Monday, March 2, 2009

Flashback Video My Sharona

To this day, I ADORE this song. The beat has me. The lyrics make me sing along. It is just an addicting song from...uhhmmm not going there! LOL! The Knack by the way is the group.

5 meaningful meanderings:

Jillene said...

I LOVE LOVE this song!! Everytime I hear it it takes me down memory lane--thanks for sharing!!

CaJoh said...

Love this album as well. There is a town on our way to camping called Shabona… we're always breaking into that song whenever we see the sign— Mamama my Shabona.

DeNae said...

Wendy! Love this blog! You came by mine a month ago (exactly one month; maybe replying in precise 4 week intervals is MY CDO problem) and made a very heartfelt comment about the whole "Authentic Life" dealio.

I don't know you; I've spent just a few minutes on your blog trying to pick up your 'vibe'. But can I say, I don't think you're being judged by people at church nearly as much as you fear you are.

I "look" like your basic Mormon gal, except my hair is a color that nature never, even on peyote, dreamed of. My talents happen to lend themselves very well to church work - teaching, music, could lead a discussion among blind mimes - but I manage to still be uniquely me. I have this carefully irreverent blog which is read by everyone from my anti-Mormon friends to my stake president, and if you read it you'll know I am pretty darn "myself" out there.

I was equating "authentic living" with "the natural man", since I've seen so many people just in the last couple of months use the concept of living authentically as an excuse to walk away from some pretty serious commitments, including their marriages, families, and faith. And I can't justify that, no matter how 'catch-phrase of the month-y' it is.

Anyway, you're a cutie, and as far as this Las Vegas Mormom is concerned, you fit right in.

p.s. I can't listen to "My Sharona" without dancing. It's rather traumatizing for my kids...

LadyStyx said...

*dances and sings along*

Lee said...

This song makes me dance everytime!!!

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