Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Current Obsessions...from an Obsessive Compulsive

1) Maruchan Chicken flavor Ramen NoodlesMMMM!! Deliciouso!! I have liked them in the past sure. But since the gastric bypass I don't think I have been interested in even trying them, so it has been over 4 years. Suddenly the other day I get an INTENSE craving for them, and have had them 5 days in the last 7! And I am NOT getting sick of them at all! They seem to get yummier!

Okay yes it is true that I have ALWAYS loved milk, which has perplexed MANY friends or classmates, etc over the years. I just adore milk, it was always something we drank plenty of in my family and it didn't have to be forced on us. But since we got back from Florida, it is like I have this NEED for it, this need for the protein only Milk will do for. I gulp it down, I have glassful after glassful, and it never seems like enough! I have no idea what is going on, but there never seems to be enough milk in the house. Just today I picked up 3 gallons and I KNOW I will need to get more by about Thursday. That is like a gallon a day! OY!

3) Warehouse 13I ADORE this show from SyFy. It just started it's second season, I own Season One, got if for my birthday, and now I have my sister Sam and my Mom hooked. They watched the first season as I re-watched it and made me hold off on watching the newest episodes until they could watch them with me on dvd, so we only have tonight's episode to catch up on. I adore PETE, he is hysterical and his impersonations are awesome!
4) H20I dunno. Probably because of the fact that I am taking lithium so I am peeing like every 20 minutes, and with the 90-110 degree weather we are having here on the East Coast, I am sucking it down. And sure I drink water year round as I don't have as many options as people who are not a Diabetic and a gastric bypass patient, but it is usually flavored with Propel packets or something, I rarely drink water plain, unless it is really HOT. But I will be in the air conditioned house ALL day and be sucking back plain cold bottled water period. It is so unlike me and another thing I cannot figure out. It is weird and very unlike me. I like my water flavored, but I am not caring to in the last month.

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Kristina P. said...

I used to be a total milk addict. There are worse things, but it was a little out of control.

TeeTee said...

i love water!

mama-face said...

Hey Girl! What a funny and informative post! I must check out that series...I wonder if I get that channel on Dish. hm. I should tell you about this one time I ate ramen noodles... only you'd never eat them again.


Amander said...

Now I'm craving Ramen...mmmmmm.

Toriz said...

There are worse things to be addicted to. The water especially is a good thing!

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