Friday, March 19, 2010

GH Love

Ah I am loving♥ the story lines on General Hospital so much lately. This newest one with Kristina is explosive! She gets beaten within an inch of her life by her scumbag boyfriend Kiefer, and instead of saying that is was Kiefer who beat her, she claimed it was Ethan! Sure, Ethan rejected her publicly, and this made her mad, but to say it was another man, when your father is a MOB BOSS, she is just a selfish little twit!

Plus this pits Sonny (Kristina's mob dad) versus Luke (THE Luke and Ethan's revealed father), who have always managed to remain friends for the most part. So THAT is good storyline!

But I REALLY want the Kiefer reveal to come out. They have been dragging Kiefer hitting Kristina once in awhile for months, so to have the blame put on someone else is annoying. Especially with Ethan's newfound siblings, Lulu and Lucky NOT believing in him. I am tired of Kiefer and want to see Krissy's family and friends, who think he is the perfect boyfriend, to learn the truth and I would LOVE to see Sam, Krissy's much older sister beat the CRAP out of Kiefer! I just don't get, even on a soap, how you could be SO willing to let someone else either go to jail or DIE by your father's hands, to protect your scum BF you don't even love, otherwise you wouldn't have flirted with Ethan in hopes he'd go out with you...when you are 16 and he is like 26...can't she see that is EW?! And evil. Ethan is innocent!

Plus I am LOVING the Lulu/Dante pairing, they have chemistry baby! It is hot! And they are fun together! And the whole Dante turning out to be a cop AND Sonny's child is awesome!! I can't wait for Dante to realize it wasn't Sonny who killed Claudia, but his own little brother, Michael. Dante is so sure his "new" dad is going to go away for good because he killed his wife, but what is going to happen when all of GH finally learns that Michael did it, and in self-defense? I can't wait!! If Sonny and Carly and Jason had just let Michael TAKE the blame, everyone would be fine. You don't go to jail for hitting a woman on the head, who has kidnapped your mother and is about to steal your baby sister.

Ethan is hot too, he needs a REAL storyline, not one where he is being framed by a teen. They need to add someone to the canvas that can take on a proud con-artist. A Spencer! Plus they got the awesome Scott Reeves to play Steven Lars Webber, and they have done nothing with him, I am losing all interest in his character. Give him a huge story or love interest otherwise let the actor find a soap where he is appreciated!

I am also hoping they are really going through with this health-crisis storyline with Maxie. She has her cousins heart yet seems to live a totally normal life, even reckless at times, so for her to have to stop and realize, with her awesome "Jackal" by her side, that she has to be careful is cool. Kirsten Storms and Bradford Anderson are great additions to the cast. Kirsten was used poorly when she began but in the last couple of years, with pairing her with Spinelli and her love/hate relationship with Lulu, she just SHINES!

One storyline I am NOT looking forward to is the Liz/Lucky/Nikolas baby storyline. The baby is Lucky's...but evil Helena switched the results so they can raise a Spencer to hate Spencers?!! LAME!! I cannot even stand Elizabeth anymore. Lucky however, since being recast with his original portrayer Jonathon Jackson, is awesome! He needs a new love. He has been carrying this Liz torch since they were 16!! Hello, it is OVER. Thank goodness.

And Max, Milo and Dianne need more screen time! These recurring characters are HILARIOUS!! I love them all so much! But what is the point in having Kate anymore? All she does is scold Maxie and Lulu, she used to be a front-burner! She was engaged to Sonny, now she has been usurped by her much cooler cousin Olivia (Dante's mother) who doesn't even want to date Sonny. She appears once in a blue moon. Give her some sort of even supporting storyline or let her go too! Underused talent frustrates me!

And thank you for reuniting Jason and Sam!! I love these two together, they are perfect for eachother. What they could do to make me really happy? Let Sam be able to carry a child again and get pregnant with Jason's baby. All I can still see is Jason and Sam when Sam's baby with Sonny died at birth. It was so haunting. And Sam would kick butt as a Mom!

Oh and please tell Ingo Rademacher to talk to the writers, they are making Jax into a jerk, and Jax has always been the knight in shining armor, so this is NOT an good change. Carly is awesome as always, but let us see some more of her friendship with Olivia and her closeness with Lulu. I loved that these cousins were like best buddies and shared all, they are never in the same room anymore, let alone confiding in the other!

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Toriz said...

Glad you're enjoying the storylines. Well, most of them. :)

Sheri said...

I completely agree with everything you said about GH happenings! I love the show too :)

Kristina P. said...

I think the fact that the characters are named Kristina and Kiefer signifies that I am going to marry Jack Bauer.

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