Friday, March 6, 2009

Puncture and Food

I don't care what anyone tells you, getting your finger punctured, never gets okay. Sure, you get used to it. I was terrified of getting my finger pricked, now I do it without flinching most times, but it is NEVER okay to have to draw your own blood, so a machine analyzes it! Sometimes I barely feel it now, but then I hit a spot on my finger never punctured before and it SMARTS! Freaking OW!

I have been "enjoying" a new glucometer in the last few months, the Accu-Check Aviva. Yup that IS it right up there. I gotta say, better than my last. It's lancet (sharp pricking thing) device is preloaded with six lancets, so I don't have to put in a new lancet and worry it will go off and shoot at my eyeball....yes I am morbid. I just have to turn the barrel and it switches lancets, so cool new feature. It also only takes 5 seconds and the blood sample is much smaller. There were times where I'd have to "milk" my finger to get more blood for the test strip which is NO fun I gotta tell ya. So far, I have had not ONE error message, so I don't have to re-prick my finger or "milk" the open wound. NOT ONCE. So I gotta say, for a glucometer, it rocks. You can even test on other parts of your body (like palms, forearms, calfs and ore), but I say that would hurt WORSE. I tried out a glucometer my Mom had to teach the nurses to use at her last job, and it let you test on your palms and forearms, it even had a special attachment to do so. So I thought, I have to teach this to MY Mom to teach to others, so I should know ALL the facts. So I did it on my forearm....oh my holy heck it hurt so BADLY!! Did I stop there and forget the palm? Of course not, I wanted to know what to tell my Mom. So I used my palm...saints preserve us!! It was SO extremely painful I almost cried, Think of it, your palm, well mine at least, is soft skin, your fingers pads are made of rougher skin, so people do NOT let them fool you!! Stick to the fingers! Am I going to try my new glucometer out on my calf or thigh or upper arm? NO!

Anyway, back onto my kick to get me excited for Florida. Food is what I am concentrating on tonight. To many of you, the places I mention are common to you, but we don't have them in my area, not even my state as far as I am aware.

I LOVE Logan's Roadhouse, it is my favorite place to go to eat when we are down there. I love eating all the peanuts I want, and they ARE good, and then throwing the shells on the floor. It is just fun. I know...yes from watching CSI, that Las Vegas has places like this, but to this CT girl, it was like WOW, I can throw the shells onto the floor?! Cool! They also have the BEST Baked Potato Soup (besides my Mom's homeade chicken noodle soup, baked potato is the only other kind I like!) and their made from scratch yeast rolls make me drool, they have melted butter on top, something sweet too I think and are heavenly!! And they do those mini dessert "shots" but in tiny buckets that you can take that say Logan's Roadhouse on them.

There is also Houlihan's which we have only been to once and I was the only one to love it, so I worry we won't be going back. Of course they didn't get the meal I got.(They stupidly had sandwiches, ugh!) I had the Baked Potato Soup (not as good as Logan's but not bad) and the garlic-herb cream cheese stuffed chicken breast, that was lightly breaded and served with Red Bliss mashed potatoes, it was to die for!! I only got like 1/3, because my Mom hated her meal but LOVED mine....I wanted to kill her for the food, LOL. I could have eatenmore even with my golfball tummy, but she really liked it and I love her, so....*sighs*. This is the one we went to too. Even the bathrooms were awesome...see how uncouth I am, LOL!

And of course we do the faves we can't afford too much normally. Outback Steakhouse where I get my beloved Baked Potato Soup (excellent) and Filet Mignon (fill-it we classy folk say it). Olive Garden where (since I can't eat regular pasta since my surgery so I had to say buh-bye to my love, fettucine alfredo) I get the chicken and potato gnocchi veronese with a parmesan cream sauce and NO to the red peppers. And that cry it is so good, Black Tie Mousse Cake.

For cheaper eating I have fallen in LOVE with the Champ Burger from Checkers. My Dad goes almost every other day, he loves it SO much. We would SO opena franchise up here if we had the dough, it would do amazing I tell ya! I also love Einstein Bagels, where I always get a toasted Blueberry Bagel with a shmear (their shmears are a LOAD of) of cream cheese...mmmmmm. There is one past security at the airport, but only if you fly Delta....grrrr. And one far away too, so I never get there, so Florida is it for me! Boo!
And I already talked about the Japanese restaurant in Epcot, which was remodelled so it is holy cow beautiful inside! And you need to eat at Sunshine Seasons at the Land in Epcot. It has sammies, soups, Asian food, grilled food, but my favorite stuff is the Grab 'N Go sections. Premade sushi, desserts, fruit platters, veggie platters, baked goods like croissants (with cream cheese, MMMM), Smuckers Uncrustables, puddings, etc. Plus all sorts of sodas, juices, milks, beer (I don't drink, it is just FYI) and etc. It is just easy to find something for everyone and as cheap as you can eat in a Disney park. Another cheaper place is Mexico's Cantina de San Angel. It has the best churro's and black refired beans, and man is their cheese quesadilla good! I can just eat the black refired beans though sprinkled with some cheese, SO good. And the SciFi Diner has THE best vanilla milkshakes EVER made. It is also cool to eat at since you sit in "cars" and watch clips from old sci fi movies and commercials! They have a righteous burger too! It looks like a NIGHT at the drive-in too, twinkling stars in the sky and all.Man...I am really hungry now... that wasn't planned. Well, I am looking forward to eating...bad bad Wendy!! Ah well, it is vacation, if you can't be bad then, when?!

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LadyStyx said...

Very bad Wendy! I was just getting a last cruise through the blogs before heading to bed and NOW ya gots me all hungry! *sigh*

I love Logans too. We have one here in Manassas. Another that lets ya throw the nuts to the floor is Texas Roadhouse.

Zak and Weezie said...

There's a Houlihans right across the street from where Zak and I work... I've only been there once. I'll have to try that chikcen thingie.

ramsam said...

Dang! That all sounds so good! You remind me I am going out tonight...I can't wait! I really love the nights I get to enjoy a meal that I didn't make!

Mina said...

Now I'm hungry too, for burgers and steaks at 9 am!

We have a Roadhouse restaurant here, too, but it's not called Logans--but same thing with the peanuts. ( I bet it's really the same, like Abdow's Big Boy and Bob's Big Boy.) I love it, but we rarely go because there's always like a 2 hour wait, and we're not that patient. We need to remember to go on a week night.

My fav at Outback--Chocolate Thunder From Down Under. Yowza!

(Glad you like your new gluc machine.)

So said...

I love Einstein Bros. Mmmmm...

Sheri said...

Ahhh you are making me want to pack up and move in with my Nana so I can move back to Florida! LOL

Oh also about the survivor comment you left on my last post - T did let it slip who her husband is to her tribe. That is why she was so desperate to find the idol. Not everyone gets how rich she is just from her husband though, but the guys that like football sure know who he is!

Lee said...

Is it bad that I never realized you were diabetic? I feel ashamed of myself.

Natalie said...

My favorite part of vacation (okay everything) is always the food.

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