Sunday, October 4, 2009

Girls Night

I had a really great night with my friends Stina and Weezie. I left early, because we were meeting at Weezie's parents house, and Matt and Hydi were supposed to be there with the kids, including their newest, baby Gretchen, and yes I got to hold her! She is SO tiny! She was born just over 5 pounds, so she is around 8 now, which is still absolutely tiny, compared to some other babies. She is a sweetie, as long as I swayed and lightly thumped her bum, she fell right back asleep after Sister H passed her to me! Then Stina showed up, and to was so great so see her! It has been at least a year since I last got to see her, so her hair was so long! And then Weezie got there. Zak decided to be a lazy punk and not come after all. And as funny as Zak can be, I ended up being really glad he decided to be a bum. It was so nice to just be the girls!

We went to California Pizza Kitchen. I have never been there. Man, I should have stuck with pizza! My Chicken Milanese was as far from a Chicken Milanese I have ever seen. When it was delivered it was totally covered with whatever lettuce it is that looks like shrub leaves. You couldn't SEE any chicken! It was like the chicken was hiding! And it was not in any sort of sauce, it was weird and not very flavorful. We really got to talk all about what has been going on with each of us. We talked about Stina's life in Florida, and Weezie and Zak's upcoming first child, who they have named Zoe since finding out ot was going to be a girl! I LOVE the name, it is so pretty! We talked about friends, family, just everything. Which is the only reason I am glad Zak opted out, because I am not sure all these things would have gotten talked about if a BOY had been there. LOL. I am not sure there was anything we didn't at least touch on. We shared a dessert, which was supposedly a souffle, but I swear it was just a bittersweet brownie, and then went back to Weezie's parents for about a half hour. They were all watching the end of a show of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, so we sat until is was finished and then before we said our goddbyes, I got Brother H to take this picture of the three of us together. If Weezie does move away (sob), this could be the LAST picture of the three of us together. I mean, when will Stina be visiting from Florida, and Weezie visit from Arizona, at the SAME time? So it makes me a little weepy. Besides my Mom, I have 3 best friends. Stina, Weezie and Naomi (Weezie's older sister, but I rarely see her...Idaho). And now Weezie, the last one I have here, will probably move away. So I am getting ready sort of, emotionally. Because I know I will really get sad when she leaves. She has been my closest friend for a long time now. When I got to work for her at her restaurant, and we got to see eachother daily, it was the most fun time.

And as many babies as I have held, I have never felt a kicking pregnant belly. So Weezie is supposed to be my first, but baby Zoe decided to sleep tonight. It figures, my luck!

Part of me feels a bit bad about myself, because Stina and Weezie are really moving along in their lives. Guys, marriage, babies. And I so often feel stuck at GO. But I am trying to remind myself, that I am doing as good as I can right now. That I can't compare myself to them, because we don't share the same problems. I am trying to do that. It can be hard though since I AM my own worst enemy and tend to think more like, I am such a loser. I am this old, still live at home, can't seem to get life right, because I am just so screwed up. I told you, my own worst enemy.

Anyway, away from my insecurities. It was so wonderful to get to spend the evening with them both, I had a great time, and was sorry to see the evening end. I love my friends, they are such wonderful women!♥ I love you Stina and Weezie!!! And baby Zoe, laying in your Momma's belly!!

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Amander said...

Always get the pizza at CPK. It's so good!

It's great you had a fun time with your friends!

Yaya said...

I'm glad you had an overall good night!

It's hard not to get caught up in insecurities.

TeeTee said...

sounds fun!

I love babies... they are always so cute!

Kristina P. said...

I love girl's nights. They are a much needed part of my life.

Lee said...

ONLY get the pizza. Really, everything else sucks.

You don't need to think about yourself like that. I do it to myself all the time. I'm not like everyone else, because these fears overwhelm me. I can't live my life the same way as them.
Just be happy that you have a bit of a handle on it for now. :)

Sheri said...

Spending time with friends is a great thing to do. Glad you had a good time overall, try not to let other things get to you so much. ::hugs!::

The Boob Nazi said...

GNO!!!! haha
I love those nights even though I really enjoy TAMN's mocking of them.

Tori_z said...

Glad you had such a good night. And, Zoe is a lovely name. :)

LadyStyx said...

Never went to CPK before.... even though I worked in a mall that had one.

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