Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Scrambled Vision + Mean People Must Die!!

So I went back to Sears today and Dr Smith did the shorter rechecking of my eyes, and he stands by his prescription. He wants me to keep these glasses on for 4 or 5 days non-stop and see if I can't adjust to them. Supposedly my vision improved in one eye at least, so the prescription is weaker than my last one, so that is why I am having trouble. If by Saturday, I am still seeing everything blurry THEN he might think it is something else and I will have to have extra help. Like change materials for my lenses, have my eyes completely rechecked, etc.

Apparently these lenses don't "need" to use a base curve, some new technology or something like that, but I have had the same base curve, a 5, since I first got glasses over 10 years ago. So the fact that these lenses just don't "need" that, it is a little worrisome. My Dad has a lot of trouble if the base curve is off and I am my father's daughter. So it is like agghhh!!

I am sure you are thinking, what is the big deal Wendy? You wear the glasses for 4 or 5 days and if they still bother you, they said to contact them. Well, first of all, do you wear glasses? If not, then you couldn't understand period. It is not that simple, vision is a huge thing people! Second, if you do have glasses, imagine wearing ones with the wrong prescription and how disorienting that can be. So far, everything feels so blurry and off, that I feel slightly off balance and like I could get a headache. I have double vision, which the doctor claims will go away...eventually. He thinks maybe my eyes are used to working harder to see, and now that they don't have to, I am seeing double for...some reason. It made no sense really. So for the rest of this week I have to feel disoriented and like I can lose my balance!! It is such an uncomfortable feeling and being prone to migraines, I am so scared I will be dealing with them for days. Typing this I have to keep fixing mistakes because it is even messing with my near sight, and I am near-sighted, I can usually SEE clearly what is right in front of me without any glasses! So that is how bad it is right now. And my eyes are already bothering me, feeling strained, it is such a painful squeezy sensation. I left the optical illusion because the center of the image is a good example of how my eyes feel ALL the time right now.

My Mom had a really bad day today. And it didn't come in even three, it came in FOUR!! Her glasses fell apart in the middle of a meeting at the Geriatric Center she works at. The screw is so tiny and won't stay in so she had to stick a toothpick and break it in half to get the glasses to stay together. (Good thing she went with me to Sears!) Then there was the Resident's Council meeting she attended. The president asked her to attend and tell them about the Smoking Building. She was like, okay, sure. Well she went and he announced to the more than 25 other patients that she was there as a Guest Speaker and would be telling them about Fire Safety Issues. She was aghast! She had not prepared anything for an inservice. Eventually they admitted they were only interested in talking about the smoke building and she explained to them the reasons WHY they shouldn't sneak cigs into the regular building and reminded them of the storyboard she put up in the smoking building (tiny room that stands by itself so it IS its' own building) of some geriatric facility where 17 residents died because of a cigarette. Then they started demanding answers for things my Mom is not even in charge of! Yelling about when will the hallways be more clear for wheelchairs (this from the guy who has this ginormous electric one and he weighs over 420 pounds and recently RAN over the receptionists toes...ouch), they just demanded suddenly and meanly all this stuff my Mom has no input in. She isn't maintenance, she isn't the Human Resource lady, none of what they were giving her a hard time about. So that sucked, at number 2.

But it was the third and fourth things that made my Mom look like she could cry ALL night. Which is extremely hard to see, as she is the greatest person and is nice to everyone, but they treat her like crap for some reason. Anyway the assistant director decided to bellow at my Mom today. She orientates every person who works there, and she had an orientation today (oh I failed to mention she changed it to today just for this one new employee, and the person decided to wait until today to leave a note that said 'sorry I have decided I don't want to work yet') and then she is supposed to get either the H.R. person or the assistant director to explain the forms for taxes, etc. Because that is NOT part of her job. She was never trained in it, and it is an H.R. duty. Well he decided to start in the hall yelling at her, then drag her into his office for 5 minutes where he bellowed at her that she should be able to do this and she just doesn't want to do it. That she has sat through him doing it so she understands just fine, etc. It is NOT her job. Even the H.R. lady told her that later. This guy is such a jerk and so abusive towards my Mom. He decided to dislike her from the moment they met and for no apparent reason, because my Mom cannot figure out WHY he hates her! She tried to stop his bellowing by offering TO teach it if he could provide HER with an understandable guide so she did get it, and he yelled at her that she has the table, which does NOT explain any of it, and the H.R. lady said she would just have to send them to her anyway, if they had questions. So that was very upsetting for my Mom. She is not even exactly sure who HER boss, is so she has no idea if there is anyone she can even complain to, because he has been doing this A LOT lately.

But the last straw came just before she left for the day. They use ADP to do their paychecks and apparently ADP has been messing up something for get this...14 months!! The assistant Administrator (yeah the head one was conveniently not in the facility today...) got to tell everyone that the hours they have accrued over the last 14 month for paid vacation days (yeah I had no idea you worked to make hours to make vacation DAYS, etc) , was done wrong so due to that fact, what every employee thought they had was wrong. Now you would think, I would really be telling you since it was ADP's fault they were taking care of it, but so far, NO. Instead they are taking away what they CLAIM the employees, now OWE the company. My Mom had 91 hours accrued as of yesterday. Almost enough for the 10 days off for our May vacation to be paid vacation days off. She had worked to GET those hours so we would have that money while we were gone. Today, they told her she has 9. 91 to 9!! Some people had it worse though. A lot of people were told, not only do you not have any accrued hours now, but you are 105 hours in the NEGATIVE!! So they can't even GAIN hours towards vacation days until they make up the negative number that they hadn't had yesterday! And people who have worked there for a long time, like one nurse who worked there for 25 years, she has a negative number, but she has banked time. Not only are they now telling those long time employees they must USE their banked time in the next 2 years, but if they have a negative number, they thought it was so nice of them to say that they could PAY for the negative numbers by using their banked time!! They screwed 3 geriatric homes of employees today. There are over 300 just at my Mom's place. This HAS to be illegal or something. ADP the error, not the employees, so why should they have to lose their paid vacation days?! They just did their jobs and based on what ADP checks stated, continued to work and accrue hours. ADP screwing up starting over a YEAR ago, makes it THEIR problem now?!! My Mom is so upset! She was counting on the pay while we were in vacation. It helps pay for food and groceries while we are there and now she has nothing. And since she is missing 2 days next week because she is flying out with my sisters to visit...that relatives baby, she is already not getting paid for one of those days!!

4 bad things was just too much. She is trying to stay calm, but the people at work are just even worse than normal. I am ripping mad for my Mom. I know she works her butt off and puts in extra hours she does NOT get paid for and now they pull this garbage?!! Seriously MEAN people MUST DIE!!!

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Sarah said...

It is illegal so she shouldn't worry about that. As far as her "boss", if he is unjustly rude to her she needs to stand up for herself, period. He will keep treated her that way as long as she allows it.

LadyStyx said...

Sarah's right. Mom needs to get with HR and get the contact info for the higher ups (the boss's boss)and register a complaint. If nothing happens to fix this, then it's time to take legal action.

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