Saturday, July 3, 2010


I am gonna be older in less than 24 hours dangit!! When you want time to SLOW down, it always seems to go by way too fast!

I am also having a real down period. Feeling really frustrated with myself, that I can't stop feeling so out of control and like things are just so beyond my control. Nothing feels in any kind of order. Even the things that were in order are out of order because of the whole getting sick thing, so it is all just discombobulated! And my computer not having anything on it is just not making me happy, it is like another strike against things. Yuck.

I am not liking the feeling of getting older on top of that all. It's like, you want me to BE OLDER TOO?!! Psshhh. Not gonna admit it though. I'm gonna be a different age for the third year according to most everyone else. Pshhhh. Seriously. That's right, one more time. signature

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