Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Scene IT!!

Oooh it's not good. Not good at all. I found an email in my inbox from Scene-it, which is a dvd game I LOVE, but no one will like ever play it with me!! Just because I retain movie knowledge!! I got the Scene-It TV game 2 Christmases ago and guess how many times I have played it? ZERO. They bought it for me, but refuse to PLAY it with me! It is so unfair!! So when I got this email inviting me to their Beta website, where I can play by myself, it was like, ehh okay I will check it out...duh duh duh duuuuhhhhh. I am addicted!! Question after question of movie trivia, where I can buy stuff (I think, I am too addicted to taking the quizzes so far) with the "bling" I earn for my correct answers!! I have had my Mentalist episode paused for like 2 hours!! It has me captured!! The only reason I am here, is well, I hate NOT posting, and I also was like, I have to tell them about this new addiction!! It is insane! I am taking quizzes even on movies I really know not much about, like Airplane and Zoolander (sorry, HATE it), but I am getting at least 50% if not higher so I just can't stop!! I LOVE movie trivia! And I am learning ones I didn't know...sure I will NOT retain it all, some of it is BORING. But still, it is my thing! Ooh they knew what they were doing when they sent it to me. But how did they know??!!

Okay also, all I did today was prove I may be getting sick. After grocery shopping, we had dinner, and were watching House. I suddenly got so cold, so I winded up wearing a jacket, and 2 think blankets and could still have used a third blanket, I could not get warm, and everyone else (who is usually cold) was fine. Then when I went upstairs to say goodnight to my Mom, I got so hot, I felt like I was broiling from the inside out, even though everyone was all, you feel fine. But how can I go from layers of freezing, to wearing shorts and a tee, because I am so hot?! It is weird.

My sister Katie's birthday is on the 12th and hallelujah, I thought of something I know she will love. She is SO hard to shop for. Her birthday lists consist of odd bellydancing or dance gear, or strange make-up things you special order. I don't do that. That may be what you write down, but the gift from ME, has to be FROM me. I don't buy things for people that are what they want but feel weird, giving it to them. I don't know, I guess I have to feel it. One year I did get her a Bellydance cover-up, but it was my idea from assisting her so it felt right. And I bet you are thinking, I bet Wendy gives a lot of movies, YES I do. But it is when they love the movie, or tv show. I got my Dad NCIS Season 1 last year and that made him want all of them, and now he owns all of them and watches them like every day (he is a little too addicted me thinks). So I know what to get her, can't write it yet just in case, but she will love it, I KNOW this.

I have decided for Halloween, well the month of Halloween, I am going to end my posts with a trailer or clip from a scary movie! Go on, it is just the commercial or a tiny clip, you don't change the tv channel do you, just because one is on TV?!!

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Lee said...

Oh... oh man.
I would play the HECK out of that game.
I LOVE addicting games.

I was playing Pogo yesterday and won 50,000 TOKENS on Monopoly slots.
I was addicted for the rest of the night.
(500 tokens is usually the norm... so 50k was CRAZY.)

Kristina P. said...

I LOVE Scene It! So fun!

Jillene said...

Scene It is such a fun game. My only problem is my memory is not so hot. Oh well--it's still fun!!

in time out said...

Love the trailer clip .....that will be fun this month. Thanks for writing, you always have so much that I enjoy...you endure so much, and have great strength. I have missed blogging.....geez, why does life have to be so busy???? Hugs dear.

TeeTee said...

I love addicting games... I just hate getting addicted to them, if that makes any sense at all.

Tori_z said...

I prefer to be the one who chose the present I buy for someone too. If they say they want something I will take that in to account, but I don't like to just pick something from a list they're handing out to everyone in the family. It doesn't feel personal that way. Any Tom, Dick or Harry could get the stuff if it's on a list. But only someone who knows you can pick out something you like without a list.

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