Thursday, May 13, 2010

Must SEE TV is Thursdays!!

Eeek! Tonight is the season finales of Supernatural and Vampire Diaries! Okay I am intrigued for Diaries, but it is Supernatural that I am like going AGGHHHH!!! about. I mean they are preparing to battle Lucifer people! Sam is going to let Lucifer take over his body and we can only HOPE that he can have the strength of will to be able to beat him! And Michael the angel will be using poor Adam's body, the rarely seen dead brother of Sam and Dean! SO I am very, VERY anxious how it is all going to go down, and how they are going to leave us hanging for MONTHS! How will I bear so many months with no new episodes of my Supernatural?! *sighs* My Dean made a promise to DEATH people, that he would not stand in the way of Sammy being taken over, but you know he was lying, dang it all! I don't want Dean in deep doo-doo with scary Death man! He plays evil music (that I do like), like this:

Luckily for us DIE-HARD Supernatural fans, there is another season after all, so YAY! But they can leave is with the WORST kind of cliff hangers! Like when they left us with Dean screaming from Hell being tortured! Blood poring from his mouth...*sob*! That was sheer HELL!! For me anyway. Having to wait for months to see how they were going to get him out of there was SO hard to wait for! This show is SO good, I am so happy I do not have to say goodbye QUITE yet! I have no idea how I will be when they actually close the book in Supernatural, I don't think I have loved a show this much since Buffy or Charmed. It is so close to my heart. It hits all the right notes. It is funny, full of mystery and suspense, whimsical, etc.

And then I have a Bones and a Fringe episode to look forward to tonight too, and Fringe goes over to the alternate universe! Wahoo! We get to see Alternate Olivia! I hope we see a reunon of Peter and OUR Walter! I miss those two guys!

And there is a new Survivor!! There are so many blind sides and back stabs going on this season that I have no idea what is going to happen at ALL anymore! I know I still love Rupert, but the likelihood of him winning is small. And who else LOVES watching the web episodes of Ponderosa? They entertain me SO much! The video of The Slayers is hysterical! Does anyone else feel a need to be eating when they watch Survivor? I need to, it makes me feel better to eat when they are starving on the show, LOL!

Plus Jane sees that annoying psychic again on The Mentalist! Thursdays are THE night for television in my house baby!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spit Bubbles

Wednesdays...are such a boring day. I have nothing to distract me today. I have no errands to do.

I have to wait until the night before to charge my electronics, so they are all at full power, so I have absolutely nothing to do today. I feel like all I have to do is lay back on my bed and make spit bubbles as I twiddle my thumbs. Yeah THAT bored!

I might go over over my checklist AGAIN, so that I can close up my BIG suitcase, but that is IT. So someone tell me what you are up to. What is something interesting you are up to today so that I can refrain from making spit bubbles!!

I do have a new favorite line from Glee though. " I am like Tinkerbell. I need applause or I will die!"- Rachel Barry

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Trivialities

I picked up a copy of Legion. I won't watch it again, yet. I saw it in the theaters and really liked it, and think the family will too. SO I will save it to watch down later. I also rented a copy of the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. I finally saw a trailer for Heath Ledger's last movie and it looks so cool. I love that Johnny Depp and Jude Law and Colin Farrel went in and helped out by playing Heath's character in different world's, so that he wouldn't have to be 100% recast. So I am, excited to watch it tonight. I also look forward to seeing Daybreakers.

Okay so I started the Topamax, except my doctor may be an idiot. He told me he wanted me to get up to taking 2, twice a day. So he wanted me to take one, day one. Two, day two, etc. Well, day two was yesterday. And I wasn't sure it was the Topamax, but my face was half tingling on and off, and so were my hands. It was scary. And while I read that most symptoms with Topamax went away, my Mom couldn't remember what the technical term was for "tingling", so we had to wait for her to go back to work, which was after I started 3 today. And tingling is one of the top 4 side effects, AND the books say never to start off taking this drug too FAST! It says to start slow, so if taking 3 (I just took the 2 this morning, and will take the third when I go to sleep) goes okay then we are sticking with 3 for at least a week before making it the 4. My Mom thinks he should never have made it 4 in 4 days, that it was a dangerous call. So we will probably be taking the Lithium when we start it, a lot slower too. I am not going to be scared off these meds because HE is so old he can't remember how you should start meds correctly!

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Misc Monday

Mother's Day was a success! We had brunch, homemade blueberry pancakes. She opened her presents and loved them. We watched Bell Book and Candle. Then we did some packing for her and then she took a bath. We ordered Outback in and started DeskSet. Then the girls went and got the food and we ate the yummy food as we finished DeskSet. We has homemade lemon squares and watched a Glee re-run and Mom went to bed early. She had a really good day, and that made us very happy!

Dad was not able to be there. He got sent back to Troy, New York again! So a total of 5 hours driving and working all day there. He got home just before midnight, and so Sandy and I went down to Denny's and had breakfast with him. It was nice, we hadn't really seen him in 2 days. We told him about Mom's day, and he realized he hadn't left his presents for Mom out. We had put the flowers out though. We talked about Florida which cheered him up.
It was so windy and cold, I wish I had a heavier jacket!! Brrr!

Today, I did bare minimum grocery shopping. Just what we need to get through the days we are here this week, and that is it. I also stopped by Rite Aid and got those other 2 lip glosses, LOL!

Does anyone else watch Brothers & Sisters? I about cried when they turned of all the lights on Ojai Foods for the last time last night. I can't believe the closed the doors on the company they have revolved themselves around since they premiered, I just wanted to cry myself! It was like Noooo! And when Scotty sang that Irish ballad, first I was awed at his voice, and then I was like sobbing, it was so beautiful and stuff. Man! And next weeks episode looks amazing, who is going to die? If it is Robert I am fine with THAT, since Rob Lowe is leaving, but anyone else and I will have a conniption!

Did anyone else sob when Sun and Jin died on Lost? I didn't think it would really happen. I was sure it would loosen at the last minute and they would make it out alive, so I was numb and then crying when their hands drifted away because they were dead! How could they do that 2 episodes from the end?!! Aghh!! It is not like other shows, where they will be back next season, so maybe they can fix things, Sun and Jin, unless some miracle happens, are GONE! *whimpers*

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mom

I don't think I can ever fully summarize or put into words how special my Mom is. How much she is there for me, how much she makes me laugh, how much of a friend she is. She has her hands full dealing with my conditions which I know can be rough on her too, and I can only hope and pray she hears me when I tell her how much I appreciate that and her, and how much I love her and adore her. And how she is my hero. My best friend. My confidante.

I know everyone's Mom is special to them, but my Mom has gone above and beyond the call of duty for me. She has sacrificed for me, she has been hurt because of me, she has been through a lot because I have these disorders and diseases. Not all Mom's would stick by them after they are 18. But my Mom has never wavered in her love for me, and her devotion to helping me be as well as I am capable of being. So I do think that makes her one of the most extraordinary Moms there has ever been.

I know I can be very unpleasant, heck I can be a b*&%^ when I am in a panic attack, or anxiety attack. I can be scary mean or calm when I am having an episode, but she still loves me. She sticks by me and even when I tell her to go, she knows that everything inside of me is screaming, please don't leave me alone. Don't leave me by myself. And she doesn't. She sits through my silence or my tirades, hugs me while I sob my pain out, and then councils me.

I doubt I will ever be able to repay my Mom for all she does for me. Not in this lifetime anyway. I don't think ever though, because nothing can change what she has done for me. But I hope I can always make sure she knows how much she means to me, that I would do anything for her, and that I lover her more than anything. I don't think I could get through this life without her love and support.

I made this video last year, but it is a tribute to my Mom and so I want to share it again.

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Randomness and Almost Mother's Day!!

My computer is freakishly working for a third night now, I am flabbergasted, but pleased! I will have to have my Dad hold off on the nuking, because I have to say, if things are going to be fine now, it would be so much easier to NOT have to download ALL the programs I use, etc AGAIN! My OCD takes over and I have to have my desktop as it should be before I log off, which usually means working on it all night. So please laptop, be better! If it is, I am saying this program, Microsoft Security Essentials, ROCKS!!

I am sooo boring today. I found a new lip gloss I love. I found it at Rite Aid. Jesse's Girl Liquid Crystal Lip Gloss in any of the 4 shades. I bought tangerine and ice, but I want the other 2 now. Tangering actually looks orangey on my lips but it looked like a rainbow in the bottle, so I want to see what wicked and violet end up looking like on me. LOL! I had to stop myself from buying a bunch of other make-up, I did say, I should so buy that on vacation and so I put it back. 2 Physician Formula products and some Cover Girl stuff. Plus I want to try that make-up that has the roll on applicator, it just looks fun! And that is what retail therapy is all about.

I also did some last minute helping for Mother's Day. Dad had to drive all the way to Troy, New York and back today. He left around 6 am, so he was exhausted so when he asked if I would get flowers and candy, I was like of course! He said a box of candy but I decided to be a little more original and bought a gift bag, and then 5 of her favorite candies instead. A bag of Lindt balls, Good & Plenty, Ferrero Roche, Ghirardelli caramel filled chocolate and those Werther's chocolate and caramel striped candies. Mmmm! Except for Good & Plenty, I cannot stand black licorice, it is so gross, but my Mom adores it! So we get her G&P, black jelly beans, etc. And I found a bouquet with plenty of purple-ish flowers, her fave color. So I think my Dad is happy. He has a card and a candle already.

I really hope she likes my movie and Willow Tree figurine, and Sam got her a movie she loves and a personalized key chain of the two of them. Kate went with cash, as she feels inept at buying my Mom gifts. But my Mom knows that and apparently is happy so I am happy for her. That relative from the Mid West sent her a card...that said have a nice day...that was it...yeah real personal. Anyway, I hope my sisters and I can make my Mom feel like a Queen today. She is the BEST Mom, so she deserves it.

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Friday Fragments

*I dyed my hair tonight. The dye hiatus, to give my hair a break is OVER. I so like it when I first do it. RED red. It has been 2 months since I last dyed it and it was so hard waiting. But I want the color to stick and stay bold red as long as possible. My hair actually feels great tonight, even though I just did it tonight. And this isn't from a boxed dye with special essences included to hydrate, etc. This is stuff I pick up individually at Sally's Beauty supply store. So, voila! Wendy Red:

*I start the Topamax in the morning. I am actually glad my Mom wanted me to wait until the weekend. Anything I eat has been making me sick to my stomach, and if I had been on the new med, I would have thought it was causing it, but I must have a bug or something. SO the new med begins in the morning. And when we get home, the BIG med change, Lithium. I KNOW many people are thinking, Lithium...why aren't you scared? That is a scary pill. But out of all the meds I could have asked for, this one has been around SO long. So many more studies have been completed with it. Whereas the newer meds, they don't know as much. Breathe Wendy, it will, I hope, be alright.

*I saw Nine this week and totally understand why it bombed in the theater! I am SO glad Redbox had it, so that I only spent $1.06 total! It was so boring and so awful! The only spots of anything good were Fergie's song, Kate Hudson's song (she has a bloody good voice) and the songs sung by the actress who plays his wife. Otherwise, stupid, boring and hot the fast forawrd button! Yuck!

*I reconnected with my friend Hannah, which was completely unexpected. I thought I had lost her as a friend, I was resigning myself to it, and then BAM. A real email from her and then another and it was like, Yay, I have my friend back. I missed her a lot. She gets what I feel and go through a lot, and she loves to talk movies and TV as much as I do. We are the hugest Supernatural fans! We discuss Jensen and Jared ALL the time! Oh and now Misha too, he is SO good as Castiel! And so good to look at too! LOL!

*Maxie had his 6 month check up at the vet'd and he is healthy! He is also only 21.6 pounds, when 23 is normal for him and perfect, so we were like WOW. We thought the Winter months, where we were SO not walking him enough (it was too cold! But he has a line people where he runs after stuff, etc), were going to make him a little overweight. But he is PERFECTION! I love my little Pookie bear!

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Holy Crap, QUICK!

After trying off and on, my laptop is giving me a few minutes of actually allowing Blogger to open, so I decided to take this RARE opportunity and jot a quick post, hopefully before the net kicks me off!!

I am actually anxious to start the Topamax this weekend, because that means, in just a few weeks I will start the Lithabid (lithium that doesn't make you sick in the stomach) and I really hope it helps me. I worry about hoping though, because lately, hoping has just spit back at me in the face. If I hope for something, it doesn't happen or goes very bad/wrong. So I am scared to start the meds in case they make me sick or affect me badly, but I am anxious to start them, so I can maybe feel better. It can be quite frustrating to feel both ways at the same time!

Anyway, I saw The Losers with both my sisters this past weekend and I ♥LOVED♥ it! They have to make a sequel, they set it up perfectly for one, and it is just so good! It was the perfect balance of action, exploding buildings, and killing, mixed with HUMOR. It was a fun and funny movie! Chris Evans(Jensen), Jeffrey Dean Morgan(Clay), and the guys who played Cougar and Pooch, were hilarious!! Zoe Saldana was good, making you question whose side she was really on, and it is left so you still wonder where she stands. Idris Elba was well cast as Roque and man, Jason Patric was stellar as loony bad man, Max.

5 members of a Special Forces team are on a mission, when they notice 25 Bolivian children being led into the compound that will destroyed in less than 5 minutes. So they go against orders, by a mysterious man named Max who hacks their radio, and go rescue the children. When the chopper for their pick up arrives, either the soldiers can fit or the children, so these amazing men tell the pilot to get the kids to safety, they will find their way home. Only what no one knew, was Max had arranged for the "Losers" to be killed in a chopper bombing. So they watch in horror as the chopper full of little ones explodes. They leave their dog tags behind so that the people behind this will assume they achieved their goal: killing them.

When Aisha approaches Clay with a deal to get them their lives back, and kill Max, they jump on the chance. Only things are not quite as they seem. Continuously through the movie. And these guys don't like it. They are skilled professionals and will not be taken lightly. But with them all wanting different things, with some of them trusting Aisha, and some not, can these Losers stay together and be the team they have always been? One has missed almost the entire pregnancy of his wife, one just wants to get to his niece's soccer championship, one tells nothing to anyone, and then there is Clay who just wants revenge, and Roque who wants his life as it should be. They butt heads, but they are always there for each other, but can they all put in on the line, when more treachery is revealed? Go to the theaters to SEE!

Wow I got a post that is more than 3 lines out!! I am not pressing my luck though. I am hitting Plublish before the net or laptop die on me!

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yup... has to be nuked. I can't even open Facebook, or look a pictures sent to me. Just to keep you updated. Going without a computer is so HARD for me! And having to re-install it all, will make my OCD spastic!

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Okay, so I am doing another short post about my computer situation, because I am actually terrified that it will suddenly decide to DIE again. My Dad, despite my note to him, asking him to just look at the 5 Dells I printed out specs for and pick one for me,(on the fossil desktop in the dining room) decided to spend 3 hours working on this untrustworthy laptop. He got windows running and I am putting the pictures I didn't back up to my external hard drive onto a flash drive. FAST. I do not trust my laptop right now. It is not connecting to pages and this screen I am typing on looks wrong, it isn't coming up right.

My Dad doesn't want me to risk corrupting my external hard drive in case any of these files has a virus. When he got it working, SOMEHOW, only a computer tech specialist could do this, he found me with dozens of Trojan Horses and like 50 viruses. Apparently, and we do not know how, Norton was NOT enabled. He even looked up Norton and "enabled" and found forums of other people who had Norton suddenly not enabled and had their computers fried.

So my Dad found this new free program, he no longer trusts Norton. It is called Microsoft Security Essentials and it keeps finding more viruses. So my Dad said to test the internet tonight and if it is slow or acts weird, he will have to NUKE my laptop...AGAIN. When we get back from Florida, he plans to teach me how to nuke it myself and how to restore it. He IS sick of this too. But he says my hard ware is all good, so it isn't a bad hard drive or anything this time. But I am not connecting to pages and it is being really SLOW, so he will have to nuke it. Which is very upsetting. Anyone who has had theirs nuked knows, it takes a lot of work to get your files and programs and stuff back onto your computer.

So PLEASE excuse me for (HOPEFULLY) just a few days. I don't know how much posting I can get done, that fossil desktop is wishy washy, and stops responding half the time. So for a few days I will have random or no postings and will probably not get a chance to comment much either.

PLEASE do not go away! I will be back I promise. Sometimes it feels like my bloggy friends know me the best because I am able to be so honest here. So PLEASE, I am not going into comment Syberia again, this laptop just has to be nuked for the like 8th time now. I WILL be back and back to commenting as soon as this sad puppy is back to life.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Too much

My laptop did it again. Failed and I JUST backed up everything. But in the last week since I backed it to an external hard drive, I added Maxie's birthday photos and some I took as art. They are gone. The laptop won't even go anywhere but a black screen. I am just...this happens way too often. It takes a LOT out of my Dad to FIX and nuke it, so not worth this stress. May take my school money and buy a new Dell. It had been easy to use for the first like 2 years I had no trouble. And I would NEED my laptop to DO the online schooling! I feel like throwing signature

One, Two, Freddy's Coming for You...Spoilers too

I went and saw Nightmare on Elm Street at an 11pm showing...all by myself! I know, that is crazy! I needed a distraction though, and that was the only movie left at that time that I haven't already SEEN! And you have to admit, that would BE distracting. Being scared spitless leaves no room for dwelling on thoughts! I was so glad that there were small groups of people, so I sat around the middle and center, so I would feel a little more protected, surrounded by ohers. Yes, I adore horror movies, but I would prefer company, so it was FREAKY! I also really wished at some points that I had a small stuffed animal to squeeze, because it was scarrryyyy at some points.

I already knew I hated Freddy's new look and voice. They should have gone and stayed with using Robert Englund! He IS Freddy. Anyone can put on the Jason Vorhees mask, or the Michael Meyers "Captain Kirk" mask (plus they don't SPEAK!), but Robert originated the burnt and messed up face of Freddy Kreuger and his freaky voice and attitude. And this new guy just could NOT replace him. Sure, his face is melted and even holey in some spots, but the real Freddy, it was like you could see the inside muscles of the human face, and this just did not have that. So it didn't look like Freddy, or sound like him. Sure, he said things Freddy would say, but the voice was just not right. Like Tina Fey's voice coming out of Steve Carrel, you know? Just wrong! LOL!

Besides that, I must say, that out of all the current remakes, this one was done the best. I hated the Friday the 13th remake. I loathed the Halloween remakes. They just did not IMPROVE anything and actually made the story MORE confusing when I thought the whole point was that they were going to explain these maniacs in a new light, a more understandable light. We were supposed to "GET" why Michael felt the need to kill anyone related to him, they promised that when Halloween 2 the remake was out, but they LIED! It ended up making even LESS sense! They have Laurie turning psycho at the end of that one! UGH!

So this really is by far, the best of the remakes. If I wasn't already a Nightmare aficionado, or even a former viewer, I would say this was a REALLY GOOD horror movie. And if I try to pretend this is a different character named Freddy, it was really pretty decent. It was good, it had the formula, the actors were far superior than in the original's time that is for sure. Kyle Gallner really does do the horror genre proud, he is quite good. He was one of the reasons I wanted to see the remake in the first place. He was really good in Haunting in CT. I was very sad that we only got a tiny while with Kellan sad. Rooney Mara is the actress who was the lead in the remake, and though I have never seen her before...that I am aware of...she did great! She was completely believable and was able to hold her own acting alongside Kyle.

One complaint though was the "why" Freddy does what he does. Do not get me wrong, it was refreshing to see them give a horror baddie a reason for killing. Well, kind of a reason. Sort of. They tried. I was down with it (lol) at first, but later was not when all was revealed. Okay, these parents find out someone is hurting all their children who attend the same daycare, in various disgusting ways they "allude" to. A daycare where a Mr. Fred Kreuger lives in the basement and adores the children and they are his whole life. Cutey flashbacks. But soon, the parents find scratch marks (like Freddy's knife fingers), the children talk about a secret cave he brings them to, and cry and say stuff, etc. The parents decide it is Freddy from what the kids say. And who needs proof. And so they chase him to a building and end up setting it on fire and that is how he is burned and that is how he dies. So he would surely want revenge, considering we don't even know (yeah okay we have to play dumb, it is a remake remember?) if Fred is guilty. Maybe someone else did these terrible things.

Except then the parents cover it up, and the children are helped to forget that they even knew each other back then, who knows how (5 is not that young though, so it is odd). So it is like 12 or 13 years later. And the children remembering Freddy is what gives him power and brings him back. Okay, so we are new to the franchise, let us pretend, shall we? Freddy, if innocent, has got to be pissed off that these children he loved, were the reason he died. But if I was this homicidal killer out for revenge, I would start targeting the parents, they KILLED me. They set me on fire and I burned and died, they did that. If I adored these 5 year olds, would I really think they maliciously said it was me, Mr. Kreuger? They were probably coerced, this isn't The Bad Seed after all. I mean, if I was this Freddy we did not KNOW, I might go after the grown children TOO, but I would not ignore the ones who actually killed me. Yet he could care less about the parents. It is the children he targets.

It is the remaining children, still living in town that begin to piece it together. First they realize they are sharing nightmares about the same man. Then it is down to three and Jesse tells Quentin and Nancy to stay awake, he kills you in your sleep, and then Jesse dies. So it is just the two of them. They are actually smart for teens in a horror movie, they research sleep deprivation and learn after 70 hours, first they will have waking naps that are like 10 seconds long and then they can slip into comas, which is permanent sleep...not a good thing. So time is of the essence. Like I said, SMART teens in a horror movie? What the...?! So Quentin and Nancy find out their daycare connection and then learn about their parents murdering Fred Kreuger. They think they must have been a bunch of KIDS who made up a story, and how could their parents just kill him without evidence first?!

So on their own, they head to the daycare where it all started, to try and find out what Freddy wants. And they find the "secret cave" that Freddy used and they find evidence of what Freddy did to them all, especially Nancy. The teens realize that Freddy did not want them there so they could realize they were the reason behind an innocent man's death. He lured them there because he IS guilty and wanted Nancy back where it all began. So this is where I found a problem with their "I'm a bad guy serial killer and here is why" reason. I gave it a shot because maybe in this version, Freddy was going to turn out to be innocent of this gross stuff, not the killings of course, but as it turns out to be true, that just made it an unpleasant topic and thing that happened to a group of 5 year old children. Which I am just not comfortable with. So that is my only other problem with this movie. Nu-Freddy and WHY he was killed.

Otherwise it is quite entertaining. Nancy is the key to killing Freddy, as she is in the first film. She is the only one that can bring him into the real world, because he has all the control in the dream world. And so Quentin is put on" wake Nancy up if she struggles" duty. Yeah, he is not so good at that. But hey, they are way over 70 hours awake by this point, and even with being on ADHD pills and shooting himself up with an adrenaline pen, if you are THAT tired, I could not hold it against you. So Quentin and Nancy are at his mercy, though not together. Freddy starts slicing up Quentin when he hears Nancy calling his name and runs off after her...and we get some real nasty Freddy versus Nancy nightmare stuff. So we are left to wonder, is Quentin dead? Can Nancy lure Freddy to the real world and destroy him? Will Freddy kill all the children he hurt in the first place, which makes his revenge...unexplained...again. And if Nancy does destroy Freddy in the real world, is that REALLY the end? For Once? Yes I know these answers, but I gave enough spoilers already people. If you are that anxious, just email me and I will tell ya whatever ya want. Otherwise, go on and see it. Even with what I told you, I can't tell you when things POP out at you and scare the crap out of you, or explain the utter gore in some of the deaths!

I really liked that they stuck to the traditional formula, but gave it a 2010 feel to it. It didn't seem so campy, it seemed more real now, which is what makes it spooky, because now it seems like it could happen!

I made sure I walked out within the groups, I said forget it to the bathroom, as it was 1 am and I wanted other people going to their cars too, and not like one couple or one other person so I would imagine the worst, yeah I am so a chicken too.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Review: Pantene's Newest Solutions!

Thanks to the people at My BlogSpark AND the people at Pantene, I got to be a Panteneologist and was sent the OFFICIAL Panteneologist Kit. I got samples from Pantene of their 4 new customized solutions for each unique hair type, special tests to use, a nifty lab coat and "tech" glasses, a "beaker", tablecloth and handbook!

Pantene’s® New Understanding of Hair Structure Pantene changed the way they looked at hair care. Applying cutting-edge research tools from NASA, the medical industry, and other fields outside of hair care, Pantene Pro-V scientists gained a new understanding of the physical and chemical properties of hair structure, including their unique patterns of multi-fiber arrangements.NEW Pantene® customized solutions are created to deliver outstanding product performance based on four unique hair structures and end look. NEW Pantene customized solutions utilize advanced ingredients for fine, medium-thick, curly, and color-treated hair with shampoos, conditioners, styling products, and treatments, including options designed to work together to deliver long-lasting results.
NEW Pantene Customized Solutions are designed for your unique hair type:
Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Solutions in three versions: Flat to Volume, Dry to Moisturized,
Fragile to StrongPROBLEM: Fine hair has up to 50% less protein.*
SOLUTION: NEW Pantene Fine Hair Solutions provide reinforcement to keep hair from falling flat. Go from lifeless to light and bouncy.
Pantene Pro-V Medium-Thick Hair Solutions in four versions: Frizzy to Smooth, Breakage to Strength, Dry to Moisturized, Flat to VolumePROBLEM: Thick hair absorbs up to 40% more moisture.**SOLUTION: NEW Pantene Medium-Thick hair solutions offer options designed to make unruly hair shiny and manageable.
Pantene Pro-V Curly Hair Series in two versions: Curls to Straight, Dry to Moisturized
PROBLEM: Curly hair has a unique growth pattern — as it curls, the cuticle can weaken, leaving it rough and unruly.
SOLUTION: NEW Pantene Curly Hair Series transform curly hair to help loosen or define curls, control frizz, and repair damage.
Pantene Pro-V Color Hair Solutions in three versions: Color PreserveTM Shine,Volume, and Smooth
PROBLEM: Color-treated hair is changed at a structural level. Its natural protective layer is removed. This is one reason why over time, your color may look dull.
SOLUTION: NEW Pantene’s Color Preserve collections create a water-resistant layer to slow water absorption and leave your color vibrant.

After doing my tests on myself, I ended up using their Medium to Thick Shampoo and conditioner. I had to try the Frizzy to Smooth formula as even the people at Pantene cannot be so generous as to give a sample of EVERY single formula and sub-formula and hair gel, etc. So I knew already I had thick hair, and I can't do the thickness test since I chopped my hair off. I did do the curl test and most my hair lies plain straight, though some do have some wave to them. I also did the fine-ness test, and I could most definitely feel the hair while I ran my finger across a strand of it on the special Fine paper included.

I also did the color test, to see how damaged my hair is from coloring. I rolled up some hair and it sank a little but them floated in the center of the water for a bit, so I have semi-healthy hair. Probably because I gave my hair a 2 month break. Next week when I re-color, I will likely try out the Pantene Color Solution samples.

Anyway, after extensive research in my oh so cool lab coat...sadly as I have glasses, I could not wear the uber-cool ones sent to me, I ended up with the Thick hair shampoo and conditioner. I loved how I didn't have to use a cup of shampoo, as I usually have to, to get it all sudsy and fully covered with shampoo. And the conditioner went on so smoothly that I didn't have to use the entire trial size bottle. It did feel a little straw like after I rinsed out all the product, but as it began to dry, it felt so soft and feels a bit sleek, instead of just feeling like a LOT of hair to brush down. I really am liking how my hair feels and look forward to seeing how it looks when I wake up. That is MY true test as I like to shower at night, so the shampoos and conditioners I use can not make my hair greasy looking by morning. It feels so nice though I am confident it will still feel great.

To try out these products yourself, you can either go to your local store or be one of the first to try it by getting a free sample at At our local Walmart, I even saw them selling small sets of say the Curly one, or the Color one, so that you can buy a small size and try it out to see if you like it first.*The Pantene Scientific Hair Test kit and everything included were provided by Pantene through MyBlogSpark.This product review was based on using complimentary Pantene product provided by P&G. Bloggers also received a $25 gift card.
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Decisons, Decisions...

We are going with asking my psychiatrist for lithium and topamax in conjunction with it. Lithium studies all show major weight gain, and I could not handle that. The pain and agony of that surgery, for nothing would be too much. So Katie, while at the in-patient facility she is externing at, did some research for me. And found several articles/papers on the fact that if you take Topamax in conjunction with Lithium, Topamax's weight loss side effect, can basically make it so the weight issue side effect is off the table. SO that is what we have decided. Praying on it tonight. I just hope the fact that my doctor is old and very traditional doesn't stop him from listening to what I WANT. We are bringing in the articles and books we bought.

Many books and sites say that Lithium and Depakote are the two best choices for BiPolar, and for some reason, Lithium has been sticking in my mind. Yeah it sounds a little scary, because it has been so talked about, but the fact that they have been using it SO long, so they know more about it, etc. makes it kind of more encouraging too. So if my doctor gives us the go ahead, we are going to wait until the day we return from Florida. My parents AND sisters, think it would be a bad idea to start while we are away AND on vacation. Sure, I am doing real bad, but I want a good vacation, and if Lithium makes me worse, that would SUCK, so yeah. That is what we want to do. It is kind of a little nice to have a course of action. I just hope it is the right decision and that the doctor will let me try this. We have been doing a lot of research and reading and studying. Many have tried this combo and it has helped. Now I just have to crawl out of my skin waiting for an answer from ABOVE, waiting for Monday to go SEE him, and waiting to see if he will agree to let me try this treatment. It sounds like the best one, I can only hope he will see that. And we also want to get me into that blood study, it would be so great to know what classes of drugs I can tolerate better.

Okay...just an update on the decision we reached today. Man, it is hard to breathe right now!

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hair Cutters...Way Overrated!

So I normally just have my Mother cut my hair. I am the ULTIMATE no fuss hair person. I don't even use a hair dryer, I just let it air dry. I don't want to have to put any real work into my hair, it is just not huge on my priority list. So I have my Mom cut it, usually a basic cut, probably considered a plain bob, maybe even a blunt one, as it is straight and cut to a point clean across. But I decided since we are off to vacation soon, I wanted to try having it cut short, but choppy or piecey, you know? It is supposed to soften the look, rather than just cutting straight across. SO it wasn't a huge change, just have the ends look cooler in a choppy way.

So when my Mom went to Cost Cutters today, she also made me an appointment at the same time. Man am I glad she went with me! Because after sitting in the chair and telling her I wanted it a little past my ears, as I am a tuck behind the ears kinda girl, and that I wanted the ends choppy, etc. She said she got it. And that was when she began to intimidate me. I was very self-conscious with her and maybe this is why:

I played with a picture of myself, adding some hair length so you get an idea what I was starting with. And I did a crappy job the whole time, but it is just to illustrate the story, so who cares really?! Anyway, this is basically what I went in with:

So I had told her just below the ears and choppy and basically THIS:

So she is spraying and cutting, working on my hair and I have to say it didn't feel like she cut much because then she asks, before she adds the choppy touch, how I like this:

She had cut off like ONE inch!! I had told her JUST below the ears, tuck-able, not ONE inch! So I was like "uhm, yeah I need it shorter, I am going to Florida and don't want to be hot". So she starts working again, and when she is done, hands me my glasses again and says, "how's this?".

She had cut off just ONE more inch! And I was intimidated. Because I was so not happy. I could hear my Mom next to me telling her hair dresser exactly what she wanted, but I just couldn't do that. SO I asked me Mom, what she thought, hoping she could read my panicked expression. And she was like, "Oh no, she needs at least 2 more inches. So she is looking a lil snippy (haha) and starts AGAIN. My Mom is done (she has SHORT hair) and stands beside my station when the lady goes, OKAY, how is that? Good?

Seriously, it was MAYBE a 1/4 of an inch more. I was freaking out inside. I was mouthing to my Mom, HELP, I even said it low to her a few times. I just wanted to SAY this:

But I can't! So my Mom finally caught on that I had no idea how to tell this woman I hated it still, and my Mom was finally like, she wants it ear length or a little over, so much shorter. And the woman is getting all huffy, and is like, if I cut it shorter, to make it choppy I will have to (I swear she said staff it, which sounds like a disease, but she apparently said) stag it. My Mom asked "What is that?", and she looks around and then points to this 9 year old sitting next to her mom and says, "that". So we look over. A little over ear length in the front and short in the back. Layers going up the back to add texture and it was like perfect. My Mom and I basically said "Okay" at the same time. And she was huffy people, HUFFY. Finally she finished and it was like, yes! A haircut I can handle, and is a little different. I don't see how it is choppy, but I liked it enough to be like, let's GO! My Mom left her like NO tip, she saw the attitude too, and she HEARD me say to the ears LADY!! UGH!!

So here are a few shots at different angles of what is called a Staggered Bob. What do you think? And no mocking the bad color, I am doing it next Friday/Saturday, so it stays bright for Florida. So I gave my hair a 2 month break and is just blah, but only for one more week!

WHAT WAS SO HARD ABOUT SHORT NEAR THE EARS AND CHOPPY?!! I have no clue if she made it choppy, as I have no real knowledge, but it seems cute. But I am not impressed with getting my hair cut by a professional. I wish I could have gotten words to LEAVE my mouth but something just stopped me and I found myself just too intimidated. Oy vey! :)

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