Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday Things

Okay first off, people, please! Enter my giveaways! Even if you only comment that is one entry and you never know! I want to keep doing these giveaways and I want to keep getting to give others the chance for FREEBIES, so go on, go over to my Grains of Goodness giveaway and do at least the commenting! I will be doing a Greek Yogurt one soon that comes with a $2o Stop and Shop Gift Card, so go on, just say Hi I am leaving a comment and you are entered! I WANT my bloggy friends to win stuff so DO it, please!!

Made up with the sisters, after my Dad talked to them about a few things. Things are "fine" but I am one of those people who even when things are supposedly fine, I fixate on them and feel like they couldn't possibly be fine and so I worry and worry, until I am a big ball of stress! Ugh, I hate it, but I can't help it.

Am in the middle of making Poor Man's Lasagna, which I got the idea to try with small shells two weeks ago (that whole thing where I can't really eat pasta since my gastric bypass) and I was able to eat it and it was SO good. Even better with some cheddar sprinkled on, what can I say, I am a cheese freak!! Mmmm! So I am making that, even though apparently Sandy decided she is making chicken parm tomorrow. I got my Mom's input on Monday about doing my dish for Friday, but Sarge Sam has decided no. And when Sam is in Sarge mode, it is scary. Not totally okay with it, but am going to let my Mom decide whose meal she wants when, as mine is made now, I stopped after starting the paragraph and finished making it. So I will trust her judgement and fairness, otherwise I will probably go into overload. Maybe this way some of the stress will dissipate.

Tonight I have Survivor (Yay, I LOVE this season so far! Did you see the Heroes beat the crap out of the Villains last week?!! Awesome!! I was practically screaming at the screen, Max got alert and was like WHAT IS GOING ON? WHO DO YOU SEE?! Which made me laugh out of my gourd!) to watch and I am going to try out Where the Wild Things Are. And then there are my beloved ABC soaps of course. And I am 5 episodes into Charmed Season One. I LOVE owning my favorite shows on dvd! I have the episodes AND they are commercial free!! So perfect!

I NEED to get out of the house! I am thinking I will return WTWTA early just so I can get out, and maybe look for Good Seasons Mild Italian mix at Price Chopper just to stay out, and maybe get a Coke Icee at Burger King. Though the Coke Slurpees are so much better. But the closes 7/Eleven is in Meriden, like a 15 minute drive. And I have to go over there Tuesday to have my eyes RE-checked, so I will make myself wait until then. But I find myself looking for reasons to go over to the mall just so I can get a Coke slurpee, I am hooked. Hey, when you can't have soda, a frozen blended version is NOT bad at all!

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Lee said...

That pasta sounds really good. :) Do you have the recipe for it?

How do you get permission to do giveaways like that? I think it would be fun.

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