Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday Trivialities

Okay let's face it, there is nothing fun to do right now!! I am not writing about any great adventures, nor am I reading any great, amazing adventures either. Everyone seems to be in a Winter blah rut. The daily grind seems to be all that is going on. And I find nothing wrong with that or writing about it, I am doing it all the time. I just thought, wow, it is everywhere.

Me? Let's see I did finally get some sleep. In fact I didn't do the grocery shopping, the family did it for me, because my Mom didn't want me waking up. To catch up on those almost 48 hours of crappy sleep. I took my pills Sunday night and I also sprayed myself with my Mom's Bath & Body Works Sleep Body Mist in Lavender Vanilla. The scent was so soothing and so pretty. So I got it stuck in my OCD brain that I needed my own to use, so I would sleep good period. So today I went over to the mall and bought bottle. I also picked my Mom up the pillow spray of it, as she had just mentioned how she liked that idea, and why waste body mist on your pillow, I say!

I did the other errands today too, and also while I was at the mall, I found a necklace that is connected by two baby sized handcuffs that I HAD to have. Hot Topic is so fun. I got a HT card to earn points, I love cards, especially when they give you one that you can attach to your key chain! One thing I LOATHE about Hot Topic though is that all the women's tees are in baby doll tee sizes. So even an XXL is like really a size Medium in normal t-shirts. One of those shirts will cover ONE of my boobs, hello, heavy chested people live here too!! So I miss out on all these cute shirts they sell. So all the cute Twilight shirts? Yeah I have none. And no I do not want the guys shirt, they are not pretty or Edward all over it. So that pisses me off and I had to share that anger with you. They should carry plus sizes too, which does NOT necessarily mean the person is a plus-size, but they should be offering everyone their merchandise. Because I am way more likely to buy a shirt on impulse in a store, than to trust that Hot Topic's Plus-Size shirts on their website will fit me like I want them too.

Does ANYONE know where I can find a Lilac based perfume/oil/scent? I have scoured Bath & Body Works, The Body Shop and Victoria's Secret and can't find a lilac scent anywhere! I LOVE the smell of lilacs, it is so pretty so why is no one making that in a bottle?! And please, do not suggest Demeter to look at, I have bought and returned 4 of their scents. Disgusting.

I also bought 2012 today!! Woot! I LOVED that movie! I also rented Where the Wild Things Are, I never saw it. I heard it made some people cry and that is making me a little leary. I have enough crying, so why cry on purpose. WHY are they crying, also?!! Eeeeep!

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3 meaningful meanderings:

Toriz said...

Yeah, I think all this cold weather is meaning that most people are just trying to hibernate until Spring decides it's going to actually show up!

Sheri said...

Ohhh I want to see 2012 (the movie not the year quite yet) hehe.

I'm in a bit of a rut too. How to get out of it?

Lee said...

You just reminded me to put 2012 on my netflix. :)

I want that body spray. I need it.

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