Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Belly Relief

So as I mentioned, on Friday night Katie taught a bellydance class at church for the Relief Society. She was nervous, so Mom, Sam and I all went. I appointed myself photographer, as no, I will NOT bellydance! Sam tried it basically the whole time, and my Mom even participated some of the time, AND she laughed. They ALL laughed and seemed to have a great time.

Katie brought in as many of her hip scarves (the ones that don't cost hundreds of dollars) as she could and there were enough for everyone there, only about 10-12 showed up. The Bishop's wife was a No-Show, which was SO disappointing! I was REALLY looking forward to getting pics of Jahoodie (my way of saying her name...with LOVE!!) sashaying across the floor, shaking what God gave her!! Alas, NO Jahoodie!

Anyway, they really enjoyed it. And Katie was NICE. Not that she isn't nice, but according to Gina, Katie is a real task master as a teacher. And Kate was trying to fit SO much into an hour class. A few of the women were like "Man, I am sweating from shaking my belly", and stuff like that, which made me laugh. I see Kate of Gina after they perform for 10 minutes and they are one huge layer of sweat, and Kate has been doing this almost 10 years, so it never gets easier per say, it really works you out. Katie drinks down 2 bottles of water in like 10 minutes, and that is after shorter gigs. I have seen these two women dance for an HOUR, and man...do not hug them or get too close, thay are hot, sweaty and smelly. Naturally, but still, sopping wet. So seeing these women realize how much work it actually is, was really cool. I know because of the amount of time I have helped Kate and Gina. Bellydancers are really underappreciated, they don't get the thanks, etc they so deserve. It is really difficult, the costumes are $800 a piece at least, and people will bash them as they dance. I say out of jealousy, why else would you say, "no she is fat" when you see one dancing, and know she can hear. Jealousy. Gina has stopped, when she dances at the dreaded hookah bar and gets in their face, she will only take so much, which is cool to see, I have to tell you.

Anyway, Sam and Mom were all achy Saturday, and I saw on Facebook, a few of the sisters are considering taking one of Katie's real classes that she offers!! Yeah go Kate!

And here is Kate's PRO website, nolast names so it is fine, and there are a lot of shots I took of her at gigs on one of the pages, she is just amazing, teaching wise and performing! Click HERE.

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Kristina P. said...

What a fun activity! I love thinking out of the box like this.

LadyStyx said...

Hey! Everyone knows ya need some meat on your bones to make that ~really~ look good!! Scrawny gals with 6 pack abs...not so pretty.

Lynda said...

It looks fun, but exhausting!

Jillene said...

How fun!!

Michelle said...

It looks like they were having so much fun. I would totally go to something like that. lol.

Natalie said...

That does look super fun.

Shauna said...

Congrats! You won my giveaway! Please send me your mailing
address :)

Mary Moore said...

Looks like a blast! Great idea!

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