Thursday, January 8, 2009

Movie Confusion and Amanda Seyfried

Okay man those other 2 movies last night were odd...interesting, but odd, weird, huh-worthy. The Alphabet Killer, the smartest detective (Dushku) is so obsessed with the case when it is just ONE girl, she starts seeing things and when they take her off the case she snaps and tries to off herself, her break, she is diagnosed as schizophrenic. 2 years later, a desk cop, no longer a detective another girl with matching initials, this time W.W. and left in Wilton, and SHE knows it is happening again, and now 2 girls start to haunt her and then another murder and so 3 haunt her, I still am not so sure this is part of her disease, I think they know she is like a sensitive and are trying to get HER to solve the case. But she is unraveling more and more, and finally escapes being locked up again for 2 weeks and goes to hide at a friends house, she met him through her therapy group. She wakes and he isn't there and looks for him, finds books that belong to the church she thinks is the three girls one link and finds a pic of her friend and KNOWS this is the common link. He tried to kill her she runs, he gets away. And she is SO unravelled she is put away, the only person who knows who the killer is and what he looks like. They won't listen to her, let alone believe her. Her one cop friend isn;t allowed to see her, and he is probably the only one who could believe her and find the killer. And what does she see as it fades to black? FOUR girls surrounding her as she is chained to a bed, they showed the bad guy looking at another little girl, "an angel". Baahhhhh!!! How unsatisfying!! SHE wa the only smart detective and solves the case but no one listens because she is "crazy", and yeah she is schizophrenic but she is SMART! She knew it was a serial killer after ONE murder...cops suck in this movie.

And Babylon A.D., it was interesting. I felt lost quite a bit of the time. Was this girl he had to smuggle to NY a virus...a robot...a perfect being...what? And she immaculately conceived twins...what? And the babies kept her from dying but then she does die and wants Diesel to be their father...and one looks like the Mom and one looks like HIM? And WHAT are these kids? Are they the dawn of a new age or something? I am so confused!!

Speaking of movies, who did NOT love Amanda Seyfried in Mamma Mia?! Her voice is amazing! I found a youtube video that has two of her prettiest songs back to back and had to share:

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ramsam said...

Okay- Babylon AD looked so weird I just avoided it (sounds like a good move) but yes, I LOVED Amanda in Mama Mia- did you watch her on Veronica Mars? Such a good show! But she blew me away in this. ANd that body....eye eye eye, oh to be young and hot!

Kristina P. said...

I haven't seen Mama Mia. It just looked bad.

Donna said...

Was it Eliza Dushku who was in that movie? She was in my stake when we were growing up. Oh, the stories I could tell!

Mary said...

Mama Mia was entertaining...but not the best musical. And Pierce Brosnon really shouldn't be allowed to sing, even if it is a musical!

I liked Babylon AD...but it was really weird...and I love Vin Diesel ;o)

Mina said...

I haven't seen any of these, so I have no good comment to make. Sorry. But you're awesome. Are you sleeping okay yet?


Haven't seen it.

Lee said...

Is it bad that I haven't seen mama mia yet?
Don't shoot me!

Wendyburd1 said...

mamma mia rocks, but pierce is a bad singer, lol!

Donna you knew ELIZA DUSHKU?!!!

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