Monday, March 8, 2010


Hey all. This will probably be a short post. It is the weekend and most of you all disappear. have a life, you are all so lucky! LOL!

I finally watched Where the Wild Things Are. Yeah was kinda weepy. I don't need to see that often AT ALL. I was sad that he left the monsters. I have no idea if that is how you are supposed to feel. Sure his Mom loves him and she shouldn't be without him. But I cared more for KW and Carol, especially Carol! And they didn't even get to hug goodbye!! I found that devastating!! I was more upset that Carol and Max fought, than the strife with his mother. Maybe that makes me odd, but I have always been a bit of a conundrum, kinda quirky in my likes and dislikes. I wanted him to stay with the monsters and get Carol some therapy (lol) and for them all to be a big happy family that sleeps in a pile! And I was actually hoping that he had BEEN gone for more than a little while. I thought maybe he was in an accident and wakes up when he decides go home or some cool twist where he has "been gone", so that his sister realizes you stick up for family. Yes Max needed to learn his lessons which he did with the Wild Things, but his sister was a snot and his Mom could appreciate him and his quirky creativeness a little more. And understand that a boyfriend is going to freak her young child out! Man! LOL.

I also went and saw The Crazies with my Mom. We didn't find it that scary, so we both thought it was pretty good. Maybe the fact that we dissected all the options of what it might be on our drive to the theater helped. "Gotta be either aliens or the government or a virus"..."no it has to do with the water and it was tainted by an alien virus"..."no it will be the government found a alien virus and are testing it on this small town without permission", it went on like this until we walked into the theater! LOL! And you know what? We got a lot of it in our dismantled theories. Of course it could have pulled a Shyamalan, and been a HUGE twist, but not even Shyamalan has been Shyamalan lately. Did you SEE The Happening?! SO disappointing. So we both enjoyed The Crazies and my Mom was really not that scared. So if she can do it, so can most of you...most I said. LOL. Timothy Olyphant, it was so good to see him as a good guy. He is such a good BAD guy, that his turns at being good are rare I think. What happens to this town is they believe the water has been contaminated. But can that really be the reason when not everyone seems to be affected? To me, yes there are horror movie elements, but a big part of this movie felt like a government conspiracy movie. Who can you really trust type of movie. So while there is some gore and things popping out a lot, it is also like a conspiracy mystery. Forget "Fear Thy Neighbor" which the posters tout, I say fear everyone is more like it and for varied reasons which you will see in the movie. And Joe Anderson who played Russel the deputy, was really good. He got to play...a wide range of emotions and character, yet still managed to be someone you'd want on your side no matter what emotion he was playing. To me, at least. I would want him on my team! LOL!

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