Sunday, March 28, 2010

Photo Blog - Please Follow!

Hey my Bloggy Friends. I have created a Photography Blog for myself, a place where I can post photos I take and maybe get some feedback on them. So please click on the new button on my Blog and take a look and please Follow!

If you don't see the button, my photo blog is called Photographic Tendencies and you can click HERE to go directly there. There might be some photos you have seen at first that I have used here, but I would love your opinions on them regardless and any ideas you might have, like if you think a particular filter would flatter the photograph or improve it or whatever you might want to say! I am not certain about any kind of second blog or if it will work out, but I thought I might give it a try. What do you think? Keep it or trash it? Do those of you who have photograph blogs find it worthwhile or is it better to just post them on your main blog?

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2 meaningful meanderings:

TeeTee said...

i love it!
personally, i would keep it. i have a photography blog and i love it because it gives me a place to just post my pictures. i find it worthwhile because it is like a photography portfolio.

have a lovely sunday!

Sheri said...

Going to go check it out now :)

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