Friday, May 15, 2009

It'll HIT the Fan

Some crap will hit the fan tommorrow. Stuff in regards to my previous post.

I wish I could believe that certain people could take a step back and realize what they are doing, what they are saying, and how it affects others. But I am not sure that will or can hold true. Because some people refuse to look at things from a different view, other than their own. Then maybe they could see the truth, not just from one person's view, but from many. I told my mother tonight I am tired. But not tired in the way most of you will think. I am deep in my bones, tired from the stress a situation is causing me. And it isn't something I can just say, to heck with that, and go on. Not when I believe I am doing what is right for me. But I don't want it to hurt my family and that is what is being...jeopardized. And it enrages me and makes me sick. What to do when what you feel and KNOW is right

It is frustrating, maddening, and as much as I want to believe nuetral parties can help. Why can't they see that it is NOT a compromise when only ONE person is doing the compromising? Give and take is what it is all about, not just take, take, take. Some people are the ones who need to grow up, show some respect and learn that giving in is not a weakness, some give, is what makes the other people give and then you reach a happy place for everyone.

P.S. You know what else? Blogs are NOT selfish. I don't know where anyone can get to decide that, but it makes me sick and makes me think, how stupid are you, that people sharing themselves is selfish in your eyes? Who are you to even judge? The angry parts of the following song, the ANGRY ones, are aimed at those who think they can decide what is right, what is selfish and anything else, when it has nothing to DO with what they think!

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Sarah said...

"Blogs are selfish"? Ummm...okay then (confused look). I don't agree with that either BUT I will say that even if some people think they are, so what?! We NEED to be selfish sometimes, I learned that from being in VERY bad relationships for many years. I AM selfish sometimes, when I need to be and when my well being is at stake! If I am not, I end up being the doormat I was a few years ago, no thanks!

SO said...

I hope that you can work things through with the people that you need to. I hope compromises are made on both sides. I have a brother who takes and takes and takes. When we asked him to do some giving he flipped out. *shaking head*

Annette said...

I try to do what you do in frustrating situations.....putting myself in their shoes all the while trying to figure out why and how they think the way they do. That does help, but sometimes there are those I just can't figure out! Good luck, so sorry that you are exhausted from all this.

Lee said...

Seriously. Drew gets SO mad mad when I post something negative about him on my blog. But my blog is my place to talk. Blogs aren't SELFISH. They're a place to express yourself.

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