Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Katie's Picture Book Birthday

Okay, I am going to finally post about Katie's birthday! Which was about a week ago, the 12th. It will be mostly a lot of pictures, I had a lot of fun that day taking photos! (*side note - I do now own Transformers 2, I told you I would own it the day it was available! LOL!)

So, on Kat's birthday, she decided she wanted to go down to the beach. She knew it was now too cold to swim, but she really wanted to go. Just to be there. So we packed up extra jackets and towels in case we sat on the beach, etc. And then we made the hour drive to the one beach still open to the public, Hammonasset beach. We had so much fun. Okay, the girls and I did. My parents either walked around or, if you were my Dad, sat on a bench and just stared out into the ocean. The girls and I all rolled our pants up to our knees and walked along the coast. We picked up pretty seashells, and it was just perfection. It was so serene and we were almost the only ones there, so it was like we had this paradise to ourselves. Katie was so happy, she would come running up to me with a new seashell she found for me or Sam, etc. She was just like a kid. After awhile the water didn't even feel cool, it felt soothing. It was like all our cares and troubles went out with the tide as we walked along the water. I don't think I have felt such a moment of quiet peacefulness like this in a really long time. It was so special. I didn't want to leave at all. But my parents were getting really cold so Katie MADE me go to the bathrooms to get my feet washed off.

We convinced Katie to go to her favorite restaurant, well one of them, Olive Garden. We are still getting advertisements for the Never-Ending Pasta Bowl, so that excited Kate but they weren't offering it AND we are still seeing the commercials. So she ordered her favorite normal one and got gypped. It was like they ran out of ziti, so they gave her half a portion, but charged full price. My Dad let the waitress know it was Katie's birthday and that we expected a song and dessert, and she gave us our bill and left. That made me SO mad, I made sure I went up to someone and said something, that was so wrong! I hoped they would offer something and I could give it to Katie because she figured out what we did and then...nothing!! How sad is that! Luckily we had 2 apple pies at home for her birthday "cake", but still, she helped MAKE them the day before, so the singing was to be special! Grrr to Olive Garden in West Hartford!!

We went back to the house and Katie opened her birthday presents! I KNEW she would love mine! I got her My Life in Ruins, she loved it so much, and she loves all Nia Vardalos movies! Look this was her face when she opened it!

Sam got her this gorgeous jeweled sparrow necklace and a gift card. My parents got her many gift cards, as Kate likes to pick things out herself, stuff for her bellydance bag, a Skelanimals hat, a harcover book, Golden Girls Season 2, some other little things and her first Ipod, a purple Ipod Nano, which has a video camera and FM, sweet! Plus they got her a full Ipod kit, with excercise band and car chargers and speakers, etc. She was so happy, she is constantly borrowing my Ipod or Sandy's (sadly mine needs a new battery, sucky Apple battery!!...sorry needed to vent! LOL). So I also hooked her up and let he pick out any music from my Itunes and transferred it to her Ipod. So now she can have all her bellydance music and songs she just enjoys for fun!

She chose her birthday movie to watch that night, and of course I told her, she would NOT end up wanting to see Betsy's Wedding (thank goodness, I have overseen that) and I was right. We watched Nia's movie! It is SO funny, those who haven't seen it still, rent it!! Poupi Kakas!! ROFL! Ahhhh, so good. And then we sang to her with her pie and she had much pie. And that was Katie's birthday. And here are some of the best pictures!!

This is the purple sand!! It was just there, on one section of the sand! Click on it, seriously it was purple!

And my Halloween-y trailer!!
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TeeTee said...

looks like you had a great time... i am itching to go to the beach!

Amander said...

I love the beach even in cold weather (except for all that SAND). Looks like a great day!

Lee said...

Dude, you know what?
I would have flipped out on the Olive Garden people.
That was RUDE.

Tori_z said...

Glad Katie had such a great day.

People don't give freebies or sing on your birthday over here. If you book a place for a children's party they "might" throw in a little something for the birthday child. But no place does anything for adults, and at least half of the places you can book for childrens' parties don't give anything either. No cake... No singing... Just your bill!

I love spending time at the beach... It's so peaceful. And - even on a cold day - the temperature of the sea isn't too bad after the first minute or two.

mama-face said...

What a fun b-day...I think the beach trip was the perfect present. Plus she scored with the rest of her presents!!

I love the shot of your parents, :), and the last one is just so sweet. A deserted beach. Ah. :)

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