Monday, March 9, 2009


Sorry I was MIA yesterday, on posting and commenting. I ended up turning into a volcano that errupted and just all these worries, some nightmares I recently had, just poured out, and I was a mess and decided to just forget about doing anything that required me to think. I thought better to not think and feel, after ALL this explosion of feelings and thoughts. SO, I played Super Mario Brothers and finally made it to World 8, which I hate, I am at the last world before the final castle and have had no luck getting all the way past those bloody spiders! I want to get to the end so I can go back and enjoy...and find how I can get to the 2 worlds I somehow skipped over!! See barin numbing video games!!

Days until we leave for Florida. I told my Mom I was worried that I was not antsy like I have always been in the past. Usually by this time I am SO raring to go, yet I feel no excitement. I am hungry now for food and shopping after describing my favorite places, but I have no idea what is wrong with me. Packing is almost complete...I mean me, LOL. Everyone else has barely started. I am still kind of numb so I am gonna go see if Sam will let me get mindless with Mario again.((HUGS))

I am gonna try to remember to tell you guys about Kate teaching a bellydance class to the Relief Society on Friday. More women should have shown up, there was only like 12!! Grrr!

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Kristina P. said...

I do sort of miss the original Mario Brothers. Hopefully, you get that sense of excitement soon!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you had an emotion explosion. I have those too... not fun...and extremely exhausting.

ktmay said...

belly dancing? in RS? dang, i am in the wrong ward!!! our last RS enrichment night was on food storage AGAIN.
i used to love mario bros. i haven't played a video game in many years. i'd probably get addicted and my house would fall to pieces. i know me!!! but my favorite thing on mario was when i'd find those secret levels, like up in the clouds and stuff? i got so good at that game (or so i thought). sorry you're feelin' out of sorts. we all have those times! at least i do. thanks for always visiting my blog. you are so sweet. i will try harder to be a better blog pal!

Rhonda said...

Hey you! I have read so much of your blog today and want to say.... CONGRATULATIONS on all your amazing accomplishments these past few years. Also, if you are in Southington, you are in my Stake. I am in Trumbull 1.

Anyway, just wanted to drop in and say good work! Not to mention, everyone needs a blogging break... or just a good solid break from all nonsensical commitments!

Ciao Bella.

Donna said...

12 people would have been a GOOD turnout in my ward! I hope you're feeling better.

Mary Moore said...

Emotions are weird things.

I remember feeling dead inside when we were going to Disney last time, although I know I was happy about it, etc., but I couldn't feel it.

I think once youre there, you will feel again.

You just need a rest.

Jillene said...

Glad that Mario was able to help with your explosion. I hope that you are feeling better!!

Juls said...

Hey girl! Just wanted to stop by & say howdy ...and thanks for entering my giveaway.... I'm off to read your posts..

LadyStyx said...

Just droppin in to leave a big *HUGZ* and a wish for a brighter day today.

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