom, in all ways possible, and the pains that begin in my stomach are so bad, I am crying out in pain. The kind of sick that is either a BAD stomach bug or food poisoning. The kind of sick that my Mom gives me nausea meds, abdominal pain meds and the big D. word pills, and they seem to do nothing. I have never agreed to the kind of pain where all I wanted to do was cry but the pain was too bad to be able to cry. Crying is run by it's own department THANK YOU, and as you well know, through inter-Wendy communication, they have been having a field day lately and do NOT need anything else to make them cackle and run around in glee, jumping on my tear ducts!

I really did not need this, and the feeling that it is not totaly done with me yet, has me gripped in fear, as I felt like I was going to lose it this morning, with such horrible pain, I wanted someone to seriously kill me. I can't do that pain again. I am so scared right now, Campbell's chicken noodle soup is the first thing I have had to eat in 22 hours, and you know as a Diabetic, that is just ASKING for problems. It is probably why, at this moment, I feel so incredibly odd, like my bearings or equilibrium are all screwed up. This is scaring me also.

Now you force me to loathe you, and I will now try to take my vitamins every day again, and do what I can to stay healthy from germs or bacteria like you. You see, I was you friend, until you did this. Now I am your enemy, because I have not been in this much pain, since they sliced my stomach open and rearranged my stomach with staples and whatnot. That is how bad the pain was, I can only put my major surgery as an idea to the amount of pain I was in, out there. And unlike then, I did NOT have pain killers to help with the pain. You and I germ/bacteria department? We are through, and the only way to ever redeem yourself? Do NOT do this to me again, and make whatever this has been, GO AWAY, and let me be better. NOW.


Your Host Wendy

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lost and other Shenanigans

Did you all WATCH Lost last night?!!! It was SOOOO good!! Sure, it raises more questions, but it had so much cool stuff too! I thought (yes wrongly I guess) that time just needed to catch up with them and then camp would be back, etc. But going back and forth, into the past, then the future, did get a little...WHAT?!, but in a good way. And I totally think as soon as Locke is back ON the island he will be alive again. And lucky Oceanic 6, they can pack a suitcase, sure only one, but put anything from their lives in it, including HELPFUL things for the island if they wanna be good boys and girls. Hurley, bring a radio that runs by cranking it, when you lost your music I was so sad for you!

And why is Sayid all anti-Ben now? That is new, but when Hurley didn't listen to him, even though he TOO wants to go back, and instead turned himself IN...aaaggghh! How are they supposed to devise a break out in 70 hours?!! And I was pissed when Kate did NOT call Jack, he KNOWS now that Claire was his sister so Aaron IS his blood!! And what happened to sweet Sun? I think Gin could be alive, you never know on this show. And won't her baby have to be with her, she DID conceive her ON the island so she was technically Oceanic 7!! I thought it was really cool to see the guy who made all the Dharma films, and I am very curious how much cute Richard will be featured over the last (sobbing) 2 seasons. I am SO curious why Dharma called them the Hostiles, and why most of the tail section is now part of them and so happy with it, yet they are horrid to the rest of the survivors. And the Desmond thing looks so cool! Does he have to return too? And does he get to bring Penny? He better, the dude deserves it, and how WAS Daniel in the past with the Dharma people? If he knows all the secrets WHY is he not sharing? And what is with his redheaded friends memory and nose bleeds? And WHO are Miles and this chick conencted to? I read they are connected to people on the island, but who? And why is Sun gunning after Ben? Sure no one likes him, heck they do hate him, but he warned them NOT to leave, so what is up with that?! Sun is seeming a little evil, I don't like that. The last thing she needs to turn into is OLD Gin! This season looks AWESOME people!!

Okay, it happened again no sleep for Wendy. I tried until 11:30 in the am, but no go. So I went over to my Mom's work and did filing and data entry. She said it helped a lot and she feels less behind so I am glad for that. Then since only Dad. Mom and I were around, we went to Outback, and they DID have creamy potato soup as their Walkabout soup of the day!! We were giddy with happiness! SOOO yummy! Mom and I always share the fill-it mig-NON, and it was good but not great, a little fatty this time and medium well means a lil pink, not mostly pink with some red liquid, but we were too famished and tired to send it back. Yummy dinner. Don't get their strawberry smoothie though, way too sweet. If they froze it, it would make a killer sorbet, but as a drink, WOW, no.

I was falling asleep in the shower, THAT was an interesting thing. I went and laid down on the couch, it was before 9, and except for getting up once to use the facilities and cracking an eye when I heard a noise, I slept for 7 hours in front of the TV. I woke up and was awake for a few hours. Got to watch Lost of course, HAD to. And watched City of Ember.It was really cute. Except for Tim Robbins and Bill Murray, most of the actors are not familiar looking, but they held their own as the main characters. It was really cool to see them discover the secrets of the City under the ground, figure out the mystery boxes secrets and find a way out. They kept being thwarted at every turn but that did not stop them, and the escape plan made by the "Builders", who are held in such high regard, they speak of them almost reverently, was COOL, like they should make that into a ride somewhere because though I might be too chicken to ride it, it looked WAY cool! These people live in a world that is falling apart all around them, and this mystery box gets lost in the shuffle as 200 years go by, and the city is falling apart and food is getting scarce. Were the builders smart enough to get their message to the people in the future? Why does no one know WHAT the outside holds? Has no one ever tried to escape Ember before? Those questions will have to be answered by you going out and renting it for yourself. I liked it, and still have Igor and Center Stage 2 to watch. Ohhhh plus I rented Repo: A Genetic Opera. Yes it is partly supposed to be scary and bloody but it is ALSO a musical! With Anthony Stewart Head as the Repo Man (hey you get an organ transplant and don't pay up in this future, someone has to take it back, LOL) from Buffy, who has a GORGEOUS singing voice. And Sarah Brightman, whose music I don't listen to, but has a magical voice! I only hope it is better than Sweeney Todd, though Johnny Depp was amazing and so was Helena Bonham Carter, I did not care for it. They had a little too much fum with the spurting, squirting bloof effects. But I am glad I saw it once. Johnny did fine with singing, and I love him, and he WAS Sweeney Todd. But I DO prefer him as Captain Jack Sparrow and am SO glad he has signed on for films just featurin HIM. Unless they fixed Will's curse miraculously, he and wifey are gone, which since they made me SO mad doing that, is FINE by me. Jack can have dozens of adventures with new people! Yay!!

And I have three days of ABC soaps to watch, I fell behind for some obvious reasons and they are GOOD right now especially so I am off to read your blog entries and watch ABC soaps!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Saw ME Nooo!! and Moral Lessons....I KNOW!!

Don't worry this is not graphic detailed, I watch out for my horror-adverse friends.I swear it is made matter of fact FOR you!! Okay just as Saw V started, I admit I cheated. I looked on Wickipedia and read about the first victim and KNEW I had to fast forward as soon as the trap was explained. I know I AM a chicken apparently with THIS franchise! There ARE others you guys. I will NOT watch ANY of the Hills Have Eyes movies , The Hostel movies, or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies (only saw a preview for the first two series, and saw one of the Chainsaw with Renee Zelwegger and that mask freaked me out so much, I vowed NOT to watch those). I had planned on doing that with the Saw franchise and accomplished that goal for years, but just before Saw III was released I broke that vow, and fast forwarded my way thru I and II. The twist in the first one IS... Wow, I have to give the creator credit for that. I mean, the murderer is IN the room that WHOLE time with them, that is in a sick way, brilliant.

But the bloodiness that Saw and it's sequels utilizes, and those other series I mentioned I won't watch, just give me the heebeejeebies. Give me a good old Scream, which follows a formula, THE horror movie formula, and I will be much more...sane and happy. And not having goosebumps all over, when I have only READ about and fast forwarded the first death.

- 30 minutes later: Okay I stopped because my Mom needed help she had to go in to catch 3rd shift and do some inservices with them. I looked to make sure there were NO plans on another sequel as the reviews are said to have been harsh, but my hoped are dashed. A Saw VI is already in developmental stages. *cries* Okay lemme get back to you and THIS post in awhile or as soon as I need to pause for some scared reason...this is it's own way.

- 15 minutes later: Okay I AM watching it, but at the same time I read the synopsis on Wickepedia which is usually dead on. If it makes me less scared and knowing WHEN I need to fast forward is that SO BAD? I already know Scott does not escape the "newest" Jigsaw, and unlike Jigsaw ala Tobin Bell, this freak does not give him an out the first time he/she attempts to kill him (Scott gives himself a tracheotomy to survive and surprises nu-Jigsaw). The last time he does give an out, painful as it would be, but Scott thinks he has one up on the killer (Scott!!) only to be errrr squished apparently...

- 68 minutes later: Man that "big" trap really sucks. If they had only worked together they could (5 victims) have ALL survived. But because most of them were looking out ONLY for themselves, and stepped (nice way of putting it) on the others to survive, only two MAY survive, I don't know how though, down to 3 pints of blood each. In the original room all five could have survived if not for the selfishness of one. Nu-Jigsaw made it appear in each new room they went into, that 1 would have to die (in the next room there were only 3 safe places to hide with an explosion on it's way, then 2 blah blah's, etc) but when they get to the room where you think only one can survive, that is when they find the bucket that has room for 5 holes and demands 10 pints of blood to open the doors. If all 5 had made it to the room, then each would only lose 2 pints, and live for sure. Instead these two , have to ummm give a little too much. If they make it to the sequel I will be surprised....maybe one will survive and nu-Jigsaw will have plans for that one. Anyone who survives does not really seem to escape. Amanda was a victim in Saw I, but ended up Jigsaw's accomplice, so you are never safe. Ohh the one exception seems to be children, yes even teens, they are USED to get the adults/parents where any Jigsaw wants them. They are always thus far, found basically safe and unharmed, except that they are now parentless. *sighs*

And as usual all these people were connected, but only some knew it. All had in some way been involved with a fire that killed 8 people. A fire investigator who made a false report, a news reporter covering it, a city planner, the man who set the fire and the real estate developer who hired an unknown person to burn the building, in hopes of making a quick buck. The last two had not known the building was occupied and felt great guilt. The reporter figured most of it out immediately but did he share? No. And he figured out in room two that 5 people could have fit in the 3 safe zones, but before he could share, yeah he was a goner. So the only smart one had to be a jerk and be one of the guys who could figure it out but dies before sharing time. Agghh. It almost seems there is actually a moral lesson in this set of traps. Don't worry these are RARE, there is only one other that feels like this. Seriously hear me out! If they had worked together, all 5 would be alive and free. No one gave any trust, people were selfish, etc. No one had compassion for anyone else, they thought only of themselves. If they had worked together...see?

In Saw III, a depressed doctor is taken hostage by Amanda and Jigsaw and has a special collar around her neck that will kill her if she tries to escape or can't keep Jigsaw alive (he has cancer in his brain). Also in a dark building an extremely angry man awakens, who lost his son to a drunk driver. He has a series of tests from Jigsaw. Throughout this building he is trapped in, he finds the witness to his son's death who lied on the stand. Will he save her? He tries but is not quick enough. The next place he is directed to is a room where the Judge who let the killer go free is being drowned, the father saves him. He later dies but not because of the father. Meanwhile, the doctor is forced to operate brain surgery to relieve pressure on Jigsaw's brain and is successful. Amanda is jealous and thinks Jigsaw is telling the doctor he loves her, when in reality the doctor confesses she has a new appreciation for her life and her family. She has passed her test.

Meanwhile the father comes to his last room and...yeah his son's killer is inside hooked to a horrible trap. As much as he wants him to pay for what he did and lets the trap begin, the father ends up trying to save him but fails. His tests, it seems, are complete. Back at Jigsaw's, crazy Amanda won't let the doctor go, to Jigsaw's dismay. He does have rules. Amanda tells him how she created traps with no escapes, and shoots the doctor in the back, who falls into the father's arms as he stumbles into the room. The father shoots Amanda with a gun he found in the tunnels on the way there. As Amanda is dying Jigsaw tells her this was HER test, her willingness to keep someone alive. It is then revealed to Amanda, that the father and the doctor are married. Jigsaw says the father has one test left. If he forgives Jigsaw, Jigsaw will call an ambulance and save his wife. But even as he utters the words of forgiveness, the father kills Jigsaw, which slams and locks all 4 inside and sets off his wifes collar which kills her. The father's test had been about forgiveness. He failed. As Jigsaw dies he plays a tape. Jigsaw had taken the couple's other child and was going to tell them where he had hidden her if he had passed his test. ( I told you no child ever gets hurt, chill) The movie ends with the father the only alive person trapped. This actually DID seem like a lesson in forgiveness on the father's part, and on the doctor/mother's part, she needed to appreciate her family and life, which she did do, but lost it because of the anger in her husband. The forgiveness he could not give, even though he was alive and his wife could be saved and he had a child at home. A lesson in forgiveness. Don't worry he doesn't suffocate to death, in a weird time loopy thing, at the end of Saw IV a cop enters the room, sees a blood covered man with a gun and says drop the weapon, but the father screams "Where's My daughter?" and raises the gun and the cop is forced to defend himself. This cop would be Scott Patterson and how Saw V begins.

Seriously, do you see how in ONLY these 2 traps, there was a moral lesson? But in these 2 tests, that involved a plethora of people, there actually was a moral lesson. And no bad ones either. Forgiveness and appreciation of what you have? Good lesson. Think of others and not just of yourself? Another good one. So while these movies are filled with too much even for me, these 2 lessons are actually amazing, being from...THIS. Anyone got any opinions on the matter, IF you actually read this?

Games Galore and The Beginning Sucks

Well I watched "Vacancy 2: The First Cut" and not only did it suck, was too scream-filled, etc., but it made NO sense. I mean, this was supposed to be a prequel to Vacancy, which was a Make You Jump Out of Your Seat Thriller/Horror starring Owen Wilson and Kate Beckinsdale. So, it should have explained how these sickos came to be spying on couples, transitioning into scaring and killing couples, then into them building this elaborate maze of ways INTO Room 6, the only actual real hotel (well disgusting hotel room) room now on the premises, because they rest are either unusable, or being used as ways for these 3 psychos to spy or get into the room. And there wasn't even a mention of building underground tunnels or connecting to the garage down the road where the owner "directs" couples to the hotel, because he is one of the psychos. This made NO sense, it was SOOOOO bad and sucked BIG time.

Then I found out Sandy had bought an array of "cheaper" games for the DS. She had me try out the Garfield game, and if it was as difficult for me, as it was for her, she is returning it. Now I got to Odie in Level 1 like 6 times, but get Odie AND Garfield UP to where the keys were? Impossible (and I say this with a big fat thick fake French accent)! And just when I finally DID it, Garfield dies (he loses energy SO fast, it is sick) and it just pisses me off! If you can't even get past the first level, after an hour, Ughhh!! Forget it! She is returning it.

I played an array of word puzzles on one game. It will be good for trips. Crossword, Word Find, Sudoku, etc. I played Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. Am I? Most certainly NOT. I tried out Left Brain, Right Brain 2, assuming it was going to be about using your brain. Ummm, it really isn't really. It is about getting more ambidextrous, which is interesting, but not the brain excercises I was looking forward too. I mean, it should NOT be called the title it is, because it is very misleading. Fun, but misleading. And you always start a new challenge first with your good hand, so by the time you GET to your bad hand, NOW you know what you are doing, so I think NATURALLY you will do just as good, if not better, with your bad hand. You finally GET it! I also tried the UNO, SKIP-BO,etc game. I played like 8 hands of UNO, an all time fave game, and first, they SO play by other rules I wasn't taught, and second, I NEVER won...that's when it died, the DS, I mean, it was in need of charging. Agghhh!! I wanted to win just once tonight! I didn't get to attempt the pure crossword puzzle one, but that's okay, I have never done well at them. I can start them, but usually never finish them.

Now I am about to watch Saw V. I know, the last 2 did not even make SENSE. The first two had a flow (bloody for sure, I had to fast forward SO much...why do you think I wait for them on dvd?!! Too much even for ME!), the next two just got...huh?...but it is like a compulsion, I HAVE to know how it either ends, or how they make it even MORE confusing. And how can Tobin Bell even be in this? His dead body was real at the beginning of the last so I dunno...maybe it is a Tobin face (and I mean FACE) mask. You know how sick HE was, and his first protege? Ugghh so gross and even crueler. Jigsaw actually DID give you an escape, how gross and painful or evil it might be. Amanda just wanted you to THINK there was a way out and then BAM, you die painfully anyway. *shivers* I will be holding the remote now to fast forward the bloodiness. I hope it finally comes to an end. This is too much even for me!

P.S. Part of the reason I need to see it also? Scott Patterson!! Luke from Gilmore Girls! I am a fan, so complusion and fandom = Wendy being scared witless. And me a fan of horror am scared. You guys who are scared of even thrillers? STAY AWAY!!!! I gotta get Max to lie near me....scarrrrrreeeeedddddd.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Colors and a Movie

Man, and I KNOW colors, I have taken a Color Class, seriously! It was called the Study of Color! And the bloody test wouldn't take viridian!! That is one of my favorite shades of green to use/add to other colors! I couldn't believe I forgot colors like azure and amethyst!! It wouldn't take jade but would have taken emerald!!Grrrr!

Created by OnePlusYou - Free Dating Sites

I think it has GOT to be the pressure of the 5 minute time limit. Because if you were given, say, an hour, I bet you could get at least a 100 out of the 200+. I am SURE some of you could. I think I could, I got 37 in 5 minutes. So....blahhhh!

I decided to do a review of a movie that is NOT new by any means, but if you haven't seen it, then here ya go! The movie I watched tonight was "Disturbia". Yeah these guys SO had the name BEFORE Rihanna stole it, okay!!

Anyway, this flick, starring Shia Labeouf, Carrie-Ann Moss and David Morse is a phenomenal film! It has comedy, action, suspense, romance, you have it! It is very cool, in it's Alfred Hitchcock-ian ways. It is reminicent of Rear Window but with a totally 21st Century spin, and the actual Hitchcock film had nothing on this, in my opinion. And I am a fan. Love Psycho and The Birds, etc.

The story is centered on Kale (Shia) who after a tragedy, gets in trouble one too many times and ends up house-bound by the courts. If he goes past a certain point in his yard, his leg bracelet monitor goes off, and cops show up, so he can't leave. And his mom (Moss) decides to cut off his x-box, itunes, etc. because this 3 MONTHS is not a time for him to be on vacation. So Kale must find a new way to entertain himself. Thus, he starts spying on his neighbors, and finds amusement in what he sees. He even gets a new neighbour, who makes his heart go pitter-pat. But what is with his weird neighbour Mr. Turner (Morse)? What is he up to? Why does he mow his grass twice a day? What secrets could HE be hiding? So he enlists the help of his best friend Ronnie and his new crush Ashley, to help him spy, and do the "leg work". What will they find? And can Kale last the 3 months of being stuck in one place, and overcome the tragedy that lead him down this path? THAT you will have to rent the movie to find out! It is really good, even my sister Kat who LOATHES horror movies, can watch this suspense film and likes it!

This film showcases the talent that LaBeouf started really displaying in "The Greatest Game Ever Played", and has gone on to show in "Transformers"♥ and "Eagle Eye"♥, etc. He had to carry this movie as the main person you "spend" your time with, and he succeeds wonderfully. This was the movie where I decided I ♥ Shia. He is just funny, fearless but filled with an inner sadness too. And he portrays it greatly. Moss is more of a secondary character, and Morse has his best stuff in the second half of the film. It is really an enjoyable experience and I bet you would all love it, so GO, rent it right now!

Brought to You by the Letter W.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Bloody Valentine Review

Yes, I DID see my Jensen today. No it was NO with my Dad. It figures, with his bad knee (so bad there was that ER trip), that he would go out and snowblow instead of asking for help this morning, and re-pulled something in his leg and could not move. So my Mom said she would go if we went to a earlier showing. So we went, and I had a pit in my stomach that the theater would be like last night, but we were there 45 minutes early. So we were able to get tickets (they charged 12 bucks!!!), get pretzel bites with cheese (mmmm), pee, and get inside the theater as number 3 and 4 in line. So we grabbed seats high up enough and right in the center for good viewing, especially in 3-D. We ended up waiting quite awhile, the only drawback of getting there so early. My Mom left as soon as we sat down to use the facilities herself, and told me when she got back, we got our tickets just in time, the lobby was now getting very packed. So we waited and waited, more and more people entered, until the big theater was 3/4 full. I hated that there was someone directly in front of me (she kept opening her cell during the movie!! That is SO annoying) and in back of me (kept kicking my seat darn it!), but luckily no one was next to me, besides Mom of course. Needed to be able to grab onto her if needed.

And so the previews wound down and the sign, put on your glasses now flashed. Yay! But it showed a preview for Coraline in 3-D and a lot of it was really fuzzy and it turned out not to be just me and my glasses, so basically the whole movie, the 3-D made it kind of blurry. I now wish I had just gone to Southington and watched it normal! Grrrr, making Jensen blurry sometimes! I definitely did NOT need the (as Jamie Kennedy's Randy says in Scream) gratuitous naked/sex scene, where the chic was completely naked for like 5 minutes straight, even while being chased and killed!! I was like, GRAB a bloody blanket, when I was not looking away, whenever privates flashed I glanced away, it is SO unneccesary!!

The movie was alright. I liked that they ended it in the more traditional scary movie way. Everyone is happy, they think all their troubles are over, the bad person is dead...or is he/she? Mwahaha! I will not spoil it by saying who the killer is definitely, but I would have preferred a different outcome. That is probably why I am not raving about it, and it WAS really bloody as the title said, and the 3-D was making a lot of it hard to see. But noo doubt, I will rent it on dvd, and make sure I don't NEED to own it as my Jensen is in SO much of it! He is soooo HOT! Kerr Smith and Jaime King did fine work also, as did whoever actually WORE that freaky costume and looked so big and scary! When we walked out we saw a little girl had been taken in to see this movie, she looked maybe 4 or 5, and we were like, That is SO wrong! I am glad to say I will never likely need to go INSIDE a mine because I will never DO SO now! They are so dark, you really would never know who was behind the next corner! It definitely had the suspense aspect as I was sure at one point who the killer was, thn changed my mind, then changed it back, then hoped not, then was sure it was more than one guy, etc, etc. So that was quite nicely done. And I kind of feel sympathy FOR the killer now, as I really thought about it on the walk out and the drive home. The killer had some good reasons to turn into a pick axe-wielding psychopath!

It was funny because one of the previews was for the remake of Friday the 13th, which stars Jared Padalecki, Jensen's costar and BFF from Supernatural. My Mom was like when did they take the time off to do these. Ehhh I told her probably during the writer's strike (or summer but I bet the strike).

No Jensen!!

Got myself ALL prepared to see My Bloody Valentine in 3-D tonight. And it was hard as I really did not sleep for no reason at all, but I was determined to see my Jensen Ackles on the big screen AND in 3-D!!

We get to the theater and even on the opposite side, we find ONE space next to a giant snowdrift. As we are heading inside, a few people said Good Luck, and this made me and my Dad (the only person willing to go see it with me) very wary. We get inside and at all 4 stations of the concession stand there were at least 30 people in every line! We had to PUSH past people to make it to the ticket stands, which we were hoping were reasonable okay. I mean we are there 30 minutes early! And then I stopped, my Dad was across the entry way and had stopped too. There were at least 120 people in line, ALL over the entire ticket area. The line was so long it was going out the doors...into the 10 degree weather. And I knew, this was not going to happen. My Dad walked up to me, he had promised me we were going TODAY and were seeing this. I had been talking about this for weeks and after the fight and the week I have been having, he promised to take me Saturday no matter what. So he was really upset for me. I mean neither one of us likes crowds and this was scary crowded. Like not this bad on Christmas, scary. And it is usually crowded on Christmas. He was like "wanna go to the mall? (which he loathes) shopping? west farms(mall)? Meriden Square(mall)?" and I felt like ehhhhh, and I love shopping, it just did not feel appealing. I had been so psyched. But it was really futile. He said more ideas (shopping ones) and mentioned Target, and I was finally "okay I guess". At least Target has a bit of everything, so maybe Dad would not be bored either. As we walked out we discussed the craziness inside and saw more people walking in and I thought to myself "good luck". Even if you were seeing a movie that has been out for weeks like Yes Man or Bolt, getting though that line for tickets? You were gonna miss a lot of the movie, if not the whole dang thing!

We got there, went immediately to the guy's clothes. I LOVE the graphic tees that Target has for men. Stranded and Tell the People are thin, which are all I will buy, THIN tees, and have cool graphics which are just my thing. Dad wanted to GO shopping. He wanted to buy me some stuff, told me to leave my wallet (I ignored him), etc. And I had asked a worker, will you get more of these shirts in (I was there a few days ago and had seen 2 I was interested in but none in my size) and she was all Yeah totally, they are brand new and we get them like every other day. Were my shirts in? Nope and that saddened my Dad because he was all set to take them from me and get them. He was like shoes? Purse? And I was like No thanks. I really have enough shoes and purses for now. I haven't worn some of the shoes I have bought, ever. At least 3 or 4 pairs. So we looked at headphones, he was like you want a ipod speaker set like Sandy's, until he say it was like $75, which was fine by me, I don't listen to it THAT often. We looked at DVR's, as he returned mine from Christmas because it did NOT have a tuner, but they had none. We looked at cameras and I drooled over SLR's while he drooled over a video camera the size of a cell phone. LOL.
Then we got to the movie section and my dad was like, score! You love movies! It was not as easy as he or I thought. We ended up in the TV on DVD section and he would point to shows I watch, and I had to sadly say, "Own it". He was so "aggghhhh", this happened a lot. He would see like House, and I had to break it to him, Dad I own all 4 seasons, it's Hugh Laurie! Finally he saw the mini first season of Sarah Connor Chronicles, which I actually don't own and being so short, pretty cheap, so I said maybe. He dropped it in the cart like it was a done deal. We went through section after section, and I either own it, or find it lame, or it was awful, or so old and lame I would never watch it. I saw Pan's Labyrinth which made me look for The Orphanage, which is also by Guillermo Del Toro, AND in a foreign language but it really was good. I was very iffy though, BECAUSE it is in another language, so I do have to READ the movie at the same time. We got to the cheap section, movies that have been on sale forever, and I saw Big Fish. I own it on vhs but on DVD with a sale that was 2/$9? I thought this might be okay. I saw Rain Man which I have never seen but my Dad thought I would really like, and grabbed Short Circuit to think about. We ended up near one more display which at every Target I have been to, is no one near the other movies. alot are kids movies, but I glanced over and saw The Trouble with Angels!! I had loved this old movie when I was younger, it has Hailey Mills as a teen, and we could only get it back then from the library until they no longer had it, so it has been EONS! I knew for SURE I wanted that one ($4.50 yay!), but held Orphanage, Rain Man, Big Fish and Short Circuit in my hands as "maybe's". It wasn't my Dad's fault we didn't see the movie. And he said we would try tommorrow. Yes on Sunday, because MAYBE it will be less crowded because a work day is the next day (PLEASEEEEE!!)

I grabbed 2 lip stains (I have no idea if they will be good, but Drew Barrymore is the spokesmodel and my love of stains for lips? I couldn't pass that up. And a mascara, I am HOPING the one that commercials have been claiming makes your lashes look so long, it is like you are wearing fake lashes. I bought this stuff.

My Dad wanted to get me all the movies I had found but I fought him. He was trying to rip them from my hands and I tried to bite him (not hard people!) and he said you don't know where that's been or when I last washed them, which he KNEW would gross out my germaphobic self!! I told him it would make me feel bad and he told me to stop it, that he wanted to do this. I STILL feel guilty even though my Mom told me to knock it off too. I know the proper response, Thank You, but I also feel like I just don't deserve this much niceness. I don't know.

Anyway, we are trying for tommorrow. My Mom and I ended up watching The Day After Tommorrow, which was apopro with this weather, but I swear it made it feel even colder!! We turned up the fire, made hot cocoa and still, BRRRRRR!

Anyway, another day of this week gone by. Please Sunday bring a better week, even half better, my way!!

P.S. My 2 friends who sent me emails, I WILL get back to you. I am just so emotional right now they get me all teary, so I just need a day or two so I can respond without crying. In a good way!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fun Tag and Thanks

I really want to thank the people who have had such nice comments on my last few posts, it has meant so much to me. After such a bad week, all I really wanted was some kind words from my friends and you really came through. I have to ignore the anonymous's of the world because they really don't know me, and TRY to remember that some people just don't get my sense of humor YET, or remember things may sound different in other parts of the country/world.

Anywho, I saw this Tag at Not The Rockerfeller's and it looked fun, so I am using it as my Post for today. By the way, ate at Bertucci's, had a yummy 4 cheese ravioli with meat sauce dinner and have been napping on and off. It just happened, zzzzzzz, zonked in and out for a few hours. I guess the body just needed to cat nap! So here goes the tag!

Yes, after Wendy from Peter Pan and the Beach Boys song Wendy

Last night, and wrote about it last night. It was a horrid day, week actually, hoping Sunday will bring a new BETTER week!

Not really, it is still too bubbly, like in high school! And I tend to mix cursive and print so I think that may annoy some people!LOL!

Boar's Head Golden Classic Chicken Breast sliced very thin!

not that I am aware, just kidding, LOL! Nope none!

I surely hope so.

Errrrr Okay I might be a wee bit sarcastic. I think sarcastic and pessimistic go hand in hand!

Yep, no ice cream in a hospital for me. Bummer I know!

No bloody way. I don't "love" heights. And knowing my luck, I would be the bad statistic and the bungee would break. AAAAGGGHHH!

Lucky Charms, hey I love them marshmallows. When I am healthy, Crispix, mmm.

No and they have laces. My everyday Vans I don't even have to untie to put on, my fake chucks yeah I have to untie to put ON, and my fake rocketdogs,etc are slip ons. I LOVE Payless!

Personally I don't find myself so. Some people have said they think I am, but I have a hard time seeing it, if it is true.

Cherry Vanilla

Smiles, if they seem nice/laid back, etc.

totally depends.

Too many to count. I definitely HATE my shyness!!

My grandparents. A lot.

I am wearing no shoes, just socks. And turqouise pj pants with Thumper all over them, tre chic!

A breadstick Handisnack and string cheese.

I am watching 90210, yes I am hooked. I am weak what can I say!

A cool blue-ish green-ish color, a mix of my two faves!

Baby Powder, Oranges, Coconut are the main ones.

Ohhh that not good convo with big brother.

Gymnastics!! Did you SEE Nastia and Shawn at the Olympics, those chics ROCKKKK!

At the moment? DARK red. Usually? Fiery BRIGHT red. I am waiting for when I feel happier to go back to my happy bright red! SOON I hope!

Green with yellow flecks, my parents call the cat's eyes

No. the thought of stivking my fingers INTO my eyeball makes me shudder.

Cheese for sure. Then Mashed Potatoes and gravy. Then chicken. Mmmmmm.

Both! I even prefer my horror movies to have happy endings!

The Family That Preys.

White with Cup Of Noodles drawn on it by me.LOL

Winter because you can PUT ON more clothes, but in the summer girls can only take off SO least this girl.

Hugs are so under rated, they are so comforting!

Hmmmm hard one. I love the Black Tie Mousse Cake at Olive Garden. I love homemade cookies of ALL kinds. And brownies. And plain cheesecake with strawberries on top!! Oh the one at Cheesecake Factory is SOOOO good!!

Uhhh Soap Opera Digest?

Just blue.

ABC soaps, Smallville, part of Supernatural....dang falling asleep during my Jensen!!

Sound of a fan on high (need it to fall asleep), the ocean hitting the beach (hardly hear this ever), windchimes

Beatles baby. In the beginning anyway. Gimme 8 Days a Week!!!

Minnesota I think is farther than Florida from me.

I think art, if I do say so myself.

New Britain, CT

I tag:
Up for grabs. If you want it, go for it!

Friday, January 16, 2009

PS on Last Post

I can hardly believe this but Sam read my ENTIRE blog. She said she may not be able to finish it for days, but she came downstairs like 20 minutes ago and said it was a really easy read so she got through it quicker than she thought. I was like how much of it did you read? And when she said ALL OF IT, my jaw dropped! She was like I DO read fast which is why I have such a book problem. She does, she will buy 4 and be done the next day, poor kid. So she runs out constantly.

She couldn't believe the secrets I revealed about MYSELF, like how I make sure I do NOT get any white underwear because of the system, so I do some switcheroo-ing. She said I was quite chatty on here, that I went from one subject to another like WHOOSH (I did tell you all I am a segue Queen), and that she was glad I was able to talk so much and be so open on here. Yeah I got teary.

She said to ignore the people who made me feel bad, actually she said to delete them, but I told her you can't delete people. She got kinda ticked on my behalf, said I don't need people in my life that will make me feel bad and doubt myself. She said "you even explained when you said bimbo and Katie in the same sentence that bimbo is a nickname (endearment) in our family".

I laid my head on her shoulder and she hugged me. She said again there was nothing on my blog I had to feel bad about, that she read it ALL, and she should know. My sister is amazing. She did this for me in a matter of hours and has given me the comfort of knowing I have never written anything hurtful about her, Katie or my parents. And to be given permission to vent about her when we do have a big fight is just a bonus. Knowing it is fine with her, this was all her, I did not ask the question, is just even sweeter. I love my Sammie.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What is Wrong With Some People?, etc.

So I turn on my computer tonight and read the comments left after my post last night. And the last comment is an anonymous one. I was like, Heyyy never had an anonymous pot before so I read it. And am shocked and flabbergasted. Did I delete it? You bet your bum I did!

This cowardly person said I was often mean to my family and said things like calling my sisters white trash. I was like "what the crap?!", as I never recall, even in a state of Ambien, EVER saying something so mean and rude about my sisters. In fact, as far as I could recall, I haven't even had anything really bad to say so far about either, unless Sandy returning a Nintendo which made me cry is an insult, or that Katie sitting with me as I bawled is a bad word. This freaked me out so much, I just spent 2 hours going through ALL 178 posts I have, to make sure, to myself, that I have never done such a thing. And I haven't. I thought as I was winding down to the last 25 posts, hey make sure that nothing in the What Not to Wear could be misconstrued as that, and there wasn't. So I re-READ all my posts I have ever done, and don't see insults to my sisters anywhere. And I already said that I didn't find anything insulting about my few statements about my big brother, but erased the few things he and his wife had felt embarassed by. And there have been no big blow-ups between my Dad and I, so no big posts about him, and NO bad things about my Mom. And yes I was a little mad at Max for biting me, but I don't think that insults my dog.

So I have no idea where this rude person decided they were getting their information from. I wrote that last post FOR my brother and his wife, to make sure THEY knew my feelings. And I have had ONE misunderstanding with a bloggy BFF, but WE talked and worked it out. So where this person gets to claim I am mean to people and insult my family and call my sisters name, is crap. And it made me very angry and I am mad that they made me doubt myself so much, that I spent 2 hours going through my own posts to make sure to myself I never talked about them that way. Maybe these anonymous people LIKE to make trouble, rock the boat, create drama, but I am letting them know NOW, your comments WILL be erased and you are NOT welcome here if you are just trying to spread poison. I will do what I can to protect myself and my blog friends here from vipers like you!

Anyway, on to a less worrisome subject, movie reviews. I could not watch more than 15 minutes of "My Best Friend's Girl". I didn't even want to watch that much, but first I thought, okay once Kate Hudson appears, it will get better, then when it didn'y I was like, man this is a movie I am trying to watch with Kat, but at 15 minutes in, I said " I am sorry Kate I can't do it" and was relieved she felt the same. It was just so offensive and disgusting, I just give it an F. Dane Cook was decent with Jessica Simpson so I thought, Kate Hudson it will be okay. But I should have remembered he made a BAD movie with Jessica Alba too, so it does not matter how good the costar is, if Dane Cook is in it, it will most likely be GROSS.

Then I watched Mirrors with Kiefer Sutherland, who I still adore to this day. No I am not a 24 watcher, I am a movie Kiefer fan. And I really liked the movie, it had spooks, suspense, twists, but then the last 3 minutes happened, and that is what ruined it for me. I HATED how they ended it. If they had just given it a better ending I would have said I loved it! But the way they chose to end it, the depressing nature of it (and no I do not mean he is dead, that is the alternate ending) all, just ruined it for me. It is SO disappointing when they ruin a movie at the last few minutes, when it was SO good up until then!

I have not seen "Swing Vote" yet, but did start Tyler Perry's "The Family That Preys" and it is proving interesting. I am not bored at all, we will have to see how it ends though. Man Alfre Woodard's oldest daughter is such a .... witch! I just wanna slap that snotty look off her face! I mean, it's Alfre for crying out loud. Whenever I see her in a movie, she is a sweetie or a tough but loving momma bear!! She does not need an ungrateful brat of a daughter that uses her! Hmmph!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hurt Feelings and other Quandries

Sorry I didn't post or comment last night. I did a NO sleep thing again, and had a panic attack around 4pm, so I took a shower to relax and was told to lay on the couch and relax, Sam even gave me her DS to play Mario.

Anyways, I feel asleep on the couch at about 9pm and slept until 2:30 in the morning before waking with a migraine...could anything possible get any worse? I think not. No sleep, a night of crying then waking up from SLEEP, to a migraine. It kept me up for hours. But then I did sleep. And my parents took me out to dinner went to Chili's and I was SO stuffed. I rented 4 Redbox so I needs to get hopping!! I am going to try and shhh copy two so I only need to watch 2 tonight. Mirrors and My Best Friends Girl. The two I may "borrow" are The Family That Preys and Swing Vote. I will tell you if they was good, yes WAS.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sooo Love Kate + Anne!

Okay yes I am such a deviant Mormon. I went out tonight and saw a movie! On a Sunday! Hey we were cabin fevered so Katie and I went to a 10:10 showing of the movie "Bride Wars"! I ♥LOVED♥ it!! Critics did not give it a great review, this is why I should BE a critic, I will give a REAL opinion! I loved it, it was hilarious!
Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway have such great chemistry together, it was like they have been real life best friends for eons. Their war is absolutely hysterical, and they are so devious it made me laugh so hard which felt wonderful! The supporting cast is excellent too, the brides "maids of honor" are so funny and mean at the same time, and wait until you see Anne Hathaway's dance skills, I was flipping out! LOL! It is SO worth the 10 bucks to go and see this movie! You laugh, you cringe, you get a little sappy, it is GREAT!

Now I go onto an evening of TV, I recorded my Housewives, Brothers & Sisters and a new guilty pleasure, Confessions of a Teen Idol. I saw the first episode, I know ALL those guys, I have always been a TV addict even for OLD shows! Fame, TJ Hooker (well I didn't watch that on even reruns but I remember this dude and his HAIR), Baywatch, Blue Lagoon, Real World Season 1 and 90210/rockstar! It is produced by Scott Baio and Jason Hervey(older bro on Wonder Years). The 7 guys want the spotlight again. It is very interesting, with men-fights, LOL!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snow, Mario and Jensen

Okay I DON'T feel like this today, even with the bit of trouble I had sleeping last night, I only got a solid 7 hours and I need SO much more to feel normalish and am still trying to catch up, but the fact that I slept after all that time, makes me feel like I am NOT squished roadkill today!!

There is a big Nor'Easter over CT today, started around 3, and is supposed to keep through the night and not stop until around noon. 8 inches some guys say, a foot others say. So far, not near a foot, but it has 8 hours to go. Gina, Katies' BFF from Bellydance, and who I adore, was over until midnight. They spent a lot of time looking at bellydance costumes online, etc. But then Gina got to talking about something I have joked to Katie about too, although I too, was kinda serious. Katie belongs on What Not to Wear. She insists on wearing coats that were mine or Sam's when we were BIGGER, so on her size 10/12 body she looks ridiculous. So Gina did our house...and I let her put my name on it too. Now I feel awful and guilty, but Katie has been entered into the What Not to Wear shuffle. IF she actually got picked, I would SOOOO go to her closet and steal the nice clothes out so they didn't get rid of the good stuff. Stacey hates stuff that has spandex or stretchy fabric, I LOVE it and it looks good on Kate so I will so hide stuff. And lie if asked, I shall feel no guilt. They may give you 5k, but they make you shop at PRICEY stores and some of the stuff she has was pricey or not hers to begin with. SO THERE TLC! It would be so weird if she got picked though. Oy. Katie read Gina's entry email she wrote and it was funny (the what she tends to wear parts) but so sweet too, she just showcased all of Katie's great friend qualities, it was so sweet!

And guess what? I swear she will just bring it back and then I will go all withdrawl-ey again. Sam bought another Nintendo DS. This time she bought just the Mario game (if you take the 37 she spent the first time she bought it, subtract the 12 that she got back for it 4 hours later, and add the 35 she spent on it today, she bought that sucker for 60 bucks!) and let me play it, it is WAY harder than when Mike DID have a Gameboy, I mean the FIRST gameboy people, grey and the screen is black and grey. Mario was way easier then. It took me hours to get to World 2 Level 5. And you can't just SAVE your game, it only lets you do that is some places, so I had to replay levels so many times and died at least 75 times along the way. I want her to try that whole for $15.95 a month you can have any game for as long as you want and send it back and get another game,etc, but she says too pricey. My brain is going, that's be like 4 Mario priced games, if she did it for a year. I NEED to find a place that rents DS games in person. Then I can RENT them myself and try out games and then....urrghh I am addicted after a few hours. She is just gonna return it again I swear and I will be all sad again. I NEED a place that I can GO to that rents!! Ayayay!

I think my body is getting used to the Lamictal better. I am up to 4 pills a day and only had 2 days of bad or no sleep, so hopefully as I progress up to 8 a day it will continue to (my body) get used to the Lamictal and stop keeping me awake. Otherwise I know I will not be able to stay on it. Up for 30+ hours at a time cannot be good for the depression and mood swings the drug is supposed to BE helping. That is why I really hope I get used to this one, I really want to see if it helps.

Ohh I just saw another commercial for My Bloody Valentine 3-D and I want to see it so bad! First, a 3-D horror movie, sounds fascinating. But the BIG draw? Jensen Ackles!! I LOVE him! We are even the same age and he is SINGLE! Wendy Ackles sounds nice dontcha think?! Ahhhh Jensen my LOVE! You are SO hot! And that smile! I have loved Jensen forever. I watched him as Eric Brady on Days of our Lives (forever ago), I watched him as Alec on Dark Angel, and now Supernatural!! LOVE that show, and yes a HUGE part of it is HIM, why I love this show. Yes I love the concept, story lines, people, etc. but Jensen, well LOOK AT HIM. If you have nothing nice to say though, be careful, I will Defend The Jensen!:)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pilaf and SOOO Lost!

Yes that is Rice-A-Roni I chose to put on my post. I am making it right now, it is my friend and the only rice pilaf, okay rice, I like. It is yummy. I thank my sister's friend Raz for making her a meal while visiting, that included this. She liked the meal so much she made it after he was gone and I was like "LAAAAAAAAA I LOVE THIS, LAAAAAAAA (kind of trumpet noises if you will)" and now it is a staple in our house, I eat it for meals which is what I am doing now. At the most I can eat a small bowl, but usually with my special dissected tummy, not even a bowl, so that means left over rice, which I WILL eat, butdefinitely not as good as FRESHLY made pilaf. Mmmmmm. Like 13 minutes and it will be ready for me. Mwahahaha!

Yes I am a bit happy right now. My parents would have let me sleep for more than 24 hours if they could have, but I was too worried that it would really mess up my sleep schedule and make it definite that I would sleep badly, so I got up after 15 hours of sleep. I KNOW that sounds decadent, but after 2 Days of being up, you split that in half and it is 7 1/2 hours of sleep for each night. Seriously stop laughing. I see you. THROUGH the screen. Like that creepy episode of Criminal Minds. Oooooohhhhh. Spooky. LOL. I was not able to watch ALL of Transformers last night, I did NOT remember it is 2 hours and 23 minutes, so I am SO sorry Shia, I will finish seeing you tonight, never fear. And I only have either 8 or 10 episodes left of Lost before I have rewatched all 4 seasons. Yay, I am SOOOO ready to see what happens next! WILL they return to the island (they better), ALL of them, is Locke REALLY dead and for GOOD,what about CLAIRE, what happened with the people left behind, is Gin REALLY dead, HOW can BEN return to the island when he said he could never go back...and so many more things I just can't get all written down!! LOL, Yes I AM a LOST fanatic!

I want to thank everyone for their nice comments about my poem. I was very unsure how it would be received. I DID write it while angry with a person who was supposed to be a friend and turned out to not be a very good/nice person, and tried to put it all on me, before admitting months later it was all on her, but still offered no apology. So I wrote it quite awhile ago, but was afraid it was no good, so I am very glad a lot of you liked it. If I COULD write music, I so would put a few of mine to song. Sometimes they seem like lyrics to me too. When I am sad or mad is when I can really write poetry. I have tried to write about happy times, but it SUCKS! There are rhymes going on and I sit there and I don't SEE it visually, the way I can with these. If I can't SEE a picture in my head when I read my own poem to myself, I scrap it. It means I don't even FEEL it, so I am not going to show anyone else something that I can't connect to.

Well my pilaf is ready, it is sitting on the coffee table all hot and ready to consume, so I bid you all a goodnight, while I go get my fill of soap operas and then SHIA. Riiiiiccceee-A-Roooonnniiii the San Francisccccoooooo TREAAAATTTTT!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Poetry and Rants

Ehhh I am awake for over 30 hours again. It is partly my own fault this time. I got OCD about something and it really upset me, so tears were pouring, chest was all tight, and until I fixed it I could not rest or be okay. Anyway I have usually fallen asleep for a few hours from like 8 to midnight on these horrid days, but it did not happen this time...HOW RUDE!! See this is me...still awake!! Yes I am petulant. :)

I did go out to El Sombrero's with the fam, tried Quatro, which gives you mexican rice, beans, a chicken taco, a chicken chimichanga and a cheese enchilada. It was my first real chimichanga and mmmm it was good! Of course half my meal is in the fridge for my Dad to pick at. I HATE most left overs that need to be heated up. Casserole and our crockpot chicken are basically it, oh and pizza and rice pilaf. Mmmmmm!And my mom had the mariachi band play Feliz Navidad, she was like Christmas WAS just 2 weeks ago!LOL!It was very fun, I hated food AFTER because I ate too much, or too quick, but when my stomach stops being full, I will love it again! I need a Shia fix, so after I read all your new posts I am off to watch Transformers!!LOVE IT!!!

And here is a poem I wrote, let me know what you think!

I Thought

I thought you had my hand and back

That we would find the way together.

But I’m standing at the edge alone

With the wind pushing at me to fall.

I thought we gained strength from the other

But suddenly I find I am weak.

I thought I found a sister soul

A shelter for my heart.

But you tore through that so quickly

Like a twister in the night.

I trusted you with my secrets

And you used them to unleash my tears.

I thought we were helping the other make it up the ladder

Pulling on each other when we grew tired and scared.

But you released my hand and sent me tumbling

Back to the start, alone.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Movie Confusion and Amanda Seyfried

Okay man those other 2 movies last night were odd...interesting, but odd, weird, huh-worthy. The Alphabet Killer, the smartest detective (Dushku) is so obsessed with the case when it is just ONE girl, she starts seeing things and when they take her off the case she snaps and tries to off herself, her break, she is diagnosed as schizophrenic. 2 years later, a desk cop, no longer a detective another girl with matching initials, this time W.W. and left in Wilton, and SHE knows it is happening again, and now 2 girls start to haunt her and then another murder and so 3 haunt her, I still am not so sure this is part of her disease, I think they know she is like a sensitive and are trying to get HER to solve the case. But she is unraveling more and more, and finally escapes being locked up again for 2 weeks and goes to hide at a friends house, she met him through her therapy group. She wakes and he isn't there and looks for him, finds books that belong to the church she thinks is the three girls one link and finds a pic of her friend and KNOWS this is the common link. He tried to kill her she runs, he gets away. And she is SO unravelled she is put away, the only person who knows who the killer is and what he looks like. They won't listen to her, let alone believe her. Her one cop friend isn;t allowed to see her, and he is probably the only one who could believe her and find the killer. And what does she see as it fades to black? FOUR girls surrounding her as she is chained to a bed, they showed the bad guy looking at another little girl, "an angel". Baahhhhh!!! How unsatisfying!! SHE wa the only smart detective and solves the case but no one listens because she is "crazy", and yeah she is schizophrenic but she is SMART! She knew it was a serial killer after ONE murder...cops suck in this movie.

And Babylon A.D., it was interesting. I felt lost quite a bit of the time. Was this girl he had to smuggle to NY a virus...a robot...a perfect being...what? And she immaculately conceived twins...what? And the babies kept her from dying but then she does die and wants Diesel to be their father...and one looks like the Mom and one looks like HIM? And WHAT are these kids? Are they the dawn of a new age or something? I am so confused!!

Speaking of movies, who did NOT love Amanda Seyfried in Mamma Mia?! Her voice is amazing! I found a youtube video that has two of her prettiest songs back to back and had to share:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Music and Massacred Movie

I have some new songs that are my current faves. This one is called "Careful What You Wish For" by Jonatha Brooke. I love her voice and this song gets stuck in my head and I don't even mind!!

I am lazing again today. I just finished a really cheesy horror movie called "Midnight Movie", I hated the ending with a passion. I still have "The Alphabet Killer" to watch, it is a mystery mostly I think, Eliza Dushku is a detective after a killer who is killing little girls who all have the same initials. I LOVE Eliza, she rocked as Faith on Buffy and Angel, I LOVED her as Tru on Tru Calling (STILL bitter they cancelled that!), and am SO excited for her premiere as Echo on Joss Whedon's NEW show Dollhouse which starts in February!! LOVE Joss Whedon, man brought me Buffy and Angel...yes he pissed me off with Firefly because it took Dark Angel's spot, which was all set for a season 3 until Joss was all I HAVE A NEW SHOW, so they cancelled Dark Angel (I am still mad yup) and had Firefly (I couldn't even watch a whole episode...lame!) in it's spot and look what happened. NO ONE watched Firefly, they cancelled it after ONE season and Dark Angel with Jessica Alba and Jensen Ackles (lllooooovvveeee Jensen) rocked! Sure, I am so glad Jensen is on Supernatural now, I love that show. And Michael Weatherly is Tony on NCIS and I LOVE that show, but Dark Angel was really good too.

Anyway, rant over, I also have Babylon A.D, to watch (hey Redbox is for 24 hours and I AM cheap) some movie with Vin Diesel. I will give it a chance, I like some of his movies. Never got into Fast and Furious and now a third one is advertised and he and all the original people are back...who cares. And I thought XXX was lame. Sue me, I'd rather watch him in The Pacifier! LOL, it is true though. So I am off, yeah yeah funny, to watch some movies. Later guys!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

An Award and TV talk

I got this awesome award from Mary The 1st!! It is my first award in 2009, thus it is very special!! And being from Mary, who I find sweet and hilarious, it is even more appreciated!

I have no idea who does NOT have it, so if you are one of my wonderful readers, consider yourself awarded for being there, giving me advice, and being such good friends!

I am so excited, I have a NEW Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill to watch tonight. I know, I know, i am a tv addict, but this winter hiatus has depressed me so. The only reason I survived it so well, is my trusty ABC soaps, on every day, and I have been re-watching all 4 seasons of Lost, to get myself ready for Season 5!! Only this season and 1 more and it is OVER!! Waaahhh! I mean I am looking forward to the answers to all my questions, but I LOVE these I miss Charlie, I hope Hurley hallucinates him a lot!! When Lost first premiered all I could think was he ws the Lord of the Rings hobbit, finally halfway through season 1, he was Charlie...sorry I just watched him die like 2 days ago, so the pain is *sniffle* fresh again!

I got all excited last Tuesday, I saw what I thought was the 2 hour premiere of a show I have waited like a year for, To Love and Live, with Shiri Appleby who finds her birth father, he is a hit man, and it clicks, killing people is what she has been meant to do all her life. It was funny and cute. And now it seems maybe they only showed the pilot as a movie, and NOT a series!! Noooo! I was so happy and now it's future is SO uncertain...GRRRR!

Anyway, I am watching the drama unfold on All My Children, Bianca is worried Reese, her girlfriend is cheating on her with her brother-in-law Zach. The guy who donated his "lil swimmers" so Bianca and Reese could be Mom's. And Kendall doesn't know yet because she is in a coma and they all think she is dying. Which thank goodness she is not, I LOVE Alicia Minshew's Kendall, she holds her OWN with Susan Lucci as her Mom, man!! Yes, I am hooked on all three ABC soaps, so anyone who wants to talk soaps, email me or talk to me on here, I am addicted to my soapies! LOL!

And here is a NEW Miss Swan to enjoy!

Monday, January 5, 2009

What I need is....

...a normal sleep pattern. Please, my sandman, get back from your vacay!! I LOVE my sleep, especially during the winter when you huddle up under a million blankets. Sure those first few minutes in bed are painfully cold, then is gets all warm and nice!! So please my lovely Sandman, return to me, I will give you cookies!!

Friday night I never went to sleep. I took my Ambien, 2 Tylenol PM, and 3 Valerian root pills. NOT all at once, but once it was like 4 hours after the Ambien and PM I was willing to try anything. But I layed there and nothing. I was able to see a bunch more Lost episodes, very close to being all caught up AGAIN for the new season. I ended up going to breakfast with my Dad, we talked about family stuff,etc. We got back and I watched 1 more episode of Lost and then decided to go out shopping. We needed Walmart stuff so I went there...holy crap, what a mistake! It was January third so I thought normalcy would be back, but I really am NEVER at Walmart at noon, so I wanted to scream, SO many people in lines that I couldn't get PAST them to start shopping, and there went my plans to find some magazines and Archie comics for my Mom to read on workday morning during breakfast (okay I found 1 of each by lurching forward and running back to my cart before someone stole it). I wanted new underwear, when the leg area get loose I want to throw them all away, so I got 4 packages, and since we have a system at my house (I have colored and patterned underwear, my Mom has white, Sandy does her own laudry and Kat's are kinda bimbish and lacey and some have sayings, so easy to do laundry and NO mix-ups!) I open (they have a sticky like envelope opening, so they can be opened and closed - YES, I feel less guilty because what I used to do...NM) and pull out the whites and take the colored and leave the whites all together and buy all colored/patterned ones! I am sure most people do NOT have this system in place so I really don't feel guilty...mostly, LOL!

Then I picked up the standards, T.P., headache medicine,etc. And lucky for me, I found an checkout with only one person in front of me! SCORE! And nope, still wide awake. I decided to go to the Brass Hill mall this time, I have been to West Farms most of the time lately, and hadn't been there in forever. I spent about 2 hours walking to 2 floors....and found NOTHING! Auughhh! Sales and I find nothing I really want. Hot Topic had Twilight stuff but the cute thin tees were all the so-called "womens sizes" which means only a size 2 could fit into their XL!! Grrr! They had Rosalies and Alices necklaces. I should have bought Rosalies, it was vintage-y looking, but I didn't! And they had a Twilight perfume but I wouldn't even smell it, I knew if I LIKED it I would but this cute apple shaped red bottle, as I love perfume, but it was almost 50 bucks!! I got Chanel No. 5 at a permanent Florida flea market for 13 more!! No way!!

I got home and went to see "Yes Man" with my Mom and Dad. We got a small theater with only the almost front row open...and directly behind us? The J's!! PJ and his wife. He was BJ when he was just the Bishop but now he is President so thus PJ. And Sister J...kinda not what I see as a Jim Carrey kinda woman, so I was aware the whole time they were behind us...and let me tell ya, a few REALLY awkward times. I liked it except for one scene, but I know I would have enjoyed it more if the former Bishop and his wife were NOT directly behind us. I felt BAD for laughing during some of the swearing lines, aaaggghhh! And amazingly enough I did not fall asleep. I am notorious lately for falling asleep after a night of sleep, during movies I want to be awake for! But even being up for 24 hours, nope. I liked Yes Man. It was funny. There was even a LDS missionary moment...after the Yes began, LOL. My favorite part was the man on the ledge, if you have seen it you know why, otherwise Go see it and see WHY it made me laugh out loud even with the formr Bish behind me!

After we ate dinner at Taco Bell, I started to feel tired-ish and cold. So I took a shower but told everyone beforehand, IF I fall asleep watching tv, LEAVE me there and do not turn the TV off ( it makes me wake up!). So I was basically out of it until almost 2 in the morning when I had to pee (dang you bladder!) and woke up. I was smart, I made myself NOT go online or anything, I layed there and finished Season 3 of Lost, took my pills (hadn't needed them when I fell asleep on the couch at 8:30pm through 2, so I gave myself a lil while, so that I could ENSURE a long sleep. I fell asleep I think within 25 minutes of taking my pills. My Mom woke me up at 8:30am and I went to my room, and slept for 11 more hours. Hallelujah, it was nice. I was still tired and my Mom said I might have two nights worth of drugs in my system even though they didn't work for almost 36 hours.

I could have slept more, but I want to sleep again tonight! I don't think that is asking too much, but we will see, I had to re-up my new med again today...and I am only up to 4 pills a day. I have to get to 8! My Mom thinks my sleep problems are due to the pills so she had me stay at 3 for 2 weeks instead of 1, and I had better sleep for the most part, so we will see if I have to increase slower than my doc said. She also says it is me, that when she had problems sleeping, it was because of stress and worry, and as I am stressing and worrying, the 2 factors are not helping. We will see. The depression and stuff are still really not changed yet, but stuff getting stuck in my brain is starting to go away faster so I am a lil hopeful. As long as once I am up to 8, it IS helping and I am sleeping regularly again, I will try this med out for as long as is needed to see if this is THE med for me.

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