Friday, October 16, 2009

October Snow

*This is part of a calendar hand stitched my my Grandmother. It is so gorgeous. All 3 of us M. daughter have put a claim on it, IF anything should ever happen to my parents. Which it won't. They have to live forever or I have to die first!

I was going to write about Kate's birthday today, but something happened that was so unexpected. Today it snowed in CT. We have had blizzards, a famous one one year on October 8th when I was a kid, but it hasn't even snowed in October for YEARS. I think the last time I was in junior high, maybe high school.

So to look outside and see snow falling, weeks before even Halloween, was just so cool! It was about 41 degrees outside so that was odd. It was a bit warm for snow in October.

Now I have been trying for hours now to get my little 25 second video uploaded, and nothing likes it! It is the first video I taped with my new Nikon, so what the heck?!! But now 5 hours later, through Daily Motion, I have it! I just really wanted to prove it was snowing! LOL! Check it out.

I am sad, look at my comments! I posted what I thought was a good post yesterday and got TWO comments, that is pathetic! And depressing! Yuck! Has everyone abandoned blogging or am I THAT boring?!! Please let it not be the latter!

We stayed around the pellet stove fire tonight and watched shows as a family. I actually had to go out at one point around 6:30, I had Walmart dvd machine movies, and I was NOT going to pay for them for another night. It was slippery because it started to get real cold and freeze the lemting snow on the roads. But I did make it home, a bi wet, but safe. I watched Drag Me to Hell and if it hadn't ended the way it did I would have wanted to own it. I HATE the popular thing lately with horror movies, where you end things in a way that makes the audience scream at the screen and never want to see the movie again. I like happy endings, or should I say as happy as a horror movie can ends. The people walk away thinking it is over when it isn't? Love it. The people killing the bad things? Love it. It ending in a way where the person victimized is okay, I like it. Ending it where you don't understand the ending or it is miserable, I LOATHE. Like Silent Hill, that was miserable. Mirrors with Kiefer Sutherland was miserable! Dude is trapped on the other sides of this mirror "world" and can't be with his family!! HATE those! And this was similar. I thought it was ending happily, but at the last minute they screwed me over!! Arrghh!!

And I just spent 3 hours helping Kate out. She wanted to see if her brand new birthday Ipod Nano would work properly on my Itunes, and I didn' know if that was possible without screwing up my Itunes, so I spent 2 hours backing my files up on my external hard drive, and then we spent an hour, at my insistance, gong through my music so she could have songs she wanted. She talked about it on her birthday and it was fun seeing what she liked of mine and what she didn't. Plus she is very careful of the fact that her Nano is only 12 GB and mine is 30, so she doesn't want to fill it up. So now I am finally finishing this post at 5 am. I have had to pee for 2 hours so I am going to go. LOL. It is true though. Bad Wendy!

I HAVE uploaded all my photos though, so as long as nothing new and exciting happens tommorrow, I will post either about Katie's birthday next or about the Harvest Festival. And I have pics for both. Yay! I love taking pictures!

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mama-face said...

I will be leaving comments; I'm just now catching up on a lot of reading! I'm sure you are thrilled about that.

Happy endings for Horror Movies...hahahaha.

For some reason I imagined you have snow in Connecticut nearly all the time! hmmm. I don't know why I thought that.

Amander said...

Yay for early snow!

And I have to say it's difficult for me to leave comments on every post that everyone writes (especially when people are prolific in their writing), so sometimes it's just not possible. Comments don't mean it's a good or bad post.

Lee said...

For the record... my comments have been dwindling too.
Maybe it's the weather?

Nah. It's the weather.

Anonymous said...

Snow?? Snow! OMG. Too early for snow.

Izzy said...

Hey I'm not gonna lie I didnt read this blog yet I'm like super busy busting butt on custom orders all of a sudden XD so I havnt got to updating my blog or anything but I did want to let you know I was thinking of you and I'm sorry I havnt been on the compy often T_T

TeeTee said...

I want snow!

Tori_z said...

I want some snow! We don't get much here... Even when it is actually Winter!

Sorry I've not been around. Nothing personal, I've not been even on my own blog much over the past few days (I set up the posts earlier in the week).

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