Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Icicles and Retail

It is SO bloody cold!! This morning it was 10.9 degrees!! Right now it is 17, but it is supposed to get even colder. Insanity! I was under my blanket upstairs with it pulled to my chin and cold was wracking my body, so now I am in the usual TV room with the pellet stove going and it is livable. Freezing people, soooo brrrrrrr!! If I wasn't so lazy, I would go dry my hair, since I took a nice hot shower, but alas...lazy. So as it turns into short red icicles, I will have to grin and bear it...well bear it at least.

I got to watch Real Housewives of NY for the first time this season...man I love the drama! And Ramona....Ramon, Ramona, Ramona....when will you get some class?!! She is so annoying and rude! She was like challenging the MAYOR of NY on who is blinder. The Mayor is legally blind people!! The only sane person in the group is Bethany I tell you. The single one. Everyone else is loud and obnoxious, and if you watch the show, AlexSimon are freaks! And yes I made their name into one name as this annoying hubby-wife combo are connected at the hip. The dude showed up with her at a Girl's Night Out!! Sick! He is such a snob too, and they aren't even well off really! And their poor kids saddled with those names....I weep for them. Really. And the "new" housewife"? Hate her. Boring, snooty, and wayyyyy overtanned.

Only days to Florida and I am basically packed, clothes wise anyway. I can't really pack my camera, ipod, phone and their chargers, or my pills, checkbook and stuff like that. It has to be ready by Thursday because that is when my Dad is packing the car, he and Kat are leaving. I still feel like...blah about it. Maybe when I actually GET there and see my swaying palm trees, it will set in and I can feel SOME happy feelings. I better! Hopefully at least two weeks of retail therapy, will make me smile. I have been saving for like 10 months!! That is how bad I want to have retail therapy, LOL.

Sure I NEVER get these cute bags, it is all plastic ALL the time, bloody heck, but still, you get the idea. Shopping makes me smile, and even if it is only temporary happy, that is NOT a bad start!

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Kristina P. said...

I love the Housewives. Such a guilty pleasure.

The Boob Nazi said...

It was kind of warm here. ahhh

Wendyburd1 said...

Okay it is now FIVE degrees!!*whimpers*

Anonymous said...

Wow i am loving all these tv updates! thanks so much!

i think i remember the housewives. i could totally picture it.

Ahh and try to stay warm, being from cali, i really have no idea what cold is.

Jillene said...

It was kinda warm here but tomorrow....snow. BLAH!!

ramsam said...

WOw- it is so cold so many places...kind of makes you wonder about the whole warming climate thing, huh?

in time out said...

hey. i am a bag girl too. love them.

hope your trip goes well. thanks for writing and sharing you life with us. you give me many smiles, because I don't feel so alone. hugs..

Mary Moore said...

Brrrr. I forgot you aren't used to the cold. I was reading and I thought, that isn't so cold. Sorry for judging you so quickly...do you want to borrow my down coat?

Amander said...

I think CT is taking all the cold weather UT should be getting. Boo!

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