Saturday, July 31, 2010

Canna Talk

It is 2:30 am and there is a family get together at my Aunt's tomorrow.

We spent all evening finishing up the last 5 episodes of Harper's Island.

I, of course knew who the killer/killers were, but now my Mom and 2 sisters

do too and are finally satisfied, so I am sorry, but we were on a roll!

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Friday, July 30, 2010


Okay so I was SO glad to see Jose finally go! It was a relief! I was however pissed to Adecheke NOT in the bottom three! I have only like TWO, count them, TWO dances he was in. The one with Kent and the one with Comfort last week. So I was shocked when he slipped by AGAIN and it was sweet Billy Bell who ended up in the bottom three again. I found that min boggling!

Did people MISS Billy's performances last night. The Bollywood with Robert and Billy and Ade's routine last night? It raised goosebumps!!

And then Lauren somehow managed to wind up in the bottom three?!! America were you HIGH while voting?!! Did you not see her DAZZLE with Allstar Alison in this Broadway routine?

I tell you I don't know what they were thinking. The one thing I can say is they were smart enough to leave my Kent alone, the most talented I think, besides Lauren, and they left awesome Robert alone for once!

So Jose is finally gone...but so is Billy! That should be Adecheke! The final 4 should be Kent, Lauren, Billy and Robert. Adecheke hasn't grown at all! Everyone else has improved as dancers, grown, but Adecheke is just like he was, still thinking his smile can get his through to the end. Dude, the smile works for Kent, because he has grown, he does keep getting SUCK!

It's just my opinion. It is my blog after all.
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Thursday, July 29, 2010


We saw Salt all together as a family this past weekend and it was AMAZING! My MOM is in love with it, I think she could have sat there and watched it from the very beginning ALL over again, that is how impressed she was with it. It was so good to see a woman kicking butt like that, it is always refreshing.

Evelyn Salt is a CIA Operative. During one mission she meets and falls in love with her husband who is a Spider specialist. During a present day interview with a Russian, Salt is told a story about sleeper Russian spies, taken as children and created to be the perfect instrument. And that one such spy is going to kill the Russian President. And that the spy's name is Evelyn Salt. Salt freaks after she leaves him as she tries to get a hold of her husband and gets no answer. She alerts her colleagues to get hold of her husband ASAP, that this could be a trap or a trick. When she decides she has to escape to go find her husband, the CIA goes after her. With a vengeance.

Is this all just to get to her husband, a man who is just essentially a bug guy? Or is she in fact a sleeper spy bent on evil doings? Or could there possibly be something in between?

And either way, who is running things? What is their true agenda? And why has Salt's husband gone missing?

There are many questions that will be raised, that will need answers. Prepare yourself as you are stunned by some of the answers and by some of the ways more questions are raised! This is one GOOD movie!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kat & Sam

I was going to talk about the movie Salt today, but that will have to wait because I am so excited for my sisters and want good vibes and thoughts going their way!

Katie picked a date to take her test, and if she passes, she will be a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant. She had offers at those places she didn't want her externships at, they all wanted her and that was before she graduated or took the test, so I can only imagine, what kind of offers she will get once she has her license. She is all set to take it next Thursday, August 5th!! Oh my goodness, that is so SOON!!! She has been studying SO long and she is so smart so I can't imagine her not passing, but I am still so nervous for her!

And Sandy, our little phlebotomist, top of her class, who hasn't been able to get a job because they all want a year of experience! Well she has an interview for a 20 hour/week job in our town! It would be so perfect! One of her friends from the school (not at the top of the class mind you) works there (I have no idea how she got a job but Sam missed out months ago) and has even said it is a good place to work. And Sandy really had about given up, was starting to think she would have to go BACK to school for something ELSE even though this was what she had fallen in love with. But all of a sudden today she has an interview TOMORROW!! And she is so nervous! It is her first interview EVER and she worries she won't know what to say. She got a blessing, but she has already found she can't sleep tonight. Totally understandable. I hope she gets the job!! She could get the experience she needs and either get more hours eventually there or go somewhere else and get enough to have insurance coverage, etc. I think this could be so good for her and make her happy. Plus 20 hours is a way to ease in, and it is rotating hours, so it'll be all over the clock so it should be interesting.

Keep your fingers crossed for my baby sisters!!!

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Power Outage

Ugh it was out for 24 hours in my town, we were special it turns out. The storm it down really close to us. Apparently, we did get a tornado and it touched town 4 times. And just having the conditions to have a twister caused trees to crash down, overhangs at gas stations to crash, floods, etc. At J. Timothy's, a restaurant only 3 exits from us, a tree crashed on a car with a woman inside and a chimney and an exhaust vent were ripped away by the wind. Yeesh.

I don't do well with no electricity. It makes me panic. I know it didn't as a kid. That I found it cool like other kids, but as an adult with my particular set of problems, it makes me feel like I am choking. Like I can't breathe. And we even have a little generator my Dad will break out if it starts to last a long time, which it did. So we eventually had dvd's to watch on the big tv and a fan to share, and when my parents and sisters went to bed, he rigged it so, yeah wires were everywhere, but they all had their fans on in their rooms to cool them and for the noise to sleep. But it didn't matter to me. Showering in the dark, not fun. Not being able to open the fridge for more than a second because the food was going bad inside? Scary to me.

All I could think about was please let the power go back on. I have no idea why, but I find it reassuring. I kept staring at where the vcr lights normally would be, hoping to see them flicker back on. Nope. I was really starting to lose it so by about 6 am I called the power company myself and actually got a live person. Gave her our whereabouts and then she tells me that they don't even have an estimate for my area and she can't tell me WHY!

I had, by this time, seen through snowy cable, that out of the 54,000 that had been powerless, only 19,000 remained and I wanted to know why we were not back in business! This is Southington, nothing happens here!! My Mom got up to get ready for work, unlucky her, and had to hug me because I did freak out by this time, crying wise. I just wanted what I guess is my security blanket back on.

But it wouldn't come back on, not for another almost 10 hours.

Apparently one of the places it hit was Bristol which is right next to us. Actually according to where my Dad says it hit, one street over and it would have been Southington, but the street it hit is technically in Bristol.

And then tonight we were close to losing it again. The thunderstorm was like stuck in position over our house for an hour and the lights flickered. NOT cool. Went through the fridge and freezer and did have to trash some food. Going to replace it tomorrow. Oh boy, do I love rebuying food I already bought for the fam this week...not.

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Friday, July 23, 2010


p.s.I will talk about my hatred of the 24 hours of no electricity tomorrow.

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Febreeze Home Collection

This is way overdue. That's what happens when you are so sick for such a long time, and then get sick again. OY. But these products are FABULOUS so I must tell you about them in the very least!

Thanks to the people at My BlogSpark AND the people at Febreeze, I got a Febreze No-Spill Solution kit that included a Febreze Flameless Luminary Starter Kit, refills in diferent scents and a Febreze No-Spill Wood Diffuser.
Say goodbye to spilled potpourri and candle wax. The Febreze Home Collection wants to introduce you to their no mess, no spill line-up that’s perfect for creating a refreshing atmosphere.

The newest addition to the Febreze Home Collection, the No-Spill Wood Diffuser, combines everything you love about WoodWick diffuser technology and Febreze scents, offering a unique fragrance experience. The scented oil is drawn up through the dowel into the wood top, creating a hassle-free way to freshen your home.
I got the Wood Diffuser in this very scent, Honeysuckle Orchid, and it is still going strong, more than a month later! We put it in the "hot spot", the bathroom, and it has been helping tremendously and still has a 1/3 of the liquid left in it! I saw how much these go for in the stores and I would definitely say they are
worth their money!
If you’re looking to add character to your décor, then the Febreze Flameless Luminary is for you! The Febreze Flameless Luminary has interchangeable shade
styles and the refreshing atmosphere of a burning candle without the danger of a flame. For a limited time, you can fill your home with the newest scent, Honeysuckle Orchid.
Cherry Blossom Whimsy is the first shade we chose to try, and my Mother was so in love with not only how it smelled, but how it LOOKED. She hasn't wanted to try any of the other scents yet. Finally, since she is sleeping, while I am writing this, I put the Cranberry Pear one on. We also have Willow Blossom to try but I have a feeling that one will take some struggling as it doesn't have a pretty shade. I did save the Cherry Blossom one and we do have one more to use. I think my Mom knows they are not cheap and wants to stretch their use. She swears she can still smell a scent, so whatever makes her happy, I am just glad she is SO happy with the product!*Febreze provided me with the Febreze No-Spill Solution Kit, information, and all includinces through MyBlogSpark.

Thanks to Febreeze for getting to try these amazing products! And thanks to Blogspark!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Current Obsessions...from an Obsessive Compulsive

1) Maruchan Chicken flavor Ramen NoodlesMMMM!! Deliciouso!! I have liked them in the past sure. But since the gastric bypass I don't think I have been interested in even trying them, so it has been over 4 years. Suddenly the other day I get an INTENSE craving for them, and have had them 5 days in the last 7! And I am NOT getting sick of them at all! They seem to get yummier!

Okay yes it is true that I have ALWAYS loved milk, which has perplexed MANY friends or classmates, etc over the years. I just adore milk, it was always something we drank plenty of in my family and it didn't have to be forced on us. But since we got back from Florida, it is like I have this NEED for it, this need for the protein only Milk will do for. I gulp it down, I have glassful after glassful, and it never seems like enough! I have no idea what is going on, but there never seems to be enough milk in the house. Just today I picked up 3 gallons and I KNOW I will need to get more by about Thursday. That is like a gallon a day! OY!

3) Warehouse 13I ADORE this show from SyFy. It just started it's second season, I own Season One, got if for my birthday, and now I have my sister Sam and my Mom hooked. They watched the first season as I re-watched it and made me hold off on watching the newest episodes until they could watch them with me on dvd, so we only have tonight's episode to catch up on. I adore PETE, he is hysterical and his impersonations are awesome!
4) H20I dunno. Probably because of the fact that I am taking lithium so I am peeing like every 20 minutes, and with the 90-110 degree weather we are having here on the East Coast, I am sucking it down. And sure I drink water year round as I don't have as many options as people who are not a Diabetic and a gastric bypass patient, but it is usually flavored with Propel packets or something, I rarely drink water plain, unless it is really HOT. But I will be in the air conditioned house ALL day and be sucking back plain cold bottled water period. It is so unlike me and another thing I cannot figure out. It is weird and very unlike me. I like my water flavored, but I am not caring to in the last month.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Slacker Reasons

I have reasons for being MIA the last few days and for being MIA for the next few days. They are GOOD reasons too! I HAVE MY LAPTOP BACK!! My Dad has put all the programs back on too and put on my last updated uhhhh not feeling techy here, the last time I backed my laptop to my external hardrive. So I am going through it al and organizing, deleting, renaming, re-downloading, etc. So just gimme a few days and I am BACK in action!

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Friday, July 16, 2010


Okay I realize Ashley was injured, but we were THIS close to finally being rid of Jose. And much as the judges may love his "charm" *gag*, he does not have the talent of the other dancers! Too many have gone home in HIS place! I am disappointed in the judges this time. Letting personality overshadow the fact that he has no talent is ridiculous!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Best of the Night

Sorry, lame I know, but I'm sick...insert pout here.

So this is the best dances of the night on SYTYCD. The best dance with an AllStar, and the Best Dance with 2 Competitors.

It is competitor Robert with All Star Allison in a routine by Travis Wall.

The second is Suprisingly Adecheke (as I LOATHE him) and Kent ( I LOVEEEE HIM!!!) choreagraphed by Dee Caspary

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Endocronologist...not as fun as the name sounds

He was nice enough I suppose. I had to answer SO many questions about my Diabetes and about these episodes with going hypoglycemic all the time. He wanted info on all my meds and so many answers about my gastric bypass, some answers I couldn't even provide! My answers just made him write more and more notes into my brand new chart. A chart that was filling up already.

I have never had my thyroid checked, so after I changed into a gown...can we all say YUCK?...I was freaking startled when it felt like he was choking me from behind!! Apparently that is how you check a person's thyroid. And he told me, he couldn't tell if I had an enlarged thyroid or if it was just me...what does that MEAN?!! Is it just me? Whatever it is, is me, so what the crap did that comment mean? So neither of us knows if I have a thyroid problem.

He ended up having a myriad of theories of what could be causing my problems. One includes my gastric bypass being the problem. That it is breaking down the insulin SO fast, that when my sugars should be at their highest, 2 hours after eating, they are instead already gone, thus I go hypoglycemic. So after I got the blood work done, he prescribed me a drug to try just before I eat, that will slow down the breakdown of insulin.

AFTER my blood work and urine work. I have never had a doctor order so many tests before!! He has 20 boxes checked off and 3 things added in his handwriting!!! TWENTY-THREE!!! How many bottles will THAT take to run that many tests?!! And it is a 24 HOUR Urine test!! EW!! I have never had to do one of those! And with me peeing all the time, it will be a nightmare!

I am gonna have a jug of blood taken and a jug of pee by my side! GeeeeeeRRRROOOSSSS! I actually want it to be something like my thyroid, they have drugs to fix that. And it could explain my weird weight gain and inability to lose weight even when I excercise!

Argghhh!!! Tests, tests, tests. I have always hated tests. What is this, summer school?!!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pity Party

Okay I admit it, I want a little sympathy. I was finally doing a bit better although I was still feeling really weak, but the cough was lessening and the stabbing pain in my side was gone. The sniffles, eye watering, etc were all LONG gone. It was my parents turn, though I had NO idea how they had got it, since my stint was in May. So I never expected to RE-GET sick. I mean Sam and Kate haven't even gotten sick once!

Yeah, I am sick again. I feel like crap...on a stick! The coughing is back, sniffling, sneezing, watering, etc. The headaches are back. I am back to square ONE! Only this time I don't even have a real laptop to work on, as my Dad has still not finished working on mine!

And instead of getting to sleep tomorrow, I have my first appointment with the endocronologist, which I am SO nervous about. I have no idea what he will ask me!! What if it is something I can't answer?!!

I am having a pity party. Party of one! Boo.

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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Having accidentally recorded 8-9 last night instead of 9-10, and MISSING *GASP* So You Think You Can Dance's Results show was a travesty! Luckily I have mastered the craft of finding sources that will show me episodes of shows like this one ASAP, so I was able to view it almost immediately! And I wept for Alex Wong as many of you also did, when it was revealed his achilles tendon was detached. OUCH.

But this also made me want to relive some of the great dances I have experienced as a viewer of SYTYCD. I started watching when Season 4 began. The year of Chelsie and Mark, Katee and Joshua, Twitch and Kherrington and Courtney and Gev. Yeah, I think I picked THE season to start viewing, personally.

So here are a few of my favorite routines:

Jeanine and Jason

Chelsie and Mark (My FAVE!!)

Melissa and Ade

Kayla and Kupono

Katee and Twitch

Karla and Jonathon

Katee and Joshua

Kherrington and Twitch

What do you think?! We cover addiction, fear, breast cancer, everything!!
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Friday, July 9, 2010

The Last of the Birthdays is Done

The faery I got for my sister Sam. The Cancer/Caring one by Jessica Galbreth she fell in love with in Florida. This is a website's pic, it doesn't even do her justice. Sandy also got movies, dvd series including Daria the Complete Series, a blue gemstone silver ring, gift cards, books, skull sheets, a personal blender, 2 new remotes for her Ipod thing, a few other things and a faery from my parents called Shimmer by Sandy's favorite Selena Fenech.

We did bowling, with the big bowling balls too. I did bad. Both games. We shared Frosty's on the way home since it was another 100 day here on the East coast. We hung out, worked on the full chicken dinner Sam wanted. When my Mom got home from work, we opened presents. Then we finished working on dinner until it was ready and ate it while we watched When in Rome. Then we played Disney Trivia, me and Mom against Sam and Kat. We won!

P.S. Did anyone else want to CRY when it was revealed on SYTYCD that Alex would have to leave to have surgery?!! If you don't read my friend Sheri, then watch this video. What makes it so amazing that Alex Wong does this so perfectly isn't just that it is not his genre. It is HOW FAR from his genre it is. He is a ballet dancer. He danced for the Miami Ballet Company until he left to pursue SYTYCD! So him doing THIS like this with Twitch is AMAZING!!

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Crazy Errand Day...And Do NOT Stand Up 4 UrSelf!!

It was supposed to be a simple day. A relaxing day. Run some errands. Stop by the mall. Easy, fun. What a crock. It ended up being the stuff of nightmares. At least of my nightmares.

First of all it was just over 100 degrees outside. So the car was like 150 degrees inside. And it was just starting to get tolerable in the car when I got to Target. Those errands went fine. I even found Warehouse 13 in stock which pleased me. I even got a small Icee to tide me over until I got to the 7-11 in Meriden. I knew it would be mostly melted by the time I loaded the car and I was half right. I did find the perfect birthday card for Sam's birthday on Thursday.

I made my way over there and I found myself in an OCD conundrum. There was a Barq's root beer Icee!! I had never seen a root beer Icee before!! But I had it in my HEAD to get a coke one and I didn't know if I would like a root beer Icee, but I was danging myself the whole time because it was my one chance to maybe experience root beer again!! I don't get over to the mall very much at all, so the likelihood I will ever get to try it, that it will still be there, is very small. Dang it all! Bloody OCD brain!

I went in the mall and I went in through Sears and all of a sudden I remembered they never sent me my last 2 eye prescriptions like they swore they would. So I talked to the woman and she gave me the last one but said this LONG spiel about how one doctor who was here a long time left and took all his records and then they had another doctor for like 2 years, and then HE left and took his records, but HE worked in the mall also and he was the one who probably had my records. OY. Boggling my brain!

I peeked into some stores as I made my way to Claire's. I stopped in FYE, as they has so much Twilight stuff, it was so fun to look at it all, but I can never bring myself to pony up for the really cool pricey stuff and I don't want the stickers or keychains...usually. I ended up finding a great sale and bought Death Becomes Her, Blue Streak, Phantoms and Holy Man. Some are quirky movies, but I like them. Then I made my way to Claire's. I ended up buying 5 headbands, lol. I am completely obsessed. So obsessed I ended up at The Icing, which is so much pricier than Claire's but is it's sister store, and bought 6 more headbands! And one was $18.50!! Agh!! It is real cute though, peacock feathers. A lot of mine have bows. See I am very particular though with my headbands. They have to feel really loose, almost like they aren't there. Otherwise I get headaches. So all the really cute ones, with gems, and weird shaped things, they are usually made with metal bands, etc and I just cannot do those, not even cloth wrapped metal. OUCH.

I had started to get panicky at the mall. Especially since I knew I still had to drive to Wallingford to get to the Super Walmart and get stuff from there. And when my Mom called me and told me it was already 8pm I freaked out and had to get off the phone because I was about to cry, I got that weepy and panic-stricken. She tried to talk me out of going to Wallingford and while I wanted to be talked out of it, I was being stubborn too. And when I don't have people looking at me face to face I can get my way. She made me promise to eat something first, the whole Diabetes thing. So I ate a slice of pizza and I wanted to cry the whole time.

I knew I took on too much. I am still not 100% health wise, my Mom knew that, she told me yesterday it would be too much, but yesterday it had seemed like something to DO. So I tried to give myself an "out" I texted my sisters who I knew were with my Mom, okay I am leaving the mall now to go to Wallingford. To the Walmart. I got an OK back. And that was it. So I had tried to give them a chance to tell me not to go and they didn't so I went.

I did my shopping and got in line at the self check-out where things could INDEED get worse. This is exactly WHY I do NOT stand up for myself. And I should have stuck with that! There were 4 self check-out stands, 2 on the left and 2 on the right. But we were in a single line, when a stand opened up, the person next up, went to that stand. That WAS how we were doing it. Until the people behind me decided NO, we were now in 2 lines. That pissed me off. I had waited, and there they went, to the lady who was almost done and that should be where I was going. So I girded my loins and said "Excuse me, but the line starts behind me". And they were like No, this is the line for this side. And I was like "No we are doing a single line and whichever one frees up, we go to that one next". And they are smiling at me so snotty and going No Honey. It was a lady and a slightly younger man, a teen and 2 maybe 10 year olds and they are all laughing at me. I am saying to them this is not alright and you are showing no class, because I am pissed, they are USING a register now. They are talking to me in Mexican or Spanish, which is even ruder I find. And I am saying I am going to get the Walmart worker only to find out he is there and is doing nothing. And the people in the other lanes, who were people I waited behind, they are looking but not saying a word even though they did the line that way and I followed THEIR example. I am feeling sick to my stomach, humiliated and like I will burst into tears. I get to a lane and they are still saying things, the teen and kids. They leave and the kids are trying to make me make eye contact but I refuse. I wait 2 minutes before I go out as I don't want to see them, but who is 3 cars down from me? Yeah. And so the teen and kids start making comments about "how many lines are there for parking? One? Or Two? HAHAHAHAHA!" I just about lost it.

I drove home, trying to hold it in. No one came out to help me with my 12 bags, plus mail. And then I lost it. I am not standing up for myself again. What did it do for me? Except make me feel sick and humiliated? This is obviously why I have never felt the compulsion to be a person who stands up for herself, speaks up for herself, etc. It just does not pay.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

A Very Happy UnBirthday to Meee

It is Over, my Birthday, and I am so okay with that. I find Birthdays can be very stressful. I have no idea if it is my disorders and BiPolar, etc, but I find my birthday to be a bit overwhelming in the last few years. So while I like it, I am also glad it is all done with. But it was a really nice day.

They all woke me up, including Maxie, with HAPPY BIRTHDAYS and jumping on my bed. I had slept like crap, no matter how stressful my birthday makes me, it is still like a holiday, so my body makes it hard to sleep, darn it all! I got dressed and then went down to my decorations!!

Beautiful butterflies!! Or Flutter-by's.

And Hibiscus (my fave) plates!

And my Mom went out and cut off some hydrangeas for me, since blue is one of my favorite colors!!♥♥♥

I blame this slightly caught in the headlights look on the fact that I hadn't been up too long, lol!

My Mom made us Egg McM____'s for breakfast, and we also had fresh watermelon and it was delicious, I was so stuffed. Homemade ones are SO much better! YUM!

We ended up playing Disney Trivia after cleaning up, though Mom and Dad were as they said useless as they are both sick, which is why our annual waterfight will be a day when they are both feeling better. Mom described herself as a "noodle" tonight, that means she is so not feeling good. Anyway, that took quite a while, but was really fun and my team won, wahoo!

Then we did presents!! Katie got me Harper's Island the series and Sandy got me the Jessica Galbreth fairy Silver Moon!! Both had been on my birthday list!

And Maxie got me a present too, look he got me Percy Jackson & the Olympians:The Lightning Thief! I gave him a smooch for such a wonderful gift!

I also got a silver emerald ring, When in Rome, Book of Eli, Alice in Wonderland, pre-ordered copies of Lost, Heroes and House and Warehouse 13. And to top it all off, the Jessica Galbreth fairy Persistent (aka Taurus). So here are my two new faeries, Persistent and Silver Moon:

We hung out for awhile talking and then decided it was time head to West Hartford to Olive Garden, because for all we knew it could be more than an hour wait and we were all starting to get hungry. Strangely enough, it was only a few minutes wait and we were seated, but then came the BLOW. The one item on the menu that I LOVE, that I ALWAYS get, the Chicken & Gnocchi Veronese, was taken OFF the menu. LAST WEEK. I can't eat pasta because of the gastric bypass and I found an item at Olive Garden I could no only eat, but that I ADORED, and they take it AWAY!! This was me:

Then I noticed they still had the bloody Gnocchi soup though, so that made Katie ask, since they HAD gnocchi still, if I could substitute gnocchi for pasta in another dish. Because the waitress when we asked her about it said "but the chicken alfredo is very similar" (except it is with fettuccine and is with sliced chicken not yummy breaded chicken!!). So Katie asked and we got it. It was not the same, but it was decent and it was my beloved gnocchi. I prefer my Chicken and Gnocchi Veronese, but I will take chicken alfredo with gnocchi substituted as many times as I can get them to do it! And then they signaled, I said, the waitress, so I said I am going to the ladies room, but no one stopped me, and when I got back there was a piece of black tie mousse cake on the table and my FAMILY sand Happy Birthday to me out loud!! LOL!

I was SOOOOOO stuffed! I felt like I was going to explode, and I just wanted to sleep! But I didn't fall asleep at all, I was quite delighted. When we got back it was even hotter, the new flowers my Mom had just planted yesterday were dying so they began watering them. Sandy wanted to take some pictures of me with the hydrangeas and I loved the 2 pics she took of me.

Then we went inside and my Dad brought down some dvd's that had me when I was younger, bt my sisters and parents too, but it was cute to watch. I was being such a dork in one of those home movies!! OY!

Then we got ready to watch my Dad and Katie set off fireworks, it was like 100 degrees outside but we were going to rap ourselves in blankets, because the mosquitoes were out in FULL force!

I even got to hold this Merlin's Wand one, very cool and scary too!

Some of the neighbors even watched our little firework display from their yards, lol. Then we went inside and after my Dad took a quick shower, we started my Birthday movie. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief!! I LOVE this movie!! Sandy had never even seen it! Poor Maxie was shaking like a leaf from about 7 to midnight, because of fireworks. Hiding. Poor baby. About 35 minutes in we got hungry and got out the dill dip and bread for dipping, the watermelon, potato salad and chicken-cream cheese-pickle things. Delicious!! And about 45 minutes later we paused and did my birthday "cake". My "cake" this year was glazed doughnuts and iced brownies. Sandy decorated my brownies though!!That piece missing is my first piece!

Pretty huh? We finished up the movie around 11:38pm. It was a mighty fine birthday indeed.

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy ME!

Wendy Marie M.
born July 4th at 1pm on the dot
8 lbs 10 oz.
18 inches long
♥Kenneth and Colleen M.♥

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