Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Endocronologist...not as fun as the name sounds

He was nice enough I suppose. I had to answer SO many questions about my Diabetes and about these episodes with going hypoglycemic all the time. He wanted info on all my meds and so many answers about my gastric bypass, some answers I couldn't even provide! My answers just made him write more and more notes into my brand new chart. A chart that was filling up already.

I have never had my thyroid checked, so after I changed into a gown...can we all say YUCK?...I was freaking startled when it felt like he was choking me from behind!! Apparently that is how you check a person's thyroid. And he told me, he couldn't tell if I had an enlarged thyroid or if it was just me...what does that MEAN?!! Is it just me? Whatever it is, is me, so what the crap did that comment mean? So neither of us knows if I have a thyroid problem.

He ended up having a myriad of theories of what could be causing my problems. One includes my gastric bypass being the problem. That it is breaking down the insulin SO fast, that when my sugars should be at their highest, 2 hours after eating, they are instead already gone, thus I go hypoglycemic. So after I got the blood work done, he prescribed me a drug to try just before I eat, that will slow down the breakdown of insulin.

AFTER my blood work and urine work. I have never had a doctor order so many tests before!! He has 20 boxes checked off and 3 things added in his handwriting!!! TWENTY-THREE!!! How many bottles will THAT take to run that many tests?!! And it is a 24 HOUR Urine test!! EW!! I have never had to do one of those! And with me peeing all the time, it will be a nightmare!

I am gonna have a jug of blood taken and a jug of pee by my side! GeeeeeeRRRROOOSSSS! I actually want it to be something like my thyroid, they have drugs to fix that. And it could explain my weird weight gain and inability to lose weight even when I excercise!

Argghhh!!! Tests, tests, tests. I have always hated tests. What is this, summer school?!!

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mother goose said...

oh yuck! I hope those tests can determine what is going on! Good luck and have patience, although I know its hard.

Toriz said...

That sucks!

I hope all the tests end up worth it, and that you find out what's going on with you.

Amander said...

I'm not sure that the word endocrinologist ever sounded fun!

Mary said...

I wouldn't take his comment badly, I always have an enlarged thyroid no matter what I've weighed. But if you're urinating ALL the time, that screams diabetes/blood sugar issues. Hope the tests come back conclusive!

Lia said...

oh my, that sucks. At least something will get done about this sickness in the long run.

Sheri said...

Tests like that aren't fun, but hopefully they will find out what is wrong soon! ::hugs::

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