Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mom

I don't think I can ever fully summarize or put into words how special my Mom is. How much she is there for me, how much she makes me laugh, how much of a friend she is. She has her hands full dealing with my conditions which I know can be rough on her too, and I can only hope and pray she hears me when I tell her how much I appreciate that and her, and how much I love her and adore her. And how she is my hero. My best friend. My confidante.

I know everyone's Mom is special to them, but my Mom has gone above and beyond the call of duty for me. She has sacrificed for me, she has been hurt because of me, she has been through a lot because I have these disorders and diseases. Not all Mom's would stick by them after they are 18. But my Mom has never wavered in her love for me, and her devotion to helping me be as well as I am capable of being. So I do think that makes her one of the most extraordinary Moms there has ever been.

I know I can be very unpleasant, heck I can be a b*&%^ when I am in a panic attack, or anxiety attack. I can be scary mean or calm when I am having an episode, but she still loves me. She sticks by me and even when I tell her to go, she knows that everything inside of me is screaming, please don't leave me alone. Don't leave me by myself. And she doesn't. She sits through my silence or my tirades, hugs me while I sob my pain out, and then councils me.

I doubt I will ever be able to repay my Mom for all she does for me. Not in this lifetime anyway. I don't think ever though, because nothing can change what she has done for me. But I hope I can always make sure she knows how much she means to me, that I would do anything for her, and that I lover her more than anything. I don't think I could get through this life without her love and support.

I made this video last year, but it is a tribute to my Mom and so I want to share it again.

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4 meaningful meanderings:

Michelle said... sweet. You look so much like your Mom!

Amander said...

Happy Mother's Day to your mom!

gayle said...

A good mothers love is everything!!

Toriz said...

That's a great post, and a beautiful song! Your Mom sounds wonderful, and I'm sure she knows how much you appreciate her.

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