Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I made the dinner for tonight, my Stuffed Shells! My family loves when I make lasagna or stuffed shells. Apparently I make it the best! My Mom was the one who taught me how to cook lasagna and stuffed shells, but I ended up doing my own thing one time and now no one else will make it!! So unfair, LOL! Just because they like mine so much does not mean I have to be the only one to make these dishes!! Sandy rocks at Chicken Parmesan but is she the only one who makes it? Not at all. So why can't I be treated to homemade Italian too? I always loved my Mom's, just because I decided to have fun with it, does not mean I don't like other kinds! I get sick of my own! Doesn't that happen to you guys too? Where yeah you are craving some food, but want someone else's version for a change!?! Sure, someone else made it last time and I was not so impressed but I WAS impressed enough to enjoy it and appreciate that someone else put in the effort. It was a nice change. But no one has been making ANY meals lately except for Sunday's deliciousness, so I decided it was time for Shells. And they turned out really yummy. Yes I even took pictures:

My eyes are still bigger than my stomach so Katie had to take two of my shells, but here is my yummy dinner plate. It was served with english cucumbers and garlic bread. The garlic bread I buy is by Pepperidge Farms, and is SO yummy!

We watched House around the fire as we ate my dinner. I don't think we really need the fire on, it has been SO warm the last few days. We are having a Lady Bug infestation now, which freaks me out, I am THAT afraid of bugs, period. So I am hoping the cold weather returns ASAP. It was also weird to go for a walk on a Fall day and feel sweaty in a light open jacket.

Besides going down to Fashion Bug for a couple of pairs of comfy pants, because wearing jeans EVERY day for the next 5 months doesn't sound great, I did nothing else of note. I bought 4 pairs. Two are just solid colors. Two have cute designs at the bottom, I love them!! And they are SO comfortable! I bought them in a size too big, because they are all 50 to 84% cotton, which means shrinkage. And they were perfect in Large, but if it shrinks, I'd have wasted $71!!

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Tori_z said...

Yes, I've noticed that. About people insisting you make something every time if you show you can do it as good as - or better than - the rest of the family. Still, I guess the bright side of that is that it shows people appreciate you.

mama-face said...

I'd prefer to eat anything else if someone else will do the cooking!

I'm catching up, as you can probably tell, and you are making me HUNGRY! I would some shells, and some birthday cake, and most of all a caramel apple.


CaJoh said...

I think that it is a sign of respect for the mastery that you have with the iTalian cuisine. I'll bet you make a mean lasagna… it sure looks yummy.

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