Thursday, July 29, 2010


We saw Salt all together as a family this past weekend and it was AMAZING! My MOM is in love with it, I think she could have sat there and watched it from the very beginning ALL over again, that is how impressed she was with it. It was so good to see a woman kicking butt like that, it is always refreshing.

Evelyn Salt is a CIA Operative. During one mission she meets and falls in love with her husband who is a Spider specialist. During a present day interview with a Russian, Salt is told a story about sleeper Russian spies, taken as children and created to be the perfect instrument. And that one such spy is going to kill the Russian President. And that the spy's name is Evelyn Salt. Salt freaks after she leaves him as she tries to get a hold of her husband and gets no answer. She alerts her colleagues to get hold of her husband ASAP, that this could be a trap or a trick. When she decides she has to escape to go find her husband, the CIA goes after her. With a vengeance.

Is this all just to get to her husband, a man who is just essentially a bug guy? Or is she in fact a sleeper spy bent on evil doings? Or could there possibly be something in between?

And either way, who is running things? What is their true agenda? And why has Salt's husband gone missing?

There are many questions that will be raised, that will need answers. Prepare yourself as you are stunned by some of the answers and by some of the ways more questions are raised! This is one GOOD movie!

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Toriz said...

Sounds awesome!

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