Friday, July 23, 2010

Febreeze Home Collection

This is way overdue. That's what happens when you are so sick for such a long time, and then get sick again. OY. But these products are FABULOUS so I must tell you about them in the very least!

Thanks to the people at My BlogSpark AND the people at Febreeze, I got a Febreze No-Spill Solution kit that included a Febreze Flameless Luminary Starter Kit, refills in diferent scents and a Febreze No-Spill Wood Diffuser.
Say goodbye to spilled potpourri and candle wax. The Febreze Home Collection wants to introduce you to their no mess, no spill line-up that’s perfect for creating a refreshing atmosphere.

The newest addition to the Febreze Home Collection, the No-Spill Wood Diffuser, combines everything you love about WoodWick diffuser technology and Febreze scents, offering a unique fragrance experience. The scented oil is drawn up through the dowel into the wood top, creating a hassle-free way to freshen your home.
I got the Wood Diffuser in this very scent, Honeysuckle Orchid, and it is still going strong, more than a month later! We put it in the "hot spot", the bathroom, and it has been helping tremendously and still has a 1/3 of the liquid left in it! I saw how much these go for in the stores and I would definitely say they are
worth their money!
If you’re looking to add character to your décor, then the Febreze Flameless Luminary is for you! The Febreze Flameless Luminary has interchangeable shade
styles and the refreshing atmosphere of a burning candle without the danger of a flame. For a limited time, you can fill your home with the newest scent, Honeysuckle Orchid.
Cherry Blossom Whimsy is the first shade we chose to try, and my Mother was so in love with not only how it smelled, but how it LOOKED. She hasn't wanted to try any of the other scents yet. Finally, since she is sleeping, while I am writing this, I put the Cranberry Pear one on. We also have Willow Blossom to try but I have a feeling that one will take some struggling as it doesn't have a pretty shade. I did save the Cherry Blossom one and we do have one more to use. I think my Mom knows they are not cheap and wants to stretch their use. She swears she can still smell a scent, so whatever makes her happy, I am just glad she is SO happy with the product!*Febreze provided me with the Febreze No-Spill Solution Kit, information, and all includinces through MyBlogSpark.

Thanks to Febreeze for getting to try these amazing products! And thanks to Blogspark!

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Sheri said...

How pretty! It goes with my room and new layout (as well as the old one) I swear I lived in Japan in a past life... lol

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