Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hairy Sunday

So it was a nice Sunday. Talked with my parents about how I am doing, which is not great, but they told me to remember I am not alone and they have my back. Which made me a little teary, they are great.

Today we re-did my hair. It isn't perfect, NOT my Mom's fault. The bloody dye missed a spot or two, so we have to redo it either tommorrow or Tuesday. If I push my hair back it looks like I have a polka dot near my forehead, and my OCD can't take that for a month. Plus my Mom wants to trim my hair so I am willing, it is getting hot here in CT. NOT super short like I had it when I first started blogging, just a little shorter, so I can get some cool hair along my neck.

So hopefully it will be all even and sassy within the next few days. I love being red, it just FEELS right. You know that feeling new hair gives you? It is a good feeling!!

And as a treat for Sunday, here is a picture of my Maxie I just took. That is a stuffed cow he has with him. Isn't he adorable?!! That's my baby!post signature

Waylaid Plans

Okay, yes it could just be ME, but I like it when you make plans and then FOLLOW through. It just makes my very OCD heart happy happy. And when you keep changing plans, I want to rip my hair out. I mentally prepare myself for one thing and then it gets changed!!

On Thursday, the fam decided we were going to go on a day trip this weekend. On Thursday we decided we would go to the Beardsley Zoo and then out to a nice dinner. Okay, never been, sounds fun, love a GOOD meal. Friday rolls around...oh yeah Mom thinks it will be too hot and buggy Saturday for the Zoo, so let's make new plans...grrrrrr. So Okay we decided we are going to go to the Nautilus Submarine Museum, then over to the Mohegan Sun Casino to play some One Armed Bandit and eat there. Okay I said. Later I told my Mom, how much I LOATHED having plans I was all set for changed and that better be it. So I took my pills REALLY early for me, knowing that it could take a few hours to work as I never take them around midnight...EVER. So I fell asleep and got woken up by Katie banging her way into the house at 3 am. I always fall asleep on the couch first. Well, until Dad woke everyone up around 10, I tossed and turned. Apparently I wasn't the only one, so who knows. But Katie wasn't there. She had gone to Zumba, and claimed she had NO idea we had plans. Sure we were not going to the Zoo like she had wanted, but Sandy told her the NEW plans. So we had to wait for her to get home and shower, and then we start the hour long drive. Katie starts being...well, yes, SNOTTY. See Katie had plans to dance at 9pm tonight but now was saying she had to leave the house before 7. Yes the gig is in Mass. but it is 45 minutes away, I know I have been to Cafe Leb a hundred times!! So she was being a little...witch (I am a good Mormon girl...remember that Wendy....) and complaining to my Mom about how no one asked HER and blah blah blah, and my Dad pulled the "this is making the day ruined for me".

And you know what? I think anyone who has parents (duh!lol) will agree, that is so unfair. HE wasn't in the squabble with the witch, my Mom was, and how do you think that remark makes the rest of us in the car feel?!! Like crap. So I started getting really anxious. Me, stress, mixed with almost no sleep and in a confined space? Not good. Sandy distracted cranky Kat with Super Mario and Mom was a sweetie and rubbed my shoulders when I told her I felt panicky. And to make matters more anxious to a Wendy? Oh let's CHANGE plans!! Because of Katie's whining and no, you can't take it back. She thought after being rude about her gig and crap, she could change her mind AFTER giving such grief and be all, No let's go to the Nautilus please?! Uhm no. And people began to fight for it, then change their mind...really I am not interested except for pictures and blog story, but we made PLANS. But we are going to so that and go to Rocky Neck Beach and maybe some place called Oceanview on our next hot day trip.

It was gorgeous today! The clouds were so beautiful!! We DID go to Mohegan. Here is a pic I took of the hotel and the beautiful sky I am talking about:

I love how the building can seem almost clear on a day like today, because it reflects the sky!

Everyone was hungry so we decided to eat first. I was hoping we would eat at a real restaurant but knew, deep down, Dad would get people onhis side for a buffet. It just can seem like a waste on someone who had a gastric bypass, yes I get the child's price but there are other reasons to loathe it. There are 2 buffets at Mohegan and instead of going to the one we had NOT gone to LAST time, Dad wanted to return to Seasons Buffet...again. Now I forgot until we finally GOT there (what a walk!) and had paid and were perusing the food, WHY I had hated THIS buffet so much. See if it was a good buffet, I'd be all, it was worth it, most likely anyway since we DID get me a child's price. But this buffet has mostly seafood and pastas. I DON'T eat seafood and CAN'T eat pasta (the food the surgery won't tolerate anymore.Boo). So what did I have? Mashed potatoes, some chicken I scooped FROM a pasta dish, and it was not good) and some giggly Jello. Yeah, this WAS a waste of money. I do feel a bit apeased as I took 2 brownies and 2 Magic Cookie bars and wrapped them in napkins and put them inmy purse. WHAT? I paid 11 bucks and had mashed potatoes and Jello!! It's a BUFFET!! So I will neer go to that buffet again. Sam didn't like it much and she loves pasta and seafood. We told Dad we'd do a regular restaurant next time and them 3 could buffet it, cause they can appreciate it. Dad is all NO, NO, we won't so it next time, but he LOVED lunch.

Walked around and then headed to the Non-Smoking casino area...yeah when everywhere else CAN be smoked, the smoke-free area smells just as bad too. I DO hope they pass the law and get smoking banned from the Casino's too. Ugh! You know what doesn't mix well? An OCD person and gambling? Now I don't always say this is so, because when I am WINNING, I love it. But I went through the alotted (saving quarters to exchange for cash, boo-yah) 20 bucks way too quickly. My Irish luck was gone. And then I walk over and my Mom had just gone from $17 to $106, and that was when my OCD kicked in and I was like I am not leaving here with nothing. And sadly, no one stopped me before I took 20 bucks from the ATM. I went and *gasp* did the $1 machines and got up to $33! But did it go through Wendy's mind, CASH this in, set aside the 20 to put back into your checking and just play with the 13 you won, or even WALK AWAY? NO that didn't happen until rational Wendy was back. Which was not yet. I lost it all. So I went back to the ATM, I did look around thinking if a fam member spots me they can stop such luck. I took another 20 out. I was like shaking I was so upset I had spent 40 bucks and had nothing to show for it and had taken money from my bank acount. Katie was like NO, stop but I HAD to try and make my money back at the LEAST. And a few pulls into that $1 machine (yes I returned to that one, it had gotten me up to 33 once!) a miracle happened and I went from 13 dollars to $69! That was the 40 I could put back and a winning of 29! Was I excited at the time? No, I wanted to cry. I couldn't believe I let my OCD and stubbornness get that much ahold of me. We left ASAP, Mom spent the $6 trying to up her winnings, but stopped at an even $100, and didn't want to risk it, and everyone wanted me away from the MACHINES. Don't worry I am okay now. It was while the girls were buying drinks for the drive home that I realized, if I had just cashed out at 33, then I could have either walked away with my 20 to put back, or could have tried with the 13 to make that was making me weepy, I wanted to hit myself. My Mom was telling me on the way home, I was just tired and that let the OCD run roughshod over me and I could calm down I won back the money I spent from my account. But it took awhile because it was just SO frustrating. I get like this in video arcades too, I HAVE to win that Tweety doll, etc. But a casino paired with a tired Wendy, was just a bad combo. Dad says we need to go back to Foxwoods, try our luck there. I am just so glad I can deposit the 40 back into my checking account which can buy me 1 season of a show on dvd, and can breathe again. Except for the yucky food and my OCD meltdown, I had fun with the family. The car ride home, my Mom snoozed and Dad was quizzing us girls on facts from the past. Like name 8 cars we have owned at one time and so on. Towards the end I was getting that sleepy feeling, but we stankof ciggy smoke and I was not about to sleep on my bed like that so I took a nice shower. I then went into my dark room, put the fan on and put a movie in. I always am falling asleep watching a movie so I was sure it would happen. Mom was asleep, Sam was trying, Kat was getting ready for her gig. But it never happened, I was wide awake!

Why is it when you want to be awake, you fall asleep, but when you actually want some sleep, it eludes you?! When my Mom got up at 8, we went and got pizza to bring home and watched SWAT, love that movie. So yes there were moments, but I enjoyed the time with my family, and am looking forward to our next trip...with no One-Armed bandits!! Bad Wen! See I slapped my own hand! The being tired must have stolen my Irish luck...yup let's go with that people, okay?

My Beautiful family at the Seasons Buffet, I loved our booth!

P.S. And the Winners of Britain's Got Talent? DIVERSITY!! WOW, amazing moves!!

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Flashback Movies 2 PLEASE Watch!!

Time for some trailers of movies you may have long forgotten about. Ahhh the 80's...some of the best and some of the oddest movies imaginable!! All of these ARE just the trailers so take a few minutes, sit back and relax ans stroll down memory lane!Seriously just a few minutes, and I worked hard to find them so watch, it is just 5 trailers, and memories can come flooding back!!

The Ewok Adventure (my sisters and I loved this when we were little, Ewoks are so cute!)

The Toy (Richard Pryor rocked this movie, it is hilarious!)

Starman (this is a fave of the Mom's, had to include it, every woman loved Jeff Bridges after this)

The Secret of Nimh (grew up with it, Sam actually owns it on DVD now...we like owning our past loves!)

The Ice Pirates (hokey movie, but we saw it a hundred times at least, so the memories are good!)

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

AC Petersens

Okay so I had MAJOR trouble early Thursday with Blogger uploading my vlogemotions, it was still not uploaded after like 7 hours and it wasn't that long!! So I wound up using YouTube and apparently no one could VIEW it, so just now, just after 11pm I put it to public and hopefully it is viewable now. If someone could comment on it then I will know and not want to gouge my own eyes out!!

Went and ate at AC Petersens tonight with the family. This is only the second time but I love it, it is very old fashioned as it has been there since my Dad was a kid, and they have the best ice cream!! My fave flavor ever was cherry vanilla by Guida's but they don't sell it anywhere anymore, but AC Petersens' is just like it!! SO good, got a pint for me and one for Mom. Don't worry I will be careful and drag it long as people don't steal it, then I will be pissed!!

I tried their sampler platter that had chicken southwestern egg rolls, chicken fingers and half a cheese quesadilla. The egg rolls were too spicy for me, even though my Dad had one and was like...ummmm NO. But it was to me, really hot!! I liked everything else and we had a good time together. My Mom brought one of my chicken fingers home and fed it to Maxie and Sam shared her cone with him, lol. He loves ice cream and once he remembers that the cone is edible there is no stopping him, it is a hilarious thing to watch!

Did another different Walk Away the Pounds dvd tonight, LUCKILY Mary Kay was NOT in it! Yay! I am ticked right now though, because instead of Will & Grace being on Lifetime, it is bloody You've Got Mail which I detest!! Need my Jack fix!! I made the cheese mixture my BFF Weezie told me how to make and will probably enjoy a cucumber sandwich or two in a little while. Did not feel like them for a long time, but now that it is warmer out, it seems perfect. Broke the bloody spatula thing though....again!!

I need to find a GOOD spatula that doesn't break simply mixing up goat cheese, cream cheese and heavy cream!! This is the second casualty to my Cuke sammies, at least! I feel so awful! It was my favorite one too, really sturdy!

PLEASE click the tiny PLAY button, the song is ONLY 2 minutes and SO pretty!!

Music Playlist at

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Vlogemotions Part Funf

This is my fifth try (ehhh I am not great on video I think) at Fort Thompson's Vlogemotions!

Just to show you all, my sense of humor is indeed, still intact, here are a few pics I took of myself...and NO, I didn't have to be on Ambien to do it. I just wanted you all to remember, Wendy does love to laugh!:) It is one of my favorite things!!

The classic tongue curl (my Mom can't do it, apparently it is hereditary)

The inward BlowFish, ahhh a classic again.

NO!!! That is just ME, man, mean jokes people!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mary Kay MUST Die!!

See the woman all the way to the left? Yeah I HATE her! If you have ever done any of the Walk Away the Pounds dvd's you should at least recognize the woman in the center, that is Leslie, she is the lady you listen to, the main event or whatever. She is fine, except she never sweats which just pisses me off.LOL. But the woman all the way to the left is Mary Kay...yeah I know, even her name grates.

Tonight we did a new dvd that Sandy bought by WATP. It was 30 minutes of walking and kick-boxing. It was SO hard! We usually do the 20 minute express mile and the 10 minute toning, but it is NOT the same. I barely made it through, and Hallelujah, Leslie SWEATED!! And I don't just mean a glow of presperation, I mean she was slick with real sweat, her hair was sticking to her neck SWEATY! It made my day, I am so sad I know. But Mary Kay, oh how I loathe you. Even when Leslie was NOT telling you to add anything, Mary Kay was. Mary Kay was freaking bouncing along the entire time, kicking higher and higher, a bounce in every bloody step, I needed to kill her. She must be stopped. I am wheezing and gasping for breath as I try and keep up, and there is Mary Kay, bounding around with a snooty little smile, making you feel BAD that you are sweating and this is killing you! Even the creator is sweating but Mary Kay...agghhhh I cannot stand you!!

In other news, my Mom LOVED New In Town. She's going around saying phrases from it "Okey-dokey Artichokey", it is so cute! We also enjoyed yummy homemade meatball grinders and Katie made Magic Cookie Bars, which made my Mom happy, I was just sad we didn't HAVE tapioca in the house. If you like tapioca (not me) you will want it when you watch this movie. For some reason my Mom MUST have pie in the house when she watches StarMan. I don't really remember much, but I remember there was pie being eaten in it.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Terminator Goodness

I went and saw Terminator Salvation this afternoon and was so suprised, because I LOVED it!! All that bad press was making me think the film itself was gonna be bad, and it was so the opposite of bad!! One of the things that made it good, was this cutie, Sam Worthington, that guy up there, SO cute and a good actor! He plays Marcus in the film, which is a VERY big role! If it weren't for Marcus, you could say the other films couldn't have happened, even tough they are in the past. And I can't wait to hear him talk in his REAL accent, he is Australian!! Woohoo!! Another hot guy from one of my homelands!! I SO need to visit!!

Anyways, back to the movie. It was so full of action and fighting. There is even, what I believe is a CG version, an appearance by Ahhhhhnold's Terminator. And you get introduced to a teenage Kyle Reese and get to see John's reaction when he meets the boy who will grow up to be his friend who he sends back to protect him mom and BE his Dad...yeah Terminator was always a bit complicated, but I have always been a fan and gotten it. And NO, it did not minimize the film by NOT having Mr. Schwarzenegger in it, I didn't even think about it, there was too much going on, too many things to dazzle and drag you into the Resistance. When this CG Arnold popped up it was just like, Heyyyy look it's Arnie!! Otherwise, pffft, so did not need the original terminator. So I definitely reccomend this movie. And apparently Night at the Museum did even better than T4, so I am even more excited to see that, which I hope to see very soon!!

Went and yup, bought New In Town after the movies. I can't wait for my Mom to see it, she was all ready for my Dad to take her to see it and they stopped playing it in theaters just as she wanted to go see it, poor Mom, LOL! I was not happy to see that it would cost me 20 bucks at Walmart!! What happened to new dvd's being $14.96?!! Did the other walmart shopping too, went to the video store...not much there, if either of the 2 I got are any good I will tell you.

I saw a mostly good one last week, called The Wedding Weekend. It all centers around these guy friends who were an acapella group in college and now they are asked by one of them to sing at his wedding, and you could say, these men are going through some issues right now, and they kind of all spill out while they are together with their spouses/girlfriends, etc. The best part I have to say was the singing, I wanted to download the album but don't see it for sale. Bummer. I also picked up Lost in Austen, I haven't watched it yet, but Sam did, the Austen nut, and LOVED it. Hopefully it is not too much of a "bonnet" movie. Yuck!

P.S. Who else is a Jon and Kate Plus 8 fanatic?? Did you watch last night? You could SEE the tension, and it was so weird them being seperate the whole time during interview time. And when he rolled up at the party LATE, I was like, soooo that's the car you bought behind Kate's back while she was out of town...yeah you could fit one car seat in that back. Not that I am Team Kate on this. We and She don't know if he did anything, sure he acted foolishly, but no one knows if he cheated on her, and now the whole thing is maybe she cheated with her bodyguard...who is telling the truth? I have no idea, but I hope they get past this, I miss Kate hitting him across the chest in the interviews, etc. The whole episode felt so awkward and that part where Alexis, okay she is my fave of the girls, said she didn't want Daddy to go, just broke my heart. And when he was like I have a business trip, I was neither of you work anymore, and only Kate goes on business trips. Poor kids!! Kate seems to think they don't get what is going on but they are 5 and 8 year olds now, they aren't stupid!

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Monday, May 25, 2009


Yeah I know EXCITING topic, but that is what went on this weekend and what is going on NEXT weekend, much to none of our pleasure. My father absolutely HATES the linoleum that is on our kitchen through to our mud room, bathroom and it's hallway. So as it is

kinda looking realllllly crappy, well look:

It only took 2 1/2 days of ripping up the old linoleum, sanding the crap out of the floor and then cutting a pattern to cut the new linoleum out, and THEN gluing, rolling and letting it dry for 24 hours, and voila!! This is the floor of our half bathroom now! You never know how much you appreciate a toilet and your washer and dryer until they are gone for almost 3 days!!

Look how well it goes with the wall color and the counter top! We know color people!

And all that work was for a tiny bathroom. My Mom says if it weren't for the fact that we were doing the rest of the kitchen with a laminate flooring that SUPPOSEDLY clicks together and requires no glue, and that we are putting OVER the old linoleum, then we would be leaving the country and make Dad do it alone. Seriously I took a pic or two to show you how huge our kitchen is:

This is from ONE angle, down there in the back is a hallway that holds that lil bathroom and a mud room, that is also in the same linoleum that we have to redo.

This is the other part of our kitchen which is infron of the peninsula you can see the edge of in that first pic. Ignore the bra on the chair, lol!

But it is stressing us all out. Look at the amount of flooring we had to buy!

It is a pretty terracotta color and willl look pretty, but the fact that we have to stagger it in some weird way to match up seams, and that it has to be specially cut all over because of all the weird angles, etc that make up our kitchen, it is going to be a nightmare. And my Dad, if he gets angry...well...there isn't enough insulation in our house to keep us from hearing his wrath. It is like a guillotine hanging over our heads!!

See look at me, I have gone crazy, ignore the no make up and wet hair, look I have gone bonkers! And ignore that I am 2 1/2 weeks late on re-coloring myhair! Click on the picture, you can see the raving madness in my eyes!!!

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Sunday Share - Hei Matau

It is a Sunday, except for the fact that our half bathroom floor is drying, as it has new linoleum on it, thus our washer and dryer and toilet have no home, nothing much is going on today. We did watch Congo tonight, as TV is basically over for the summer.

So I decided to take a page from Tori_Z at Torizworld and do a Sunday Share. I am sharing with you the hei matau. I was given one, it is a cherished posession...I should probably do the rundown on it though, so you understand what it is.

Hei matau

A hei matau is a bone or greenstone carving in the shape of a highly stylized fish hook typical of the Maori people of New Zealand. They represent strength, good luck and safe travel across water.


The fish-hook shape of the hei matau finds its origins in Māori legend, which holds that the North Island of New Zealand was once a huge fish that was caught by the great mariner Maui using only a woven line and a bone hook. Legend holds that the shape of Hawke Bay is that of the hei matau, which caught in the fish's side. For the Māori, the hei matau is taonga (a cultural treasure). It represents not only their land, but also prosperity, fertility and safe passage over water. They also denote the importance of fishing to Māori, and their relationship to Tangaroa, god of the sea.


Traditionally, bone hei matau were carved from whale bone. They came in several different forms ranging from the plain and utilitarian, used for catching fish, to the highly ornate, which served as treasured family heirlooms. Today, their main use is ornamental and they are commonly worn around the neck not only by Māori, but also by other New Zealanders who identify with the hei matau as a symbol of New Zealand.

Bone carvings and artwork have a very special feel about them, unlike anything else you will ever experience. Their milky white appearance and soft flowing lines are just the start. They are soft and warm to the touch yet the finish is like polished glass, they seem to blend with your body and become a part of you, especially when worn as a pendant against your skin. Over a period of time bone carvings absorb oils from your skin and change colour to a very light honey gold. The Maori believe this to be the carving taking on some of your spirituality or essence and thus truly becoming a part of the wearer.
*Thanks to Wickipedia and kiwihomepage

Some say as you pass on the carving to generations, it holds a part of each person who has worn it, if worn with respect. I cherish mine. I was given one as a birthday gift a few years ago, and it is directly from New Zealand. I am 1/4 New Zealand, so when I first saw the design (worn by Viggo Mortensen. Many of the cast of the LOTR trilogy bought them during their stay in New Zealand), I was enchanted and knew I wanted one. Mine is quite similar to the picture above, except it is thinner, so more delicate. It was hand carved, I got paperwork and everything, and they do tell you, wear it against your skin, because it is supposed to soak the oils from you into it to make it, it's permanent color. Mine is still very white. I am so careful with it, which includes me keeping it in it's original case and wearing it only when I know there will be no one who grabs it, so not very often, but I plan on wearing it more. I am very proud to be New Zealand and hope to go there someday. I also own a jade twist, which I recieved a year later. The twist with its crisscross form represents the many paths of life and love and as such is regarded as the original eternity symbol. The single twist in particular shows the joining together of two people for eternity. Even though they sometimes move away from each other on their own journeys, they will always come together again sharing their lives and blending to become one. It tells how the strength of bond of friendship, loyalty and love will last forever. The pic below looks nothing like mine, mine may be a mix of twist and koru, I will have to recheck the paperwork. It is gorgeous and I am so happy I own both pieces!! I am so proud of my heritage.

Hope you enjoyed learning a little about New Zealand's treasured jewelery!! Have a great night!!

P.S. What no one likes movie trailers, aka my last post?!! Well tough I prepared 5 more of those flashback trailer posts last night and it took me a long time!! *pouts*
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Flashback Movies

I have nothing to report, it has been a nice Saturday, but nothing special, so I am doing a Flashback, to waken all your memories!! Sure there are lots we all look back on, like Goonies and Beetlejuice and Spaceballs, but how about some you may not have thought about in quite awhile? I found some great movie trailers to help you remember!!

Return to OZ

The Dark Crystal

The Wizard

Flight of the Navigator


REAL Genius

The Burbs

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

TV's Axed, Returns and some News

Since most of you are NOT TV addicts to the extent I am, I thought I would share with you news about your favorite TV shows, whether they will live to see next year, whether they are now Resting in Peace, and I may even highlight a few of the ones in development for next season. I have read good things about a few.

Shows that got the axe. First there were the ones that got the axe earlier in the year, including Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money, etc. Then we learn now, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles (saddd), The Unusuals, Eleventh Hour, My Name is Earl, Reaper, Priviliged, Without a Trace, Cupid, Samantha Who and more. We sadly salute the good ones not given a shot, and rejoice in the ones that we KNEW would die a quick death.

Returning to us in the fall or new Year? Sorry I don't DO sitcoms. On CBS, NCIS, The Mentalist, Cold Case, Criminal Minds, all 3 CSI's, Ghost Whisperer, Numb3rs, Survivor and new to the fold, but to new to TV, MEDIUM. Sister network NBC has given it to CBS, thank goodness!! Jay is taking over the 10 to 11 slot every weekday so thank you NBC for being generous and keeping this show alive! Returning to NBC are The Biggest Loser, Apprentice (ugh), Chuck, Heroes, Friday Night Lights, 2 Law and Orders and Southland. NBC will be adapting a new "scheduling" due to Jay's show taking up 5 of it's prime tv hours. They will run tv programming longer during the year than other tv channels. Before the Winter Olympics, Heroes, etc will be on. When the Olympics are over, other shows like Chuck will then get their turn to air. So they are dividing their viewing schedule into 2 different sections. Your show will either be on in the Fall or in the New Year. Fox brings back House, Bones, Fringe (yes!), Dollhouse (YES!!), 24, Lie to Me,

SYTYCD (during the fall!) and others. And that lame show, American Idol. HEY!! No throwing tomatoes!! ABC brings us back Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Castle, DWTS (gag), Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Grey's Anatomy, Lost, Private Practice, Ugly Betty and sitcoms I don't even know the names of. The sitcom dies with Friends and Will & Grace!! The CW has not made any announcements, but I do believe Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, 90210, ANTM, Smallville and Supernatural are ALL back next year! Yeah baby!!

And some new shows you might want to keep your eyes out for, as new info comes in, because they sound me anyways? CBS has a spinoff NCIS: Los Angelos, that has Chris O'Donell and LL Cool J. NCIS and LL, I will so be giving it a shot to win me over. Three Rivers follows an organ transplant team and the people who give their organs and those who recieve them. It stars Julia Ormnd, but who cares it has Alex O'Loughlin from the rudely cancelled Moonlight! He is hot, I love his REAL accent!! To me those are the 2 of it's 6 new shows that sound cool. Which is great for them, that means they have that many successful shows they are keeping.

FOX has Human Target with Mark Valley who was on Fringe, as a guy you call on when regular bodyguards, etc are not enough, he becomes a human target for you. Chi McBride also stars and I like him a lot. It also has Past Life, which is very intriguing. It's about an unlikely pair of past-life detectives who investigate whether what is happening to you today is the result of who you were before. Using regression therapy and gifts for reading people, they helps solve the mysteries of troubled clients who suffer from present-day problems caused by past-life traumas. What you did in a past life could be punishing you now. Could be great or coold bomb, we will have to wait and see. That is all I find noteworthy so far.

NBC's Day One tells the story of life on earth following a global catastrophe that has devastated the world's infrastructures. Beginning with the immediate aftermath of the cataclysmic event, an eclectic band of survivors strives to rebuild society as they unravel the mysteries of what happened and face their uncertain future. If it can get me half as captivated as Jericho I will love it, but if it gets axed after I fall for it, I will cause the exec's a global catastrophe!! And Mercy, a medical drama but this time, we are seeing things through the eyes of the nurses!! Mom's a nurse so I am excited to see NBC's take on what nurses go through. And Trauma is an intense, action-packed look at one of the most dangerous medical professions in the world: first responder paramedics. When emergencies occur, the trauma team from San Francisco General is first on the scene, traveling by land, by sea or by air to reach their victims in time. These heroes must face the most extreme conditions to save lives -- and give meaning to their own existence in the process.

On ABC, we have Eastwick. Now I lpved the movie, so I am really hopeful that they can sucessfully turn this into an entertaining show. It focuses not just on the 3 women or the man who gives them their powers, but on the New England town that becomes the epicenter of who knows what kinds of destruction and chaos?! LOL! Flash Forward looks very cool. When a mysterious event causes the entire world to black out, humanity is given a glimpse into its near future, and every man, woman and child is forced to come to grips with whether their destinies can be avoided or fulfilled. Seriously, what would you do if you saw a glimpse of what your future could bring? If it is good, how do you make sure you get to there, and if it is bad, what decisions do you now make to change that? I am looking forward to find out. The Forgotten is a crime show in which a team of dedicated amateurs work on cases involving unidentified victims. After the police have given up, this group must first solve the puzzle of the victim's identity in order to then help catch the killer. Midseason show Happy Town has Haplin, Minnesota approaching almost a decade of peace after being riddled for years by unsolved kidnappings. But in the wake of this small town's first crime in seven years, some dark truths are being revealed about some familiar faces. They say every town has its secrets that doesn't even begin to describe Happy Town. Amy Acker of Angel stars.

The CW surprisingly is not listing the spin-off of Gossip Girl, set in the 80's, which I am hopeful they won't. Too confusing and you know the end results!! What they are offering is the new Melrose Place, which I am excited for. They are bringing back Sydney people, loved her! It has a promising cast too, including Colin Egglesfield and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. Beautiful People is about models living together and trying to survive the modeling world, yes it sounds a little familiar, some WB show that had Cassidy Rae on it. But the cast is a good one, including Sara Paxton, Mischa Barton, Corbin Bleu and Elle Macpherson. And it is the one series by L.J. Smith I did NOT read, but CW is bring The Vampire Diaries to life. Human girl is wanted by two brothers, one the epitomy of good, one of evil, and they are fighting for her soul. Sounds LOVELY! LOL! Smith's books are all amazing so if they stick close to what she created, it should do very well and with Paul Wesley ans Ian Somerhalder as the brothers, it promises to be a very good time!

That is all I have so far folks, but I figured not all of you had this knowledge yet, so I felt I MUST share, as your local TV addict.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Britain DOES have Talent!!

Ever since Lee introduced me to the Susan Boyle video, from Britain's Got Talent, I have been obsessed with checking every week, for the newest great discovery on the show and there have been a few that I really hope, make it to the finals! And, yup, that is right, I am sharing with you these other gems from Britain, who deserve to be famous! I can't wait to see who you think deserves the award, maybe more than Susan Boyle, because these people are serious threats!! I am amazed at the talent of these people, they just blow you away, they are THAT good. Let me know who you think could win besides Susan Boyle, but who is your favorite too??

This is 10 year old Natalie Okri, who blew me away, she WILL be a singer the world knows!Listen to these pipes!!

This is Jamie Pugh, as mush a surprise as Susan Boyle, but is so sweet and terrified, when he starts crying, you will too!

This is Shaun Smith, a cutie and a powerful voice!!

This group is called Diversity, they are a dance group and are AMAZING!! The choreography is stunning and done by the team leader Ashley, he should be professionally doing it!! Watch! The dance starts about 2 minutes in!!

This is Shaheen Jafargholi, holy CRAP!! Don't you think he looks like a mini Mairo Lopes??!

And I HAD to include Stavros Flatley, it will make you laugh so hard, it is delightful!!

P.S. I only got hour 1 of SYTYCD!!! Agghhhhhhhhh!! And I can't find it online!! Wahhhh!!
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