Monday, June 28, 2010

Excited Nauseous

I know that seems so contradictory. I am a contradiction though. I am incredibly excited for the Eclipse party tomorrow, but I am so nervous too I could throw up. Yeah it is so good to be me. I have what feels to me like a hundred little things to do to be ready for me to go. So that I am set and feel prepared and have stuff in case of emergency so I don't go hypoglycemic or if I start coughing, etc. I am making a checklist so I don't forget to take a Nebulizer treatment, etc before I leave.

So I need to go. Plus I have a few things to do for my Dad's birthday which is Wednesday! OY!!

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Good Earth Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Cheryl F. of The Lucky Ladybug for winning the Good Earth Giveaway Prize Pack! I just need your full name and address to send to BlogSpark so that you too can enjoy your awesome prizes!!

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friday Fragments

*I can't get enough watermelon and strawberries lately. Though I never seem to get very much watermelon and I keep picking up more, and even cut up half a watermelon on my own, but it is like other people think they have more of a right to eat it than I do! And as for the strawberries, Katie thinks she has a bigger right to them than everyone else. She says better she eats them than they go bad. But they don't, even my Mom says that concept doesn't go into effect until later in the summer when people are tiring of the summer fruit. We all eat the strawberries, but Sam and I are the ones who buy them and cut them up. So when we go to eat them and the container has only like 6 strawberries left, when 24 hours earlier, it had like 60, yeah we are pissed. We have a right to have strawberries in the house, if she wants MORE, go pick them up and cut them up!

*I am on Nebulizer treatments for my cough now, I start 2 tomorrow as they seem to be helping with the cough and my breathing.

*I found a new favorite place to get graphic t-shirts. Kohl's Apt. 9 t-shirts seem to get new shirts quite often and are more often thin and comfy, which is a must for me! I bought 5 new shirts on Tuesday. Target used to be my GO TO place for tee's but they seem to rarely change what tees they are selling and now they often have thick tees too. Yuck. I have an addiction though, because I haven't even worn these 5 new tees yet and I already want MORE! All my other tees feel too thick now compared to the ones I bought for Florida and in Florida.

* Did you hear one of the rides in Harry Potter World in Universal Studios is apparently discriminatory regarding weight, and it seems breadth of person? You apparently need to be able to buckle up THREE different things so MANY people are being turned away. And there are only 3 HP themed rides in this new area attraction of Universal Studios. I think that sucks BIG time. If my weight didn't get me turned away, I am wondering if my boobs would?!! They are quite large, I have had trouble getting life vests big enough to click shut over them!! Stupid Harry Potter rides!

*And what is this? Kevin Costner is like a genius or something? This is mind boggling. And it was so news worthy when Robert Redford said these are some bad times going on...yeah thanks for the update Robert, we are shocked by your huge insight (I prefer to hear from people like Ian Somerhalder who are FROM places like Louisiana and are there currently trying to help out, even sleeping in their cars, etc...sorry Robert, I can't find your amazing *gagging* insight helpful from your palace in Utah).

*What? Has anyone ever told me I am a sarcastic person?! Nahh! I am a sweet, dainty, delicate flower who *burp* never gets grass stains on her delicate dresses.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm A Gleek

I am such a Gleek. And you know what is odd, about this show? The longer you watch, the more addictive it becomes! You watch one episode and you are okay. I was okay. But then I was in the car accident in November and we had it playing while I was in the ER room, and I wasn't even paying attention, but a song made me want to hear that song again, and soon I was catching up online and then was watching every week just like my sister Sam. And when it disappeared after Sectionals, I had downloaded all the songs I could find onto my Ipod. It was a sickness.

Then it was released on dvd and we began to watch it with my Mom and sister Kate and it was just as addictive, and then they began new episodes and it was like better than ever, and I am such a GLEEK! It made my nights! I would watch the episode and then go get the music ASAP! It is a sickness I tell you! Anytime I see a bit of info that says Glee I am hooked! It is like, a drug, I need to know, WHAT, WHAT IS IT? WHAT CAN YOU TELL ME?!

Do you know how many times I have listened to this song? SICKNESS! Is there anyone with me?! Any fellow Gleeks? I have 97 Glee songs in a Glee playlist on my Ipod...tell me I am not all alone in this Gleek disease? Tell me I have fellow inpatients in the Glee Hospital?!! As I breathe Mr. Schuester, Finn, Quinn, Puck, Rachel, Kurt, Artie, Tina, Mercedes, Santana, Brittany, Sue, Emma, and all the lovely guest stars. Oh Glee where are you?! Glee Season One gets on dvd September 14th....oh yes I DO know that!! Agghhh!!!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Heat is On

It is a busy next 2 weeks in my household. Seriously, my Mom does not love this time of year for some reason, she feels it is somewhat close to being like Christmastime. I have no idea why she would say such a thing.

Just because June 30 is my Dad's birthday, July 3 is their wedding Anniversary, July 4th is my birthday and July 8th is Sandy's birthday...what is the big deal? LOL, no I get it. But hey, apparently Sandy and I did not want to be born in June, we were both over a month over due. But really she needs to get over this fact, since she has had to deal with this since Sandy was born, almost 27 years ago.

And we have to deal with the fact that there is Christmas and almost exactly 2 months later she has her birthday and then like 2 months later is Mother's day. See, also unfair. At least we put 6 months between Christmas and our birthdays, I find that VERY thoughtful!!

It is a very busy time in the house though, always something to be doing, making, buying, etc. So if you haven't started shopping for people yet, YEAH, the heat IS on! I am thinking Katie right now. She never thinks ahead. I have no idea what I want to do on my birthday or even what kind of cake I want. The downside of having your birthday on a national holiday? Nothing is open. So while the rest of the world can go to theme parks or mini golf or whatever, I have very limited options on my birthday. Poo!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day Was a Success...Mostly

Let me tell you how our Father's Day went in our house. Here is my Dad, as a senior in high school. Hi Dad!

Father's Day was for the most part a complete success! Dad was very pleased with the day. I had to stop into Target to get powdered sugar as we ran out while making frosting for his cake. We also picked up candy to bring to the movies. What? We don't like to pay the prices they charge for candy at the movies, it is RIDICULOUS! Rip off! It's why I have a special movie purse. Hehe.

We went and saw The Karate Kid, which we all loved, as did my Dad, he is a Jackie Chan fan. When Jackie is fun anyway. So like the Rush Hours and Shanghai Noon, etc.

We went back to the house and Katie was finally back from Maine. She was supposed to get home in time for the movies, but was in bumper to bumper traffic in Wooster, Mass. for 2 hours. So, she was finally home to be with Dad too. We were able to do gifts after my Dad had to talk to work though. Bloody pains in the butt!
Dad got gift cards, money, tools, candy, etc from everyone else. And cards, he loved everyone's cards. Mine too. Plus I got him 2 dvd's. The dvd queen I am. I got him a Jeff Dunham special, his favorite one he watches on TV. And a triple-play of Mel Brooks' movies: Young Frankenstein, History of the Earth and Spaceballs. That should help with his boredom for a few nights, he sure does hate summertime having no shows on! He also got what I think is his favorite gift from my Mom, a new HUGE water cannon gun. We do a water fight around my birthday for my birthday and now all he wants to know is if he can fit ice cubes in the water holder. NOOOOO!!
We ordered pizza and grinders from an Italian place down the street and went and got it and watched a Chuck which my Dad had never seen before. I think it would make more sense seeing it from the beginning, but he said it wasn't bad. Then we had cake and ice cream, which made my Dad very happy.There was only one thing that my sisters and I and my Mom noticed. We had hoped my Dad hadn't noticed, that he had been too distracted. But apparently he had noticed. And it kept him awake all that night, because he knew it was deliberate. Certain MidWest relatives had not called, even though my Mom had called the day before and left a message reminding, and Katie called on Father's Day. No one answered. Because those relatives screen their calls so they don't pick up when we call. A card arrived the next day, no personalization, not even a Love so and so, just the card message and name. It proved to be a harsh reminder every time he walked by it, so we moved the cards (there was one for his birthday next week too) so he wouldn't see them anymore. Only bump in our day.

My Dad, Kenneth, is an awesome guy. He is a big kid at heart, but he also has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. He tries to stretch himself in a 100 different directions to make everyone happy, even if he isn't feeling so happy. Thus the big kid inside tries to get out and alleviate the tension build up and make people laugh which makes him relax and laugh. He loves to laugh, he loves to have fun. He loves history and memories and family. He will fight for you and keeps trying to learn. My Dad is a good man, and deserves the best.

And shhhh he is going to be 60 in 1 week, June 30th!!!

Dang which one of you opened your traps?!! LOL!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?

Would it seem immature if I told you I wanted to throw something on the floor, stomp my feet, and have a hissy fit, until I was made miraculously better of my current ailments? Crap. I knew you were going to say that. What about if I do it mentally, because it is too late, I am doing it in my brain right now! In fact, lil Wendy is even on her butt on the floor, banging her feet and her fists on the floor having the temper tantrum from HELL.

I am just SO sick of being SICK! I think my Mom was right about the Topamax being what caused the projectile vomit feeling because since we went down to 100mg I am starting to not feel that feeling, for the first time, but I am still having trouble with the constipated thing. So I have to suck back Metamucil or take Amitiza, which is doing nothing much at all. So you might be thinking, Wendy that is one thing gone though so you must be excited. Well, you are right in the fact that not feeling like I am going to go all Linda Blair on everyone, is a relief. It IS. That was the scariest aspect of it ALL.

However, something else is worsening. My cough/respiratory inflamation thing. I was sure it was at it's worse the day we saw the doctor, constant cough, ribs wit stabbing pain, etc. But it has been getting worse. The cough is worsening, more often, getting a barky sound sometimes. It is hard to breath even on the Pregnazone, so my parents have me taking an inhaler. I can feel a kind of raspy, crackling when I cough, and I know that this is probably a BAD sign. The fever is going nowhere and MAN, when I cough I get SO hot, I feel like I am going to explode!

I am just so tired of feeling like doing nothing, going nowhere...I am always in the house just laying on the couch watching BAD summer TV. Nothing good is on in the summer. (Okay lucky for me a few good shows are on at night this summer but still, those are rare times) I am just feeling very belligerent and pouty and want my turn to wake up and feel like a person who can breathe and eat normal and go out and have a fun day out or something. Right now, with all my meds and the codeine cough medicine, I sleep like 12 hours and spend the other 12 others awake feeling exhausted, laying down. That makes NO sense!

Yes I AM complaining about sitting at home, doing nothing but watching TV! Yes, it CAN be too much! TRUST ME, this has been going on almost 1 MONTH and 1 WEEK LONG!!!

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Earth Giveaway

Thanks to MYBLOGSPARK, I got to try a Good Earth dry dinner kit, before it makes it's debuts in the supermarkets. Good Earth dry dinner kits offer a selection of four delectable meals: Mediterranean Chicken with angel hair pasta, Spicy Citrus Glazed Shrimp with angel hair pasta, Herb Crusted Chicken with mushroom risotto and Tuscan Chicken with penne pasta.

Thanks to MyBlogSpark, I received a Good Earth gift pack that included a Good Earth Mediterranean Chicken dry dinner kit, two sets of bamboo flatware, two bamboo dishes, a bamboo utility board and a 100% recyclable grocery tote.

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100% whole grain, no trans fat, no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives, no MSG - just add meat and, voila! Dinner is served.

We were sent
the Mediterranean Chicken with Angel Hair Pasta, but being as we are a household with five grown adults, one box is not enough to fully feed us all, so it was more of an appetizer for us all to try. It seemed to be tasty, but I overcooked the pasta so I think we will need to try it again and with two boxes.

Thanks to MyBlogSpark, I received a Good Earth gift pack that included a Good Earth Mediterranean Chicken dry dinner kit, two sets of bamboo flatware, two bamboo dishes, a bamboo utility board and a 100% recyclable grocery tote.

1 lucky reader will win a Good Earth gift pack like the one I received. The gift pack includes:

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*Disclaimer: I received a Good Earth gift pack in exchange for my honest opinions. The gift pack, information, and additional gift pack for giveaway were provided by Good Earth and MyBlogSpark. I did not receive any monetary compensation. All opinions and thoughts expressed in this post are my own, and different people may have different outcomes.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Book Review: Sixteen Brides by Stephanie Grace Whitson

This was an enjoyable historical novel. Though like many other readers I have seen now, I too, had a lot of trouble at the beginning. With sixteen brides, plus the evil Mr. Drake, etc., you have yourself a lot of characters to try and keep up with. It was quite a bit confusing, and kind of aggravating, I almost threw the book down.

Then things began to click and the story developed nicely and you began to see certain characters stand out, and of course this made all the more sense when Drake's evil plan was revealed. And the stronger women escaped to forge the life they really wanted. Land of their own. A place to call their own.

Strong women is so good to see in literature, especially historical literature. And their solid friendships were very enjoyable. It could be very predictable at times, but the characters more than made up for it, Stephanie Grace Whitson made the bleak Nebraska frontier seem very full of hope and second chances.

*Disclosure: Bethany House provided me with a complimentary copy of this book to review and all opinions are my own.

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Maxie Says Hi

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday Fragments

* I have no idea what I am going to do about my meds at this point. I am taking my Mom's advisement, who has never turned me wrong, and trying her way first. Which is the lowered Topamax dose and keeping the lithium dose as it it for now. So right now I am on 100 mg of Topamax (supposed to be on 200), 600mg of Lithium (supposed to be going up to 1200 a day). And then there are my normal meds, which I know don't make me sick, (I also have no idea of the mg) my Toprol for my heart, my Ambien so I sleep, 2 Celexa a day and 3 Xanax per day. I used to have this cute med case, fit in my hand basically. I was so proud of it, because after the gastric bypass, I was on so few med pills. Now my Mom had to bring me home one of those huge suckers again. That has the day, and 4 compartments for that day. Morning, Noon, Eve, Bedtime. Ugh. I am back to needing to take my meds with milk. Oh you should see me I am frickin amazing...yes that sounds so vain. But with milk, I can take like 15 pills, some BIG, all at once. I know, it's a sad talent.

*I so want to be better for my friend Hannah's Eclipse party! I have wanted to go since I got back from her New Moon party and I hated the movie! But I had so much fun with Hannah and people there! And this time we were going to make sure we ate the amazing food that was there and I was going to get there early to help out and eat as I helped, diabetes be darned! But I am so worried this stomach trouble is going to keep me away and that has made me cry so many times already! I wanna be there so bad, I paid for my ticket already just in case!! Even though there is a person or two going that I am worried will ruin it for me, I want to have fun with my friend who I haven't SEEN in person since Christmas time! So I am freaking out, because I want to go so badly. I was in a car accident the night before the last party but I made it, but that was strangely different. The pain had not fully set in and I was on Percocets. This stomach thing has me more scared than that did. But I dream of being there. Of sitting with Hannah and laughing as I fail her Mom's Twilight quizzes, her mom Naomi does HARD quizzes. Yes I know many Naomi's. It deserves it's own fragment.

* I know Hannah's mom, who is a Naomi. She and Sister H/Jahoodie are sisters. Then there is Jahoodie's daughter Naomi, who is one of my oldest and dearest friends. Pretty sure that would by why she was named Naomi Beth, Beth being one of Jahoodie's other sisters. Then their is the Naomi who is one of my sister Katie's BFF's. She is one of the few friends of Katie's that I like. And now one of my good blog buddies Whitney, had a baby daughter and named her...Naomi! LOL! I have Naomi's all over! I swear there is one more Naomi I just can't remember right this second...and she will probably kill me, crap! Anyway, you might think it would be hard to keep them all straight, but it's not actually. Baby Naomi is easy naturally, you add baby first. Or 'lil, like when I relay a story to someone in my family about something Whitney has posted about her daughter that is especially cute, I may say 'lil Naomi, because they all know these Naomi's too. Then there is Hannah's Mom. She is either Ant Nay or Nay. I call my Naomi, Nao, Nome, and Huey (family nickname, we are family). Often we call Kat's Naomi by first and last name or say Katie's Naomi. It only sucks when Katie calls her friend by the names we gave my friend, now THAT gets confusing!

*Has anyone else been watching the VH1 show The OCD Project? I am finding it fascinating. Sure, okay, maybe part of it has to do with the fact that I have OCD, but nothing compared to the extent these patients have. But I find it interesting that I can pick out things from most of the patients that I do think or fear or do. And seeing them overcome some of their fears is just amazing, especially since there are some things I could NOT do! Could I go to Skid Row and hand out meal tickets and shake peoples hands? Yes. Would I find myself thinking I would like to wash my hands? Yeah probably, I am afraid of germs, but I could do that task. Could I rub my food on a toilet and IN a toilet and then eat it? NO FREAKING WAY. Kick me out of the program, that would not happen. I am proud that Arine could do it, but seeing her do it, made my anxiety rise, LOL! That would be too far for me. I also was fascinated when the Doc realized one of hs patients might have Asperger's so he might not really fit in this program because he doesn't process things the same. I wouldn't think so. I wouldn't think someone like me, who has a bunch of different disorders including bipolar would fit into this specific program. The doc takes no bullcrap, tantrums, etc. And the guy he thinks has this mild form of Autism just makes everything into a math problem and for every thing the doctor says he has an answer that sounds logical to him to counteract that. It is just really interesting to see, and I wonder if this doctor can really cure these MAJOR OCD patients with only 2 weeks of care.

*I am all set on presents for Father's Day, Dad's Birthday and Sam's birthday, YAY! Are you all set for Father's Day?

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Friday, June 18, 2010

MD Visit

So my Mom went with me to see my MD today. Told him about the headaches, coughing, my ribs hurting, etc. He listened to me lungs, my cough, checked my throat, etc. Apparently my respiratory system is inflamed and also, in layman's term's, rattling. He also took my temperature and I have a fever. I am normally about 97.1, so I am subterranean, but I had 100 fever at his office. Now I have been complaining about getting really, really hot, on and off, and I wasn't even hot right then, so we think I might have an even higher temperature at other times during the day and night. OY! So he prescribed an antibiotic, prednazone (I know I probably spelled it wrong) and a cough medicine with codeine. He also gave me a shot of something that is like prednazone right then and there.

We then asked him about Topamax. As it is what my Mom thinks is making me sick to my stomach, though we tried to refrain from saying that to see what he had to say about it. He said the top 2 scariest things people had complained about were the tingling sensation in their hands (hello I have had it in my face and head too!!) and this medical word I can't remember but basically it is the reason I think I got dumb while I have been sick!! Seriously! He picked up his pen and said while people are on Topamax they will want to SAY pen, but they can't get the word out, they know they know it, but can't remember it right then, and it was like *DING DING!!*, my "place where water rains down" for the word SHOWER!! It isn't me, it is the freaking Topamax, I am not dumb, the med is making my seem dumb! Whoo!

Anyway, when we mentioned stomach trouble he said he was shocked my pshychiatrist tried to make me go up to my max dosage so fast, but he thought, as I said it was in conjunction with Lithabid aka Lithium, that I was talking a max. of 100mg. I actually had no idea so we left to go drop the scripts off at CVS. I was upset though. I had been telling my Mom I would only see Dr. A if it was understood that I was not going on any more antibiotics. I have been scared off antibiotics after what happened with the 2 in Florida.

And I want to feel BETTER, not worse. There is an Eclipse party on the 29th I really want to go to, but I am already worried I won't make it because I feel so sick, plus my Dad's birthday is the 30th, mine is July 4th, Sam's is the 8th and my parents 39th anniversary is the 3rd, so I want to feel better for those things, not worse. So I was MAD. And mad ended up being sad, which is depressed and scared, which meant crying. I am scared of these pills. I am one of the most sensitive people to side effects ever, and I cannot handle the thought of the nausea or bathroom troubles getting any worse. I am already crying everyday. So we reached a compromise. I would take the prednazone and cough medicine and see how that went for a week. We would re-evaluate together if things were worse or the same then. We got the pills, they are in the fridge. They got it, I have been like this for a month. And it is not okay, and I am so tired.

Plus my Mom and I had just decided to go down to 2 Topamax yesterday, so I think it is good to not start an antibiotic right now. How am I supposed to tell if I start to feel better if I go on a med that might make me sick? And I did check the mg when we got home. Dr.P my psych. wants me on 200mg of Topamax a day, even though I asked for it just to be in conjunction with the lithium to combat weight gain...I am now not even sure if he got that. Dr A thought my max. dosage was 100 mg and that was what I was working UP to...nope. I just worked my way back DOWN to that, because my Mom thinks I was doing okay when I was on just 2. So Dr. A thinks I am on 50 and need to slowly work up to 100...yeah no doc, I was up to 200 and Mom thinks it is what blew my stomach apart. So when I go to bed tonight it will be my second day back on 100 mg. PLEASE let that be the key to making my stomach heal!

I am so scared all the time. I am a hermit in my house. I don't even go to the movies or errands like I did before, I am always sick and tired. Sure, I really am sick, fever and all, but it is my stomach keeping me in ALL the time.

I just want to feel better. I am eating yogurt, taking pills with acidopholous and probiotics...nothing makes it better!

I tell you...I told my Mom...I am getting so scared I am starting to get tempted to say forget it and get of everything new. You may think I am a chicken, but...

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Florida 2010 The End

5/29 - Got up at 11 am, so we could go over and see a movie. Dad and Kate were supposed to see Robin Hood, and Mom and I were going to see Prince of Persia. Sam stayed home but she had looked up the movie times. She said Robin was at 1:05 and Persia was at 1pm. Well we get there and Robin wasn't until 2:05, and Persia was only at 1 if we were willing to pay an additional $3/person for the THX theater. So, $13 a person. We were so stressed out. We ended up all going to see Prince of Persia in the THX, as waiting an hour did not appeal to any of us, at ALL! WE LOVED THE MOVIE!! Adored it! Dad was getting really depressed though. And him and Katie constantly talking packing and travel made me anxious and depressed. So much for a half a day of nice vacation. I'm still so sick, so was it too much to ask? We stopped at BArgain World on the way back to the house for a few last minute gifts and got home just as the worst storm of the vacation hit. Torrential downpour. We packed up basically everything else. Left out pajamas and outfits for travel the next day, and what we would need for showers, etc. The vacum at this place did NOT suck air so my spacesavers were not working well, so I had to basically sit on one of my bags to zip it closed. Sandy packed our faeries, and breakables in a crate that she would place on top so it would make it safely home. Sam packs the car, she can get stuff to fit like a jigsaw puzzle. Anyway we packed for hours and then packed up the car in the rain. Packed food items we wanted to make it home too. Thank you for a big car! My Mom wanted me to have as little to carry on the plane as possible, because while I was having less sinus trouble, I now had a cough and bad headaches and had a lot of stomach issues still. So I made my backpack as light as possible and then just had my dvd player.

We had dinner at Bob Evans...I lost, I really didn't want to eat there. I didn't like my meal and didn't eat much, but still felt sick after. We went back to the house and were finally able to swim. I got so cold though so I went swimming in the hot tub.We all ended up in there for about 20 minutes, before we began to feel like boiled lobsters. Dad went inside, but us females went back in the pool and it felt so good. But sad as our last swim. I took a shower and ate crackers with cheese.

I am so stressed and scared about having to get to the airport, get through security and fly home. I feel sick and my stomach is making bad noises. What if I get sick on the plane? What if I throw up? What if I get a migraine? What if my ears hurt on the flight?! What if??!!!!

5/30 - Got up at 8am to get ready and leave for the airport. Drank Instant Breakfast, loaded the car and left with Mom and Sam. Kate, Dad and Max had been gone since 5am. We drove up and dropped the car off. We found it really ironic that it was a gorgeous day in Florida, now that we were leaving. None of us ever wanted to go in May again. And yes, we know it could be worse, we have been there for July before, but we do not like May either!! We got to security and the lines were gigantic. But this one security guy waved us to his line and we were through in 20 minutes. He was an ANGEL. I don't think we would have made our flight without his help. We got magazines and drinks and some snacks to eat on board all before our zone was called.

We all agreed to go grocery shopping together after we dropped off our backpacks at home and turned the water and plugged everything back in. Dad had said it should be gorgeous like in the 65's when we got home, so when we landed and it was 85-90 we were NOT happy. The humidity was nothing like Florida's but it was still bloody, flippin' hot! We went and got out car from long term parking and Sandy drove us home where our house felt so big!! We had to air stuff out, plug everything in, etc.

Then we went shopping and bought the food for the week and went home and put it all away. Then put away what we had in our backpacks. Before I showered I decided to check Dad's dvr to see if I could figure out how to finalize it so we could have all 4 tape/dvd's to choose shows from. Except that was when I learned Dad's stupid dvr did NOT tape ANYTHING. No Fringe finale, Bones finale, etc, etc!! I was so upset! All 3 others did their job and taped. Aghhhhh!!!!

So I took a shower, and we made sandwiches and we watched the Medium finale and then the 2 Glee episodes we had missed. Then we all kind of floated to where we wanted to be for the night. Mom went to bed and I thought Sam had too. I was watching shows only I watched. I was also waiting for Dad, Kate and Max to show up. They got home around 2:30am and Max was so excited to be home, and Sam showed up, he peed he was so happy to be home!

Me? I can't get rid of whatever it is I have. My coughing has gotten so bad my right ribs hurt so bad, it is like a knife stab even when I move. I have had more migraines in a month, than I normally have in a year. I feel like vomiting and other things 24/7 and have an overall feeling of wrongness and yuckiness. I have to go back and see my doctor on Thursday but I now have a, what I think is a rational fear, of antibiotics.

I need a vacation. But only when I feel better.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Florida 2010 Almost the End

5/27 - Slept until 1 pm again. What can I say, I'm sick! We went swimming with Max again. He was SO cute today! He was using me as a floatie! He laid on top of me so he was in the water a little but, but was mostly out of it, his head snuggled into my neck, and he sat there for like 4 minutes, it was so sweet! The people made splash noises or grabbed him so he would be swimming again but he kept swimming BACK to me and going back into that same position! He stole my heart all over again!

Dad and Katie ended up going to Epcot for a second day, so it was my shopping day. Mom went with me (and drove!) and Sam decided she wanted a day at home. Mom and I stopped st Checkers and ate lunch first. Then I ran into Old Town and got 2 pounds of mint taffy, which is my favorite, at least from this place in Old Town. We went over to the further away Super Target and I found Merlin Season One, new gaucho/shorts and a fun t-shirt. We also stopped at a Gamestop so I could buy Safecracker, which took forever, because the lady in front of me decided to buy her kids TWO game systems, and all I wanted was to buy my one lil game! Oy!

Then we headed over the old reliable outlet mall. I went in to the Old Navy and it was like a jackpot, everything in the store was 40% off! I bought my Mom 2 shirts, and I bought myself a purse (crazy purse) for summer, 3 more scarves and some flip-flop keychains. If only I had known some of the scarves I bought for 10 dollars a pop at the mall would be HERE for 6 bucks, but it's okay, I got 3 more! I also stopped by Claire's and found one more headband I HAD to have, so that is like 12 headbands I ended up buying in Florida, lol. And an awesome vampire necklace!

Then we stopped by Bob Evans and bought a loaf of Blueberry bread and a loaf of Banana bread. And Target and Publix for groceries before heading home. Sam was not interested in even going out for dinner so she asked that we bring her food back, so Mom and I went out to Cracker Barrel for dinner. I got all OCD when Sandy mentioned we would be packing the car at 5pm on Saturday, so I ended up packing half my belongings, for an hour and a half. Then I finally showered and laid down to write this down. I am feeling overwhelmed with packing and stuff. And I don't feel good so I want to be home so bad, but I have been sick the whole time, so it's like I never got my vacation. I waited 14 months and I am still waiting for that carefree feeling!

5/28 - I got up with a migraine. It would stay with me all day. We go swimming but my thermostat is off gain so I sit in the hot tub again because I am shivering. It gets cloudy and by the time Katie joins us, it's sprinkling. Then thunder rolls and I think I, at least, saw a lightning bolt, so Dad made us get out. We all got ready and went to Olive Garden for lunch. They all even encouraged me to drink a 5 hour energy drink for my migraine, except Katie who made claims about bi-polar's drinking caffeine. I am NOT okay with her making comments about a condition she doesn't have, just because she worked at a facility for 8 whole weeks, does not make her any sort of expert. Caffeine constrict blood vessels which is what you want if you have a migraine. it didn't really work, this time, but for all I know it stopped it from getting worse.

We stopped at Target and I got Mom a better size Gold chain necklace which she wears about every day. We went back to the house to freshen up before leaving again. We stopped at Downtown Disney real quick. The girls wanted a dog tee for Max, and it just so happened I wanted 2 more of those Vinylmation keychains. It would be our last chance to shop here. But Dad didn't want ME to go in. He made a big deal how if I went in, we would be late and miss the movie. Even though I said I knew what I was going in for. It really hurt my feelings. REALLY. I knew what I was getting, just like the girls. But apparently I couldn't be trusted. It made me sick and furious. Mom said I could go in and went with me and I found my stuff just as fast as the girls and we all finished together. Dad wasn't even around with the car, he hadn't even expected the girls to be that fast. So we had to walk the parking lot to trek HIM down. I opened up my boxes and found a repeat and a boy one, I was pissed and blamed my father, not that I said it to him, but I was pissed the whole time I was getting them, etc. What a waste of money. The girls and Dad went into the theater while I went into the candy store with Mom. We got 3 chocolate covered strawberries, 2 for me and 1 for Sammie.

And a churro for me, and 2 more for Dad, Kate and Sam to share. I told Mom all about my anger at Dad, how he didn't trust me, but trusted the girls, but it was MY last chance to shop there too. How I wasted my money and we passed a store and they had some and I almost bought some and was like no they could be the same ones I had in the car and that would be more wasted money, so much to my saying nooooo, I would feel horrible if they were repeats and you wasted your money too, Mom bought me two more and wouldn't open them until later. We went into the theater and Mom told Dad how I was feeling and we made up.

Then Shrek began and it was so fun! My goodies were so yummy! So yummy when the lights turned on, there were chocolate stains all over my shorts and strawberry stains all over my shirt! Oh embarrassing! Then we walked around a bit as for the first time, it was GORGEOUS! 76 degrees, a lovely wind, just beautiful. We got in the car and picked up half a bushel of valencia oranges on the way home. I took a shower and we ate cheese and crackers and blueberries, and watched (us girls) bride shows on TLC. I got another music note keychain (sorry Disney lady we have the magic touch, it could prove to be an investment this one) and this cool anime fish one, my Mom obviously had the good luck touch that day. Thanks Mom!post signature

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Review: God's Promises ... For Girls by Jack Countryman & Amy Parker

Thanks to BookSneeze I got to review God's Promises...for Girls... by Jack Countryman and Amy Parker, Illustrations by Rachelle Miller.

This is a children's religious gift book. That is what it is supposed to be. There are verses from the Children's Bible on when you are lonely, angry, sick, etc. They are trying to get the message across that through any fears, feelings, any of these things, you are never alone. That God is always with you and won't leave you.

I think the message is clear if you are a girl of 12 or older. I do not think this is a book for an actual girl. I think if I had been given this as a little girl, I would have found it as confusing, as the actual Bible. The illustrations are beautiful, as are the messages, I just don't feel is it for girls. Maybe 10 and up, but that is as low as I think it could go and those are for exceptional girls who really think. This is not a children's book as much as the author may have wanted it to be. Children need thinks broken down into even simpler ideas. These were thoughts, I, as an adult, found inspirational. I would recommend it for other people, just not children.

*Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255
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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Magic Kingdom Day....that Shaking is Not a RIDE!!

Okay first off, there is NOTHING wrong with natural hair color! That was not what I was saying, I thought I was pretty clear. There is only something wrong with MY natural hair color, as in, it doesn't FEEL right on me. I am not saying it looks bad per se, it just doesn't feel like me. I have been doing reds for about 12 years now, so even the meanest lady at church, who has given me grief for years, finally told me last summer, that red suits me more than my original color! Do you KNOW how good that felt to finally hear and how much grief I have gotten over 12 years?!! So my natural hair color is just not something I like to see on me, it is like blech, bring on the red.

May 26th...Magic Kingdom Day...yes I am making it seem ominous I know, can you blame me, if you have been reading my blog?!!

Okay so I slept until 1pm. I still felt tired though. We were going to M.K. around 3. Dad made eggs and pre-cooked bacon. We swam, and my off-kilter thermostat was boiling today so the cool water felt magnificent! Sweet relief! We stayed in for quite awhile!

Then people showered and got ready. It was really hot out again, but a little better, and the park wasn't open as late so we were hopeful that it wouldn't be as packed. We all brought hats, put on sunscreen, etc. As we began to get ready to leave, I began to cry. Oy vey. I felt intense panic, not to screw anything up, not to ruin anything. And I was already hot, sick, emotional, tired, etc. My parents assured me I could leave whenever I needed to, but I knew I really couldn't, not for hours at least, and then we left. We parked at Ticket and Transportation and made our way to the monorails. The sun was hot and the promised over cast clouds were no where in sight! Boo! We got inside and all of us but Katie made our way to Cosmic Rays. Dad was hungry. Katie had gone and gotten me a DOLE WHIP!! When she showed up it was dripping everywhere, I mean it when I say it was bloody HOT, but it was SO GOOD!

I was like forget food for me! I just wanted my pineapple soft serve! Sure, I was hacking every other second, as it was ice cream, but who cares!?! I had waited 14 months for this! Okay here is a pic after I had started eating it for like 5 minutes...sorry! I didn't think of it until I was sitting there in ecstasy, holding a table by myself, and thought, I should take a pic of my yummy Dole Whip. It was like cold liquid pineapple, so pure and fresh. It made the sweat that had already started dripping down my back, so worth it!

It was much prettier before I ate from every angle, but as I said it was melting all over so I HAD to make it unpretty...mmmmm. My Katie rocks! Sandy got all freaked when I reached the cup part...and they lured me into trashing it by saying I could get another on the way out. That worked dang them. (I have to say though I should have eaten the rest! I was too tired when we were leaving, and stuffed from dinner to eat another...*sob*)

We finished up and for the first time in a million years, the cars was a short line. Mom and I got stuck behind slowpokes, which made Mom happy, lol!

Luckily we had the spray fan and Mom was spraying us with water the whole time. When we got off, I went to a drinking fountain and soaked my hair completely before putting my hat back on, it felt so good. My family convinced me to wait in a 20 minute line for Buzz Lightyear. I was not to keen on the idea but I decided to try for them. I was right to be leary. The people, so many of them, so close together, started getting to me. Seeing the tight, closer line ahead of me made me panic, so Kate and my Mom made me face them, and Kate asked me questions that were on her OTA exams. It didn't help, I as feeling boxed in, like people were stealing my air. I couldn't breathe. I then started to feel more nauseous than normal and dizzy. Then my Mom had me put my hands over my mouth and nose and breathe into them, which helped a little and we were finally at the place you get on the ride! I wouldn't have made it if it had been any longer, so thank goodness. My Mom won out of all 5 of us. I have no idea how but she got over 144,000 points! I got only 25,000 and I hit the button over and over at anything.

Then we all went on Tomorrowland Transit Authority, which just takes you around Tomorrowland basically, but we have always loved it. Here is Dad and Katie!

Then while Dad and Kate did Stitch, Mom, Sam and I shopped. At the first store they were selling these things which have become HUGE in Disney World: Vinylmations. You have 10" ones which are like 50 bucks for the plain ones you can buy things to decorate, there are 3" ones for like 15-20 the plain ones. The ones that are strange with designs and such can be 25 - 100, etc. And to decorate or buy pieces to switch, you can spend hundreds or more if you get hooked on these collectibles. Well Sandy decided she wanted to try out the $10 keychain ones. These are ones that you do not know what you will get until you buy it. There are 18 designs. And mean Disney (I say mean because with their pins, you can go up and swap with employees, etc.) has a no exchange, return,refund policy too. So you can spend like $100 on 10 and get the same one 10 times and you are stuck with all 10 of the same one! Anyway Sandy bought one and she got this one:

She thought it was princessy, and I was like Sam that is not pink! And it has hearts. That is like the King/Queen of Hearts, which made her happier!

Then we went into the next store and she bought another boxed keychain and a black 3" one and a thing of stickers so she could decorate it. I found a pair of mickey ears that were decorated like Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas! Sandy tried them on but said they were too pricey to buy. I asked my Mom if she thought I should buy them. She took them from me and SHE bought them for Sandy! And she bought me and Katie light up necklaces. Here is Sam in her hat and the next Vinylmation keychain she ended up with.

We met up with Dad and Kat and Sandy gave me her Hearts keychain, and Katie her rain one. She said she wanted too and was stubborn, and I mean stubborn so I thanked her. I found it charming and a little (uh oh) addictive. I began to feel a little shaky so we got me a water and some cinnamon almonds. I bought more to bring home (and they stayed good, I was eating some last night!) and re-soaked my head totally again. Sam and Kate did the teacups while I sat with my parents. You could hear Sammie's laughter over everything, which was magical. It was such a blessing to hear. She almost hadn't gone this year, so to hear her laughter, so free and innocent, it made all three of us smile. It was so lighthearted, she was having such a good time, proudly wearing her Jack ears. We did the Phil-harmagic, which is my most favorite thing in Magic Kingdom. I know I am weird. It isn't a ride, it doesn't even move. But I get to hold Tinkerbell in the palm of my hand!

Then I waited while they all went on It's A Small World...I can't stand that ride anymore, probably was on it too many times when I was younger, it irks me now. We walked down to Haunted Mansion, which I do love, but my heart dropped when I saw it said 20 minutes. Not just that it said 20 minutes, but that the line was all the way out to an area it is never out to. I didn't have another line in me. The sight of the people had my heart pounding in my throat, I felt sick. Sam wasn't feeling good so I went with her and we waited in a restaurant while the 'rents and Katie did the ride. Sam bought herself a piece of chocolate cake, and it was disgusting, I tried ti help her scrape the frosting off but it was hard too. Disney is supposed to have good cooks but this thing looked and according to Sam tasted like it had been made in an easy bake oven. When they finally joined us, like 40 minutes later, we had dinner. I had chicken nuggets and fries, some grapes too.

We went to Adventureland, and I was nervous. The other day Pirates had been a 30 minute wait and I knew I wouldn't even be able to do a 15 minute one...maybe not even a 10. We get there and they say it is temporarily closed, but to come back soon...okayyyyy. We went into the shop and when we got out it was open and we were able to walk right onto the ride. Thank goodness. It was after 8 by this point, which meant the fireworks were at 9, and Mom and I wanted to be long gone before the fireworks started. I can't handle the people trying to get OUT after the fireworks. We shopped as we left. I bought 3 of those Vinylmation keychain things. I liked them and with 3, I hoped I'd find ONE she'd like. I got in line and this worker was like "those tings are so addictive, be careful!I have 10 already and I just started! And it is all because I want the one! If I could just get that one!" Finally after she kept talking and I paid the cashier (no she wasn't our cashier, she was a random worker talking to us), I had to ask, WHAT is the one you want? She looked at me like I was an alien and said "the music note one". "The one everyone tries to get". I was like "Oh." and we left, LOL!

So Mom and I made our way to the car and sat in the A.C. and saw some of the fireworks from there. I then took out the boxes and opened the first one. I laughed as it is kinda freaky and I decided I was giving it to my friend Hannah, as it was something she could love. I then opened up the second box and my Mom and I both burst into laughter. Here is why:

Ooohhh. Look at this, I have THE coveted MUSIC NOTE Mickey Series 1 Vinylmation!! Heehee! We were laughing over this for quite a few minutes. My second box and I had THE one to own apparently. And then I prepared to open the last box. I really liked the music note one, but knew I would give it to Sandy if it was the only Sandy-ish one. She loves music and loves black and white stuff. So I opened the last box and shook out the keychain...and could not believe my eyes. I liked it...however... It was so cool. It was so perfect. It was so Sandy. I held it between my thumb and pointer finger and held it up to the light so my Mom could see it and she gasped! Yes I am not being melodramatic, she really gasped! "That's the one Sandy wanted!" And I freaked, excited, I was like "Are you serious? This is THE one she wanted?!!"? We were giddy! We planned on how to make it fun. I would be all nonchalant as I showed her the 3, that being the last, and I would be deadpan as I showed that one off, and only when she was apoplectic would I be like, oh and by the way, it's for you! Heehee! And so they finally arrived and they laughed at my first one, and liked the second and found it ironic too that I have the one people are after, and when I held out my skull one Sandy like squeal/gasp/choke noised. She was like "How did you, what, no, that's so, man, !!!!!", and that was when I said "and it is yours" and she was like like thanks you!! She loves it! She wanted the box it came in and it's sticker. I had no idea it came with a sticker so good thing I still had the trash with me! So yay! Sandy has a Vinylmation too and it suits her! :D

We got lost driving back, we listened to Katie, lol. I have to tell you before I forget my feet felt fine all day, these Dr. Scholl things are pricey but they WORK! We all went in the hot tub and then I took a shower. I was proud of myself. I wanted to make Dad happy and I think I did that. And I had some really difficult times, but I had some really great moments too. It just required multiple head soaks to get through the day. And I only needed to drink a total of one bottle of 5 hour energy drink to get through the day, so I am proud of myself.

But now it has all worn off. And I am very tired. And the gung ho feeling I used to psyche myself up is long gone. I am sludge that someone needs to scrape up and deposit in my temporary room. Oh wait I have to eat some yogurt and take another antibiotic, which is making me sick still. I am so sick. Shoot me now.

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Friday, June 11, 2010


I have a migraine again. So between that, the coughing that makes me want to cry because man does it hurt the migraine, and the fact that I still want to projectile vomit, I will bid you all adieu until the morrow. My Dad gave me a blessing tonight. I am a mess you could say, physically and emotionally. If the stomach stuff still isn't gone by Monday, he wants me to go in to see my physician. I have to admit, I am really scared. I have never felt like vomiting and had pains and cramps, etc before, for over 3 weeks. Okay leaving you now, feel myself starting to cry and that hurts my head.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Florida 2010 Part 3

5/23 - I got a decent sleep but I felt like crap, and what was even worse was I felt so sick to my stomach. It didn't matter what I ate or didn't eat, I felt like throwing up. So that morning when I woke up feeling that way again, my Mom took a closer look at my antibiotics. She was shocked at how many mg of amoxocillin they had me on, she had never seen anyone put on 2000mg a day, when it did cause stomach issues. So she had me cut it down by half.

We went swimming with Maxie again, and he was so adorable!! When he got tired, he swam to Mom and he plopped his head on her and his rump on Dad! He could have stayed on that spot forever. We drove to Beef O' Brady's for an early dinner. It was one of the places I looked up for a new place for us to go. WHAT was I thinking?! It was like a sports bar!! There was no real choices unless you like wings! Dad loved it, but even I was stuck with fish and chips. And they took forever and it was not busy AT ALL. I should have chosen more wisely!! There were other places I had bookmarked that we never got to try that DID have cool diverse menus, and I picked Beef O' Brady's!! Bleh! We stopped at the flea market so Sam could get a watch like she always does. And then we went to Old Town to do some shopping!! Yay!

I got Mom some earrings and some good fudge. Dad had bought her some rocky road fudge from Dean's Candy Bar at the Florida Mall and it was so pricey and it sucked big time, awful! But Old Town has yummy fudge, I bought her a big brick of a piece. Only to find out later so had she, so she had it for a good long while and was quite happy too. Sandy and I were walking by the CandleStix and I never bother to go in there, I thought they just had candles but they have all sorts of figurines in there!! I bought my first two faeries!! One is the only pretty figurine by Amy Brown, and the other is one of Jessica Galbreth's figurines, and I think she will be one of my favorite artisits. I already have two more of hers on my birthday list. I also bought the one Sandy wanted for Sam's birthday which is 4 days after mine, so yay I have a gift for her! Here are pics from the web of my two faeries, as I don't have real pics yet.

I also got some jewelery from Black Market Minerals and a small surfboard statue. We went back to the house and I just wilted. My head exploded. I didn't even want to swim. They all went into the hot tub, and I sat there next to them. When my Mom heard my head hurt that bad and I started to cry from the pain, they actually dragged me in, fully dressed, to try and relieve some of the head pain, which it did. I told my Mom I wasn't taking the antibiotic anymore. That I just couldn't do it anymore. Then they had Katie escort me to my room, so I could shower and then we stayed in and ate food there and watched Broken Arrow on dvd.

5/24 - I knew I was going to get extra sleep today because everyone else was going back to Sea World today but I was staying. They were getting up at 9am, so I didn't think I would be alone, once I got up, for that many hours...for some reason. SO I slept until 1:22pm. I was kind of surprised they were gone still. Why, I don't know. Considering, if they didn't leave until 10, and then it takes like 40 minutes to get there and into the park, that would mean they were there for only like 2 and a half hours now, but in my brain it seemed to make sense. I figured they would be back soon though. SO I straightened up my room and made breakfast and Max was so happy to see someone was home, he went back in my room with me when I laid down and watched some Charmed episodes. By 3 o'clock though, I was like, WOW, this is lonely. So I texted Sam, where are you guys, and she said they were just leaving the park. They got home just before 4. We went Swimming when they got back and I got so cold, but the pool was not cold, and it was NOT cold out. It was ME! I got in the Hot Tub even though it was hot out. They told me how they had played phone tag for hours (awww) with my primary doctor and there was supposed to be a new RX at Walgreens for me. I still had goosebumps all over my body even in the heated water, it was so weird!

We went out to eat at Olive Garden. The waiter brought our drinks and proceeded to spill them all over us. He got one of my short bottoms really wet, so I rushed to the ladies room, but Samdy showed up a few minutes later and she was drenched!! I mean soaking wet pants in an air conditioned restaurant! Then we get out there and he disappeared! And I went hypoglycemic. And he never took our orders, so there was no salad or breadsticks coming, so Katie had to go and find him and tell him he needed to bring breadsticks for a diabetic ASAP. Which made him all antsy for the rest of the meal, he forgot the plates for salad and disappeared, etc. *sighs* Then everything I distinctly told him to leave OFF my dinner, arrived ON my dinner! He comped Sandy's meal, but I was still pissed. We went to Walgreens and because we didn't bring down our prescription plan card, the new RX cost us $120! We went home and tried to plan out the remaining days of our vacation. That was disastrous! I went to see Letters to Juliet with Mom and Katie. My stomach was so not okay still and was churgling when we got to the theater so I thought that meant it was hungry. So I got a pretzel. Now I think it was something else because it seems to hate me and is giving me awful pains and cramping. And I got to go back to the house and start the new med. I was so worried I started it with yogurt though. Loved the movie by the way, it was so romantic, and I recently found out, that IS Vanessa Redgrave's love of her life in real life, so that is even more romantic!! It is so good and a most own! I bought a lens scratch repair kit while we were at Walgreens today. I think I will try it out. It's drying. I am so scared for my poor glasses! Danger...danger Will Robinson!!

5/25 -'s 2:30 am! I ruined my glasses! NEVER USE THIS STUFF! They look like a rainbow nail polish threw up on them! But the directions SAID Step One would take Step Two OFF, so I tried that. NOPE!! I tried that again and again, and then soap and water. It says not to try any other chemicals to try and get it off or it will destroy the lenses!! Now after trying to USE step One like it said to get it off, they have a weird colored patch crystalline thing going on, and when I put them on, clouded everywhere, I can barely see anything! I woke up Mom. Tears were everywhere. How am I this STUPID?!! To try this NOW?! While on vacation?! When these are the only glasses I have?!! I am so stupid. Mom gets mad at me for saying it over and over, but that is all I can think. Mom makes me take my pills and says we will call the company in the morning. But there is NO phone number on the box, not even a website! I fall asleep crying.

Sam wakes me up. She woke up early and decided to try and fix them herself. She used a pre-moistened lens cloth...and it rubbed the crap off. Yes a freaking lens cloth wiped off what their own solution would NOT!! All that crying and nausea for nothing! Thank goodness for Sandy! I tried to buy her something all day but she was stubborn and wouldn't let me and said everything I showed her was ugly! Grrr! My personal thermostat is still broken because I was freezing again in the pool. We went over to Einstein bagels again and had lunch.

We drove to Downtown Disney. Mom and I found a perfume bottle, yay. I will post a pic when I take a pic of it in my room. I kept it wrapped up so it made it safely home. I tried to buy Sandy something Jack Skellington but she refused everything saying she liked none of it this year. Oy. We went into the World of Disney and I found a great tee to get Katie that she would actually wear! I was like finally!Sam wanted to buy one for me so I found one I have wanted for 2 years, it is the one that says the monorail saying in spanish. It is something I have been hearing since 1983 and they finally turned the saying into a tee so she got that for me. I can say it along with the voice, lol. My Mom found the cinnamon roasted almonds from a vendor outside, YUM!! Sandy also bought Maxie a doggie sized Mickey hat!! We finished up and drove home so we could try the hat on Max!

Isn't he adorable?!! Now some of you who have a good eye may notice my hair and go, what the...?! I agree. My mother tells me it is still red, so does Sam. And I will give them strawberry blonde but that is IT. I say the pool water and the sun TOTALLY bleached my hair of all it's red color. That is practically my *gulp* natural hair color and I don't wanna go back there. Tell me someone else can see that is SO not anywhere NEAR my normal hair color, either the bright or the dark reds!!

Anyway we sat around for awhile playing are you smarter than a 5th grader...we are not. LOL. Then we went to the Golden Corral, for Dad and Kate. It is a buffet they love. I hate buffets. There is too much of everything. Food, people, choices. Maybe if the choices were EVER food I liked...but it never has been. EVEN before I had the stomach surgery I never liked buffets. I always seen to wind up with mashed potatoes and gravy and a piece of pizza or something. Which was what I had. I couldn't even eat salad because with the heat it is too iffy. Sandy ending up taking a chicken apart for me, but even my Dad was surprised by the lack of chicken dishes. LOADS of ribs and fish and red meat but like not chicken dishes and chicken is like all I eat. Even Dad said it wasn't as good, but he ate plenty as did Kat and even Mom, it was just me and Sam who hated it, and felt guilt having Dad pay that much for us eating like nothing. I feel such pressure and panic at buffets, I am not going to one again I think. And when we left I felt so sick. These new antibiotics were not changing a thing. I took a shower as soon as we got back and then we women folk watched the last 2 episodes of the first half of Glee. Mom and Katie are in love with the show now too. LOL. Magic Kingdom is tomorrow. I said I wouldn't go back, but I have agreed to try. I am scared. I admit it. Really scared.

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Continue 2morrow...

I woke up with an almost migraine today. The neighbor's across the street, since we got back have been using chain saws, every single day. They chopped down about 10 trees at least in their yard if not more, and today, coupled with the storm, proved too much for my head. So coupled with the coughing and desperately wanting to throw that wrong?...I am going to postpone continuing with 5/23 until tomorrow.

Oh, my Dad had me resend all the photos I took of my chest and legs after the car accident in November, maybe that means sometime in the next eon it will finally be settled. I knew I wasn't over the fear, but Florida reinforced how much I am not over the fear. Florida drivers are crazy and I swear we almost got hit about 10 times and it made me so sick to my stomach each time and I felt like I couldn't breath. One time, my Mom made me breath into my hands because I was hyperventilating...and I wasn't even driving. This one stupid teenager in his huge black truck has made me afraid of other drivers, I think forever. I am pissed!

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Monday, June 7, 2010

2 Tough Florida Days

5/21 -So I woke up early feeling even even worse if that was even possible. I had tossed and turned all night and was coughing up nasty green stuff. I sounded like a frog. My Mom heard me and decided I was going to the clinic at Walgreens. So no swim for me. I got dressed. I figured we'd leave for the Magic Kingdom after so I got all ready, camera, hat and sun lotion, etc, and we left, my parents and I. We were second on the waiting list, but we waited for quite a long time. Finally it was my turn and my Mom went in with me. I had a severe sinus infection, and I had fluid in my ears, etc. They prescribed me Amoxicillin, which they said I MUST eat with food, but after one dose it is already making me very nauseous. We went and got the girls to go eat lunch, it was that late and we get back and they hadn't even showered yet! In all that time!

We went to Red Lobster. Dad said he would make it up to me. You see I HATE it with a passion. I used to not mind it, even not liking seafood, but there is no longer anything I like to eat there. It makes me gag now. I like the biscuits but that can't sustain me. I thought I could be safe, I ordered plain grilled chicken from the kids menu, it had a glaze that made me feel more nauseous and it was really fatty. I need protein in a meal to feel right, so I left Red Lobster again feeling a lack of protein which always makes me feel ill.

We got back to the house and went in and hit a wall of HOT AIR. It was disgusting in the house, like it was that first day! The air conditioner is broken! The people who take care of the house for the owner show up, freaking Maxie out, saying they will send a repairman but they don't know what time the guy will show up. Dad says he isn't going anywhere until the guy shows up. Oy. Dad says go to the movies, but as sick as I feel, I am in "park" mode. So I need to DO something not sit in a theater for 2 hours. I mean, I know this is my OCD, I should relax, I feel like shittake mushrooms, but my mind thought I was going to do something more involved so I had to. So Mom and Sam stay home, and Kate goes with me to find these outlets I had looked up. We went to the Hunters Creek Kohl's Outlet, called The Loop. I know Kohl's has thin, cool, graphic guy's shirts I will love and they did. I also stopped in their Claire's and got some more headbands. You know we should have stayed at The Loop, but I had thought this other outlet called The Prime Outlets would be so much more fun as it was a real outdoor mall, while the Loop was a lot of stores, but not an outdoor mall, you had to walk a lot between stores. It took forever to get there, Gabby took us a LONG way to get there. The Prime is SO huge I found it really scary, and except for the Jeff Dunham shirt I bought for my Dad, I didn't find it worth it. We got lost at one point!! We kept turning a corner, hoping we would find an end, only to find another long corridor and it was like it was never going to end and I was starting to panic! And that was like one 1/3 of the outlet on THAT side of the road! I was so stressed!

We got in the car to drive back and I was so exhausted. We called home to say we were on our way and Dad said the guy had come and it was down to 79 degrees in the house (oh boy!) and that when we got back we were going to the movies at 8pm. I am exhausted, but I want to be with my family on this vacation, so I use the next 40 minutes to try and psyche myself up to do this. We got home and I showed them what I bought, and stuff. And while we sat there deciding what we were going to see, my Mom said I wasn't going anywhere which was a shock to me. I actually was like fighting a little and finally just gave up, so my Dad and Katie went to see a movie and I stayed home with Mom and Sam. Since I never got to swim, they let me swim for 20 minutes and then told me to go take my shower. Then we ate mac-n-cheese and watched a Medium I had recorded and brought down on dvd. Now I am sitting here writing this all down before I take my pills and fall asleep. I am SO glad Mom made me stay home. I got weepy, I am so tired and feel so sick. I am trying my best to not hole up like I know my body wants to. But this is our family vacation so I am going to try be with my family, even as they keep their distance now.

5/22 - NyQuil helped me sleep a bit better. Well one and a half doses did anyway. Woke up and we swam. It was a blistering hot day so the water felt so good. We ate lunch at Bob Evans. We stopped at the Big Orange for Sam's annual Big Orange t-shirt.

Then we made our way to the Ticket and Transportation Center. As we walked to the Monorails and I began to truly feel the heat beat down on me and the humidity seep in on me, and the sweat begin to roll down my back, I thought, this is going to be a very LONG day. And it was a scary thought. It was super crowded and hot as blazes. The sweat was dripping everywhere off of me. As soon as we got into the Magic Kingdom, I had to pee. And needed a drink. As we walked towards Adventureland, I grabbed ice from a drink stand and dropped it into my bra, but it was melted and gone in seconds! We made our way to Pirates and it was a 30 minute wait. I said they could go and I would wait for them. There was just no way. I'm sweating, sick and yuck. 30 minutes? No way. So they all decided no, they'd try later. We forged ahead. Mom and I stopped to look at the crystal cart, as I get a new perfume bottle every year. We saw nothing good so we went to catch up. They were in a line for ice cream and popsicles. Dad asked is we wanted to leave. We were shocked. He looked incredibly unhappy until one of the girls said, let's ask if we can get the day refunded, then he brightened up. We'd been there less than an hour. I was dripping wet. I felt so sick. I didn't think I was going to go back here, so I just wanted the one thing I had been looking forward to for 14 months, my Dole Whip. Pineapple soft serve. The lines weren't moving though so everyone said it was too hot to wait. So there went that dream I had waited 14 months for. Gone. Then I got to the shops on Main Street and Kate and Mom said NO. We had to get to Dad and Sam, we would shop after. It didn't make sense to me, but I listened. We get there and they did refund the day and then they escorted us, YES ESCORTED US, to the turnstiles. I felt like a criminal. I KNEW I was right to think we couldn't stay and shop after we got a day refunded, why would they give us the day back and then let us stay and shop?!! I was SO upset. I could feel myself losing it for the first time in this trip. I couldn't talk or stand next to anybody.I could feel myself losing it. And except for Mom trying to talk to me ONCE, no one tried to talk to me, which made me even more upset and made me want to cry even more. So I didn't speak all the way home. I went to my room and my parents followed. I cried and explained. They understood. I said I wasn't sure I would even go back there if someone paid me, it had been that bad an experience. I cried more. Dad explained he didn't like it either, too hot, too many people. We all went into the pool and watched a sky writer. I cried a bit in the pool too. I just am not feeling good, and it was not a good day. We went to Cracker Barrel for dinner, where I got down to ONE peg in that bloody game, and then went mini golfing. I did not do as well as normal, I believe it would be the fact that I felt like I wanted to Projectile Vomit the entire time. But I played through it. The antibiotics were really messing with my stomach. I stayed up too late that night and then slept until 12:44 pm!! NICE!post signature

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