Monday, May 3, 2010

Review: Pantene's Newest Solutions!

Thanks to the people at My BlogSpark AND the people at Pantene, I got to be a Panteneologist and was sent the OFFICIAL Panteneologist Kit. I got samples from Pantene of their 4 new customized solutions for each unique hair type, special tests to use, a nifty lab coat and "tech" glasses, a "beaker", tablecloth and handbook!

Pantene’s® New Understanding of Hair Structure Pantene changed the way they looked at hair care. Applying cutting-edge research tools from NASA, the medical industry, and other fields outside of hair care, Pantene Pro-V scientists gained a new understanding of the physical and chemical properties of hair structure, including their unique patterns of multi-fiber arrangements.NEW Pantene® customized solutions are created to deliver outstanding product performance based on four unique hair structures and end look. NEW Pantene customized solutions utilize advanced ingredients for fine, medium-thick, curly, and color-treated hair with shampoos, conditioners, styling products, and treatments, including options designed to work together to deliver long-lasting results.
NEW Pantene Customized Solutions are designed for your unique hair type:
Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Solutions in three versions: Flat to Volume, Dry to Moisturized,
Fragile to StrongPROBLEM: Fine hair has up to 50% less protein.*
SOLUTION: NEW Pantene Fine Hair Solutions provide reinforcement to keep hair from falling flat. Go from lifeless to light and bouncy.
Pantene Pro-V Medium-Thick Hair Solutions in four versions: Frizzy to Smooth, Breakage to Strength, Dry to Moisturized, Flat to VolumePROBLEM: Thick hair absorbs up to 40% more moisture.**SOLUTION: NEW Pantene Medium-Thick hair solutions offer options designed to make unruly hair shiny and manageable.
Pantene Pro-V Curly Hair Series in two versions: Curls to Straight, Dry to Moisturized
PROBLEM: Curly hair has a unique growth pattern — as it curls, the cuticle can weaken, leaving it rough and unruly.
SOLUTION: NEW Pantene Curly Hair Series transform curly hair to help loosen or define curls, control frizz, and repair damage.
Pantene Pro-V Color Hair Solutions in three versions: Color PreserveTM Shine,Volume, and Smooth
PROBLEM: Color-treated hair is changed at a structural level. Its natural protective layer is removed. This is one reason why over time, your color may look dull.
SOLUTION: NEW Pantene’s Color Preserve collections create a water-resistant layer to slow water absorption and leave your color vibrant.

After doing my tests on myself, I ended up using their Medium to Thick Shampoo and conditioner. I had to try the Frizzy to Smooth formula as even the people at Pantene cannot be so generous as to give a sample of EVERY single formula and sub-formula and hair gel, etc. So I knew already I had thick hair, and I can't do the thickness test since I chopped my hair off. I did do the curl test and most my hair lies plain straight, though some do have some wave to them. I also did the fine-ness test, and I could most definitely feel the hair while I ran my finger across a strand of it on the special Fine paper included.

I also did the color test, to see how damaged my hair is from coloring. I rolled up some hair and it sank a little but them floated in the center of the water for a bit, so I have semi-healthy hair. Probably because I gave my hair a 2 month break. Next week when I re-color, I will likely try out the Pantene Color Solution samples.

Anyway, after extensive research in my oh so cool lab coat...sadly as I have glasses, I could not wear the uber-cool ones sent to me, I ended up with the Thick hair shampoo and conditioner. I loved how I didn't have to use a cup of shampoo, as I usually have to, to get it all sudsy and fully covered with shampoo. And the conditioner went on so smoothly that I didn't have to use the entire trial size bottle. It did feel a little straw like after I rinsed out all the product, but as it began to dry, it felt so soft and feels a bit sleek, instead of just feeling like a LOT of hair to brush down. I really am liking how my hair feels and look forward to seeing how it looks when I wake up. That is MY true test as I like to shower at night, so the shampoos and conditioners I use can not make my hair greasy looking by morning. It feels so nice though I am confident it will still feel great.

To try out these products yourself, you can either go to your local store or be one of the first to try it by getting a free sample at At our local Walmart, I even saw them selling small sets of say the Curly one, or the Color one, so that you can buy a small size and try it out to see if you like it first.*The Pantene Scientific Hair Test kit and everything included were provided by Pantene through MyBlogSpark.This product review was based on using complimentary Pantene product provided by P&G. Bloggers also received a $25 gift card.
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Sheri said...

Love the review! I too am a new Pantenologist, will post my review today/tomorrow sometime soon. :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I just got Pantene Classic Care and Fine Hair to Moisturized formula. My skin feels softer after my shower. I've heard a lot of bad things about Pantene, that it coats hair in wax and makes it fall out, etc. but nothing fell out today and I don't think is has any more harmful ingredients than any other shampoo. I love how my skin doesn't itch though. A lot of shampoos are harsh that way. I used this one with my Suave Tangerine because it smells the same and is lighter than Pantene's own conditioners. I don't know about the NASA claims--does NASA have time to think about shampoo? But whatever, it seems to work nicely. Hopefully, it will continue.

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