Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Photo Tag Meme!!

Thanks for the Meme Sheri!! I haven't gotten this kind of one in a LONG time, and I do love Meme's, it is like a FREE blog post! LOL!

Here are the rules:
1. Open your 1st Photo folder.
2. Scroll to the 10th photo.
3. Post the photo and the story behind it.
4. Tag 5 or more people.

Okay this is NOT the best photo, but I am following the rules! Darn it, pesky sense of honor and all! LOL! Anyway, this is a pic of me and my sisters that I took of the three of us when we were at the Big E. We were taking a break and sitting outside the Connecticut house. The Big E is this: "There's no better place to enjoy the sights, sounds and taste tempting aromas of the fall season than at The Big E, New England's Autumn Tradition and the largest fair in the northeast. It's a New England extravaganza with top name entertainment, major exhibits, The Big E Super Circus, the Avenue of States, New England history and agriculture, animals, rides, shopping, crafts, a daily parade and a Mardi Gras parade and foods from around the world for 17 glorious days during New England's most colorful season. "

Basically it celebrates New England and the 6 states that make it up. We were sitting in from of the Connecticut State House. What this means, is inside each of the 6 buildings, it is like what makes up the state. The most famous foods, the stuff they sell, etc. So you can visit 6 states in an hour as long as you don't sill dally or EAT. So it is impossible to do it in an hour, it is true. SO much good food! There is a little bit of everything in the state houses. Plus it is all of the above too, a fair, rides, cool shopping...lots of shopping!!!, etc.

We had such a fun day that day, even though it was so cold! And when we finally decided to do rides, it began to rain and we got SOAKED as we were in the swings going round as we got slammed by icy rain! It was so cool! LOL!

I’m Tagging…

1) Kristina - because I SO want to see what is in Kristina's photo folders!! You never know what could pop up!! LOL!
2) Boob Nazi - like Kristina, I am so absurdly curious what photo she will HAVE to post and be a good Mormon girl and not cheat!! :p
3) Whitney - a fellow camera lover, I am excited to see what you have in your folders!
4) Salt - I just know there will be some cool photo that will pop up, and I have just found her site so I am excited!!
5) Tim - I am excited to see what kind of picture is going to show up as Tim's 1st folder and 10th pic, he has gorgeous kids and cool photos all the time!!

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Crap-tastic Adventure with Kat

So I decided to go with Katie to her gig at Cafe Lebanon. We were going to drive up to Mass., eat after Katie performed and then we were going to drive back to CT and go see a late showing of The Bounty Hunter.

Things started off rocky though. I was worried then that the night was going to be disastrous, but man, even I had no clue it would be such a craptastic journey. We left a little late, so Katie said there was NO way we could make a 45 minute in 30 minutes, that she would need to call around 7:20 and tell them we hit traffic but would be there as soon as humanly possible. I was like, okay. Then Kat realized she didn't have her garment bag. She had the suitcase but not the garment bag. I was on the phone with Dad, he had called because he wanted to apologize to me for being rude as Katie was freaking out that she was late and I took the "liberty" of using 40 seconds to pee...before a 45 minute drive (I have NO bladder!). But Kate interrupted THAT, which I admit was a bit hurtful as my Dad HAD hurt my feelings and I needed the apology, but whatever, Katie demanded to know if my Dad had packed her garment bag and he said no, so we had to turn around and go pick it up. The way Katie was going on, my Dad should have KNOWN to pack that in the car for since when would ANY of us know what a belly dancer need for HER gig?!! So he met us before we even got to our house, he was waling it to us, and Katie really could have, even though she was freaking, been a bit more appreciative.

So we were on our way again. Katie likes to listen to her performance music on the way up, and I loathe the music, so I thought it a perfect time to try out two of my Christmas presents! My portable dvd player and the noise cancelling headphones. I grabbed "Serious Moonlight", a movie I have been meaning to watch. It has Meg Ryan, Timothy Hutton and Kristen Bell. The synopsis is "When a high-powered female attorney discovers that her husband is about to leave her for another woman, she prevents him from doing so by binding him to the toilet with duct tape. Complications ensue when burglars break into the couple’s home.". I got to watch about a half hour. I actually recognized where we were so I knew we were seconds away, and that was when the shmuck did it. Nadim texted, not even bothering to call, Katie and said, both shows are cancelled.

I HATE this guy. He treats Katie like crap, all dancers like crap, which is why Katie dances there so often! None of the dancer IN Mass. want to work for him anymore! He doesn't care that Katie travels 45 minutes from CT to get to his bloody restaurant. Yes we were late, we were pulling in about 22 minutes after Katie is supposed to go on, but to wait until we were almost there to TEXT her that she shouldn't bother was deliberate, I know it. We had to go in anyways though, because Katie was IN her full costume all ready to go. And the place was crowded too, which it never is, and he still cancelled. He ADVERTISES belly dancers for Saturdays so I feel he is cheating his customers too. He is always cancelling the second show on Katie because he never has people there, which makes it so Katie drives ALL that way for $45...when you take gas away, that leaves Katie with like $25!! Katie was mad but internalizing it, saying it was all her fault, which trust me, it is not. She wanted us to eat there, because that was what she had promised ME, but I was like NO WAY are we paying his astronomical food prices when he pulled this crap on her! I suggested we get her changed and then go eat at Cracker Barrel. She agreed.

So we went inside and he was THERE! He was supposed to be at his other one for Arabian night, he barely spoke a word to Katie as we headed to the downstairs. He barely glanced at her as we left, and the waiters looked shocked because the place was PACKED for them. I HOPE customers complained, I really do. Katie kept looking behind her because I think she knew he WANTED to run after her but wouldn't. She was so frustrated though. She said she knew he was going to bring this up, and the time when she couldn't dance because she was out of state, etc and use it against her. It is his M.O. with dancers. She also knew she could bring up the fact that he STILL owed her for past performances, didn't feed her half the time as he was supposed to, and the fact that she was giving him the prime Saturday spot to dance for him, and he was demanding MORE dance time, but didn't want to pay her more. The agreement is she performs 2 15-minute shows for a whopping total of $90, which is a very LOW price for belly dancing. Well Katie normally does 18-25 minutes because she doesn't want the audience to feel cheated!! And he is claiming now she does 13 minutes period. Which is a blatant LIE. I hate him, he is such a jerk! But she won't tell him to piss off, because right now she needs the money. She is in externships full time and his gigs are her only regular money coming in. Otherwise I think, when she has an OTA job, she will tell him to piss off, she can PICK what jobs she takes. I think she would rather dance at one of the hookah bars where it wreaks of smoke until 1 am, because at least there she gets $120 for the 2 15-minute shows AND is treated better.

Anyway we went and ate at Cracker Barrel, I took some pictures of their more vintage-y looking stuff like candy, etc. but want to play with filters to see what effects I can achieve before posting them here. I tried the Saturday special, chicken and rice, which was SO good in Florida when I had it, but awful here. NO flavor at all, and they stuff is in a mushroom sauce!! But I was full, had some cute pics and I bought Katie and everyone else a prize. Peanut Brittle for Dad, a bag of cinnamon + sugar glazed almonds each for Mom and Sandy and for Katie, I get Mega-Candy Buttons. You remember those lil dots that were stuck to paper that are candy and you peel them off and eat them? These are giant ones and come in REAL flavors. The lil ones are basically...sugar flavored! LOL! Here is a pic of the two I found:

Katie loved them, yay. Good because before we left, another disaster occurred!! While I waited for Katie to get out of the restroom after we paid, I was picking up items to buy, etc. In the back of my mind I thought, wow, Katie sure is taking a long time, I need her out so she can hold the food so I can pee! When she showed up she looked PISSED. She said she had been calling me for awhile, like 9 times. I checked my phone and it was Off! I never turn my phone off so it was weird, and it did not say I missed any calls when I did turn it on. Kat had a "female" emergency and had to go out to the car where she luckily had a change of clothes and supplies. She was steamed! It wasn't my fault Katie, I NEVER turn off my phone, something odd must have happened. I would have gone for the stuff in the car if I had gotten the calls!! So this just solidified the night for Katie. So I was VERY happy when I met her outside and gave her the prize.

So we were off towards CT and we were too late for the earlier movies and too early for the later ones. So I suggested we go home first. Katie could get everything inside, maybe see Mom and Dad before we left. I think she liked that idea. A venting to Mom about the evening seemed in order. So they were all surprised to see us and delighted with their prizes. They were upset for Katie's gig debacle and Mom and Sandy were females, they were nodding as the rest of her wrecked night unfolded. My Mom had been about to take a bath but decided to go with us to this LATE movie. I had told her Kat was doing bad, not to get her to go, I never thought my Mom would even think of going, I just told her so she knew. And seeing her, I think it cemented that Kate needed her, so she went with us.

We really liked The Bounty Hunter, it was funny and Gerard and Jennifer were great and had good chemistry! I was worried all the good parts were in the commercial, but the movie was FILLED with good parts!! It was delightful, except for that movie-goer who kept texting like 6 rows down, but it was like a beacon of light every single flipping time, but no one else behind them complained, so I shied up. Gahhh!! It was a really nice story, besides the fun-filled story where people were after Milo for owing money to a bookie, and people were after Nicole for a) skipping bail and b)looking into the "suicide" of this man, who was actually murdered and it looked like cops were in on it. The nicer story was these exes, butting heads, when really, they still loved each other and didn't really understand what went so wrong. This is just a fun movie, and I definitely say, go SEE it!

We got home, took our respective baths/showers at like 1:30 in the morning and now I am writing my blog...what did the night owl thing go away? NO! LOL! I really NEED to see the end of that movie I was watching in the car ride up, it was pretty entertaining so far. But I am catching up on my beloved ABC soaps right this moment. It works well when I am blogging and reading blogs, When I am bored I type or read, and then when a good part comes on, I stop. Simple, but smart I say.

P.S. Please remember to go visit my Photog Blog and follow and comment!! Puh-lease!! LOL!

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Poetry and Pics

Um yup, this is a BLATANT reminder to click on over to my Brand New photography blog and follow and comment. I want it all Baby!! So click the button or HERE!!

Okay, on to a poem I have been working on. I am actually working on quite a few, but am feeling this one is ready to show and see if I get my point across, or if it just jumbled words that only can make sense to me, the writer. So here goes:

Highway to Hell

There's always going to be another battle
Another fight to face, another step to take
Isn't it time for a rest stop, a chance to breathe?
I could use a little down time, let's stop this trek

Let's stretch our legs and let our hair blow freely
Take a seat on the hood and soak up the suns' warmth
Let the rays break some of the ice clinging to my heart
I've had to cake it in snow just to stop the bleeding

There seems to be no end to this journey in sight
Just when I think I have reached the end of my battle
Another interstate appears and I am forced to drive it
Always driving alone with the passer-bys' not seeing me

Alone and tired on this highway to my own personal hell
I am forced to keep going on to the next bump in my road
Which forces my car off the sandy road to a screeching halt
I am not allowed to miss any of the trials set before me

I tried once by avoiding the potholes in the road
Only to find they moved close as I tried to pass them
Forcing me into a ditch before settling under my tire tread
It seems sometimes you cannot avoid traffic accidents

You have to accept that this is your avenue, your lot in life
That you can't put on cruise control and breeze through happily
You need to buckle up and put on your headlights to guide you
Click the hazards on as you dart and weave through your torment

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Photo Blog - Please Follow!

Hey my Bloggy Friends. I have created a Photography Blog for myself, a place where I can post photos I take and maybe get some feedback on them. So please click on the new button on my Blog and take a look and please Follow!

If you don't see the button, my photo blog is called Photographic Tendencies and you can click HERE to go directly there. There might be some photos you have seen at first that I have used here, but I would love your opinions on them regardless and any ideas you might have, like if you think a particular filter would flatter the photograph or improve it or whatever you might want to say! I am not certain about any kind of second blog or if it will work out, but I thought I might give it a try. What do you think? Keep it or trash it? Do those of you who have photograph blogs find it worthwhile or is it better to just post them on your main blog?

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Photo Opinion

These are a couple of shots I like that I have taken over the last couple of months. I haven't been keeping up with taking pictures lately which is why less have been published but I do like these few. What do you think? I think ALL can be clicked on to enlarge.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friday Fragments

*Sometimes seeing someone else enjoy a really good movie for the first time, is almost as good when you, yourself, first saw it. I rented The Blind Side and Katie and Sandy had never seen it, and their reactions were so fun to see. They LOVED it! They just adored Kathy Bates trying to spook Michael out of going to Tennessee by telling him bodies were under the football field! And when they saw the end, where they show the real Michael Oher, they were like jaw-drop shocked. They were like he is "huger than in the movie!!"

*And on Tuesday, we went and saw Avatar. For my Dad and I, it was our second viewing of it. Still as good as the first time, I have to tell ya. But it was my Mom's first time seeing it, and she LOVED it! Out of the blue on the way home, she would just suddenly say "that was SO good!". Heehee! I told her when I first saw it months ago, that it surprised me, because there was so much storyline that isn't even hinted at in the commercials, and now she totally agrees. Now SHE is telling my sisters that they would have loved it too! :p

*I made my Poor Man Lasagna meal and guess who ate it? Me. Dad offered Katie and Sandy Japanese, and he wanted leftover Chinese (and yes he knew I planned this meal), and my Mom got sick so she ate toast. SO I was upset. For the obvious reason that I was the only one who ate it after all the work, but also because I had forgotten totally about making dinner. Until 7 am. Yes I was extremely bad with no sleep that night. Then I was like, Oh no I HAVE to stay up later and make it, it is the planned dinner!! So until after 8am I was cooking. And no one ate that meal but me. I am also the only one that has been eating all the leftovers. THAT I don't mind too much, I love it and they don't even deserve it. But since it was only me, I didn't make the garlic bread or salad, because it WAS JUST ME. So I am a bit pissed off. And I think I have the right to be.

*This week it has been warmer and then cooling down so there has been a lot of rain, Which has resulted in me having migraines, so not cool. Compared to a week ago, when it was SO lovely, this is the PITS!

*Maxie was extremely bad last night. His itchies, like our allergies, have been awful lately. So he has peeled off a bit of one of his paw pads, OUCH! So he was biting so bad, I knew I had to give him some children's benadryl (vet recommendation) to help. So he is giving me CUJO and really badly. My grip on him was not secure so I half put him back down and re-picked him up, and I swear if he had been facing me he would have BIT me! Instead he ended up head-butting me SO hard, my jaw ached for over 2 hours and I was terrified it would turn into a migraine! I gave him the med, no treat and put him in his house with the gate up. He was BAD. I was so shook up and so angry though, I had to go talk to my Mother. I needed a calming influence and I was in real pain. I was scared I couldn't forgive him. He was inside the house for about 20 to 25 minutes and then I let him out. He apologized, which is standing on my chest and licking my face, so I said I might still be mad but we were okay. By the time a few more hours went by, he was plastered to my leg and I had to give it up, he was my pookie bear and I loved him. But man, he is evil lately with the Cujo and biting himself. I am thinking of getting the kid's benadryl meltaways and those dog treats with a hole for pills and MAKING him take those and much more often.

*We went to the Polish place for dinner and my Mom and I shared our normal chicken cutlet and potato and cheese perogies, but my Dad got the Wienerschnitzel and this time it had a friend egg on it. He loved it so that was good, but there is NO way I want an egg on anything besides a piece of toast with cheese. Yeah I am odd that way. We got to talking with the owner Liz, and she has her adorable THICK Polish accent. She was telling us about the over 90 lbs of corned beef they sold and how they are doing American customs since they live here now but are also teaching their son all their Polish customs so that they are never lost. Which I think is AWESOME! Did you know it is only a 6 hour flight to Poland?? That is what Liz said. Because when she found out my grandmothers were from Australia and New Zealand, respectively, she couldn't believe we had never visited. We had to tell her those trips are EXPENSIVE. I WISH I could visit those places and my other nationality countries too: Ireland, Germany and Czech Republic. When she learned the flights are about 18 hours she understood the price thing a little more. We just couldn't even afford for my Mom and Dad to go, when my Aunt Maureen asked them to go in September. My Dad, the one I get my Australian from, worried he will never meet the family he has there. Sad! Anyway Liz was funny, she told us how in Poland, squirrels were the color of my hair, lol, so when they first arrived and lived in NY and there were some on the fire escape she started screaming bloody murder, because she thought they were rats! And she had never seen a chipmunk before, so when they moved to Mass. she started screaming her head off! She is a riot!

*I watched Prue die last night on Charmed and then watched Paige be introduced. I have to admit, I do miss Prue a little, like I did when it happened, but I also know I ended up LOVING Paige way more, so she is already entertaining and I am only 3 episodes into Season 4. The guest stars on this show are turning out to be like "holy crap" moments. I have seen Misha Collins and Amy Adams among others! And right now it is the guy who plays Jin on Lost. With a mustache and he is all evil, it is so funny! It is just fun to see these people before they were stars and all baby faced and such. Trust me Misha Collins who plays Castiel on Supernatural, was wimpy looking and sounding on Charmed. Like a baby! LOL!

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Random Thoughts and Feelings...

My sister Sandy is in a lot of pain lately. She had to have something done and so she is under constant care and attention. It is hard, as a big sister, to see tears pool in your baby sisters eyes because of the amount of pain she is in. It like goes against my personal nature or whatever to see her in pain, to see her cry, to see her scared. It is my job, or calling even, to protect my sisters from whatever I can. Even if they don't want that protection, it is going to be here, for them, no matter what they say. Or do. Anyways...

Although when she is on painkillers, she is a riot. She babbles and about the oddest subjects. Everything from the insurance thing passing, to the thermometer they used on her, to random facts about dogs or tv or anything. And she often repeats herself without realizing it. LOL. Sandy doesn't babble that much on a regular basis, so her babbling while essentially higher than a kite, just cracks us all up. It is just so cute.

One thing I was not expecting though, was the quality time I would get with her in the last few days. She has shown up around 2 am, not able to sleep, for an hour or two, and just been there. And while it has interrupted my normal schedule of watching shows and stuff, it has been so nice having one on one time with her. We are a family, so often it is 3 or 4 or the 5 of us. But one on one time with people is not that easy to come by a lot of the time. Everyone wants to watch the movie, or go to the mall or whatever. And while you treasure those moments too, as a Sisters Day or a Mom and Daughter day, A Night with Dad and the girls day...a you and so and so, is really nice too.

Sandy is a loner, so she just wants to be left to her own devices, or what not. So getting her to hang out with just me, is not something that happens that often. Especially times where she will just talk about whatever is on her mind. I tell her all the time, you can talk to me about anything, but she is extremely private also. So last night, having her for two hours, and just chatting about random topics was nice. And tonight we watched Castle together and I kept an eye on her. Her letting me take care of her when she actually NEEDS it, is also rare. It was just nice to have my Sandy, unguarded, to myself. It reminded me how much I enjoy her company, just her and me.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fight for Light Attempt 2

So Sam went with me on my continued hunt for some bloody Easter lights. It was another pretty day on Saturday, no jackets needed, but alas, that free feeling wasn't present that day. Too bad, it was very much appreciated. But I liked having Sam with me. We spend plenty of time at home together, but it was nice to get out and just hang out with my littlest sister. I try to get her to go out with me, often, but I am usually met with a resounding 'No Thanks!' Which I admit, can be hurtful sometimes. She always has some excuse, including I just don't want to, but sometimes when I go to a late, late movie, her presence would be very much appreciated. Just so I didn't feel so alone.

Anyway we went over to West Hartford and stopped by the Old Navy first, and they DID have my jacket I wanted in the coral/salmony orange color. When we finally got to a register (I have never seen an Old Navy THIS packed!) I was all getting my ire raised, because it rang up as $24.50, and I had paid $19.50 the DAY before at the other Old Navy! But then the total price ended up being $17.15 and I was mad at the OTHER Old Navy! Although Sam pointed out it was Saturday and maybe that is the day they change prices, but I dunno. I felt a bit burned at that. I don't care if it was only a difference of $2.35, I want that $2.35 BACK! Hmmph!

Anyway, then we drove over to Michael's Craft Store, which is huge!! If anyplace left had lights it would be here. Were there? NO. Of course not. I gave up. I give up, I can't go anywhere else with this hope for finding lights, just to be disappointed so I am done. I will try and be happy with what I do have in the house. But we did find a cute bunny for the front door and Sam found jordan almonds for my Mom. She also fond these adorable skull decals which she is going to turn into a stencil and use a black sharpie and put lil skullies all over her luggage. It is so Sandy. And I liked this plane key that was a pendant, if it was more ornate, I think it might me more understandable but it really is just a very plain looking skeleton key that I put on a chain and think I may look stupid. I will try to remember to take a pic wearing it, so I can get opinions.

So we went home and Sandy made up the Chef Boyardee pizza mix, which we love in our family, and I peeled and cut up a cucumber and then mixed it up with a little bit if salt. Yummy cukes. English cukes are the only ones we buy now, they don't make you burp, seriously. And they taste better too! We watched a movie, Mom, Sandy and I. Dad was keeling over, he had been doing chores all day. His first day off for a week and he does work all day, crazy man! And Katie was off, as usual, at a belly dance gig. So that was the end for my search for lights...this time. When Easter is over...what will I do?! No holidays anytime soon, I will have to go through the string lights I bought for my room years ago when I was obsessed with them being on in my room (I even have a blue rope light and a purple one) and pick one for the fireplace, and maybe order some online for the arch. I SO like the pretty lights, it just makes it a little less lonely.

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I'm so LOST

Lost is making me so giddy by answering questions, but tonight's was especially satisfying! I mean, we have been waiting more than 5 seasons to find out WHAT or WHO Richard is, and tonight's episode finally gave answers that not only made sense, they made him a more relatable character, less cold than he seems as this other worldly figure, in the past anyway. The final scenes with Hurley had me almost in tears. Richard was so REAL. His anger and attempt at suicide started the humanization of Richard Alpert, but this glimpse at his introduction to the island, was just...awesome! Nestor Carbonell is fabulous as Richard, I am so glad he is having a bigger part in this final season. He is leading man material, not background material!

I was also thrilled with last week's episode. Finally, Charled Whidmore is at the island. Things feel like they are finally really heating up and like everything IS headed towards a hopefully satisfactory end! I would really love to know what faux-Locke has done to Sayid and Claire though. These once heroes, are now super creepy and NOT making me glad at seeing them. Right now, if you killed off Claire or Sayid, I may not even flinch! Claire is psychotic and SO obviously faking asking Kate for forgiveness, and Sayid is a cold-blooded murderer because he actually thinks this faux-Locke can give him his love back. Sayid suddenly got STUPID?!! So not him.

One thing that is definitely confusing is this whole sideways world. Sawyer is a COP?! Come on people, what is going on?! I thought this was IF the plane never crashed, but this is a different WORLD. Locke is happily engaged, Jack has a TEEN, Kate loves life on the run, Sayid let his brother marry his love, Hurley has GOOD luck, Boone is so over Shannon, Ben is a teacher, Sun and Gin...well there is some money that is not theirs, but they seem sadly back to season 1. Charlie seems the same too, that one glimpse of him and Claire's story is believable too. She keeps Aaron...but that she chose the name....doodoodoodoodoodoodoodoo (Twilight Zone song...sorry!!). I am just confused why we are even seeing this sideways world. WHAT does it mean?!

I do not like that they are raising NEW questions, with only 7 or 8 episodes left, they are running out of time to answer our MANY questions. And while I am LOVING this season, I am also feeling the sadness that this cool island will soon be saying bon voyage. No more stations to uncover, no more mysteries to need to figure out...what will we do? There IS no other show like this, ABC's attempt with Flash Forward just is not the same. When the plane had crashed on the beach in that first episode and Kate had to help Jack with his wound, they had me enthralled and hooked for good. These characters were all so dynamic. I don't know when I will stop missing Hurley once he is gone. I adore Hurley and all his "dudes"!

What mysteries are you most anxious to see answered? What did you think of the Richard episode? Come on, share in my obsession with me!!

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Times and The Fight for Light

This past Friday was a day of just utter gorgeousness. It was 70 bloody degrees and sunny! I rolled the window all the way down and let the perfectly tempered air brush over my face and run through my hair. It was so lovely. It felt like little faery hands were running through my hair and massaging my head, making my mood brighten more and more, as the drive went on.

I stopped in at Target, to hunt for some Easter string lights. I ADORE lights, and after Christmas was over, I did NOT want the TV room to go back to just normal lighting. So after we took down the Christmas lights, we immediately put up Valentine's Day lights. WAY early but who cares?! Sandy even sound some plain red string lights that we put in the arch and I fell in love with that too. So when V-Day was over, I immediately found the shamrocks and went hunting for plain green string lights, which were no where but online. But I found lil jelly shamrock lights at AC Moore (craft store). Now that St. Patty's is over, I want Easter lights up. I knew we had enough jelly (you know like the stuff jelly shoes were made of?) egg lights for the archway, but I needed ones for the fireplace. So I went to Target but they had NO lights!

I did get a Dr.Pepper Icee though, and got back in the car and put the window down and blared Miley Cyrus's 'Party in the USA' as I drove over to AC Moore. I figured there was no place else that would definitely have lights, like AC Moore would. SO I was happily sipping away, loving the feel of the wind, when I was also assaulted by wonderful scents you don't seem to notice in the cold weather. The smell of all the restaurant's foods was in the air, almost the way they are at fairs and festivals! I could smell pizza and Chinese food and just yummy scents drifting into the car as I drove along. It was like a delight on all my senses. It just made me smile all the more. And as you know, those smile moments are rare and super precious!

So I got to AC Moore an NO Easter lights at all! What the frick?! Easter is celebrated by way more people than St. Patrick's day, so what is with the lack of light love for Easter AC Moore?!! It wasn't a total loss though, I stopped in at Old Navy and found this SUPER thin hoodie, which is like perfect for spring and perfect for when we go to Florida, in case there is ever a cool night. I really wanted it in the orangey-salmon color but they didn't have it in XL and I wanted it to be roomy. It was a guy's jacket but my bustens (boobs, hello German) do not like the large. But I got the blue at least.

So I went to Walmart, and no lights. I admit, the faeries running through my hair were now gone. The sun was setting and it was getting a little chilly and i had no jacket. But then I thought I had the BEST idea of all time! Who would definitely, without a doubt, have Easter lights? Duh, Wendy! IParty!! The bloody party store! So I drove over there all excited and NO freaking, fracking lights!! Sure they had jalapeno lights and luau lights (note for summer time), but not one bloody Easter light! So I was called up and told get home, 4 places is enough!! So I am not sure if I give up yet. I have managed to get some of the jelly eggs onto the fireplace, there were 3 strings, but I HATE them all matching!! I like different, and I wanted bunnies or duckies! Or jelly beans or whatever!

So now I am in a I continue my search? I do not want to go all OCD and be disappointed again, but what if Michael's Craft store in West Hartford has them? And there is an Old Navy over there, maybe they have the orangey jacket...but aghhh!! I do not want to jinx the whole thing worse.

So the lights were a disappointment, but the gorgeous feeling of the day, up to going to Walmart, was a nice one. That was at least one solid hour of feeling GOOD. Sure that ended really harshly later that night, but for that hour, I felt more alive than I have in months!!

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Short + Sweet 1


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Stop & Shop Yoplait Yogurt Giveaway

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While this kind of yogurt is not for me, as I could not get past the thick, but albeit creamy consistency, I know that lots of people enjoy Greek yogurt, so this is a great contest to sign up for! They have 4 flavors to choose from: Strawberry, Blueberry, Plain and Honey Vanilla. Yoplait is such a trust worthy brand, and I love some of their other yogurts, so I trust that their Greek yogurt is some of the best Greek yogurt out there.

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Oh...the Shame!!

Okay so last night, I had to listen to the last like 8 chapters on cd of New Moon, JUST to feel less frustrated and like I was visualizing how is SHOULD have gone down. It did feel right visualizing it in my brain happening as it was read aloud to me. I used the actors who play them in the movies but just saw it as I feel it should have happened. But I am also worried since I am having trouble NOT getting OCD about stuff, that talking about it will get it stuck in my head, so I am going to close the Twilight box for now and put it away. Please brain, help me by obeying!!

Okay I have to admit to a SHAME. What I am watching right now, I have never watched before, I got sucked in though this season before knowing what I was watching!! I swear I had no idea what it was, but by the time I knew what I was watching, I was invested in seeing if any of these dirt bags could be redeemed!!

Yes, I admit it, I am ashamed to say I am right now watching Tool Academy 3!! *sob* Please do not lose respect for me!! I was channel surfing and found these people acting all full of themselves and then these people paraded out and these people all became aghast and looked like they wanted the Earth to swallow them whole. It was their significant others! And I could NOT stop watching! It was like a car wreck, you want to look away, but there is some morbid fascination in seeing what happens!

And there is now only 4 "tools" left. But I want to reach through the screen and MAKE these 3 women and 1 man ( yes there is a first, a toolette ) see that these people are SCUM and they needs to LEAVE them! Hardly any of the kicked off tools girlfriends broke up with them!! Idiots, these "tools" are all like, and I HATE this word, sluts. They are walking STD's. It grosses me out, and what makes it worse is all these other women hook up with them all the time! NASTY!

I mean, look, I admit that I have no self esteem, but I would hope, I would NEVER let a guy treat me like these women are treated, and they obviously have no self-esteem. But they put up with them and their cheating even though most are great looking women, who ARE the money makers too! I do not like to see women or this one guy treated these ways, but I like feel a NEED to see what happens. I have to see if ANY of them were ever sincere in wanting to change themselves, not just for their significant other, but for themselves. SO now you know my current shame. TOOL ACADEMY 3!! I know, I know. I will go stand in the corner.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Moon revisited

STILL LOATHE IT!! The entire last quarter of the book was put into like 5 minutes at the end of the movie, and they changed it ALL!! Bella and Edward do not make up and kiss as soon as she sees him, that whole 30 seconds!! And it took a LONG time to get to the Volturri and here, BING, the green elevator down, sooooo mysterious, NOT!! And the Volturri scenes in the book lasted much longer, Aro had much more to say than they had him in the movie. There WAS no seeing Alice and Bella even FLY there, which I enjoyed. Then when they finally fly home, Bella is thinking these are her last moments with Edward, and they finally talk in her room and he explains but she doesn't believe him. It is only as they run to the Cullen house that they stop and Bella realizes Edward really does love HER as much as she loves HIM! And the vote lasts for more than a milisecond!! Edward doesn't g roaring off in the movie. And there IS no Jacob dropping off Bella's bike and causing MAJOR anger from Charlie!!!


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Saturday, March 20, 2010

OLTL Love-ish

Sorry but I had to finish up my summing up of my three soap operas. And as less people blog on weekends, I figured I would go with it anyway. One Life to Live has it's really good aspects lately and it's bad too. They need some major improvements, but some of it works too!

I love the fact that Todd Manning has this new daughter who can't stand him, because of his past misdeeds. Todd is such a fun character and trying to make this stubborn teenage girl to give him a chance is proving to be quite entertaining. But Todd and Tea need to make me care again, or I am going to actually want Blair to cause friction again between them. I just hope with his sister Viki being MIA for awhile, while her portayer Erika Sleazak has surgery, that Todd can get one of his nieces to be there for him. Natalie would be an interesting choice because they have never been close so far.

The face-off over who gets dead Stacey's baby is good story. What is sad though? I hated the character of Stacy since the beginning, but she was finally getting interesting just before they killed her off in the snow storm. Too bad. But she left a MESS in her wake! Her sister Gigi wants to care for her niece. As does Stacey's BFF Kim, who goes so far as to get Clint Buchanan to marry her. But Schuyler, who thinks he is the father wants to raise her. Only none of them, but Kim, knows that Sierra's real father is Oliver Fish, the gay cop who slept with Stacy before outing himself. Fish doesn't even know, because he refuses to look at the DNA results his BF Kyle procured for him! So that is one fun disaster in the making!

One storyline I am hating though is Jessica's amnesia. She was given electro-shock by her evil birth father Mitch Laurence, and now can't remember anything past her 17th birthday. So she knows nothing. And no one past the time she was 17. Her daughter Bree? Nope. Her current LOVE Brody? Nope. Her fraternal twin sister Natalie? Nada. All she remembers is being 17 and this new 17 year old Jessica is kind of a...witch. I remember her being mostly sweet. Too sweet. She she remembers only loving Christian, who has moved on...a lot of times since they were in love. And so she is stalking Chris, even enrolling herself in high school to be his student! No one is telling her some major history she needs to know. Oh just trivial things, like the fact that she has DID, and besides Bree she had a stillborn daughter Chloe. And she has been married at least 3 times that I can remember. That she and Rex recently found out they were half siblings (and that development was so cute too!!), she has no idea who the crap Rex is! And she definitely has not been told that she stole her cousin Star's baby and passed it off as Chloe for MONTHS. This story is so lame. Amnesia stories can be good, but all Jess does is PINE over Christian and it is just lame. And people are allowing her to go back to high school, and I haven't seen her visit a shrink yet, they are just letting this grown woman act like it is like 12 years ago. Please Nix this or make it interesting and have her start remembering a whole year at a time. Because forgetting about your kid and the fact that her dead father was the love of 2 of your selves lives, is just sad!

And what is with Langston?! She has turned into, well kind of a slut. She claims she is so in love with Markko, her faithful boyfriend, but keeps on cheating on him with Ford, this sleazy much older guy. Langston is still in high school, this guy is too old for her! And apparently he likes to make girls fall for him and sleep with him, a lot, and then dumps them for his next mark. Cole, Markko's BFF, just saved Hannah from killing herself, and we the audience, know it is because Ford broke her heart. Yuckkkkk!

And Natalie crushing on John ALREADY?!! Last week, well give or take a few weeks, she was so grief-stricken over the murder of her husband Jared, and the fact that she would never have his baby, that she stabbed Mitch Laurence to try and kill him. This week, she is lusting after John again, and is so sad Marty is pregnant with John's baby. Yeah, Natalie's love for Jared was pure alright. NOT.

And Marty...she is just such a snore. That is why her character should leave or really die this time, so that Susan Haskell can move with her "Kurt Russell" Thorsten Kaye to CA, so HE can star on AMC still.

I like the new teen scene. Between Danielle, Matthew and Destiny, things are looking up. But they need a guy for Destiny, man. She is a sweetheart! And I want more of Dani getting to know her siblings, the other children of Todd. She and Starr seem like they could be great sisters but the fun chemistry was between Dani and their little brother Jack, who has attitude galore. And how about letting her meet their really lil brother Sam? Make me believe this is really a kid who found out she has a different father than she thought and has 3 new siblings and a slew of cousins!

Dorian is fabulous as always, but needs a new story as her current one kind of wrapped up. And I can't wait to see what OLTL has in store with the newly returned Kelly! I always loved Kelly!

This is what needs to happen. Viki needs to come home and FIX things. Get Jessica help so her memory comes back and she can reunite with Bree and Brody. Help Natalie move on with someone new (hear that writers?!). Get Bo to help Rex either reunite with Gigi or move on. Bo and Nora need to get Clint's forgiveness so they can help him get OUT of the marriage with Kim and start a real relationship. David needs to return for a longer stint (hey Desperate Housewives is almost over for the year so he is wide open) as he is the funniest character ever on OLTL and now that he is Bo's son, he has ties to every character on the scene! They need to add some female cops, not ONE on the force OLTL, how biased! And that is just to start...and all I can think of right now.

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AMC Like...

Okay let's talk some All My Children. Yes, I am an ABC soap lover. Just the three ABC, though I do know loads about them all, so feel free to email if you want a soap email friend! I LOVE soaps. Soap Opera Digest is my favorite magazine!! But AMC needs some help lately. Too many of their great storylines have fizzled and they need to bring some LIFE back into this great soap!

Okay I LOVE that they have brought Rebecca Budig BACK as Greenlee, and she is rocking things! But I HATE that she is paired up with David! Hello I know her on-again/off-again true BFF is off the canvas currently, but still, she was not the only person Greenlee talked to. Hello, she was friendly with Jake and others! But the BFF sitch. This is a problem AMC needs to correct. I know Alicia Minshew (Kendall) is on maternity leave, but she has been on it a LONG time! And now it seems to be a question of when and IF she returns to the show!! Hello, you cannot have Greens with NO Kendall, they go perfect together! Even during their catfight times, they just CLICK! These two are meant to share screen time for years to come. So call Alicia and tell her she needs to come back ASAP! And no I am not talking about this short "visit" she and Zach are making! Thorsten Kaye is leaving AMC, so don't tease us with a "visit". Tear that bandage off now! If Kendall and Zach are being torn apart AND off screen then just do it, we need Kendall's return (there better be one!) to feel real! She needs to be a wreck over Zach so that Greenlee can forgive her for sleeping with Ryan right after Greens "died", so they can move on! Seriously Greenlee, you were dead for a year, stop acting like you were betrayed. They acted in comforting each other, not in hurting you, who they thought was DEAD!

And okay let us talk Erica. I am going to try without gagging. Because the whole Ryan/Erica "romance" made me ILL! There are cougars and then there is Susan Lucci with Cameron Mathison, who could be her son cougar. *gags* It was so nasty! Especially since Ryan is Erica's daughter's ex-lover and he is the father of one of Erica's GRAND children!! I don't care what Susan says about her Youthful Essence, it don't work THAT good! Nasty! Erica needs to reconnect with Jackson or find a man her age range. This was a BIG mistake in AMC history.

I am SO upset that David Canary is retiring!! It was bad enough, break hearts bad, when they killed off Stuart, but now with Canary leaving, there goes Adam too! He is such a huge part OF AMC!! I love Adam, he is so wickedly evil, yet you love him sometimes too! It will be good though if his marriage to Annie ends, that is a pairing that just does not click.

JR needs a new story. His cancer story seemed like it would be a great one, but keeping it under wraps to the majority of the characters was an odd decision. I am glad it made JR and Marissa get closer, as they sometimes feel like strangers, and Colby finally finding out made her stop (for a minute) on her quest to rid the Chandler's of Annie, but it just seemed odd. And Jacob Young (JR) is such a phenomenal actor, he can and has done so much, so it is time for the good stuff! When he finds out his donor was Annie, he is going to flip, and as long as they keep him sober, this ought to be really good storytelling!

Let us move on to Tad. Who I adore. But all of a sudden they are making this trouble maker I really could care less about, a main character and are making him Tad's KID!! Holy heck NO! It was bad enough we are supposed to care about him buddying with Colby, who was replaced with a new actress recently, but now he is Tad's son and we are supposed to believe that his trouble making ways are reminiscent of Tad's youth? Ugh NO.

Angie and Jesse are a great re-addition to AMC, but after a great start, they are already being back-burned already. Angie can be a bit holier-than-thou, but I adore Jesse and his friendship with Tad. They need to take Tad and Jesse and give them a great mystery or adventure to work on together. And Frankie, Jesse and Angie's son, had great story too, but now is just plain boring. Okay he is married to an ex-hooker Randi...who is now just petty in her mission to do better than Madison at Fusion. *yawn*

Madison, who was supposed to be a temporary character actually has some promise, and I think they need to add a guy to the mix who can crack through her fear of men. And I love Jake and Amanda, but they are too happy right now, it is just never good to be that happy for too long. They are feeling a bit boring right now.

My suggestions to improve this show? Besides some awesome story lines? They need to get Alicia back first of all. The show needs Kendall! They also need to fire Susan Haskell from OLTL so that Thorsten can move his family out to CA and return with Kendall as Zach! Trust me, AMC needs Zach WAY more than OLTL needs Marty!! They also should get Eden Riegel back as Kendall's sister Bianca, who has "broken up with her wife Reese" and needs someone new. Hey, maybe Madison, she don't trust men anymore! And a couple more hotties for the female population of Pine Valley would also help. Everyone fighting over Ryan or the other married men, is just plain boring!

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Friday, March 19, 2010

GH Love

Ah I am loving♥ the story lines on General Hospital so much lately. This newest one with Kristina is explosive! She gets beaten within an inch of her life by her scumbag boyfriend Kiefer, and instead of saying that is was Kiefer who beat her, she claimed it was Ethan! Sure, Ethan rejected her publicly, and this made her mad, but to say it was another man, when your father is a MOB BOSS, she is just a selfish little twit!

Plus this pits Sonny (Kristina's mob dad) versus Luke (THE Luke and Ethan's revealed father), who have always managed to remain friends for the most part. So THAT is good storyline!

But I REALLY want the Kiefer reveal to come out. They have been dragging Kiefer hitting Kristina once in awhile for months, so to have the blame put on someone else is annoying. Especially with Ethan's newfound siblings, Lulu and Lucky NOT believing in him. I am tired of Kiefer and want to see Krissy's family and friends, who think he is the perfect boyfriend, to learn the truth and I would LOVE to see Sam, Krissy's much older sister beat the CRAP out of Kiefer! I just don't get, even on a soap, how you could be SO willing to let someone else either go to jail or DIE by your father's hands, to protect your scum BF you don't even love, otherwise you wouldn't have flirted with Ethan in hopes he'd go out with you...when you are 16 and he is like 26...can't she see that is EW?! And evil. Ethan is innocent!

Plus I am LOVING the Lulu/Dante pairing, they have chemistry baby! It is hot! And they are fun together! And the whole Dante turning out to be a cop AND Sonny's child is awesome!! I can't wait for Dante to realize it wasn't Sonny who killed Claudia, but his own little brother, Michael. Dante is so sure his "new" dad is going to go away for good because he killed his wife, but what is going to happen when all of GH finally learns that Michael did it, and in self-defense? I can't wait!! If Sonny and Carly and Jason had just let Michael TAKE the blame, everyone would be fine. You don't go to jail for hitting a woman on the head, who has kidnapped your mother and is about to steal your baby sister.

Ethan is hot too, he needs a REAL storyline, not one where he is being framed by a teen. They need to add someone to the canvas that can take on a proud con-artist. A Spencer! Plus they got the awesome Scott Reeves to play Steven Lars Webber, and they have done nothing with him, I am losing all interest in his character. Give him a huge story or love interest otherwise let the actor find a soap where he is appreciated!

I am also hoping they are really going through with this health-crisis storyline with Maxie. She has her cousins heart yet seems to live a totally normal life, even reckless at times, so for her to have to stop and realize, with her awesome "Jackal" by her side, that she has to be careful is cool. Kirsten Storms and Bradford Anderson are great additions to the cast. Kirsten was used poorly when she began but in the last couple of years, with pairing her with Spinelli and her love/hate relationship with Lulu, she just SHINES!

One storyline I am NOT looking forward to is the Liz/Lucky/Nikolas baby storyline. The baby is Lucky's...but evil Helena switched the results so they can raise a Spencer to hate Spencers?!! LAME!! I cannot even stand Elizabeth anymore. Lucky however, since being recast with his original portrayer Jonathon Jackson, is awesome! He needs a new love. He has been carrying this Liz torch since they were 16!! Hello, it is OVER. Thank goodness.

And Max, Milo and Dianne need more screen time! These recurring characters are HILARIOUS!! I love them all so much! But what is the point in having Kate anymore? All she does is scold Maxie and Lulu, she used to be a front-burner! She was engaged to Sonny, now she has been usurped by her much cooler cousin Olivia (Dante's mother) who doesn't even want to date Sonny. She appears once in a blue moon. Give her some sort of even supporting storyline or let her go too! Underused talent frustrates me!

And thank you for reuniting Jason and Sam!! I love these two together, they are perfect for eachother. What they could do to make me really happy? Let Sam be able to carry a child again and get pregnant with Jason's baby. All I can still see is Jason and Sam when Sam's baby with Sonny died at birth. It was so haunting. And Sam would kick butt as a Mom!

Oh and please tell Ingo Rademacher to talk to the writers, they are making Jax into a jerk, and Jax has always been the knight in shining armor, so this is NOT an good change. Carly is awesome as always, but let us see some more of her friendship with Olivia and her closeness with Lulu. I loved that these cousins were like best buddies and shared all, they are never in the same room anymore, let alone confiding in the other!

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