Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Trivialities

I picked up a copy of Legion. I won't watch it again, yet. I saw it in the theaters and really liked it, and think the family will too. SO I will save it to watch down later. I also rented a copy of the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. I finally saw a trailer for Heath Ledger's last movie and it looks so cool. I love that Johnny Depp and Jude Law and Colin Farrel went in and helped out by playing Heath's character in different world's, so that he wouldn't have to be 100% recast. So I am, excited to watch it tonight. I also look forward to seeing Daybreakers.

Okay so I started the Topamax, except my doctor may be an idiot. He told me he wanted me to get up to taking 2, twice a day. So he wanted me to take one, day one. Two, day two, etc. Well, day two was yesterday. And I wasn't sure it was the Topamax, but my face was half tingling on and off, and so were my hands. It was scary. And while I read that most symptoms with Topamax went away, my Mom couldn't remember what the technical term was for "tingling", so we had to wait for her to go back to work, which was after I started 3 today. And tingling is one of the top 4 side effects, AND the books say never to start off taking this drug too FAST! It says to start slow, so if taking 3 (I just took the 2 this morning, and will take the third when I go to sleep) goes okay then we are sticking with 3 for at least a week before making it the 4. My Mom thinks he should never have made it 4 in 4 days, that it was a dangerous call. So we will probably be taking the Lithium when we start it, a lot slower too. I am not going to be scared off these meds because HE is so old he can't remember how you should start meds correctly!

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3 meaningful meanderings:

CaJoh said...

Is there a technical term for tingling, I just thought it was tingling.

Do hope that the transition to the new medication runs smoothly.

Kristina P. said...

Yikes! That doesn't sound too fun.

Toriz said...

That doesn't sound good. Hope slowing down the speed at which you take the pill stops the tingling.

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