Saturday, March 6, 2010

How to Find...

Okay yeah this week bites big time. Today I ran some lame errands (like finding Good Seasons Mild Italian mix and getting pink highliters from Walmart), cooked my dinner (even made fresh Italian dressing and garlic bread), watched Ghost Whisperer, Medium and last night's Mentalist with my Mom and sisters. And that is like it. Oh BOY. LOL.

So I have been easily susceptible to anything at all interesting. And I found this article in Reader's Digest and thought it was cool, so I figured not everyone reads that magazine, I don't usually, it is my Mom's magazine, so I will share some of what I found fun. Maybe I can drag it out into a few posts for the future. Oooh, I like that. There was plenty of cool things. Well, I found them cool or interesting, but remember...I AM bored big time. Hee!

"How to Find...

  1. The Remote Control: If you're forever misplacing it (or your keys or your purse), consider the KeyRinger. It operates on the same principle as the Find button on a cordless phone. Press one KeyRinger, and it triggers a 'loud, distinctive sound' and a 'bright flashing light' in its mate, which can be up to 300 feet away. (Order for 29.95 at
  2. More Safety and Security: Two of the hottest tech gadgets are mobile phones and GPS units for your car. Both can simplify your life enormously or, if you're not careful, ruin it. To protect yours, NEVER program your home address into your GPS. If your car is stolen, all the thief has to do is hit that Go Home button to be guided to your place and, since he knows you're not there, press the garage-door opener for access. Instead, program a local store's address. Be careful how you list people in your phone's contacts list. If you lose your cell, the thief can text Hubby for a "forgotten" PIN and then use your bank card to clear out your account, use first names instead.
  3. A Seat at That Allman Brothers Concert Your Mom Wouldn't Let You Attend: On, Handrix, the Dead, and other classic rockers are still touring, and you can score free, front row tickets...years later. This site streams rare, vintage concerts (jazz and country too) at no charge. *Headliners will not, however, come out for encores if you flick your Bic.
  4. The Best Seat in Coach: Click on Indicate the airline and type of plane you'll be flying, and you'll see an easy to read schematic of the most accommodating seats.
  5. A Needle in a Haystack: The MythBusters show on The Discovery Channel undertook this challenge. To make it even tougher, they used traditional bone needles as well as steel ones, which eliminated the obvious solution of high-powered magnets, and metal detectors. Competing teams built two different contraptions. The first spun and burned the hay as it was blown through a series of tubes with the hopes that only the needles would survive. The second agitated the hay as it floated through a tank of water, hoping the needles would fall to the bottom. It took both teams six hours of burning and agitating before finding a single needle, but it was the water-approach that proved more fruitful. Watch the episode at "
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2 meaningful meanderings:

Sheri said...

Quite interesting about the needle in the haystack. Hay makes me all itchy though :P

CaJoh said...

Great list of ways to find things. I always hesitate getting a remote finder because then you would have to find the remote finder first to find the remote.

I also like that your logo is the sixth on the list— I found Wendy… Cool!!!

Thanks for sharing,

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