Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friday Fragments

*Sometimes seeing someone else enjoy a really good movie for the first time, is almost as good when you, yourself, first saw it. I rented The Blind Side and Katie and Sandy had never seen it, and their reactions were so fun to see. They LOVED it! They just adored Kathy Bates trying to spook Michael out of going to Tennessee by telling him bodies were under the football field! And when they saw the end, where they show the real Michael Oher, they were like jaw-drop shocked. They were like he is "huger than in the movie!!"

*And on Tuesday, we went and saw Avatar. For my Dad and I, it was our second viewing of it. Still as good as the first time, I have to tell ya. But it was my Mom's first time seeing it, and she LOVED it! Out of the blue on the way home, she would just suddenly say "that was SO good!". Heehee! I told her when I first saw it months ago, that it surprised me, because there was so much storyline that isn't even hinted at in the commercials, and now she totally agrees. Now SHE is telling my sisters that they would have loved it too! :p

*I made my Poor Man Lasagna meal and guess who ate it? Me. Dad offered Katie and Sandy Japanese, and he wanted leftover Chinese (and yes he knew I planned this meal), and my Mom got sick so she ate toast. SO I was upset. For the obvious reason that I was the only one who ate it after all the work, but also because I had forgotten totally about making dinner. Until 7 am. Yes I was extremely bad with no sleep that night. Then I was like, Oh no I HAVE to stay up later and make it, it is the planned dinner!! So until after 8am I was cooking. And no one ate that meal but me. I am also the only one that has been eating all the leftovers. THAT I don't mind too much, I love it and they don't even deserve it. But since it was only me, I didn't make the garlic bread or salad, because it WAS JUST ME. So I am a bit pissed off. And I think I have the right to be.

*This week it has been warmer and then cooling down so there has been a lot of rain, Which has resulted in me having migraines, so not cool. Compared to a week ago, when it was SO lovely, this is the PITS!

*Maxie was extremely bad last night. His itchies, like our allergies, have been awful lately. So he has peeled off a bit of one of his paw pads, OUCH! So he was biting so bad, I knew I had to give him some children's benadryl (vet recommendation) to help. So he is giving me CUJO and really badly. My grip on him was not secure so I half put him back down and re-picked him up, and I swear if he had been facing me he would have BIT me! Instead he ended up head-butting me SO hard, my jaw ached for over 2 hours and I was terrified it would turn into a migraine! I gave him the med, no treat and put him in his house with the gate up. He was BAD. I was so shook up and so angry though, I had to go talk to my Mother. I needed a calming influence and I was in real pain. I was scared I couldn't forgive him. He was inside the house for about 20 to 25 minutes and then I let him out. He apologized, which is standing on my chest and licking my face, so I said I might still be mad but we were okay. By the time a few more hours went by, he was plastered to my leg and I had to give it up, he was my pookie bear and I loved him. But man, he is evil lately with the Cujo and biting himself. I am thinking of getting the kid's benadryl meltaways and those dog treats with a hole for pills and MAKING him take those and much more often.

*We went to the Polish place for dinner and my Mom and I shared our normal chicken cutlet and potato and cheese perogies, but my Dad got the Wienerschnitzel and this time it had a friend egg on it. He loved it so that was good, but there is NO way I want an egg on anything besides a piece of toast with cheese. Yeah I am odd that way. We got to talking with the owner Liz, and she has her adorable THICK Polish accent. She was telling us about the over 90 lbs of corned beef they sold and how they are doing American customs since they live here now but are also teaching their son all their Polish customs so that they are never lost. Which I think is AWESOME! Did you know it is only a 6 hour flight to Poland?? That is what Liz said. Because when she found out my grandmothers were from Australia and New Zealand, respectively, she couldn't believe we had never visited. We had to tell her those trips are EXPENSIVE. I WISH I could visit those places and my other nationality countries too: Ireland, Germany and Czech Republic. When she learned the flights are about 18 hours she understood the price thing a little more. We just couldn't even afford for my Mom and Dad to go, when my Aunt Maureen asked them to go in September. My Dad, the one I get my Australian from, worried he will never meet the family he has there. Sad! Anyway Liz was funny, she told us how in Poland, squirrels were the color of my hair, lol, so when they first arrived and lived in NY and there were some on the fire escape she started screaming bloody murder, because she thought they were rats! And she had never seen a chipmunk before, so when they moved to Mass. she started screaming her head off! She is a riot!

*I watched Prue die last night on Charmed and then watched Paige be introduced. I have to admit, I do miss Prue a little, like I did when it happened, but I also know I ended up LOVING Paige way more, so she is already entertaining and I am only 3 episodes into Season 4. The guest stars on this show are turning out to be like "holy crap" moments. I have seen Misha Collins and Amy Adams among others! And right now it is the guy who plays Jin on Lost. With a mustache and he is all evil, it is so funny! It is just fun to see these people before they were stars and all baby faced and such. Trust me Misha Collins who plays Castiel on Supernatural, was wimpy looking and sounding on Charmed. Like a baby! LOL!

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4 meaningful meanderings:

Salt said...

I still haven't seen the Blind Side and am shocked at myself for that. Michael Ohr plays for my most favorite team! (And I have a football signed by him and my picture with him also...I think this needs it's own blogpost!)

I hope Maxie is feeling better!! :)

The Boob Nazi said...

I didn't like Avatar, and I will never like it.

Sheri said...

That sucks that nobody else ate the meal too :( I love lasagna and homemade? Even better! I'd need gluten free pasta though... eh lol

I really want to see the blind side and avatar... I really should get out more but movie prices suck lol

Oh and I love Charmed too, I think I watched the entire series when it was on repeat on whichever channel it is on now... I Tivo'ed it and hten just watched them like crazy lol

Toriz said...

That sucks that nobody ate the dinner you made. I'd have been so annoyed - and hurt - if it was me!

Hope Max is ok, and that he doesn't do that again to you.

Hey, if you ever make it to Ireland, hop across to Wales and stop in to say, "hi." :)

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