Saturday, March 20, 2010

OLTL Love-ish

Sorry but I had to finish up my summing up of my three soap operas. And as less people blog on weekends, I figured I would go with it anyway. One Life to Live has it's really good aspects lately and it's bad too. They need some major improvements, but some of it works too!

I love the fact that Todd Manning has this new daughter who can't stand him, because of his past misdeeds. Todd is such a fun character and trying to make this stubborn teenage girl to give him a chance is proving to be quite entertaining. But Todd and Tea need to make me care again, or I am going to actually want Blair to cause friction again between them. I just hope with his sister Viki being MIA for awhile, while her portayer Erika Sleazak has surgery, that Todd can get one of his nieces to be there for him. Natalie would be an interesting choice because they have never been close so far.

The face-off over who gets dead Stacey's baby is good story. What is sad though? I hated the character of Stacy since the beginning, but she was finally getting interesting just before they killed her off in the snow storm. Too bad. But she left a MESS in her wake! Her sister Gigi wants to care for her niece. As does Stacey's BFF Kim, who goes so far as to get Clint Buchanan to marry her. But Schuyler, who thinks he is the father wants to raise her. Only none of them, but Kim, knows that Sierra's real father is Oliver Fish, the gay cop who slept with Stacy before outing himself. Fish doesn't even know, because he refuses to look at the DNA results his BF Kyle procured for him! So that is one fun disaster in the making!

One storyline I am hating though is Jessica's amnesia. She was given electro-shock by her evil birth father Mitch Laurence, and now can't remember anything past her 17th birthday. So she knows nothing. And no one past the time she was 17. Her daughter Bree? Nope. Her current LOVE Brody? Nope. Her fraternal twin sister Natalie? Nada. All she remembers is being 17 and this new 17 year old Jessica is kind of a...witch. I remember her being mostly sweet. Too sweet. She she remembers only loving Christian, who has moved on...a lot of times since they were in love. And so she is stalking Chris, even enrolling herself in high school to be his student! No one is telling her some major history she needs to know. Oh just trivial things, like the fact that she has DID, and besides Bree she had a stillborn daughter Chloe. And she has been married at least 3 times that I can remember. That she and Rex recently found out they were half siblings (and that development was so cute too!!), she has no idea who the crap Rex is! And she definitely has not been told that she stole her cousin Star's baby and passed it off as Chloe for MONTHS. This story is so lame. Amnesia stories can be good, but all Jess does is PINE over Christian and it is just lame. And people are allowing her to go back to high school, and I haven't seen her visit a shrink yet, they are just letting this grown woman act like it is like 12 years ago. Please Nix this or make it interesting and have her start remembering a whole year at a time. Because forgetting about your kid and the fact that her dead father was the love of 2 of your selves lives, is just sad!

And what is with Langston?! She has turned into, well kind of a slut. She claims she is so in love with Markko, her faithful boyfriend, but keeps on cheating on him with Ford, this sleazy much older guy. Langston is still in high school, this guy is too old for her! And apparently he likes to make girls fall for him and sleep with him, a lot, and then dumps them for his next mark. Cole, Markko's BFF, just saved Hannah from killing herself, and we the audience, know it is because Ford broke her heart. Yuckkkkk!

And Natalie crushing on John ALREADY?!! Last week, well give or take a few weeks, she was so grief-stricken over the murder of her husband Jared, and the fact that she would never have his baby, that she stabbed Mitch Laurence to try and kill him. This week, she is lusting after John again, and is so sad Marty is pregnant with John's baby. Yeah, Natalie's love for Jared was pure alright. NOT.

And Marty...she is just such a snore. That is why her character should leave or really die this time, so that Susan Haskell can move with her "Kurt Russell" Thorsten Kaye to CA, so HE can star on AMC still.

I like the new teen scene. Between Danielle, Matthew and Destiny, things are looking up. But they need a guy for Destiny, man. She is a sweetheart! And I want more of Dani getting to know her siblings, the other children of Todd. She and Starr seem like they could be great sisters but the fun chemistry was between Dani and their little brother Jack, who has attitude galore. And how about letting her meet their really lil brother Sam? Make me believe this is really a kid who found out she has a different father than she thought and has 3 new siblings and a slew of cousins!

Dorian is fabulous as always, but needs a new story as her current one kind of wrapped up. And I can't wait to see what OLTL has in store with the newly returned Kelly! I always loved Kelly!

This is what needs to happen. Viki needs to come home and FIX things. Get Jessica help so her memory comes back and she can reunite with Bree and Brody. Help Natalie move on with someone new (hear that writers?!). Get Bo to help Rex either reunite with Gigi or move on. Bo and Nora need to get Clint's forgiveness so they can help him get OUT of the marriage with Kim and start a real relationship. David needs to return for a longer stint (hey Desperate Housewives is almost over for the year so he is wide open) as he is the funniest character ever on OLTL and now that he is Bo's son, he has ties to every character on the scene! They need to add some female cops, not ONE on the force OLTL, how biased! And that is just to start...and all I can think of right now.

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