Sunday, October 18, 2009


I decided since a lot of my readers don't blog on weekends, I would leave my Katie post for a weekday. So it gets the proper attention, I HOPE, that it deserves.

I lost a follower today, man I hate that it bothers me that much, but I am weak, so it feels like a blow to me, like someone decided they didn't like me anymore. I know, I shouldn't care about the numbers, but I do, yes I am a sad person, I need the numbers for some self esteem. Oy, I loathe myself sometimes!

Anyway, my Dad and I went out just the two of us today. He let me pick the movie. I have so many I want to see, but I saw that Law Abiding Citizen and The Stepfather were out so I picked Law Abiding Citizen. I LOVE Gerard Butler, he is so handsome! We both loved it. And we both get Gerard's side. Sure, he might be the "bad" guy to most viewers, after you see what he does to the man who actually did the killing...and other things, but I have to say I might have a revenge streak, because overall, I found it justifiable. Sorry.

Two men break in and stab Gerard and then stab and do worse to his wife and daughter who both die. The two men are, Ames who basically watched as Garby did the killings and other things. But it is Garby who makes a deal. He gets Ames sent to death row, and he gets Murder in the third Degree, which is a 5 year sentence. When Gerard's character finds out that Jaime Fox made the deal, he is shocked and upset. Jaime tells him it is for the best, they don't have strong enough evidence, but frankly you can see he is more interested in keeping his conviction rate up, than what is right. So 10 years pass, and Gerard is ready to give his lesson on justice. He uses the wording and reasons behind them setting his family's killer free, ON THEM. He takes care of the killers, but does it in such a way that there is no real evidence linking him to the murders. But that is not all he wants. He wants Jaime to learn something, so he makes it so he stays in prison. He could have gotten out, he has studied law and what not for the past 10 years, but he chooses to make trouble so that his bail is denied. He has much to do in his plan. And foolish justice system that they are, they do not take him seriously. And they should. Because he is very serious in his plan and his intentions. He does not want revenge, he wants justice. What was denied him and his family 10 years ago. And I could see how Gerard wanted this to end from about 1/2 way through, but I am very perseptive I must say, LOL. I am!

Maybe you think I am skewed, but I found what Jaime did to be just as despicable as what the killers did. The father had already been broken, and what Jamie did, without his input, was like he was being stabbed and watching his family die all over again. I think Jaime needs to pay. Whether or not he does, you will have to go see it to find out. I am not going to reveal how Gerard has control from prison, whether or not he is able to get his point across, if it ends as he haoped and who exactly else he has his sights set on. This is to make you want to go see this movie, which I thought was great. Yes, I am still on Gerard's side, I can see how he saw things. Would I do the "an eye for an eye" thing? I hope not, but can I see things from Gerard's eyes? YES. Justice should have been on Gerard's side, but the people who dealt with his case, didn't let justice prevail. And sometimes, if you piss the wrong guy off, you are making a really big mistake. And this is one of those times. The law should always be looking out for the victim, not the criminal, and making deals should NOT always be offered. Sometimes the lawyers need to take a gamble and try and get the bad guys convicted. Period. Deals used to be used a lot less often. And I know a lot of them help get bigger criminals, but in some cases, enough is enough. Don't make deals with murders.

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Lee said...

I've wanted to see this movie since I saw the trailer for it. My mom, too.
I understand completely why he does what he does. The bastards deserved it, even Jaime.

mama-face said...

Oh please please don't loathe yourself. I totally understand the follower thing; I lost one this week as well. Repeat the mantra 'it doesn't matter'. I try very hard to not even look in the direction of the follower box.

Isn't this the movie where you see another of Gerard Butler's sides? hmmm :) It does sound like a good story line...but I hate violence for violence sake, (like blowing up entire buildings full of innocent people).
I have no idea if this movie has this, just wondering.

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