Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Continue 2morrow...

I woke up with an almost migraine today. The neighbor's across the street, since we got back have been using chain saws, every single day. They chopped down about 10 trees at least in their yard if not more, and today, coupled with the storm, proved too much for my head. So coupled with the coughing and desperately wanting to throw that wrong?...I am going to postpone continuing with 5/23 until tomorrow.

Oh, my Dad had me resend all the photos I took of my chest and legs after the car accident in November, maybe that means sometime in the next eon it will finally be settled. I knew I wasn't over the fear, but Florida reinforced how much I am not over the fear. Florida drivers are crazy and I swear we almost got hit about 10 times and it made me so sick to my stomach each time and I felt like I couldn't breath. One time, my Mom made me breath into my hands because I was hyperventilating...and I wasn't even driving. This one stupid teenager in his huge black truck has made me afraid of other drivers, I think forever. I am pissed!

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Kristina P. said...

Ugg, that sucks about the neighbors. I remember when I was working swing shift last summer, and they were outside doing landscaping all day long. Boo.

Toriz said...

That sucks! :(

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