Monday, July 19, 2010

Slacker Reasons

I have reasons for being MIA the last few days and for being MIA for the next few days. They are GOOD reasons too! I HAVE MY LAPTOP BACK!! My Dad has put all the programs back on too and put on my last updated uhhhh not feeling techy here, the last time I backed my laptop to my external hardrive. So I am going through it al and organizing, deleting, renaming, re-downloading, etc. So just gimme a few days and I am BACK in action!

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3 meaningful meanderings:

CaJoh said...

You have a computer again, yea!

You never know how much unused stuff you have until you have to restore it all back to your computer.

mother goose said...

im back and you're gone. we gotta get our schedules going.

Toriz said...

Don't worry about it... I'm hardly here myself, and my laptop is fine, and has everything on it.

I do have excuses though... Also good ones... Like the fact my house currently looks like a tornado went through it due to everything being everywhere so the plumbers can work, and getting to use even the laptop is difficult. And even if I can find a spot, half the time it's too noisy to hear myself think, let alone hear Jaws speak. I'm only getting caught up now because I can't sleep.

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