Saturday, October 31, 2009

HALLOWEEN Career DON'T'S + Scary Galore!

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Poor Career Choices for Horror Movie Characters

Surviving a horror movie is hard enough without choosing one of these 99.9% fatal professions.

1. Grave Digger. A job that requires you to dig graves. In a cemetrey. Alone.

2. Polar Scientist. "Hey I know - I'll go to the most isolated part of the world. A place where night lasts for 6 months! What a great idea!"

3. Security Guard. If something goes bump in the night, you're the guy who has to check it out.

4. Camp Director. You're an authority figure who bosses teenagers around in the middle of the woods. It's a shock you lived long enough to read this senten-

5. Hooker. Prostitution is so fatal in these movies that hookers rarely even get the courtesy of an on-screen death. The first time we see them is when our grizzled hero cop is scraping them out of several dumpsters.

6. Janitor. Strange. You could've sworn you locked the door to the pool. Why are the lights off? And why does that laughter sound like it's coming from the water?

AND a BUNCH of really spooky movie trailers! Share with your friends!!

The Following trailer's movie scared the crap out of ME!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Deadly Sins and Dental Pains

The Seven Deadly Horror Movie Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins lead back to the Earliest days of Christianity. They were devised as a way to keep followers from indulging in their less attractive urges: lust, pride, gluttony, wrath, sloth, envy and greed. In Catholicism, these transgressions were (and still are) were dealt with through confession and prayer. In the Church of Latter Day Horror Movies, however, there's a different set of seven deadly sins, and only one punishment...

1st Deadly Sin: DOUBT. There are two type of movie characters: those who believe your story and those who don't. And while believers are by no means safe, at least they've taken the first step down the long road towards survival. Doubters, however, can always count on being dead before the end credits.

"It was just a dream, honey."

2nd Deadly Sin: Machismo. The jock who thinks his football skills are enough to defeat the reincarnated serial killer. The redneck who intends to show that vampire how they do things in Texas. The soldier who's taken on aliens way scarier than this one. All tough, all dead. Remember, males - in horror movies, testosterone may as well be cyanide.

"You want some of this?"

3rd Deadly Sin: Independence. Have you ever seen that documentary about wildebeests? The one where it's nothing but slow-motion footage of them getting torn apart by lions and crocodiles? Great, isn't it? Funny how the predators always seem to kill the animals that are on the outer edges of the herd. The ones who are either too slow or too stupid to draw strength from their numbers. This is not a coincidence.

"Screw you guys, I'm going home."

4th Deadly Sin: Ugliness. Nobody said horror movies were fair. That goes double for people with acne, glasses, etc. You see, in the "everybody's a teen model, except the funny fat guy" world of horror movies, it's a sin to be anything less than drop-dead gorgeous. And while it's true that even the hottest of hotties sometimes gets disposed of, it's usually because he or she engages in one of the other deadly sins (especially number 7). It's rare that someone is killed for good looks alone. On the other hand, ugly people could put on body armor, lock themselves in a padded room buried beneath a mountain, and surround themselves with armed guards, and they'd still get wasted before the one hour mark.

5th Deadly Sin: Curiosity. Have you ever been in a theater when the girl (in the movie) hears a strange noise and decides to see where it's coming from? Notice how everyone in the audience starts tensing up as she climbs up the stairs? That's because they know one of the basic horror movie equations.

Investigation = mutilation.

Now that you are the character, remember that when you go to "check something out", the audience is getting tenser with every step.

"Do you think it's dead?"

6th Deadly Sin: Irresponsibility. If you're supposed to be guarding the door, then guard the door. Don't wander off to take a leak. If you're supposed to be watching the kids, don't do bong hits with your earphones on. If you're supposed to wake your friend up at the first sign of a bad dream, don't fall asleep. How hard is that? In a horror movie, if you accept a task and fail to carry it out, someone close to you is going to die.

"Trust me, the kids are fast asleep."

7th Deadly Sin: Vehicular Sex. Everyone knows the old adage about sex in horror movies. Do it and die. Well, yes and no. While it's certainly advisable to keep it in your pants while visiting the Terrorverse, there are plenty of people who have sex and live to brag about it. That's because they copulate in the comfort of their own homes, or the privacy of a respectable massage parlor. Because they avoid the one kind of nasty that is guaranteed to result in death: vehicular sex. The kind counselors have when they steal the equipment van and drive into the woods. The kind the prom king and queen have in the school parking lot. In the real world, sex in cars make great bedfellows. But in the horror world, put the brakes on that kind of thinking.

Went to the dentist today. Had my teeth cleaned, then the dentist came in to figure out what is wrong with the last cavities he filled. He used one of the scrapers to KEEP pressing down, and some areas that was fine, but when he kept doing it to the area that has made me unable to chew on the left, it was torture. he thinks it is either an air pocket in the filling, or worst case, my tooth has cracked. I hope it is the air bubble. But they can't squeeze me in until December 10th!! A month and a half more of no chewing on the left...super. And that got him so concerned that he wants to fill in ones they were just "watching"!! So 2 or 3 more cavities!! :(

I swear I think I brush good, but no matter what I do, I get cavities. For the first time, my hygeinist said some people are chemically inclined to get cavities so I think it must be ME. I have always done poorly at the dentist, even as a little kid. I thought I was going to do better hopefully. Bought a spin brush, bought that fluoride Listerine mouth wash to use after brushing. Bought the KIDS Agent Blue Cool to make me brush better if that is what is needed, but still, now I have 2 or 3 more cavities to be filled. This sucks. And I got lectured about my gums, I am not flossing enough, and now she wants me to use the GUM massagers too, and Prevadent, and all this stuff. She claims within 14 days bleeding gums should stop, but I have been doing SO much better at flossing and I still bleed. And she made me bleed worse than normal. I use Plackers because of my bad gag reflex. It is just been such a BAD week. And before I left to go to the dentist the doctor called and his secretary said my blood tests were fine. But I only did it last night at 6pm?! My Mom had hers taken Monday, but I got mine which were for a LOT more tests? Yeah I was upset to hear they were fine. Fine explains nothing! Now we are thinking, since we went in together that those were my Mom's blood tests, because it never takes them 18 hours to get blood results. Especially for the Diabetes blood work. But I have to wait until MONDAY to make sure. It will drive me nuts. I need to know. I need there to be things wrong so they can FIX how I have been feeling. I haven't even gotten the urine analysis and THAT was on Monday. I hate life right now, it sucks big time.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Haunting and Butterflies

Is Your House Haunted? Questionairre

1. Do the showerheads or faucets bleed? YES NO

2. Did the previous owners die as the result of a murder or suicide? YES NO

3. Does furniture rearrange itself when you aren't looking? YES NO

4. When you reach into the refrigerator, does you

r arm appear in YES NO

another part of the house?

5. Are there Civil War-era children playing in your attic? YES NO

6. Does the house issure verbal or written warnings? YES NO

7. Does the temperature suddenly plummet if you discuss remodeling? YES NO

8. Do you feel more compelled to murder your family with an ax than YES NO


9. Are Native Americans constantly showing up to ask, "What happened to YES NO

our cemetery?"

10. Does the house contain any candelabras? YES NO

There are two things you can't change in this world: a husband who lets the dishes pile up, and a haunted house. Both lead to nothing but frustration, fear, and, eventually, a gruesome death. If the 10 Questions come back positive for a haunting, get out. Don't pack up your things. Don't go for one last dip in the half-finished swimming pool. Run. NOW.

Okay so I left myself notes that when I woke up I'd see, Do NOT eat anything Wendy, it is a fasting blood work!! So yay for post-it notes!! I brought Sam with me, she can be very calming and she knows this stuff. This is HER chosen career. Yes, she is still looking for someone to give her a job without that pesky one year of experience clause, which I find astounding. Other classmates, well I know of one, have gotten jobs, but Sam who was THE head of her class, is having troubles?!! Stupid people. So she went with me and she held my hand. She said even as we were waiting on the paperwork, I began to get paler (hard to believe I can GET paler right?). And through the whole process I got paler and paler. She said she could tell because of course the chalkiness of my skin, but the circles under my eyes got more and more pronounced. Lovely. Plus she had me eat the granola bar I brought ASAP because of my color and the fact that my cheeks were tingly.

Now this phlebotomist used a butterfly needle, these are the smallest and nicest of the needles to take blood. But she HURT me. I have a needle bruise and it hurt for way more than a second. Sandy, as we walked away of course, said the woman had done it wrong. She hadn't properly done some vein prep thing, and hadn't had me ball my fist or hold onto a squeezy thing, and I should have felt only a second of pain, and I was holding

her hand so the squeeze was way over a second's worth. It just made me proud that my sister knew this information, and shook her head when she saw my bruise. LOL! I wish someone would give her a well-deserved job, I actually think I'd go to her to have mine done from now on. And they gave me tape I am allergic to. There was no other kind, so even though it was on maybe 15 minutes, it was all red and itchy when I took it off. OY! Even I know after all these years of blood tests, butterflies are supposed to be the kindest of the blood work needles! This hurt! Bloody Olga!! You were nice but not nice TO me! Ouchies. Now I just have the dentist to endure tomorrow, plus he will want to make an appointment to get my other cavity filled, and a bone density test next Thursday. I am so tired of doctors. And if there IS something up, with my lood, heart, etc., I am so not done with them yet.

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Dlual Citizen and DANG IT ALL!

Harbinger of Impending Doom: The Dual Citizen

A dual citizen is a special breed of character found only in a horror flick. He or she is someone (usually an elderly man) who exists somewhere between the Terrorverse and the real world. Dual citizens always function in the same way: give the audience some neatly bundled back-story and force the protagonist to make a choice - either heed the warning and turn back, or ignore it and forge ahead. Inevitably, our her

o always chooses option number two (otherwise we wouldn't have much of a movie). But if your goal is survival, you'd be well advised to get the hell out of Dodge when some old codger tells you to, narrative structure be damned.Here are three of the most common dual citizens to be on the lookout for:

* The gas station attendant who lives just down the road from the evil town and tells you not to go there, even though he seems relatively unaff

ected by the evil. (Why hasn't he moved away or called the cops in all these years?)

* The local barfly who tells you a story beginning with "It was a night just like tonight...".

* The homeless guy who grabs your arm after you toss a nickel in his cup, stared into your eyes and says something like, "If you're trapped in the house of hell, follow the right path to freedom". Of course, this advice eventually saves your life at the end of the movie, when you're confronted with two doors while escaping the serial killer's basement.


One door on the left, one on the...right?

(puts it together)

Right path! "Follow the right path to freedom!" God, what clever screen-writing!

Still, you'd be better off identifying him as a dual citizen and not entering the house of hell in the first place!

Okay back to writing from me, I am such a moron. I got everything all set to do my blood work today, but when I woke up to trudge upstairs to bed I felt hungry and had a bloody granola bar, which made the fasting null and void! Freaking idiot!! Agghh! I wanted it over with. I am so not okay with needles, like on the verge of passing out a lot of the time. AND I want the results back as soon as earthly possible! So I am very angry with myself for blanking in that moment!

I went to see The Stepfather tonight. No one was willing to go with me, no matter how I begged, so finally, even though I don't love it, I was like I am going by myself then. I have missed too many movies I wanted to see in theaters and I NEEDED this. I needed to be distracted from all this stress I am feeling. Too close to tears all the time. So I got ready and went outside and am leaving when Katie calls me from inside the house. I was upset no one would go with me when I asked so I was like I am fine goodbye. THEN I closed the garage door and she heard that so she called back and insisted on going. Which okay yeah, made me a bit happy. And guess what? It was NOT scary, she actually liked it. She said the scariest looking parts were IN the trailer, so it reminded her of thrillers she was okay with. Like Disturbia. ♥ So I really enjoyed it. That Walsh guy was really good as the evil soon to be stepfather, and Penn Badgley was great! I like him! So if you liked Disturbia, I think you will like The Stepfather. It was a thrill!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Switcheroo and 2nd Appt.

The Ejection Seat #1: The Genre Switcheroo

Should you find yourself in the clutches of certain death - fangs to your neck, knife to your throat - there are only four proven methods of making a last-minute escape, called Ejection Seats because of their drastic, last-resort nature.

Ejection Seat #1 is the Genre Switcheroo. The switcheroo works by doing something to confuse the killer (and the screenwriter) just long enough to get clear of the immediate kill zone. This is accomplished by doing something completely incongruous with the situation - something that leaves the audience asking, "Wait, is this really a horror movie?"

Move your mouth out of sync with your dialogue. Demand to know where magic sword is. Use the words revenge or master in every sentence. Genre: martial arts.

Fart. This should be easy, considering you're already moments away from making it in your pants. Genre: teen comedy.

Slip your attacker the tongue. Potentially gross depending on the type of killer you're dealing with, but quite effective. Genre: romance.

Light a cigarette and chastise your attacker in Italian. Doesn't even have to be real Italian. Just use your hands a lot. Genre: artsy foreign film.

Deliver a Long, Stoic monologue in an English Accent. About a lifetime of regret, unrequited love, and summers at the estate in Yorkshire. Genre: Mercahnt Ivory.

As for me, I am only slightly annoyed sometimes so far with the monitor device. Mostly when it must have fallen from my front pocket while I was asleep and I rolled onto it. If I swore, that would have been a doozy. It HURT. Ouch! I went to the obgyn, she just likes to see me at least once a year because she gives me the depo-provera shot. Luckily all I have to endure is the breast exam, as she knows I am intact, for a fact. Ew. But since the shot can affect calcium levels she wants me to get a bone density exam, so I have THAT next Thursday! And according to HER scale, I am 20 pounds more than my last weigh in. I am so pathetic, I actually HOPE the blood tests will tell me I have somethign wrong, because come on! Excerise for 6 months, after being pretty much a couch potato and I gain weight instead of just at least maintaining. The thyroid could explain that. Yes I am so pathetic I would appreciate having a new disorder. Otherwise it makes no sense. I am so overly traumatized by all this, I feel so numb, which is not good for me. Yeah so this week of doctor appointment's CAN actually get worse. I am feeling so very much, not in control and not strong right now. I suck.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Parenting and My First Doctor of the Week

As it is in it's final countdown to Halloween, I cracked open my favorite book, "How to Survive a Horror Movie" by Seth Grahame-Smith.

A Horror Movie Parenting Guide

Being in a horror movie is hard enough. Raising a kid in one can be hell. If you're a proud parent of a creepy child, keep this quick reference guide handy in case of an emergency.

SYMPTOM: My child's "imaginary" friend is talking through his or her index finger.

TREATMENT: Your child's "imaginary friend" is actually a very real manifestation of his or her psychic abilities. Therefore, listen closely to whatever it has to say, and act accordingly - even if it tells you to cancel travel plans or cut your spouses head off.

SYMPTOM: My child is speaking a language he or she has never studied.

TREATMENT: This is a classic demonic/satanic possession symptom, though it can also result from a mischievous ghost using your child as a human hand puppet. (*Note: If your child is speaking Latin or speaking backward, you've definitely got a possession.) Either way, summon a Catholic priest, who will be able to determine whether an exorcism is necessary.

SYMPTOM: My child is having conversations with the TV or dead people.

TREATMENT: Your child is probably being visited by a lost soul with some unfinished business or who is just looking for companionship. Usually nothing serious. In fact, the ghost can be quite nurturing and educational. However, they can cause physical harm in rare cases. Proceed with caution.

SYMPTOM: My child's nanny just hanged herself in front of us.

TREATMENT: Unfortunately, your child is the seed of Lucifer, heir to the throne of eternal agony.

SYMPTOM: My child screams obscenities at me, slams doors in my face, and tells me that I am going to rot in Hell for all of eternity.

TREATMENT: There's nothing wrong with your child.

Okay, now to my appointment. Wow I had no idea things could go WORSE than I imagined. My imagination is really good too. Well first we decided to weigh me before the doctor got in. Big mistake. Not that waiting for my OBGYN appt. tomorrow would have made things any better. Not unless my primary doctor's scale is...wayyyy off. Because according to this one, I have not only not LOST weight, I haven't even maintained. In fact, according to his scale in Exam Room 3, I have gained 15 POUNDS!! I am numb, I am in that much pai

n. My parents say i eat pretty good, and the only things was I should be more careful of eating sweets. So I have been doing that. And for the first time in my LIFE, I have been excercising. On Sunday it will have been 6 MONTHS. Or should I say, would have. Because I have no intention of going through that pain and the stress it is causing me, if I can't even maintain my weight. I crossed the number I vowed never to cross again. Which was why I started excercising 6 months ago, to never get NEAR that number. So yeah, I started shattered.

Then he arrived, and I talked to him about being hypoglycemic almost 2/3 a month. And I showed him my fasting numbers and while they are GOOD, they have

never been THAT good. So he is concerned. He is making me do the fullest range of blood testing that I have ever had, including checking my thyroid, etc. It is scary that he doesn't know why I am hypo so much, that he has no clue as to what is going on with my Diabetes. I HAD to bring up my Diabetes, he has't had me have an A1C test on over 2 years!

Then I brought up my concern over needing to pee like every 20 minutes. And that even if it is like nothing, I feel the NEED that I have to go. This worried him also so I had to do a urine analysis. And it figures, the one time I need to pee, I can't. They got a few drops maybe, but said it was fine. Whatever.

But then it came time to talk about the whole reason I was ther

e to see him. My pulse even at rest being so high as 117. The fact that even when it is slower, like in the 70's, it feels like it is trying to pump itself OUT of my chest. It is so scary. I know what my tacchycardia feels like, I am used to that now, I can recognize the symptoms. This is different. And when I described these feelings to him, and he understood I would recognize if it was me needing a larger dose of my heart medication, he became worried. I thought he would make me do an EKG, and I even prepared myself, if they made me do a 3 night Halter Monitor. Which was torture. You can't take a shower because of the connected electro

des, which there are like 6 of at least. And it was so uncomfortable, during sleep, just sitting around. So I was scared, but prepared. But not prepared to hear him tell me he wanted to monitor my heart for 3 WEEKS! I about had heart failure! Then he claimed it was different and you can do all normal stuff like showering, so I was like...oookay. He directed me to a different room where a nurse brought a box in. It only needs to have 2 electrodes, I unclip the electrodes when I shower, and then plug them back in when I am dry. The monitor is the size of a LARGE walkie talkie, but I can keep it in a sweater pocket or pants pocket while I am up, but for sleeping the nurse suggested t-shirts with front pockets. She had to u

se the same monitor once and said it was the only way that it didn;t get wrapped up and pulled off, etc. So we bought a 4-pack of Fruit of the Loom guy shirts with pockets. We are talking 21 nights people! With THIS:

*This is the ONE electrode I WILL show you.

*This is the wire coming out from the bottom of my shirt. When I use the thing that looks like a cellphone holder, it all twists up under my shirt and I look like a freak.

*And this is the device the wires from the electrodes attach to. That I have to carry around in some way, at all times.

I am being monitored by "big brother", okay a place in Texas, 24/7. Seriously, if I get really bad, they may call and ask me what I am doing to get the heart response I am having. 21 days people!! It is already BUGGING me!!

I have OBGYN tomorrow, and I have to go do the blood tests on Wednesday, and I have a dentist appointment on Friday for a cleaning and they are supposed to fix the cavities making it impossible to chew on my left side. I HATE this week, it is already so much worse than I ever imagined.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday Night's Shenanigans

Okay, I am much more rested today, so I will tell you how Saturday night went. Katie ended up having a friend in the state, and they really wanted to get to hang out so her friend went with us last night.

On the drive to the first gig I got to hear all about a fellow friend of theirs who has been a Bridezilla for the past two years. Katie is on the outs with her. You MUST real all about this part. So interesting! She has been making this friend of Katie's miserable for 2 years. She got the "honor" of being the maid of honor, but before accepting she wanted this other friend to understand that she knew nothing about wedding or wedding tradition/etiquette. The only weddings she'd experienced were justice of the peace, and a ceremony in a relative's backyard. She had never experienced a Jewish (which she is) traditional wedding, let alone a German/Italian or whatever, Catholic wedding. So she told her, before I say yes, you have to agree to TELL me everything you want me to do, because I don't KNOW. Just TELL me what you want and I will DO it! And this other friend agreed "Of Course!". Yeah total lies. She has put this friend of Katie's through hades. Don't cut your hair...for 2 years. And N didn't! N is the friend we hung out with yesterday. N doesn't have experience or the money to throw a Bridal Shower so the Bridezilla said it was fine, her future MIL would throw it. N didn't have to do ANYTHING. Then N gets sick right before the shower, so sick that her doctor tells her if she goes to CT, she will infect everyone she is in contact with. So she lets Bridezilla know she can't make it, and then finds out 'Zilla had told her future MIL that N would be in charge of all the games!! Which N was never told! So N got to feel guilty and stuff. I told her, if N HAD been in charge of the games, the MIL should have been checking with her to make sure she had them ready weeks before the shower! N was like "THANK YOU!", apparently she has been brow-beaten about this all. N thinks Katie would have been the Maid of Honor, but 'Zilla has chosen to be mad at Katie for the last 2 years so N got stuck with the job. She has wanted everything to do with the wedding to be ALL about her. Her day? NO. Everything had to be about her. Picking all the dresses, the flowers, everything had to be centered around her.

'Zilla is now married, N got to go to the private ceremony that only the family and wedding party attended, in the Virgin Islands. Which was just as miserble for N. 'Zilla ends up telling everyone to get whatever hair style they want...N had only trimmed her hair for TWO years! Then after the ceremony "Zilla didn't want her bridesmaid, her SISTER, to go to the dinner after. She has chosen to dislike her sister because of decisions she has made which resulted in her sister's 2 year old. And 'Zilla did not want people paying attention to the cute little girl. N tried to tell her not to do that. To have the sister at least be there for the appetizers and drinks, but 'Zilla would have none of it. And 24 hours after Bridezilla and her jerk husband had been on their honeymoon, 'Zilla wanted N to hang out! She was like NO, I have plans, sorry. And you would think (and I have only told some highlights of what I heard) that N must be so relieved, it has been over for like a month and a half now....Nope. See 'Zilla is having a reception in 2 weeks. And it just keeps getting better. She decided to change her Islands wedding colors to Fall colors for the reception. So she wants N to go buy another dress, and it has to look like an elegant gown. N cannot afford this! She had to shell out for the first dress, getting to the Islands, gifts for the shower, the bachelorette party, etc. And now she has to get a new dress and a WEDDING gift again! 'Zilla expects people to give her money, at least as much as she spent per person (I don't believe in this tradition, I did not ask you to spend 100 bucks a person, so I am so not giving you a $100 or more!) and she wants it mostly in money. So I told N and my sister who was invited to THIS part, to go get a GIFT. 'Zilla can't pretend she knows how much a gift was. Plus she is such a snob, someone made her an afghan by hand for her Bridal Shower and she was like (insert snotty voice that it so not sincere now) "Oh. Wow. This must have taken such a long time...thanks." And later she said to someone, "what the crap am I supposed to do with this?! When I am cold, I turn UP the heat!" Ugh. What a witch. So N is still not off the hook. That is why N is here in CT this weekend, more wedding reception stuff! And she is having such a hard time with anxiety, and it isn't HER wedding. Z will lie to her and tell her one thing, then go to someone else and complain about N. And all N wants is for her to tell N what she wants!! N is on the verge people. Of going nuts! Z (I am shortening 'Zilla) just keeps on making up things, lying, then talking it back. She told N her parents paid for at least 4K of the reception and now claims they owed her that money, she paid their mortgage for a few months. We do not think so. Z claims her family OWES her these extravagant weddings, even though she lived rent free after high school in their house for 8 years, and they paid for all her schooling the first time before she dropped out, and then when she decided she wanted to be a massage therapist. She HAD to go to the school is Westport (hello richy rich area), so that was over 35K a year or semester, can't remember which. And now she is claiming that they owe HER money. Whatever! She changes her story constantly according to N, who now feels she can't trust anything Z tells her. And then they were discussing the Father-Daughter dance. Z picked out Brown Eyed Girl, but her Dad wanted something sentimental, some country song about I Loved You First. And N had Z convinced after much talking to give this to her father. And when Z tells jerk hubby? He says NO, it is too late the DJ is all set. Z is like no it's not too late. And then he looks her in the eye and says "No.'s too late", giving her a lie to tell her father, and she goes right along with it, which N has to see. Apparently though as far as we all have seen, Z's family is just fine, but Z no longer wants them to be family, she prefers Jerk's family. They suit her more. She lets jerk rag about her family. He calls her Dad fat and stuff, when not only is Jerk's Dad fat also apparently, but Jerk is NO thin, dashing guy himself. He likes to egg on Z's anger and drama. Z seems to always need someone to hate, which is Katie right now, and Jerk will encourage her to stay angry and dis Katie all the time. Which Kate so didn't do anything to deserve it!! They are so nasty. We hope they are miserable together forever. The only reason Katie is going to the reception? She wants a front row to witness the expected drama. She plans on enjoying herself. So luckily N will have Kate there for support. N needs the last 2 years of planning this fiasco over with. Poor N!!

Okay enough of the witch and her now husband. So, we get to Katie's first gig which is a Wedding. We have these drunk young Arabic men falling over themselves to help Katie find her contact and a room to use to do final prep work. Kate looks gorgeous as usual. And she goes on. They are swarmed around he, she barely has room to dance and has to take her wings off, because they are all that close. Now this IS Kate's kind of crowd, they are into it and dancing with her, having fun, so that makes her dance even better. But what I found surprising...and cheap? They only gave her a total of $11 in tips. You expect that from like people who don't know any better, but these were Arabics and Lebanese, etc people so they know ALL about bellydance and tipping, etc. This one drunk middle aged guy kept on dancing with her and people kept pulling him away, saying stay away from the dancer, yeah THAT drunk. I mean dude could dance but he was way too in her face all the time. Then he took her veil and wrapped it around himself like a belt. When N tried to get it back he rudely told her he would give it to Katie himself! Then they stopped her music 2 songs early. They said it was time to cut the cake so let's give Katie a break. Which Katie hadn't agreed to. We had another gig to get to. So she figured, okay I am done I guess.

But there is someone in the room we used and the drunken men return and pound on it. When we find out someone is in there breast-pumping, Katie is like Oh No it is fine, I can wait. But this one guy, like maybe 25, named Johnny is so upset and drunk, he wants them out. I took Kate to the bathroom while N stayed with Johnny, so she could tell us when the room was free. Katie was sweating so much so we were drying her off since she couldn't have her towel yet. And she is just starting to dry when we hear her MUSIC!! So se goes BACK ON! And even goes over her time, they play their music but she stay an extra 7 minutes and dances with the crowd. Then she finally leaves to dry off. She can't change yet because we are late for her next gig at a houkah bar called Sky Houkah. But she needed her veil which I had to get, and I DID get it and it was sweaty and wrinkled, yuck. Then oh man the DJ never gave us the music I get it. Then Oh we haven't been paid, That was the hardest job. It was either get the bride or the groom. I chose groom, but they were jumping up and down to "jump around, jump up, jump up and get down" and songs like that, in the middle of a crowd. So it took like 20 minutes, And then guests had to help me. And he looks at me and is like "oh. *sighs* Right". And then there is Johnny again. I admit it was nice to be lumped in with the likes of Kate and N, he wanted us to go out and party with him. Then, because N pitied him while she waited with him so he knew she was from NY, he was "No let's get together, you 3 and I, and we will party in NY, I can get week off and we party" and more like this. And it was like sorry we have to go. But he was so adamant it was finally like, we left some of Kate's cards on the table, you can call okay? And he was like what's your name? Her name is Katie. What? Katie. No you can't go, you think I kid, we party in NY. I finally slapped one of her cards against him and we all said, see you have her number NOW! What's her name? KATIE, IT'S ON THE CARD!!! Wow, it was so weird. Some younger female guests were watching by this point laughing, and he was like, ignore them, but we were starting to laughing too. Sorry Johnny we HAVE to go....what's your name again? Aggghhhh! We finally got away from him and made our way to Sky Houkah.

This was a houkah I had never been to, Katie has been here plenty now and is friendly-ish with the owner Jimmy. You see Kat really gets their customs. So if you let them get too friendly, if they don't understand that Americans hug as friendship, they think you are loose, and act accordingly. So Katie can be friends, but she also keeps a distance. Middle Eastern women have explained to Kate what is acceptable to them as far as her dancing with their men is, which is go ahead and dance but there should never be touching. So the Middle Eastern women like Katie. One of Katie's fellow dancers is a flirt and gets close and strokes cheeks, and is all mortified when they try and kiss her and get aggressive, but Kate has warned her. And the women NEVER forget. If they see you do something they don't like, you will never be hired by them or any of their friends again. SO Kate does the respectful thing. There are one or two she will hug because she has known them for years now, people who hire her, but she doesn't do it where anyone who would question her morality because of a hug is around. People who have been here a long time, get Americans hug, but even some who have been here a long time, are so set in their ways, that they still think that dancer is a slut because she touched that boy on his shoulder. So yay for my sister knowing the proper customs and doing them so that she is respected by everyone she dances for. She did give an old man a kiss on the cheek at the wedding, but she was told to dance for him and that he had paid for the wedding, and the crowd loved it and videotaped it. She made sure she even told him why, she whispered something to him before she danced away. He kind of looked like it had made his day. LOL. So just a little lesson in customs. The only time Katie touches any guy at a place where Middle Easterns are, is if they are dancing back to back and their shoulders touch, it is a form of the dance. Her touching women is fine, so she will help the inexperienced by helping them move their hips or what not, but she is always conscious of who she is touching and who her crowd is. I mean, if she does a show for a white American couple, will she help the 60 year old birthday "boy" shake his hips right? Yeah, as long as they are okay with it. Of course you get prudes, comes with the territory.

Anyway Katie did two 15 minute shows for Jimmy's place. The second time N and I pulled out the cake, Katie danced with it to an Arabic Happy Birthday song, it was Jimmy's birthday on Monday so he was pleased. And when they like you, this is a good thing. They keep hiring the same bellydancer if they like you and Katie gets the dance world politics. Smart girl. Finally we were done. This houkah bar has like NO ventilationso I was having so much smoke blown on me, and it was so gross. I washed EVERYTHING I wore! The three of us went to a diner and hung out there for almost two hours. More talk on Bridezilla, our own Bridezilla stories (different girls), and just movies and N's new boyfriend, etc. It was a really fun time. It took another 30 minutes to get to N's mom's place, 20 of which N fell asleep, LOL. And then we were finally home! Seriously I have no idea how Katie does it. I was exhausted physically and all I did was be the assisteant and stand bodyguard. I don't trust anyone anymore, I have seen gross people grab her in not okay ways. So the one time I left to get her business cards, I left N in charge of protecting her. She did a good job! And that was the end really of the evening, I went home, showered off houkah smell, and vegged out! What a Saturday!!

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Dead Tired

Hey everyone. This is going to be one of those posts that I almost never do, a super short one. LOL. I didn't get back until after 3am with Katie. I don't know how she does it. She danced three times tonight, a total of 1 hour, and I feel exhausted!! We were gone for about 7-ish hours. MY back aches and I am tired and have a slight headache, I can't imagine how I'd feel if I sweated as much as she did tonight. So I will have to do a post about tonight another time, I am so tired. SO TIRED.

But of course I leave you with a scary trailer to celebrate Halloween!

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday Fragments

I went out to eat with my sisters to this new Italian place down the street from us, called Cava. Wow, will I never go there again. Pricey and I felt sooo underdressed. Sure there were flat screen tv's playing sports, but even the napkins were folded into like a flower shape. We ended up getting the simplest items on the menu, because everything else had so much ingredients and was so...Top Chef, that it was intimidating. It was good, putting parmesan cheese in the potatoes tasted odd, but it was good. I just prefer to feel like I can be myself at a restaurant.


I saw Cirque du Freak:The Vampire's Assistant tonight, and I really enjoyed it. It is so incredibly quirky and that is what I liked about it. It was an oddball movie, and that made me appreciate it's originality. I was entertained and enchanted and that is what makes a good movie. John C. Reilly, you go dude! Starring role! He was great, and they MUST make a sequel!


I am back emailing a friend of mine. We started emailing eachother a few years ago, and then she got some problems of her own, and didn't want to talk anymore. Which bummed me out, because in regards to movie and tv, we are like soul sisters. We can just talk about it ALL day. And since we saw eachother at Sister H's party (she is her niece), we are emailing again all about movies and tv, we have so much catching up to do. A LOT of it is Supernatural so far. We are addicts!


We were supposed to go to Lake Compounce and do the night rides, but rain was starting at 9 and Sam had a stomach ache, so we didn't go. And we are SO not going the day before or of Halloween, so I am really sad we are missing out on that this year. Hopefully if Sandy feels better we are going to the Dark Manor, this haunted house people have really said is awesome. It is open weekdays so we would go Wednesday. Here is to hoping we go.


I am assisting Kate on 2 bellydance gigs Saturday night. A wedding and a houkah bar I have never been to. I am excited, well to make some money of course, but to see her dance at a wedding. It should be really cool.


I just spent and am still going back and forth to Youtube, I am watching Jared Padalecki and Jensen (♥) Ackles of Supernatural at different Cons around the world. Seen them in England and Australia and now from the LA one. LOVE them! Jensen we are soul mates! Same age and everything!! Wendy Ackles sounds nicccceeee!


I am hungry. Do I want perogies or a bean burrito? Hmmm.


I am going to see the Doctor on Monday about my heart. I have now had resting heart rates of 104 sometimes. And even when it is lower, like the 60-70's, it can feel like it wants to explode out of my chest. It is scary. I just do NOT want to have to wear a halter monitor again. Can't shower and the electrodes sticky stuff gave me a rash. I have very sensitive skin. ANd after that, they had me do a medicine indiced stress test, which is the scariest thing on the planet. If you HAVE the option, pick the treadmill people. Because the drug is so scary, I thought I was dying. I am serious.


Going to the dentist Friday. I have a cleaning plus I have not mentioned this I think, since I had the last 2 cavities filled, I can't chew on my left side. it causes major pain. Oh when a fragment of a chip gets over there I want to cry. So supposedly they are going to fix that, but I am terrified they will make it worse. It has been 2 months of no left side eating, my jaw hurts! Okay yes they would have seenme earlier but I was terrified to let them touch me when I had to go out to the MidWest, and then I just procrastinated.


Gotta go watch more Jared and Jensen.


Halloween-ish movie featuring Jensen!!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Suicidal Snake

I am having a bad day with depression and my bi-polar/OCD tendencies. So I really don't feel like posting any of the worries dominating my brain. I worry it will make the pain awaken once more and I will be sitting here alone, in tears. Which is not good for me at all. At least not tonight. So I decided to post a poem I have been working on, while I have had bad days. The thing is I am afraid it makes no sense. It is called Suicidal Snake.

Now, as I believe in what my Church teaches, I know that I can never hurt myself in such a way, or I will never be with my loved ones in Heaven. Holding on to the thought of being with my loved ones, and the loved ones who have passed, helps keep me strong enough to fight. But anyone who has had real serious problems with depression, etc. knows that it creeps into your brain sometimes, even if you don't want it to. You are in such a dark place that is flits through your mind, wouldn't it just be easier if this was all over? I, personally, have a pact with someone, that if I ever seriously start considering this option, I will go to them first. But even if you know, this is not something I will do, you can't stop the thoughts when you are at the end of your rope, from entering your mind. If you can actually say, I have had a very bad case of depression or another similar disorder, and it never entered your mind, then you are either lying to yourself, or did not deal with a serious case of depression. I am sorry but it is true. When your life is that out of balance, that dark, even if it is a second-long fleeting thought, it was there. Depression and anxiety are so exhausting and you can't help but to think it once in a while. I admit it because I want people to know I GET it, I understand thinking about it. It does not make you a bad person, a weak person, it makes you human.

And so, one day when I was writing I started writing a poem that dealt with the topic, but as I wrote, it began to turn in a different direction, and I tried to word it in a way where you sense that something else is making the person think this way...I don't know, this is why I worry that it won't make sense. Here goes.

Suicidal Snake

I can taste the tears as they glide down my cheek
These battles I face seem to grow harder each day
I am supposed to keep going, keep trying, keep moving
When all I really want is to give up, give in and die

It's not the right way to think, the right way to be
But when your nails are torn from holding on so long
You just want to let go of that cliff and fall free
Fall into something that takes away the hurt and pain

You never mean to think suicide is the only answer left
It just naturally beats in your head like your hearts' pulse
Set yourself free, something tells you, maybe the snake in that garden
The fear, the loneliness can all be over, if you let it all go

Listen to me, it hisses, as it slithers around your heart
It can take all your pain away, It can set your soul free of this
All you need to do is take a few extra pills, take an extra step forward
It will be over in a split second and you will forget all these hurts

The noises in your head will finally stop and be silenced...forever
No more doctors, no more people claiming things will get better
No more being judged by those around you for failing to be like them
Those pills you swallow each day are never going to help you like it can

They tell you if you keep trying, you will be happier, get healthier
How many years are you going to listen to that before you get a clue?
They have no answers, no guarantees your life will ever change for the good
They are just trying to tempt you into a false sense that waiting will fix you

You are smarter than that, you have waited a decade and nothing has improved
Why continue on, because they tell you if you breathe a new way you're saved?
No, No, you see them for the liars and bigots they are, just money hungry thieves
They don't want you to end your unjust torment because they are selfish for more

But with a plunge off that peak, or an albeit painful flick to your wrist
It can all be gone, poof, like a magic trick performed by a master magician
The serpent slides up your arm, resting it's head in the crook of your neck
If life is too much to bear, why should you have to endure it, it breathes

It nudges its' head into your face, a caress of sorts, and sings a lullaby
All your worries and all you are afraid of can be gone if you trust my words
There is no guarantee that if you keep trying, life will hand you happiness
So take the initiative and find a better place, I have one perfect in mind

You turn your head and gaze into the serpents eyes, eyes full of lulling promises
It was promising all your hearts desires, so why do you feel the words are lies?
This innocent creature was created by the same as you, so why hesitate at its' words
This would make it all stop, so why is your soul screaming to crush the skull with your heel?

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fiber One Pastries GIVEAWAY!!

Thanks to MYBLOGSPARK and Fiber One, I got to try Fiber One's Toaster Pastries! Are you looking for a way to add some more fiber to your diet, but you´re sick of food that tastes like cardboard? Well look no further than the new, tasty Fiber One Toaster Pastries!!

They come in four great-tasting varieties that the whole family can enjoy, including Blueberry, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Chocolate Fudge and Strawberry. With 20% of your Daily Value of fiber (5 grams), you can enjoy a great-tasting toaster pastry, while getting more of the fiber you need.

Sound too good to be true? Don´t take our word for it. In a recent taste test, a significant amount of people (who had a preference) preferred the taste of Fiber One Brown Sugar Cinnamon Toaster Pastries over Kellogg´s 20% Fiber Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts.*

If you don´t believe us, try it for yourself!

I got to try the Brown Sugar Cinnamon, which I was very surprised to really LIKE! I prefer fruit pastries, so I was worried I would dislike the pastry as soon as I bit into it, but I really liked the flavor. I preferred it room temperature over the toasted flavor, but that is how I eat Pop Tarts too. I prefer them straight from the package. It was quite tasty and I really liked it!

The winner of this Giveaway gets
a Fiber One "Morning on the Go" prize pack. The prize pack will include a beverage holder, a lunch bag and a planner. It is really cute and you will enjoy using it as much as I am!!

Leave a comment on what flavor you'd try? - 1 entry
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Giveaway ends at 11:59pm on 10/31 . Be prepared to send your name and address! Good Luck everyone!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I made the dinner for tonight, my Stuffed Shells! My family loves when I make lasagna or stuffed shells. Apparently I make it the best! My Mom was the one who taught me how to cook lasagna and stuffed shells, but I ended up doing my own thing one time and now no one else will make it!! So unfair, LOL! Just because they like mine so much does not mean I have to be the only one to make these dishes!! Sandy rocks at Chicken Parmesan but is she the only one who makes it? Not at all. So why can't I be treated to homemade Italian too? I always loved my Mom's, just because I decided to have fun with it, does not mean I don't like other kinds! I get sick of my own! Doesn't that happen to you guys too? Where yeah you are craving some food, but want someone else's version for a change!?! Sure, someone else made it last time and I was not so impressed but I WAS impressed enough to enjoy it and appreciate that someone else put in the effort. It was a nice change. But no one has been making ANY meals lately except for Sunday's deliciousness, so I decided it was time for Shells. And they turned out really yummy. Yes I even took pictures:

My eyes are still bigger than my stomach so Katie had to take two of my shells, but here is my yummy dinner plate. It was served with english cucumbers and garlic bread. The garlic bread I buy is by Pepperidge Farms, and is SO yummy!

We watched House around the fire as we ate my dinner. I don't think we really need the fire on, it has been SO warm the last few days. We are having a Lady Bug infestation now, which freaks me out, I am THAT afraid of bugs, period. So I am hoping the cold weather returns ASAP. It was also weird to go for a walk on a Fall day and feel sweaty in a light open jacket.

Besides going down to Fashion Bug for a couple of pairs of comfy pants, because wearing jeans EVERY day for the next 5 months doesn't sound great, I did nothing else of note. I bought 4 pairs. Two are just solid colors. Two have cute designs at the bottom, I love them!! And they are SO comfortable! I bought them in a size too big, because they are all 50 to 84% cotton, which means shrinkage. And they were perfect in Large, but if it shrinks, I'd have wasted $71!!

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Katie's Picture Book Birthday

Okay, I am going to finally post about Katie's birthday! Which was about a week ago, the 12th. It will be mostly a lot of pictures, I had a lot of fun that day taking photos! (*side note - I do now own Transformers 2, I told you I would own it the day it was available! LOL!)

So, on Kat's birthday, she decided she wanted to go down to the beach. She knew it was now too cold to swim, but she really wanted to go. Just to be there. So we packed up extra jackets and towels in case we sat on the beach, etc. And then we made the hour drive to the one beach still open to the public, Hammonasset beach. We had so much fun. Okay, the girls and I did. My parents either walked around or, if you were my Dad, sat on a bench and just stared out into the ocean. The girls and I all rolled our pants up to our knees and walked along the coast. We picked up pretty seashells, and it was just perfection. It was so serene and we were almost the only ones there, so it was like we had this paradise to ourselves. Katie was so happy, she would come running up to me with a new seashell she found for me or Sam, etc. She was just like a kid. After awhile the water didn't even feel cool, it felt soothing. It was like all our cares and troubles went out with the tide as we walked along the water. I don't think I have felt such a moment of quiet peacefulness like this in a really long time. It was so special. I didn't want to leave at all. But my parents were getting really cold so Katie MADE me go to the bathrooms to get my feet washed off.

We convinced Katie to go to her favorite restaurant, well one of them, Olive Garden. We are still getting advertisements for the Never-Ending Pasta Bowl, so that excited Kate but they weren't offering it AND we are still seeing the commercials. So she ordered her favorite normal one and got gypped. It was like they ran out of ziti, so they gave her half a portion, but charged full price. My Dad let the waitress know it was Katie's birthday and that we expected a song and dessert, and she gave us our bill and left. That made me SO mad, I made sure I went up to someone and said something, that was so wrong! I hoped they would offer something and I could give it to Katie because she figured out what we did and then...nothing!! How sad is that! Luckily we had 2 apple pies at home for her birthday "cake", but still, she helped MAKE them the day before, so the singing was to be special! Grrr to Olive Garden in West Hartford!!

We went back to the house and Katie opened her birthday presents! I KNEW she would love mine! I got her My Life in Ruins, she loved it so much, and she loves all Nia Vardalos movies! Look this was her face when she opened it!

Sam got her this gorgeous jeweled sparrow necklace and a gift card. My parents got her many gift cards, as Kate likes to pick things out herself, stuff for her bellydance bag, a Skelanimals hat, a harcover book, Golden Girls Season 2, some other little things and her first Ipod, a purple Ipod Nano, which has a video camera and FM, sweet! Plus they got her a full Ipod kit, with excercise band and car chargers and speakers, etc. She was so happy, she is constantly borrowing my Ipod or Sandy's (sadly mine needs a new battery, sucky Apple battery!!...sorry needed to vent! LOL). So I also hooked her up and let he pick out any music from my Itunes and transferred it to her Ipod. So now she can have all her bellydance music and songs she just enjoys for fun!

She chose her birthday movie to watch that night, and of course I told her, she would NOT end up wanting to see Betsy's Wedding (thank goodness, I have overseen that) and I was right. We watched Nia's movie! It is SO funny, those who haven't seen it still, rent it!! Poupi Kakas!! ROFL! Ahhhh, so good. And then we sang to her with her pie and she had much pie. And that was Katie's birthday. And here are some of the best pictures!!

This is the purple sand!! It was just there, on one section of the sand! Click on it, seriously it was purple!

And my Halloween-y trailer!!
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

H Fun!!

Sorry Kate, your B-Day post gets postponed again. This happened today and is fresh in my mind. Today we went to Sister H/Jahoodie's 62nd birthday party. It was a cake and ice cream party. One Sister H didn't learn about until this morning, lol! Anyway we showed up first and gave her our present, 4 lobsters. Sister H, well the entire H family, is obsessed with lobsters! There is the biggest claw hanging on their kitchen wall from a 9 POUND lobster they ate over 2 days! Holy crap! We told her she can eat 3 lobsters and give her husband ONE, if she wanted to. Heehee!

The F's showed up next, then the S's, and then 2 of Jahoodie's sisters with their kids and Jahoodie's Mom. And Weezie and her hubby Zak showed up too. It was a fun evening! Sister H hated being sung to, apparently it can get her teary or mad, but she seemed happy. I ate some birthday cake, way too chocolatey for me though, and sugary, HEY, I am a Diabetic okay so I get to say that! :) I really liked Weezie's homemade angel food cake though, and with strawberries, it was so good. Sadly Zoey chose NOT to be kicking again! So I DID feel Weezie's belly, my first pregnant belly...kinda felt like a hard water ballon...but I have still never felt a moving belly!! Zoey!! Come out and play with Auntie Wendy!! She wants to feel you kick!

Then I went into the other room and had a GREAT time talking movies and TV with Weezie, Zak and Weezie's cousins and/or Aunts, Naomi, Beth, Jesse and Hannah. Hannah is the only other person I know as obsessed with movies AND tv as I am. So we were talking everything from Supernatural to Twilight to Golden Compass to Eragon to Zombieland, etc. I LOVED it!! Zak is a film snob in a way though, sad to learn. Really Weezie he is! See, Hannah and I, can see a book and its' movie as two separate entities. Eragon is nothing like the books, Hannah has read them, but she liked the movie. She can see it as it's own thing. I can too. Just because a movie is BASED on a book, does not mean it is going to be an Adaptation people!! There IS a difference. Some movies, like Pride & Prejudice, SAY they are adaptations, so it is basically word for word as long as it is possible for the movie. Most movies are just based on books, so they DO have the liberty of taking creative license. SURE, it does not always work out for the best. Like Blood for Chocolate in book form sounds like a GREAT story, Sam outlined in detail the whole book for me. The movie chose to be nothing at ALL like the book and the story line was BAD and the movie sucked. The Golden Compass is apparently very different from the book, but I LOVED this movie, it was pure magic! I was sad when Hannah's family was ready to go. It was like, STAY! Let's talk more movies and TV!! LOL! I left around the same time and as I got close to home, Katie called me and asked if I wanted to see Whip It with her and Sam, which made me very happy! So once I got past construction and got home, we left. We stopped by McD's for me, because I hadn't eaten anything but cake in hours and then we went to the theater. Where they had decided to take the 10:05pm showing of our movie away!! I am sorry I TRUST Yahoo, they said there was a showing at that time, theaters do this crap all the time! So we bought tickets to see Couple's Retreat and sat and talked for the next half hour. We were really shocked with this one teenager. It is in the 30's tonight and she had her thin jacket opened to her bellybutton and underneath was a tank top, but that was not what had us staring in shock, horror and laughter. She has a massive busom and she had most of it hanging out. It was doing the butt boob thing, and each step she took, major jiggling!! WHO lets their daughte out dressed like a call girl?!! The cleavage was like down to her belly button!! And bubbling over the tak top and she had this huge pendant that bounced from one chest to the other as she walked, which had us hiding our heads in our jackets, laughing! IT WAS SUCH A SIGHT!! LOL!

I liked this movie. It was PG-13 thankfully, so there wan't much to be uncomfortable with. It was just a funny movie. One couple is in serious trouble of divorcing so to get the group discount they convince their 3 friend couples to go with them. Telling them they can skip the couples therapy and water ski and relax, which sounds great to the rest of them. Problem is, the couple's thing they signed up for, is mostly therapy and if they won't participate, they ALL have to leave. And this one couple is depending on them. So the therapy starts making trouble in marriages that seemed healthy already!! And their techniques to get couples to communicate are hilarious!! The cast is stellar with Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughn, Kristen Bell, Justin Bateman, etc. It is kind of like a dream vacation turns into hell on a gorgeous island for these 4 couples. And they ALL need to decide if they are happy with their marriage or if it is time to move one. This movie was so fun, we had the theater to ourselves and just LAUGHED our butts off!

And I had yet to excerxise due to all of this so I had to do it at 1:30 am, and didn't get a shower until after 2:30. And it is SO cold! It is now 30 degrees, officially freezing!! I am so cold, my hands are frigid! I need to go warm up!!

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lazy Sunday

This is how I feel today. SO lethargic and just like a great day to do nothing at all. This is me...except for the little male peepee and the hair that obviously needs to be trimmed from it. OY! That is a drip mess waiting to happen. But the pic was so cute!!

We had my favorite meal today, the full chicken dinner including green bean casserole, stuffing and mashed potatoes. The only thing that would have made it better? REAL mashed potatoes, instead of the Ore-Ida frozen kind. Real potatoes are SO much better!!

I figure maybe until people are stuck more in the house due to the cold, thus blogging more, I will reserve longer blogs for weekdays. True, I could likely change my mind if I get a juicy post, one I need out of my head. But I figure it is Sunday, and I only saw 8 posts since I checked at like 5am, so hardly anyone will even see THIS until Monday.

I need to make a grocery list for tomorrow, and I am watching the first season of Castle with Sam. I think I have her addicted! Hehe!


I decided since a lot of my readers don't blog on weekends, I would leave my Katie post for a weekday. So it gets the proper attention, I HOPE, that it deserves.

I lost a follower today, man I hate that it bothers me that much, but I am weak, so it feels like a blow to me, like someone decided they didn't like me anymore. I know, I shouldn't care about the numbers, but I do, yes I am a sad person, I need the numbers for some self esteem. Oy, I loathe myself sometimes!

Anyway, my Dad and I went out just the two of us today. He let me pick the movie. I have so many I want to see, but I saw that Law Abiding Citizen and The Stepfather were out so I picked Law Abiding Citizen. I LOVE Gerard Butler, he is so handsome! We both loved it. And we both get Gerard's side. Sure, he might be the "bad" guy to most viewers, after you see what he does to the man who actually did the killing...and other things, but I have to say I might have a revenge streak, because overall, I found it justifiable. Sorry.

Two men break in and stab Gerard and then stab and do worse to his wife and daughter who both die. The two men are, Ames who basically watched as Garby did the killings and other things. But it is Garby who makes a deal. He gets Ames sent to death row, and he gets Murder in the third Degree, which is a 5 year sentence. When Gerard's character finds out that Jaime Fox made the deal, he is shocked and upset. Jaime tells him it is for the best, they don't have strong enough evidence, but frankly you can see he is more interested in keeping his conviction rate up, than what is right. So 10 years pass, and Gerard is ready to give his lesson on justice. He uses the wording and reasons behind them setting his family's killer free, ON THEM. He takes care of the killers, but does it in such a way that there is no real evidence linking him to the murders. But that is not all he wants. He wants Jaime to learn something, so he makes it so he stays in prison. He could have gotten out, he has studied law and what not for the past 10 years, but he chooses to make trouble so that his bail is denied. He has much to do in his plan. And foolish justice system that they are, they do not take him seriously. And they should. Because he is very serious in his plan and his intentions. He does not want revenge, he wants justice. What was denied him and his family 10 years ago. And I could see how Gerard wanted this to end from about 1/2 way through, but I am very perseptive I must say, LOL. I am!

Maybe you think I am skewed, but I found what Jaime did to be just as despicable as what the killers did. The father had already been broken, and what Jamie did, without his input, was like he was being stabbed and watching his family die all over again. I think Jaime needs to pay. Whether or not he does, you will have to go see it to find out. I am not going to reveal how Gerard has control from prison, whether or not he is able to get his point across, if it ends as he haoped and who exactly else he has his sights set on. This is to make you want to go see this movie, which I thought was great. Yes, I am still on Gerard's side, I can see how he saw things. Would I do the "an eye for an eye" thing? I hope not, but can I see things from Gerard's eyes? YES. Justice should have been on Gerard's side, but the people who dealt with his case, didn't let justice prevail. And sometimes, if you piss the wrong guy off, you are making a really big mistake. And this is one of those times. The law should always be looking out for the victim, not the criminal, and making deals should NOT always be offered. Sometimes the lawyers need to take a gamble and try and get the bad guys convicted. Period. Deals used to be used a lot less often. And I know a lot of them help get bigger criminals, but in some cases, enough is enough. Don't make deals with murders.

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