Thursday, July 1, 2010


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My Computer is D.E.A.D. I don't even know WHAT site is doing this, heck the only sites I commonly go to that I was on when I was hit by THIRTY

Trojan viruses were blogger, yahoo and stop and shop. Otherwise all I did was look for a sight to help with with a puzzle I can't figure out on my DS and so that is two games I won't be getting anywhere on because I can't find cheats for the DS versions.

Anyway, my Dad is blowing my laptop away as we speak, because I continued to use it for another 2 days and accrued about a total of 100 or more Trojans total, and sometimes I wasn't even online. Heck, all I had to do was turn my laptop ON and I got hit by multiple Trojans. This means so much work, I am so not happy.

My BIRTHDAY is Sunday and I am not even looking forward to it. Too much has been going wrong and I am still sick.

So, I am SORRY NOW. If I don't comment, it is only because I can't get the fossil in the dining room to work, or I just don't feel good enough to sit on a metal chair for more than 5 minutes. PLEASE be patient with me as I hope Dad can fix it, but with birthdays and anniversaries in the next 8 days, I don't know how likely. I WILL be typing up Eclipse Party though, I vow this!

Do you guys understand and swear not to leave me? I did not mean to break my computer again!!

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Toriz said...

I swear not to leave. I might miss some days, but I'm still here! Honest!

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