Monday, March 29, 2010

Poetry and Pics

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Okay, on to a poem I have been working on. I am actually working on quite a few, but am feeling this one is ready to show and see if I get my point across, or if it just jumbled words that only can make sense to me, the writer. So here goes:

Highway to Hell

There's always going to be another battle
Another fight to face, another step to take
Isn't it time for a rest stop, a chance to breathe?
I could use a little down time, let's stop this trek

Let's stretch our legs and let our hair blow freely
Take a seat on the hood and soak up the suns' warmth
Let the rays break some of the ice clinging to my heart
I've had to cake it in snow just to stop the bleeding

There seems to be no end to this journey in sight
Just when I think I have reached the end of my battle
Another interstate appears and I am forced to drive it
Always driving alone with the passer-bys' not seeing me

Alone and tired on this highway to my own personal hell
I am forced to keep going on to the next bump in my road
Which forces my car off the sandy road to a screeching halt
I am not allowed to miss any of the trials set before me

I tried once by avoiding the potholes in the road
Only to find they moved close as I tried to pass them
Forcing me into a ditch before settling under my tire tread
It seems sometimes you cannot avoid traffic accidents

You have to accept that this is your avenue, your lot in life
That you can't put on cruise control and breeze through happily
You need to buckle up and put on your headlights to guide you
Click the hazards on as you dart and weave through your torment

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2 meaningful meanderings:

Sheri said...

Beautifully written Wendy.

Toriz said...

Very well written poem. Thanks for the share! :)

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