Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yoplait Frozen Smoothie Spark Giveaway

Thanks to MYBLOGSPARK, I got to try two of the flavors of Yoplaits new frozen smoothies! I chose Triple Berry and Strawberry Mango Pineapple, though there is also Blueberry Pomegranate and Strawberry Banana.

Are you among the seven out of every ten individuals who don’t eat the recommended two servings of fruit per day (1 full cup)?

Yoplait® Frozen Smoothies are a quick and easy solution to help you get those important nutrients, plus a whole lot more, and now they’re available in a new, delicious Blueberry Pomegranate flavor!

Each package of Yoplait Frozen Smoothies contains one full serving of fruit (1/2 cup) and only 110 to 120 calories per serving. In addition to containing live and active cultures provided by Yoplait® yogurt, when prepared with skim milk and made according to package directions, Yoplait Frozen
Smoothies are also a good source of calcium.

As seen on The Biggest Loser, which airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC, Yoplait Frozen Smoothies are also easy to make! To whip up perfectly blended smoothies in a snap, simply empty the package containing Yoplait frozen yogurt chips and frozen fruit into your blender, add skim milk, and blend. It’s that easy!

I used the
handy Smoothie button on my blender, which blends ingredients at optimal speeds for deliciously smooth results. In just two minutes, I was able to enjoy a great tasting Yoplait Frozen Smoothie as a guilt-free snack.

Found in the frozen fruit aisle of your local grocery store, Yoplait Frozen Smoothies come in four delicious flavors, including: Blueberry Pomegranate, Triple Berry, Strawberry Banana, and Strawberry Mango Pineapple.

Don’t forget to visit Yoplait on Facebook and Yoplait on Twitter and “Like” or “Follow” the brand to keep up with their latest and greatest products.

My sisters and I decided to all try them out together. Sandy really liked the Strawberry Mango Pineapple. But we all agreed you could NOT taste pineapple AT ALL and barely mango also. Sandy swears she could taste banana though which was funny. We realized this needed to be blended more because we got chunks of yogurt which did not taste good chewing. I liked the simple cool flavor of
the strawberries, but was very sad I couldn't taste the pineapple.

Katie loved the Triple Berry, it had "a kick" that she needed from a smoothie. She drank most of the whole package, loving the kick of blueberry the most. I found it very interesting but too strong for my taste, I liked the first more, but I could see the appeal. I am not a huge fan of blueberries, so I could see how that might influence my taste.

And the Kitchen-Aid Blender made it all SO easy to make. I used the High button first to break up the big chunks and then the Smoothie button just ground it into a smooth mixture. It is a amazing piece of kitchen machinery!

Click HERE to be taken to a link to the Yoplait Frozen Smoothies mini microsite, which your readers can visit to receive an online coupon for $1.25 off any one flavor of Yoplait Frozen Smoothie.


To Win:

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Giveaway ends Wednesday, December 1st , 2010!

NOT listing this on Prizey people so sign up!!!

Yoplait provided me with the product, and information, and KitchenAid® provided me with the 3-speed KitchenAid® blender through MyBlogSpark.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cut Off

I am feeling basically ruled by my disorders as of late. Even with the now 5 medications to try and control my depression, anxieties, OCD and BiPolar, I feel like they are crushing me down and cutting off my air supply. They are also making the few things I enjoyed before, things I just can't enjoy.

I feel no motivation to DO anything anymore. It is hard to just get out of bed, I really don't want to, I want to sleep all the time. So when you just want to sleep, you have no energy. I have been sucking back 5 Hour Energy drinks just to stay awake and be around my family. Which makes Sandy worry as caffeine is apparently not good for BiPolars but I need my family. So I am barely on the computer at all, so that means I am lucky if I play catch up on reading blogs. The thought of actually writing blogs seems stupid, as it seems like I will just lose you all if I am depressing day after day. And I can't lose my only friends. I don't talk to anyone else.

I rarely go to the movies anymore. And I definitely don't go by myself anymore, which used to get me out of the house if I felt trapped. And you know I am a movie-holic.

I lay here on the couch and I am confused. It was cry ALL the time. Then a scary deadness inside. Now it feels like I am not good, but not bad, but while you may think that is good, it isn't. But I have this utter feeling of trepidation that something is hanging over my head and the minute I believe that it will come crashing down on me and hurt worse than the crying pain. I know you might think I am crazy, but I know when things are bad in me, when they are not right, when they are wrong. And what I am feeling feels wrong. It scares me, not assures me. I have a feeling the ground beneath me is very thin, and I am being set up to fall through to a much darker pain. Because Lucifer knows I have given up. I told my Mom that. I'm done. She told me she will try for me while I can't try for me for now, which made me cry of course. I am just so tired and want it to be over. But as a good Mormon, I want it to be God's will and he want me to go "home" now too.

Thank goodness for my mother. If I didn't have her to talk to, who knows what I would do sometimes. When you are so out of control, emotion wise, it is hard to control yourself. Luckly she gets it, she had depression so she understands a lot of what I talk about. She talks me through tough spots until I am feeling like I got the feelings I felt trapped inside me, OUT.

So I am sorry I am being a sucky blog friend. I am not much of a person anymore if it makes you feel better. I am tired all the time, and the newer meds are making me even more tired...and peeing all the time, I am an old lady. I will have a giveaway soon. Get to try smoothies so have to do that soon.

I wish I was stronger. I feel like I am letting so many people in different parts of my life down. I am just tired of ME.

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