Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Florida 2009 Pt. 1

Okay, so the night before our flight on the 14th, I was so good, I made sure I took my Ambien so that I would SLEEP before having to be out the door by 7 am...but of course my body wouldn't cooperate. I managed to get 2 hours which is better than last year when I got zero. Kate drove us to the airport since she had to stay because of those horrible teachers!! I DID learn accidentally since I was supposed to be surprised too, basically because I can't keep a secret, that Kate would be getting there Wednesday night instead of Thursday night. What can I say, I thought I could print out her boarding pass too and be all organized for her and my Mom was all NO, and I was like NO, I am going to, so she had to tell me, LOL. And I don't have all my pics yet, most are on my Dad's laptop so I may have to post some later than they should be posted.

Anyway, we got there with plenty of time, only our first plane was a baby plane. Not a propeller but there was only like 12 aisles and it freaked me out! The landing scared the crap out of me, too rickety!! The second plane was normal sized but we HAD to have drama. The plane was completely booked except for one seat. So we should be taking off right? Wrong. This woman a few aisles up from us, her seat was broken. So they had to get a crew man to try and fix it. It wasn't happening. And she wanted to sit THERE. But the seat was broken so they were discussing (not near her!) that she'd have to switch to the empty seat and this requires the flight manifest to be changed which has to go through al this crap, but she REFUSED, she wanted her window seat fixed!! So the crew man was back again and her seat mates had to stand in the aisle again. Still broken, hellooooo lady! It was 30 minutes past our departure time, we had been aboard for 45 minutes, when most of us learned she didn't want that other seat (a nice aisle I might say) because it was too close to the bathrooms!!! Agghh!! A man behind her in the aisle was like " I'LL TAKE IT!!!" and some of us cheered him, and I said thanks as he walked by. She never apologized to anyone!! What a shrew!

Budget Cars was a nightmare, they kept disappearing these workers so it would be like 2 or 3 people actually working and their computers were on the fritz so it took us an hour to get our car and we were lucky, as we went straight there, as Dad drove our luggage down with Max! We dumped our stuff at the house (which I call "it", as it is not very clean, I cleaned and washed my entire room before unpacking. Vacuming, dusting, everything!) and grabbed Dad who arrived first, and we hit the 2 stores we grocery shop at. We get as much as we can at the Super Walmart but the things we have to have at Publix. We were all so tired. Mom decided since Max was being antsy to put him inmy room with me!! Okay, I fall asleep on the couch every night at home with him sleeping behind my legs but sleeping in a bed with Max is different!! As I learned. He has to be touching you at all times or he gets restless, which woke me up all night long, and he likes to sleep between your legs which I cannot do, I have to be able to move!! So I got about 5 hours, my Dad could not believe Mom sicked Max on me because he was restless when she loves to sleep with him!! 7 hours in 48 hours had me ragged.

We went swimming for the first time when we woke up, it was chilly! And as I swam I kept feeling my bathing suit, it felt weird and looked odd. I realized I felt like I was wearing a dress, the top ended where the bottoms had originally and the botoms ended almost at my calfs!! And I could see through parts!! My one bathing suit had somehow deteriorated!! We had to return our car to Budget but in Kissimmee thanks to my bright idea, but the guy tried to charge us 12 bucks! Apparently for a rental under 48 hours you have to fill up the tank within 10 miles of the return area, and though it was full we had to drive to a gas station, my Dad pushing the car up and down until $3 finally went in, just so we didn't have to pay this fee we were never told about! We went to Walmart for bathing suits, Sam needed one too. No luck, Sam hated them all and me...well Walmart is not okay when you have big chest's and need a bathing suit. And we struck out at Lane Bryant, they don't sell them, but a girl there was all go to 535 they have a swim suit store there that has plus sizes....so we drove and drove....finally 411 told us no such store exists. So Dad drove us to the Florida Mall, but we didn't have to go IN the mall, Sam and I both found a suit at JC Penny's! Yay! We had Olive Garden for lunch, it was so good! Mmmm! They all wanted an evening in, but when in Florida, sitting around drives me crazy so I went to a different Walmart and went shopping. I got back, ate cheese and crackers, watched Fridays ABC soaps that I brought down with me, and fell asleep...for 10 hours!! It was so good!!

That morning, Monday the 16th, we sat by the pool and ate breakfast. The lady who manages "it" showed up and freaked Max for almost an hour. See "it" had a broken front door lock, the pool was really cold though we were paying for heat, etc, etc, so Glenda (hate her...you will see why) showed up. After they left we went to Epcot. We couldn't go on Soarin', we don't do 105 minute waits, and even fast passes were ALL gone! We ate at the Land though, it has so many choices now, from sushi to sammies to pastries, etc. I got cheeses (even a pink one, but it was good!) and grapes and a croissant! We went on Imagination and watched Honey I Shrunk the Audience. Then MORE calls from Kate. oh sorry, she had been calling at really late times the night before. She could not find her mouthpiece and was freaking out. She called at 11pm, 12 am and 1 am the night before! She made me wake Mom up, oy! She was just reallu upset and inconsolable, etc. So all through Epcot were calls from Kate, and TO Kate, did you look here or here or here? We went to Mexico where I ate a churro and their delicious black refired beans, the only place I like black ones! SO good!Shopped at China and saw a cool show (this is some pics I need right here...I WILL post, Dad bought me a cute Chinese hat) then went shopping at Japan and we ate there and I was so happy, like I said my fave meal there! But I do not need to go again next time. Yeah there tempura is as good as ever, but they no longer serve that fish broth soup I crave all year long, it is not even on the menu! And they changed their dipping sauce which is what I loved, so it was fine, but not like all these years before. Sad. And my Fam did it for me. They wanted to eat at a faster food but I knew I wouldn't return to Epcot again, I don't like that much there, so they set it up, they rock! Stayed for the fireworks, but Mom and I left my Dad and Sam to watch them, we were in agony, feet, backs, etc. We did see some from the car while we waited!LOL! Got home, swam in a still cold pool and showered and then I was out.

Tuesday was St. Patty's Day, and of course I brought green down! We went and saw the Race to Witch Mountain movie at my beloved AMC 24 Pleasure Islands theater (stadium seating, rocker chairs, which have arms that go up so you can stretch to 2 or 3 seats if you want and in 2 theaters there are 3 floors of seating!! Plus a bathroom every 20 feet!!). The movie rocked!! Haha...the Rock rocked! but it was a great movie and I am a fan of the originals too, so it was GOOD! Like a different movie completely but you saw similarities. We shopped at Virgin Records. I bought a totally LAME game for Sam's DS, Cooking Mama. I thought it would be fun like Hot Dish this PC game, but it is LAMEEEEE! 20 bucks I can never get back. I also bought a cool one but I bought it FOR Sam....crap!! LOL! It is fun though, it is the one Lisa Kudrow and her sister are playing in the commercials. We had IHOP for dinner and prepared the house for the invasion the next day. 3 more people in "It". Oh the horrors of "it" all. 7 people and a dog in this PIT of a house...oy vey!

Wednesday (18th) we went mini golfing. It was so gorgeous out, so balmy and gorgeous, just the most nicest day weather wise! I lost by 2 points! Dang it!! We ate at Stake 'n Shake (where Sam and I shared their 2 in 1 milkshake, You get two different flavors in one glass!) and went to the flea market. Sam got 2 new watches and I got one with different colored stones. And check out these killer shades we found there! Why are they bringing the 80's back?!!
The pool was perfection, it was all of a sudden the perfect temperature and swimming in it was pure heaven! We tried to get Max to jump in, which he has never done, but he wouldn't but he DID love being splashed at so much that he cried until we dragged him into the pool, and then he'd swim to the stairs, get out, shake, and we would begin all over, him crying to be splashed and brought in, SO much fun! We went to eat at Red Lobster, man I hate that place. But I got all hopeful, they now have a baked potato soup. I was like I love the salad, the biscuits, if they now have a soup I love I can eat here now!! But...the soup sucked. I didn't touch it. Even my Dad, who is very easy to please with soup wouldn't touch it after one sip. It was a nice meal though and I swear to you all, I have NEVER had such amazing service. The waiter was there like every two minutes asking if we needed anything, suggesting things we didn't even have to ask for, etc. My Dad did 20% tipping, he was as wowed as we all were!!

Everyone else was pretty tired. It was just me and Dad who went to pick up Katie at 11:45 pm. We told Dad that first full day about the surprise, it took him like 5 minutes to comprehend that we were not saying it wrong that Katie WAS arriving on Wednesday instead, classes be....danged!! She did the tests, etc. They pulled her aside to talk to her too THAT day, the day she was going to Florida which made her a wreck, even though it turns out it was like a "here's how you are doing", etc chat. Why couldn't they say that in the first place, so that she didn't sit there waiting for them WORRYING?!! Anyway, Dad and I had a really good church discussion on the way up to the airport, it just happened. We talked about the whole "Edith" thing too, Dad says I should ask the Bishop what the churches stand is on THAT ONE. LOL. When Katie was there we ran and hugged, she said she finally felt the excitement the minute she felt the rumble of the planes engine start the takeoff!Yay! My Dad thought she'd be too wired to sleep when we got back but I was right, she was exhausted and went to bed without even eating. And then I watched soaps and went to bed.

To Be Continued....

Monday, March 30, 2009

I'mmm Bacckkkkk!

Yes it IS true, I am HOME...back in the cold, drearily grey skied Connecticut. I DO love CT, but going from blue skies with fluffy white clouds...to grey skies and bone chilling winds...is just SAD! And no that is not MY suitcase, I have two, one huge and one normal sized, and I brought home a LOT more clothes than this. I added a hefty amount of cool graphic tees to my huge graphic tee collection! LOL! But what can I say...when I walk by a tee with Animal from Muppets on it...or a tee with a tie that has skulls on it...or a tattoo tee by the Miami Ink guys...I MUST have it! Plus like 7 others.

Anyway, I am SO tired, which is ridiculous, since I just got home from a 2 week vacation, but what can I say, it IS true. I am exhausted! And as soon as I signed into blogger and looked at my google reader...let's say panic set in. Here, look!!

I am sorry guys but I CANNOT do this! This IS my google reader, many of you will see that as soon as you see the names. Almost 500 posts!! Now I am OCD, so I COULD do this, sure it would take me untill 9 am tommorrow morning but I could and HAVE done it, but I am trying (soooo trying) NOT to let the OCD take control right now!! So this is what I will probably do, I will start catching up from HERE. From Today. Because 500 posts, it is just too much! It is NOT because I am not interested, I may read them slowly over the next few weeks but no comments as they can be like 2 weeks old, and only some of us look far back for new comments. So I hope that is okay!

I missed you guys so much! I am probably going to split my vacation post into at least 2 or 3 seperate, as much adventure was had, many pics were taken, and there were some very interesting things that happened/were revealed. Which I can't talk about at this time, but as soon as I get the go ahead....eeeeeekkk!! Okay, calmness. *breathes* Okay there I am better.

So for tonight, I just wanted you all to know I AM back, and I really hope you gys are okay with me starting posts as of today. 500 guys! Scary huge number!! LOL! ((HUGS))

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sorry Guys!

I am really not able to get online so far while on vacay. By the time we get in for the night, swim maybe, and take showers, we are all keeling over. All that sunshine and walking around Disney Parks for hours and hours wipes you out, so again Sorry, don't think blogging will happen really during my trip! Love you all, see you as soon as I am back in CT!!((HUGS))

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fare Thee Well!!

Okay peoples, I leave at the butt crack of dawn in the morning for Florida. Am I excited yet? No. Things seem to be going against us. Katie's teachers moved up her midterms to Monday, so she has to stay behind through Thursday to take them all. We pick her up at 11:59 pm on Thursday. Poor Kat, I am so pissed, they ruined this vacation for her, she is now so stressed out, she is would tighter than a violin string. I'd snap if it were me! This really devastated all of us, there were many tears, this vacation is just SO needed by this whole family, we are all just on the edge!!Aggh!

Anyway, so I wanted to remind you, that access to a computer may not be that often, if all that is available is dial up, and 7 people who may want to use the one laptop my Dad is bringing. So PLEASE do not stop following because I don't comment on your blogs for like 15 days, I am for real, on vacation otherwise I would totally be commenting!! We don't get back until Sunday the 29th and then I will have...WHO KNOWS how many posts to read...I might just read the serious ones...or seriously funny ones, when I get back, because I have a feeling, the number of posts I am going to have on Blog Reader will be over 400. Well over. So PLEASE, remember, Wendy is on vacation but WILL be back. Don't forget me all, I will probably be in Blog withdrawal, and I will have lots of pics to post so I WILL be back!!

I WILL be back, PLEASE do NOT stop being a follower, as I WILL be back, comment loving in spades!! And if I don't get a chance to tell interesting stories while ON the actual vacation, I will keep them for when I get back and post them then!

I am 100% serious! Do not go anywhere. I know who you are! I'm watching you!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

5 Senses

5 Senses Tag

List 4 things you love, and one thing you hate, for each category.

1. baby powder...it is just so pretty and so comforting!
2. oranges....makes me think of a ride Horizons that Epcot USED to have, I love it as perfume too
3. coconut
4. coffee ...makes me think of my Grandma and Grampa's house (no I don't drink it)
5. Hate: tuna fish...it is WAY too strong when you get it from the can, man!!

1. Max. He is so soft and furry, I love it!
2. babies skin...they have the softest skin it is like touching rose petals
3. fleece....so soft and comfortable
4. playdough...what?! It is so fun to squeeze, I say it can release stress!
5. Hate: dirty dishes...makes me want to throw up.

1. thunderstorms....comforting for some reason
2. a fan...I have to hear a fan in order to fall asleep (or a tv on)
3. Iliana Kadoush (or however she spells it)...she reads the Twilight series aloud and is good!
4. laughter..even hearing some good laughs makes me laugh!!
5. Hate: celery being eaten...so noisy and annoying!!

1. cheese
2. homemade chicken dinner all the fixings...mmmm
3. Garden Salsa Sunchips
4. chocolate covered strawberries
5. Hate: peas

1. beautiful art
2. ocean waves...so rare for me
3. Max
4. babies....I just want to get to cuddle them...Mom's at church appreciate me, LOL!
5. Hate: people blowing their noses AND looking at the TISSUES!! Ugghhh!!

i tag anyone who has not done this yet!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pajamas Repeating

For me, at least, not many movies can move me in a way where I sit there in abject shock, my hand over my mouth, not really believing what I just witnessed. It's true I have not seen some of the movies that could do this, like Amistad and Schindler's List. I know the last especially, would horrify me, move me for sure, but would just sicken me, that this kind of things has happened in our past, etc. I saw real footage in my 10th grade history class, and a member of my own church was asked to come in and speak, as he was one of the first US soldiers into one of the concentration camps to free the Jews. And this class really affected me, it was the one time history captured me, really made me want to know all the facts, why this happened, what really happened in the camps. And it also sickened me. The main reason I am afraid to see Schindler's List, as I think it would make me sob, and I am not sure I could get over it. Because it is Steven Spielberg, and he can make you believe in an alien wanting to go home, so what he could do with real facts and evidence, must just be staggering.

But when I saw trailers for Boy In The Striped Pajamas, something about it really captured my interest. So I knew, I really wanted to see this friendship between this German boy, son of a Nazi General, and this Jewish boy, stuck in a concentration camp. They soon realized that they shouldn't be friends, but they were anyway. They liked each other. They were bonded by a friendship that was quite strong.

So I sat down, after having finally seen Rachel Getting Married (another movie that was full of drama....don't need to see it again either...ever), and turned this movie on. And yeah, this time I will probably spoil the movie, so if you don't want it spoiled, don't read on.

I found it fascinating how Bruno, the 8 year old boy, knew nothing of what really was going on. From a distance, he could see what he thought was a farm with people who wore pajamas all day. He saw children and hoped to find friends. When his mother finally realized who he wanted to become friends with, she told her son it was not a farm, and that those people could not be his friends. His mother, herself, kept herself shielded. She did not want to know exactly what her husband did. When Parvel, a concentration worker who was allowed to bring in vegetables and do kitchen work, fixed Bruno up after he fell off his swing, she couldn't look at him as she finally said Thank you. Bruno was innocently rude when he questioned Parvel saying he was a doctor. Parvel, sweet old man that he was...said he gave up his practice to help here. He knew that Bruno, was an innocent who understood only the world he was told about, was shown. Bruno managed to get away and explore one day and came upon a huge fence that "the farm" was in. He met a boy his age and they talked, but then a warning bell rang and his friend ran off. He began to visit and bring food along.

But as Bruno and his older sister were tutored, and he began to be taught that Jews were evil, this began to confuse him. His 8 year old friend Schmuel did not seem evil. Schmuel showed up at his home one day and Bruno gave him cakes to eat since he was sent to polish all the crystal having such tiny hands. But when one of his fathers soldiers entered and screamed at him for stealing, Schmuel said Bruno gave him the food because they were friends, but Bruno said it was a lie out of fear of the soldier.

Bruno showed up at their fence spot day after day, but no Schmuel. Eventually he was there and Bruno saw what had been done to him and was truly apologetic and said he would never lie again about being friends and they would never be apart again.

His mother found out, finally, what was being DONE to the Jews in the camp. As she avoided thinking that her husband was a part of torturing these people, she had no idea that mass murders were taking place, and that the odd smell that the furnaces were producing was human remains. She was horrified and began fighting with her husband. And he wanted to know what soldier told her. At dinner that night, the soldier, trying to ease the tension, told Bruno history had been his favorite subject which displeased his father, a Literature teacher. Bruno's father wanted to know where his father was. The soldier realized he had backed himself into a corner, his father had fled to Switzerland when the war started and by not having told on him, he could be punished. When Parvel dropped a plate, he was taken into the other room by the angry soldier and beaten to death. Though Bruno had no idea of the to death, he liked Parvel. And then the sldier was shipped to the front lines, which disgusted the General's wife even more and she began to act out.

This little boy began to worry if his father was a good man. He was, his sister insisted. And when a large group of Nazi Leaders showed up and watched a "film" with his father, Bruno peeked and saw this (fake obviously but was an actual film used in the day to make people think the camps were good places) movie about how the Jews had cafes and pottery projects and played games. So his faith in his father was restored. He asked Schmuel if his own father was a good man and he said yes of course. And Bruno knew it was true.

Berlin was bombed and Bruno's grandmother had been killed. She had been ashamed of her son, while her husband was proud. She never visited because of her disgust in what he was doing. At the funeral, there was a note from Hitler placed on her coffin. The generals wife knew how she felt, but hubby said his father wanted it there. But knowing her mother-in-law she started forward, only to have her husband grab her hand in a vise and she was defeated. Once back to their new home, the fighting got more and more violent, with Bruno going to his sisters room for comfort. Finally, their father questioned the two children if they liked it there. His older sister who had once loved it (even only 12, she loved that soldier and because he was a Nazi soldier she became an avid Hitler fan and when her father sent him away...she began to think again) aid she did not like it there. Bruno said he liked it (he had a friend who he did't want to leave), but the father told them their mother didn't want them raised in a place like this so they were leaving, and Bruno was silenced when he said he didn't want to leave. They would leave tommorrow afternoon. Bruno ran to tell Schmuel, who had news of his own. His dad had gone off on a new work group and had been missing since. Bruno realized he could dig a hole under the fence and go in. Schmuel suggested he go out, but Bruno said that was stupid, he would go in and help find Schmuel's father. Schmuel said he could get him some "pajamas" and they would cover Bruno's hair with a cap so he would blend in. They had their plan.

The next day Bruno convinced his mother, who was directing what things were going with them, to let him go swing one last time. He made his way to Schmuel and dropped his clothes by the fence, and put on the clothes his friend had snuck to him. He used the shovel he had bought and slipped under the fence. They went to Schmuel's hut to check first. As they walked Bruno asked where the cafes were, as he began to see what this place was really liked and seemed scared. Schmuel told him not to be stupid. As they were in the massive hut, soldiers came and forced them out, Schmuel figured they were making them march again. They were forced to walk, with Bruno and Schmuel not letting the other out of their sites. They were in a bunker and told to take their clothes off. They were assured it was for a shower.

Meanwhile Mom noticed Bruno was gone. She and her daughter ran to look for him, finding the back gate open, where Bruno was to never go, and looked in the shed, but as they began to return to the house, his sister spotted a sandwich on the floor and his mother saw the open window. They told General Jerk (sorry) and he and his men ran through the woods. Mother and daughter soon followed after them. The soldiers arrived at the fence first, where the father saw his son's clothes and the small hole dug under the fence. He began running, followed by his soldiers screaming his son's name.

Bruno, Schmuel and all the others were forced into a small room, all naked, and together they both reached out for the others hand and clasped them tightly together. Bruno's father entered the gates with all him men fanning out calling for Bruno. The two boys looked up as a light illuminated them in the dark room and saw a soldier pour something into the room and close the opening. Bruno's mother and sister arrived at the gate and found the clothes, and the rain started. His mother saw the whole, looked at her sons clothes and melted to the ground screaming his name. His father found the emptied hut, and you could see him realize where his son must be, as he raced there he saw that the soldier on the roof was putting away the chemicals that were used to gas the Jews. And he stood there, staring into nothingness, while you could hear the screams of the mother in the distance. The last thing you see is the room with all the clothes hung on hooks, as if ready to be put on after a shower, and then you see that metal door...and it fades to black. This is why my hand was over my mouth. The horror of it all, but in this instance the image of those 2 naked 8 year olds holding hands as they died together, both so innocent, both seeing the other as an equal, and not understanding why this was even going on...it just...I don't even know the words to use. It was powerful, painful, shocking, sad, sickening. And this story is really from Bruno's point of view, so his death is really tragic, but it was all of them. And it made me so angry, because of his fathers choices, him being all, NO, this is for the good of our country(yeah because murder is always the answer, it never is!!!) and I stand by it....his own son suffered the fate he inflicted on so many others. So many other innocents, just like his son.

I sit here and am just re-saddened by history. What the Nazi's did to the Jews was disgusting and unforgivable. I am one who believes Hitler will not get to be forgiven, that there is a dark place in hell for that man, a man who convinced Germany they were superior, yet was not German! And I am 1/4 German, but I hope I can say in all honesty, that if I were there during that time period, I would be just as disgusted, as I know MANY Germans were. Everyone says that history repeats itself, but why do we let that happen? Everyone talks about the concentration camps and what was done to the Jewish people with disgust, hating that it has to be part of humanities past. Yet many of the same mistakes are made over and over. And if the whole world believes what happened back then was unforgivably wrong, WHY are we going near that stuff again? It IS a good thing I never wanted to be a soldier, I would rather turn the gunon myself, than to kill innocent people. I would rather tell God, I couldn't hurt them, so I made it so I couldn't, than to look him in the eyes and tell him, yes I murdered your children, and they did nothing wrong. I know the church's view on war, you do as your country or what not needs,etc. A soldier won't be punished for having killed in war. But when I say killed in war, I am talking about the round people from a village up and kill them. No, unforgiveable. You are defending yourself against an enemy soldier, of course you are defending your country and God will hold nothing against that. I am sure he loathes the death, but this is all a test, and I hate that the human race seems to fail so much. See, this is why I say not many movies can move me like this. This one was like a punch in the gut, it made me so upset, so sad mostly.

I wish I could rewind to Schmuel saying, why don't I go out, hit Bruno upside the head for saying that is stupid, and seeing the two boys run away, ALIVE. Because part of me thinks, the mother would have hid Schmuel. She was so distraught over what she now knew, she had been kind of losing it. And she loved her children.

I am just so tired of that whole "hisotry repeats itself" crap. If it does, and we know we HATED that part of our history, STOP IT. That church member who entered that one concentration cmp first, said he would never forget that day and the feelings he had, when he viewed what was inside, and when he began helping people OUT. THAT is what we need to remember and try to repeat. We are brothers and sisters, all of us. So why does a man who looks like he could be Muslim get pulled out of line at the airport?! Even if her WAS Muslim, why?! Not all Muslims hate America. many love it here and stay here, become American themselves. A movie like this just re-awakens you, makes you think, think back, think forward. With our world history at our fingertips, why does it ever have to repeat? Why can't different steps be taken this time?

Sorry for ranting. This movie was just so...amazing I guess would be appropriate. It made me feel so much. You KNOW what will happen in a movie dealing with concentration camps will most likely end tragically, so to make one and still have audiences holding their hands to their mouths in shock...is unbelievable. Apparently it stays very true to the book, except when and how the family finally figures out Bruno is dead, was done differently. Wickipedia has it's ending. All I can see in my head, is two small sets of hands, entwined forever.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Belly Relief

So as I mentioned, on Friday night Katie taught a bellydance class at church for the Relief Society. She was nervous, so Mom, Sam and I all went. I appointed myself photographer, as no, I will NOT bellydance! Sam tried it basically the whole time, and my Mom even participated some of the time, AND she laughed. They ALL laughed and seemed to have a great time.

Katie brought in as many of her hip scarves (the ones that don't cost hundreds of dollars) as she could and there were enough for everyone there, only about 10-12 showed up. The Bishop's wife was a No-Show, which was SO disappointing! I was REALLY looking forward to getting pics of Jahoodie (my way of saying her name...with LOVE!!) sashaying across the floor, shaking what God gave her!! Alas, NO Jahoodie!

Anyway, they really enjoyed it. And Katie was NICE. Not that she isn't nice, but according to Gina, Katie is a real task master as a teacher. And Kate was trying to fit SO much into an hour class. A few of the women were like "Man, I am sweating from shaking my belly", and stuff like that, which made me laugh. I see Kate of Gina after they perform for 10 minutes and they are one huge layer of sweat, and Kate has been doing this almost 10 years, so it never gets easier per say, it really works you out. Katie drinks down 2 bottles of water in like 10 minutes, and that is after shorter gigs. I have seen these two women dance for an HOUR, and man...do not hug them or get too close, thay are hot, sweaty and smelly. Naturally, but still, sopping wet. So seeing these women realize how much work it actually is, was really cool. I know because of the amount of time I have helped Kate and Gina. Bellydancers are really underappreciated, they don't get the thanks, etc they so deserve. It is really difficult, the costumes are $800 a piece at least, and people will bash them as they dance. I say out of jealousy, why else would you say, "no she is fat" when you see one dancing, and know she can hear. Jealousy. Gina has stopped, when she dances at the dreaded hookah bar and gets in their face, she will only take so much, which is cool to see, I have to tell you.

Anyway, Sam and Mom were all achy Saturday, and I saw on Facebook, a few of the sisters are considering taking one of Katie's real classes that she offers!! Yeah go Kate!

And here is Kate's PRO website, nolast names so it is fine, and there are a lot of shots I took of her at gigs on one of the pages, she is just amazing, teaching wise and performing! Click HERE.

Cover Art

I saw this for the second day in a row, so I decided to seriously DO it, no matter what turned up, but I am pleasantly surprised, not bad, I think. Though I have NO singing ability at all, this is not a bad cd cover!

Here is what to do (I used Scrapblog Bulider to put mine together, I wanted it to look Pro, LOL)


1 - Go to "wikipedia." Hit “random”or click http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:RandomThe first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2 - Go to "Random quotations"or click http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

3 - Go to flickr and click on “explore the last seven days”or click http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7daysThird picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4 - Use photoshop or similar to put it all together.

Go ON, do it, it is interesting, and don't cheat!!

P.S. Anyone ever watch Hell's Kitchen? Check out the parody with this lil kid!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Sorry I was MIA yesterday, on posting and commenting. I ended up turning into a volcano that errupted and just all these worries, some nightmares I recently had, just poured out, and I was a mess and decided to just forget about doing anything that required me to think. I thought better to not think and feel, after ALL this explosion of feelings and thoughts. SO, I played Super Mario Brothers and finally made it to World 8, which I hate, I am at the last world before the final castle and have had no luck getting all the way past those bloody spiders! I want to get to the end so I can go back and enjoy...and find how I can get to the 2 worlds I somehow skipped over!! See barin numbing video games!!

Days until we leave for Florida. I told my Mom I was worried that I was not antsy like I have always been in the past. Usually by this time I am SO raring to go, yet I feel no excitement. I am hungry now for food and shopping after describing my favorite places, but I have no idea what is wrong with me. Packing is almost complete...I mean me, LOL. Everyone else has barely started. I am still kind of numb so I am gonna go see if Sam will let me get mindless with Mario again.((HUGS))

I am gonna try to remember to tell you guys about Kate teaching a bellydance class to the Relief Society on Friday. More women should have shown up, there was only like 12!! Grrr!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Pal Diabetes

Okay so apparently not everyone knew I was a Diabetic, so I hit myself in the head, and thought, I should write about my learning I was a Diabetic. It was not pretty, LOL.

Diabetes runs in my family. My father is a diabetic, he learned about 10 years ago that he was Type 2. My Grandfather had been a Diabetic for years, he was on insulin, dialysis, etc., but this was before the pump you could get hooked to you. When he was in the hospital...ahhh sorry it gets me emotional...it was when they wanted to amputate his leg and he was adamant about it NOT being done, and that was when he died.

So I knew it ran in the family, but I never thought I would get it, or had it. My father had been to this place, the Joselin Clinic after he learned he was Diabetic, so he took all these classes, etc. And he started noticing how much I drank, how often I seemed to need to use the restroom. And he started getting worried. I just thought, my pills give me dry mouth, so I drink a lot, and therefore I have to pee a lot. And it was brushed aside for awhile. But the drinking got more and more and the bathroom trips more and more and he decided NO, get over here. I have urine strips and I want to test you with my glucometer. The urine strip was as bad as you can get, and my blood sugar, even though I hadn't eaten for a while was almost 600. For the uninformed, a good number for not having eaten for a while is like 110. So an appoinment with my doctor was made, but first I had to go and have all this bloodwork done. I was so hoping it was just a side effect of a drug or a random occurence.

So my Mom accompanied me to the appointment where I was to go over the results with my doctor. Now let me set this up for you, I am a soda and juice loving girl who loves to have candy when I feel like it, and can't live without my sugary Koolaid. So I was not prepared for what I was told. I was told I had Type 2 Diabetes and he began talking, and to this day I am not sure what he said exactly. He prescribed Metformin for me and apparently my triglycerides were off the charts, which makes sense they are all related in this weird way, so he prescribed a drug for that, suggested the Josselin clinic if I needed more info, but knew Dad had it too, so I had knowledge available to me. (Did I go to Joselin? No. Should I have? Probably. But I am me, and did not/do not feel comfortable around strangers. Luckily I have my Dad who has it, and a nurse for a mother). So we left and I began crying. And crying. AND CRYING.

But did it stop there? Just crying? No, this IS me. This did NOT go over well. I had the biggest freak out/hissy fit/anxiety + panic attack/ranting that you can ever imagine. All while we sat in the car in the back of Sleepy's + Taco Bell, since I hadn't had lunch. I was so angry. SO angry, and I was mean too, to my Mom. I wish I hadn't been, but I was out of control. I was screaming, I was yelling, I was so scared. I was yelling about not giving up my drinks or candy, how I wasn't going to change how I lived, that this was unfair (really I have a theory which involves Danny Devito and I, which I will divulge sometime soon). We finally got to a place where I finally started just sobbing, the life was drained from me. We went home and my Dad and sisters were there, which only got me more freaked, so I lashed out moe about how I wasn't giving up the things I loved. Eventually, and man do I mean eventually, I ran out of most everything and my parents got to talk more. Even Sandy who did a paper in high school on Diabetes spoke up. My parents were trying to assure me by talking about moderation. That I could still have juice or soda, but it would have to be less often and less of it. That I would need to drink more milk and water, because I could go into diabetic shock or comas. That I could have SOME candy, but again, in moderation. And that they would help me. They would "suggest" I drink milk when we are out to a restaurant, if they had seen me with some soda or juice. Or stop me after 1/3 glass of soda and give me some milk, etc. Ways to help me get used to not being able to have the sugary things as much as I wanted.

At Easter and Valentines, we began getting less candy and more, like a new pair of PJ pants for us all, and a little bit of candy. Like this Valentine's Day, I found a pair of Fluffy Rainbow PJ bottoms and one of those tiny Russel Stovers hearts that has 3 chocolates in it. Did I cheat and get more after V-Day sale candy...yes I did, I am not the BEST Diabetic but I was careful. So yeah I was NOT a good reaction girl. It took a few months before the panic subsided. And then awhile longer before I got used to having my Dad check my sugars and having to have A1C tests every 3 months, kind of like a report card for Diabetics. Average blood sugars, triglycerides, etc.
And the first year, it slowly started going down in numbers slowly. And then I started getting good reports, I even put them on the fridge once or twice. Meds were working for me! I used to buy myself 2 small bottles of soda and 2 of Snapple every week when I went grocery shopping with my Mom. It got to be less, still some but not as much. And I got used to ordering milk when we went out to restaurants. But I did still indulge myself, just not as often. I had to be careful always with the candy at the movies, my Mom or Dad or even sisters took it away from me if I started eating too much, or looked like it even. I was still not the best, I didn't bother getting my own glucometer, I'd let my Dad check it, I never did it to myself, and I only tested it when they mad me. Hello, afraid of needles and sharp objects here!

Going hypoglycemic became my worst enemy. That is when your blood sugar falls too low, and for me at least, I get scary weak, I shake all over, I feel light-headed and dizzy, a lot of the times I sink to the floor. It is the scariest thing besides my surgery I have experienced and on a regular basis. I learned pretty quickly from my parents what foods to eat when THIS happened. OJ and peanut butter work the fastest. I learned that while chocolate/candy can do it really quick, it won't last and I will need something VERY soon (yes I admit I have used it as a reason to have candy sometimes, it is the one time my body NEEDS it, but when it is it's scariest...Momma please can I have peanut butter on bread and some OJ or apple juice?) Soemtimes I have needed help eating it, my arms are too weak and heavy to move on their own, and sometimes I have wound up lying on the floor, because there is no muscle in me to hold me up. It is extremely terrifying. The lowesy my blood has gotten (well that I am AWARE of) is in the 40's which is bad. This IS the time when I am best at taking my own blood on MY glucose meter. And yes I did eventually get my own, learn to do it to myself and get used to it. Do I do it every day, a few times like I should? No, I still suck.

But then came the days where my report cards started to get bad again. So my Metformin was upped, more drugs were added. Still no improving, even after all sorts of different things over the next few years. Even when all these natural vitamins like fish oil, etc were added. I was up to about 12 pills just in the morning and 12 at night. And my sugars were not improving. We even tried to make me do better at home, soda or juice was less than ever, candy really did only happen mostly at the movies and not very much. But it did not matter. My Dad was really nervous that insulin was going to be the next step they were going to want to take with me. And he is not on insulin. This is when my parents presented me with the offer to have a gastric bypass. They had been looking at all the information Sam had gathered, saw the positives it had for Diabetics. When I told my surgery story, I mentioned, 90% of patients who have the bypass are off ALL diabetes medications. And while yeah my vanity was running in a competition in my brain with the diabetes worry, it was like...WOW, I could be off ALL these meds I am on, and have good sugar levels!

So as most of you are aware I had the surgery. And no numbers do NOT go down immediately, what did you think, it was an immediate cure? I was on less meds, heck remember I could barely drink an ounce of sugar free shake with protein. And yeah, has the sugar intolerance made it a wee bit easier to TRY and be good? Yes, you have no idea how horrid "dumping syndrome" is. So I HAVE had a small piece of cake that then goes, "oh no you didn't" and I run to the bathroom. Lucky because when you are done you feel better quickly, not so with dumping. Anyway, with this surgery you have to relearn to eat, so sugar free koolaid was too sweet for me for weeks, I had to have half sugar free koolaid with half water. But because of the intolerance, I began to find alternatives to SOME of my addictions. Koolaid with Splenda is THE best. No I don't drink soda anymore, and I don't like many juices, so I only have apple or orange when I am hypoglycemic (that has gotten worse since the surgery), and I have Orangeade or something like that rarely. Tonight I had Snapple Orangeade for the first time in like 6 months, not all at ONCE though, I know where I will run to if I drink it too fast. I found sugar free candy that is good (don't jump it is only the twizzlers and york peppermint patties and russel stover coconut that are good, everything else...uck), some SF ice cream is good, but man...bad air!LOL! So I admit I have built up a tolerance for candies, and do indulge, and my whole family gives me either grief or takes it away ( I am actually okay with that), but I do know because of the surgery, I will have repercussions if I over-indulge (sometimes even if I don't...seriously. 3 bites of a birthday cake should not have you dying in the bathroom) which is good in some sick way, I am ridding my body of the sugars or grease. But best of all, I get up in the morning and check my blood...115. I eat a regular meal and check it an hour later 180. Those numbers are REALLY good. I do have a sweet tooth, so bad Wendy, but I am pretty good too. When we go to the movies, I have a movie bag. Yes there is regular candy in there (for everybody too), but I also eat handi snax and 1/3 less sugar granola bars. It is a habit now. Handi snax or nachos/pretzels first and then later if I feel like it, some candy. Right this week with candy? Bad BAD Wendy, but I think if I had my period (don't because of the shot) it would be right now, I can't get enough chocolate!! But I haven't gotten sick so I must be somehow not overdoing it badly. Goodnes knows how.

So I am 3 years out of surgery and my numbers are brilliant, I haven't had to get an A1C test in forever, but even I have to admit, why NOT? Hmm, maybe my doctor should WANT that still!! Anyway, much to my chagrin, no not being on pills does NOT make me cured. I will always be a Diabetic, as I son learned when I had my first post-op hypoglycemic episode. Which has really sucked, it happens a LOT after I have eaten and don't want to eat anything else OR when I have just been sick and the last thing you want is to eat anytime soon. It happens randomly too, a lot, so it is weird that this aspect has worsened since the surgery, but being down like 16 pills a day? Totally worth it.

So I still struggle daily with Diabetes, it will never go away, I will always be a Diabetic, but thanks to my family (their support and help) and the surgery (forced me into some habits) it is in control most of the time. I am perpetually afraid of a diabetic coma or diabetic shock, which is why I religously wear my Med-Alert bracelet (which WAS my Grandpa's., so it has sentimental value even more, we both had/have this disease and wore the same bracelet) and have a card in my wallet that says I am Diabetic. I even have those gosh awful Glucose pills that are ucky. Like HUGE chewable vitamins, but you have to eat like 3 and they are HUGE!!

So there you have it, my Diabetes story. I did not react to the news well, and am not the best Diabetic ever made, but I am getting better at it. Slowly, but compared to the first year or so? I am SO better than then. AND it is true about diabetics feet and legs. I scar very easy, even a shaving nick, just never goes away fully. I try and take care of my feet and legs. I do not want to be a patient that is told, you need an amputation. So when I get crack heels, I go for the cream. I moisturize like crazy, and no my toenails are clear thank you very much. And I have to have my eyes checked by a specialist (so did not work out well, I went to Sears and had them do it over so I got the right script) because of trouble with our eyes. So no it is never going to be over, this battle, but I have finally accepted it, it is a part of me. I can only hope my siblings never have this, or any of the future grandkids of my parents. I hope none of you will ever have to experience this disease. Nothing about this disease is fun, and it IS a disease. Unless they find a cure, people like me, and those with the worse kind, Type 1, will always have this sickness, which is why whenever they have something for sale like a bracelet that says Fight for the Cure, I buy it. Even if it is just for Juvenile Diabetes, if they can find a cure for that, they are going to be much closer to finding a cure for us all.

P.S. My Full Name through this weird generator anagrams to :

'Every warm demoniac.'


Friday, March 6, 2009

Puncture and Food

I don't care what anyone tells you, getting your finger punctured, never gets okay. Sure, you get used to it. I was terrified of getting my finger pricked, now I do it without flinching most times, but it is NEVER okay to have to draw your own blood, so a machine analyzes it! Sometimes I barely feel it now, but then I hit a spot on my finger never punctured before and it SMARTS! Freaking OW!

I have been "enjoying" a new glucometer in the last few months, the Accu-Check Aviva. Yup that IS it right up there. I gotta say, better than my last. It's lancet (sharp pricking thing) device is preloaded with six lancets, so I don't have to put in a new lancet and worry it will go off and shoot at my eyeball....yes I am morbid. I just have to turn the barrel and it switches lancets, so cool new feature. It also only takes 5 seconds and the blood sample is much smaller. There were times where I'd have to "milk" my finger to get more blood for the test strip which is NO fun I gotta tell ya. So far, I have had not ONE error message, so I don't have to re-prick my finger or "milk" the open wound. NOT ONCE. So I gotta say, for a glucometer, it rocks. You can even test on other parts of your body (like palms, forearms, calfs and ore), but I say that would hurt WORSE. I tried out a glucometer my Mom had to teach the nurses to use at her last job, and it let you test on your palms and forearms, it even had a special attachment to do so. So I thought, I have to teach this to MY Mom to teach to others, so I should know ALL the facts. So I did it on my forearm....oh my holy heck it hurt so BADLY!! Did I stop there and forget the palm? Of course not, I wanted to know what to tell my Mom. So I used my palm...saints preserve us!! It was SO extremely painful I almost cried, Think of it, your palm, well mine at least, is soft skin, your fingers pads are made of rougher skin, so people do NOT let them fool you!! Stick to the fingers! Am I going to try my new glucometer out on my calf or thigh or upper arm? NO!

Anyway, back onto my kick to get me excited for Florida. Food is what I am concentrating on tonight. To many of you, the places I mention are common to you, but we don't have them in my area, not even my state as far as I am aware.

I LOVE Logan's Roadhouse, it is my favorite place to go to eat when we are down there. I love eating all the peanuts I want, and they ARE good, and then throwing the shells on the floor. It is just fun. I know...yes from watching CSI, that Las Vegas has places like this, but to this CT girl, it was like WOW, I can throw the shells onto the floor?! Cool! They also have the BEST Baked Potato Soup (besides my Mom's homeade chicken noodle soup, baked potato is the only other kind I like!) and their made from scratch yeast rolls make me drool, they have melted butter on top, something sweet too I think and are heavenly!! And they do those mini dessert "shots" but in tiny buckets that you can take that say Logan's Roadhouse on them.

There is also Houlihan's which we have only been to once and I was the only one to love it, so I worry we won't be going back. Of course they didn't get the meal I got.(They stupidly had sandwiches, ugh!) I had the Baked Potato Soup (not as good as Logan's but not bad) and the garlic-herb cream cheese stuffed chicken breast, that was lightly breaded and served with Red Bliss mashed potatoes, it was to die for!! I only got like 1/3, because my Mom hated her meal but LOVED mine....I wanted to kill her for the food, LOL. I could have eatenmore even with my golfball tummy, but she really liked it and I love her, so....*sighs*. This is the one we went to too. Even the bathrooms were awesome...see how uncouth I am, LOL!

And of course we do the faves we can't afford too much normally. Outback Steakhouse where I get my beloved Baked Potato Soup (excellent) and Filet Mignon (fill-it mig-non...how we classy folk say it). Olive Garden where (since I can't eat regular pasta since my surgery so I had to say buh-bye to my love, fettucine alfredo) I get the chicken and potato gnocchi veronese with a parmesan cream sauce and NO to the red peppers. And that cry it is so good, Black Tie Mousse Cake.

For cheaper eating I have fallen in LOVE with the Champ Burger from Checkers. My Dad goes almost every other day, he loves it SO much. We would SO opena franchise up here if we had the dough, it would do amazing I tell ya! I also love Einstein Bagels, where I always get a toasted Blueberry Bagel with a shmear (their shmears are a LOAD of) of cream cheese...mmmmmm. There is one past security at the airport, but only if you fly Delta....grrrr. And one far away too, so I never get there, so Florida is it for me! Boo!
And I already talked about the Japanese restaurant in Epcot, which was remodelled so it is holy cow beautiful inside! And you need to eat at Sunshine Seasons at the Land in Epcot. It has sammies, soups, Asian food, grilled food, but my favorite stuff is the Grab 'N Go sections. Premade sushi, desserts, fruit platters, veggie platters, baked goods like croissants (with cream cheese, MMMM), Smuckers Uncrustables, puddings, etc. Plus all sorts of sodas, juices, milks, beer (I don't drink, it is just FYI) and etc. It is just easy to find something for everyone and as cheap as you can eat in a Disney park. Another cheaper place is Mexico's Cantina de San Angel. It has the best churro's and black refired beans, and man is their cheese quesadilla good! I can just eat the black refired beans though sprinkled with some cheese, SO good. And the SciFi Diner has THE best vanilla milkshakes EVER made. It is also cool to eat at since you sit in "cars" and watch clips from old sci fi movies and commercials! They have a righteous burger too! It looks like a NIGHT at the drive-in too, twinkling stars in the sky and all.Man...I am really hungry now... that wasn't planned. Well, I am looking forward to eating...bad bad Wendy!! Ah well, it is vacation, if you can't be bad then, when?!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Readying for Retail

Okay, to try and get ME a little happy or excited I decided to write about some of my favorites places to go/shop while in Florida.

The first is Old Town, which has 75 specialty shops, a few cute restaurants, arcades, some rides and bungee jumping stuff. It is like an open shopping plaza but really cute, with old classic cars (they even have 2 car nights) parked around, bull riding, live entertainment at times, etc. It is just so cute and fun, it even has a General Store, and candy stores with taffy being pulled in the windows. The BEST taffy in Florida to me anyway, so soft and so tasty! I LOVE the Black Market Minerals store the most. They have the coolest jewelery made and you can buy all sorts of beads, etc, to make your own customized jewelery. And it has cool gemstones and gemstone boxes, coasters, etc. Cool carved statues, geodes, just everything from incense to hand painted wooden boxes. Old Town also has Wound N Around, which has poodle skirts and tees with Marilyn and Elvis and James Dean, and paraphenalia with them on it. Old posters and music, etc. I LOVE it, it is where I got my pink Pink Ladies tee from Grease. It just has all sorts of unique stores, leather goods, candle stores, gift stores of course, christmas ornament stores, surf shops, just a bit of everything.

I also love the 192 Flea Market, it is in open buildings and is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It has everything from Seen on TV booths, to luggage (I got my HUGE suitcase on wheels for 35 bucks), to watches, to crystal stuff, just everything and CHEAP. It has over 400 booths, so it is like 4 huge building, jewelery, sunglasses, clothes, Perfumes (I got my Chanel No.5 WAY cheaper), Avon booths, make-up by HUGE people much cheaper, just a fun place. I have gotten temporary tattoos (Tink!!), personalized candles...it is just a must see. Sure I buy less nowadays, only because I have been there so often I have the best stuff, but I love the prices so when I need or want new watches (and I do want to check out the watches, so gorgeous) or luggage, etc, I love this place.
And yes I am an addict about going to the Florida mall! I have to! It has stores you will never see in a mall anywhere in CT. Even stores that I have catalogs for, but no real stores anywhere around here. It has over 270 stores so it is QUITE a walk, but so worth it. It has all the usuals so I buy things I could never afford up here, but it has stores like LUSH (coolest soaps and face masks), Quiksilver, Billabong (sure PacSun has stuff by these guys but these are THE company's stores), it has the biggest M&M store I have ever seen, a 2 floor Old Navy (love that), Delia's, etc. This was the first place they had Torrid, before it finally opened a few stores in CT. And as a bigger chested woman, I say YEAH!! And the vendors in the between spots just have really cool stuff that regular malls do not sell. So I go there once during our trip...last year no one would go with me...did it stop me? No, but someone better go with me this year! I just have such FUN spending money there. I could actually BUY things at Sephora, I HAVE money!

Sure there are other places, Universal Studios City Walk has really cool specialty shops and restaurants. There is this other OUTSIDE mall I can't remember the name of, that has a big FAO Shwartz, and a Johnny Rockets which I think is SO cool! I love all sort's of 50's stuff so this restaurant is so fun! The soda jerks (that was what they were called!!) are all in pristine white uniforms, there are tabletop jukeboxes, 50's decorating, I just LOVE it!Well, I do think the prospect of shopping is getting to me now that I have written about some of my favorite haunts. Oh don't get me wrong, I love to shop at the parks too, especially Epcot. Japan and China are my favorites, they always have something I want. And I can't wait to EAT in Japan, they have the most delicious Tempura at the Teppan Edo!! I even eat the fish broth soup (not Miso, it is called Japanese Clear Soup)! This is an actual pic of my meal (sans soup) from last year...I have no idea what was in that bowl on the bottom, it had 2 different weird looking things I was too scared to try. If you can tell me what it is please do!And this is me loving the soup so much Sam took a picture of me, as she ate sushi (yuck, I so hoped to like it, but I can't even do cooked sushi!). Did I mention I also love when we eat at GOOD restaurants while on vacation?! LOL!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Icicles and Retail

It is SO bloody cold!! This morning it was 10.9 degrees!! Right now it is 17, but it is supposed to get even colder. Insanity! I was under my blanket upstairs with it pulled to my chin and cold was wracking my body, so now I am in the usual TV room with the pellet stove going and it is livable. Freezing people, soooo brrrrrrr!! If I wasn't so lazy, I would go dry my hair, since I took a nice hot shower, but alas...lazy. So as it turns into short red icicles, I will have to grin and bear it...well bear it at least.

I got to watch Real Housewives of NY for the first time this season...man I love the drama! And Ramona....Ramon, Ramona, Ramona....when will you get some class?!! She is so annoying and rude! She was like challenging the MAYOR of NY on who is blinder. The Mayor is legally blind people!! The only sane person in the group is Bethany I tell you. The single one. Everyone else is loud and obnoxious, and if you watch the show, AlexSimon are freaks! And yes I made their name into one name as this annoying hubby-wife combo are connected at the hip. The dude showed up with her at a Girl's Night Out!! Sick! He is such a snob too, and they aren't even well off really! And their poor kids saddled with those names....I weep for them. Really. And the "new" housewife"? Hate her. Boring, snooty, and wayyyyy overtanned.

Only days to Florida and I am basically packed, clothes wise anyway. I can't really pack my camera, ipod, phone and their chargers, or my pills, checkbook and stuff like that. It has to be ready by Thursday because that is when my Dad is packing the car, he and Kat are leaving. I still feel like...blah about it. Maybe when I actually GET there and see my swaying palm trees, it will set in and I can feel SOME happy feelings. I better! Hopefully at least two weeks of retail therapy, will make me smile. I have been saving for like 10 months!! That is how bad I want to have retail therapy, LOL.

Sure I NEVER get these cute bags, it is all plastic ALL the time, bloody heck, but still, you get the idea. Shopping makes me smile, and even if it is only temporary happy, that is NOT a bad start!

Snip Snip and Dye

First, sorry for being MIA. That data entry project ended up taking 3 days, I just finished about 25 minutes ago and wanted to weep in happiness. I have like 200+ names floating around my head. You gimme a last name and I can probably give you the first name. Some I just KNOW...how sad to have so many employee names stuck in my head for a place I don't work!! Agghhh!!

Anyway, it is less than 2 weeks until we leave for our Florida vacation. So even though I don't "feel" it, I decided to dye my hair back to my favorite red. I figured, first, last year in FLA. it helped the family spot me when I wandered off on my own. Look for the tall person with the flaming red hair. Seriously they said it was easier to spot me in a crowd. Second, I hoped maybe it would make me feel better. You know, get me back to the last time my hair was still fiery red, make me feel like fiery Wendy. And I decided I wanted a trim too. I wanted it shorter, sassy actually, so maybe the haircut would rub off on me and I'd feel SASSY. So my Mom cut it for me, no I am not a remotely high maintenance girl. I have no actual hairstyle, I guess maybe it would be considered a bob now....maybe. But no, I have been to the hairdresser as an adult, like 3 times maybe. The only product I might use in my hair is some frizz-ease, except when I have had the back razored cut, then I would sometimes use Tigi Bedhead Manipulator (mmm coconut smell), but that was a while ago. So basically I brush my clean hair, air dry it, and that's it. Hey someday this could come in handy. I mean, I want my hair to look good, but I am useless with all things hair, so I let it be "free". *shrugs*

Anyway, so we cut it and used my trusty Feria R75, and I washed and washed until the water ran clear, but it is not MY flaming FLAMING red. I think it is a decision my hair made. I think it decided "You know Wendy, you are not ready for flaming red yet, not THAT red you love so dear. I will make it red for you, to make you feel better, but it is gonna be a darker flame-ish red, because you are still in such a dark place". Do I think I am insane to think my hair decided this? Not at all. My hair probably has more of an idea of what is going on in my head and body than I do. So, it IS red, probably very red to most of you I am sure, but NOT as red as my profile pic, I can tell, much deeper and darker. I have taken color classes, so trust me on this. So I can't decide if it looks good. Everyone in the fam, well girl wise, says how cute it is and it suits me, but I suck at the whole self-esteem thing so what do you guys think? Should I re-dye it and try for the flaming red or should I keep it this red for awhile? And how does the bob look? The smile is for the sake that I don't look ugly. If I weat my straight faced look, it is pretty sad, I have no idea why.P.S. It is REALLY cold here in CT. The storm was a big one, about a foot of snow in most areas, and the wind gusts are horrible!! And even NY kids got their first snow day in five, FIVE, years!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Flashback Video My Sharona

To this day, I ADORE this song. The beat has me. The lyrics make me sing along. It is just an addicting song from...uhhmmm not going there! LOL! The Knack by the way is the group.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I can FEEL the Burn!

This is what I am going to need for the next few days. My hand is going to fall off. To make extra money I agreed to do data entry for my mother, all of January and February's inservices entered into each person's file. Handwritten too. Maybe if it was on the computer, my hands would just be tired but nope, this place doesn't really DO computers so all in done by hand...my hand. Oy, I did NOT think when I agreed to do this, that she would have taught THIS many inservices in two months!! There are like 100 pages at least with dozens and dozens of name. I have to look up a name, write the date, the inservice time, the name of the inservice and my Mom's name. And do that for every other person on the page...then go to the next inservice. Agghhh...I want money for retail therapy, but MAN...this right hand is going to be broke by the time I am done, and shaking. When I start tensing, my whole arm begins to shake....fun.

So I am off to do that...luckily Mom doled out a portion for me and took the rest. I told her I knew I would go OCD overboard, so she has given me a 1/3 or so. Good, it looks daunting as it is. I missed last weeks final episode of Confessions of a Teen Idol, tre upsetting, so I will put it on as I work. If I am unable to do comments tonight I am very sorry!!! It just means my hands are too weak to keep up my love of commenting!! I will read your posts though as soon as I can!!

And man, have you guys ever tried Smooth Away? I purchased it for any hair around my lips or chin and was very gentle, but my chin skin got so dry it is flaking off!! It did the job but I have to keep dabbing moisturizer because it is like I have a sunburn, the skin is just peeling off!!I do not think they put that on the instructions....skin peels off !! Knowing me too...I will probably give it another try and be even more delicate. And I DO want to try it on the underarms for Florida...hopefully that will not hurt me, I am so sensitive there!Oy!

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