Friday, July 16, 2010


Okay I realize Ashley was injured, but we were THIS close to finally being rid of Jose. And much as the judges may love his "charm" *gag*, he does not have the talent of the other dancers! Too many have gone home in HIS place! I am disappointed in the judges this time. Letting personality overshadow the fact that he has no talent is ridiculous!

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Amander said...

I actually like Jose. I think most of the others (except for Kent and Lauren) are super boring to watch. He may not be the best, but at least he is entertaining!

Anonymous said...

I really like Jose. The person I want to stab to go home every week is adechike he pisses me off. Ashley was my top girl and alex was my top guy. =[ It sucks. But at least they got one amazing dance before they had to leave.

Sheri said...

We almost got rid of him last night too but nooo they're giving him (and Robert and Billy) another shot next week! Ugh I hope they send Jose home next week!

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