Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday Fragments

It is crazy to try and get back in the swing of things after you have been away. I am still so tired from the crazy travel day, and for some reason, since we have been home, I have been having trouble with my tacchycardia (rapid heart beat). It is either going really fast, even with my medication, up to 110 bpm, and that is my resting heart rate. Or I can feel it beat backwards, and I have never felt THAT before. So it is scary.


Tomorrow I am getting together with 2 of my best friends. Weezie and Stina. Stina is actually in town, she lives in Florida now, and we don't see her often at all, so I am excited to see her. And it will be the first time Stina sees Weezie's pregnant belly, so it should be a fun time. I am definitely bringing one of my cameras! It is a pain too, though, as no one has any idea where they want to go out to eat. I was hoping Weeze would pick as she goes to all sorts of restaurants, so she has a wider knowledge of good restaurants. So who knows where we will end up! LOL.


I have so many good shows to catch up on, it is cool though! Hours of good television every night! I am caught up on House, Fringe, Bones, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Heroes, Ghost Whisperer, Medium, NCIS, Criminal Minds and Melrose Place. I still have Eastwick, CSI, Survivor, Mentalist, 90210, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Smallville, Dollhouse, Flash Forward and The Forgotten to catch up on. Plus I did get the soaps I missed on tape, so I have plenty to watch this weekend when I have a chance. I will be glad when I am caught up though, because when tv shows are actually ON, it is hard to try and catch up when more good shows are on each night. It is NOT something to complain about though.


Max had two lumps on him that Sandy noticed and we all could finally feel them so we brought him in to be checked out. We were freaking out, because if he has Cancer, none of us can handle losing him. They thought it could be tiny fat deposits and took samples and luckily thus far, that is all they are. We have to keep an eye on them though and make sure they don't get any bigger, etc. Maxie needs to be fine, I cannot lose him. He is only 5 too, and my first dog. He is my main guy and he has to live to be the world's oldest dog. I have told him this, so I have expectations!


Saw Monsters vs. Aliens for the first time tonight with Katie. It is funny! Kind of in an irreverent way, and it makes allusions to other space movies, so I found it hysterical! Not sure my parents would appreciate it as much. They didn't find Meet The Robinson's that funny, and it cracks the crap out of me! Tiny mobster frogs....heehee...sorry, love 'em!!


It is weird how my brain never stops thinking movies. As I lay on my couch bed in the MidWest a few nights ago, sick to my stomach, in pain, my Dad was flipping through the channels, and I was just listening to my parents talk as I lay there n my little nook away from them. Dad was talking about how this Nicholas Cage movie looked interesting, he seems to see the future, but we had to leave for home the next day so he can't watch it and really wants to see it. From my sick bed I call out "It's called Next, I own it.", so my Dad is happy. So he starts flipping again and stops at another movie. I can hear the voices and instantly recognize it. My Dad is asking my Mom, what is this movie? I know this. I call out "The Goonies, we own it, seen it a thousand times". And I am dying of pain, but I can't stop myself. It hurt to hear him massacre names of movies or not be able to name them or the actors. I think he said something else, and I was like "Josh Brolin"!!! Oy, I am a movie fanatic.


Had my first Golden Crisp apple in the Midwest. A relative made us try them, said they were so good we would never want another apple again. Which is kind of rude as we don't have them here, but never fear. We were not impressed. Gala apples are way better. And hello, we live in New England, where the apples are grown a LOT. We have way better apples. In fact, the Apple Harvest Festival started today! I want some apple fritters so bad!!


We missed the Big E!!! I thought it went through mid-October but it ends Sunday! I am so sad, I wanted to go back this year and get more giant cream-puffs, and go on the rides! This is also the realtives fault! We were gone and all that time packing beforehand!! Grrr! Giant Cream Puffs are gone!!!! *sob*

Okay that is all my fragmented mind can think of...well, right now anyway! :)

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6 meaningful meanderings:

Kristina P. said...

Your mind is like a movie index!

Lee said...

I went to an apple festival once.
I got fudge and apple cider.
Man... now I want to go to another apple festival. :(

Yaya said...

Have fun with your friends!

Traveling exhausts me.

Hope your heartbeat evens out.

mama-face said...

I go a little (a lot) nuts when I get behind in a show; I love the show Psych and have missed almost every show this season. (Tivo is broken.)

I hope you had a yummy Apple Fritter. Apple Harvest Festival...sounds perfect to me.

Tori_z said...

Hope your heart beat sorts itself out. *Hugs*

Apple festivals sound like fun... I could go for an apple fritter. :)

I'm glad Max's lumps just seem to be fatty lumps. Hope they don't become anything else! *Hugs*

LadyStyx said...

You're right Gala's are delish. Fuji's are nice too.

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