Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fight for Light Attempt 2

So Sam went with me on my continued hunt for some bloody Easter lights. It was another pretty day on Saturday, no jackets needed, but alas, that free feeling wasn't present that day. Too bad, it was very much appreciated. But I liked having Sam with me. We spend plenty of time at home together, but it was nice to get out and just hang out with my littlest sister. I try to get her to go out with me, often, but I am usually met with a resounding 'No Thanks!' Which I admit, can be hurtful sometimes. She always has some excuse, including I just don't want to, but sometimes when I go to a late, late movie, her presence would be very much appreciated. Just so I didn't feel so alone.

Anyway we went over to West Hartford and stopped by the Old Navy first, and they DID have my jacket I wanted in the coral/salmony orange color. When we finally got to a register (I have never seen an Old Navy THIS packed!) I was all getting my ire raised, because it rang up as $24.50, and I had paid $19.50 the DAY before at the other Old Navy! But then the total price ended up being $17.15 and I was mad at the OTHER Old Navy! Although Sam pointed out it was Saturday and maybe that is the day they change prices, but I dunno. I felt a bit burned at that. I don't care if it was only a difference of $2.35, I want that $2.35 BACK! Hmmph!

Anyway, then we drove over to Michael's Craft Store, which is huge!! If anyplace left had lights it would be here. Were there? NO. Of course not. I gave up. I give up, I can't go anywhere else with this hope for finding lights, just to be disappointed so I am done. I will try and be happy with what I do have in the house. But we did find a cute bunny for the front door and Sam found jordan almonds for my Mom. She also fond these adorable skull decals which she is going to turn into a stencil and use a black sharpie and put lil skullies all over her luggage. It is so Sandy. And I liked this plane key that was a pendant, if it was more ornate, I think it might me more understandable but it really is just a very plain looking skeleton key that I put on a chain and think I may look stupid. I will try to remember to take a pic wearing it, so I can get opinions.

So we went home and Sandy made up the Chef Boyardee pizza mix, which we love in our family, and I peeled and cut up a cucumber and then mixed it up with a little bit if salt. Yummy cukes. English cukes are the only ones we buy now, they don't make you burp, seriously. And they taste better too! We watched a movie, Mom, Sandy and I. Dad was keeling over, he had been doing chores all day. His first day off for a week and he does work all day, crazy man! And Katie was off, as usual, at a belly dance gig. So that was the end for my search for lights...this time. When Easter is over...what will I do?! No holidays anytime soon, I will have to go through the string lights I bought for my room years ago when I was obsessed with them being on in my room (I even have a blue rope light and a purple one) and pick one for the fireplace, and maybe order some online for the arch. I SO like the pretty lights, it just makes it a little less lonely.

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The Boob Nazi said...

I'm glad you found the right jacket!

mama-face said...

Old Navy is crazy that way, I agree. But a new jacket is always worth a celebration. (I'm a bit jacket obsessed).

NO LIGHTS? Did you ever try online? (Although it's probably too late for this year). For summer, how about those red chili lights? And I think the white lights always work. I love them around my deck. I can't believe I just left a comment this long about LIGHTS. haha.

(btw. The guy stacking boulders (you remember, right?) had a entire beach full of stone statues...I should have included that in the picture. It was crazy the way he could balance them). :)

Toriz said...

I'm glad you got the jacket you wanted... Shame about the lights, but at least you do have others you can use... Even if they aren't as cute! :)

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